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I sit here,day in and day out and hearing the most mundane of vampire business. Is this what my existence has come to? I, a leader of our kind, being forced to settle menial squabbles such as who fed on whose land. Or, who looked at whom the wrong way. When had my eternity become so empty?

I'm sure the void that I felt would be fulfilled if only I could find my mate. How is it that I have existed for over three thousand years and I have yet to find her? Had I been to late? These question bogged down my mind constantly. If only I could find my other half as my brothers have found theirs.

Both Marcus and Caius have been mated for a couple thousand years , Marcus is mated to my sister,Didyme and Caius is mated to Altheadora. The way they are, you would think that they are newly mated. I envy them.

So, here I am, again, sitting on my throne, with my brothers at my side, getting ready to hear, yet, another grievance. More likely than not, it will be nothing more than a great waste of our time.

"Demetri, let her in", I called to my faithful guard member. He opened the long doors and in walked a redheaded vampire. The attitude this woman exuded was enough to make me want to throw her out before even hearing her complaint. Hopefully, she knows a little about respect.

"What is your name and why are you here?" I asked here with a bored tone. I leaned back on my throne and crossed my legs at the ankles. Linking my fingers, I gestured her to start talking.

"My name is Victoria and I am here to get justice for my mate who was killed because of a stupid human bitch who knows all about our kind." She finished her rant with her eyes wild. There was something unsettling about what she was telling us. I needed more information.

"How is it that a human is responsible for the death of your mate? Give me your hand" I demanded of her. She took a step away from me . Well, that was unwise of her. "Now, Victoria. I will not ask you again."

She still kept stepping away from me. If I was suspicious before, I was even more so now. I was going to find out what she was hiding. "Jane!" I called to my elite guard member. Jane's ability to inflict the illusion of pain was always useful.

Victoria crumpled to floor in agonized cries. I allowed it to continues for a few more moments."All right, Jane"

I walked over to The redhead and grabbed her hand. Instantly, all her memories replayed for me. Finally ,I came across the ones she didn't want me to see. Someone has been very buissy.

"What did you see, Aro?" Caius asked. He was as intrigued as I was by what she was hiding.

" It seems that not only did her mate decide to hunt a young girl associated to our old friend, Carlisle Cullen, but Carlisle's coven destroyed him. This woman wants revenge."I told him walking over to my throne and sat down.

" If this human knows about us, then she needs to die."Caius was very much a by the book type. That, and he hated humans.

"There's more to it. Carlisle's son claimed to be her mate and then they left her. But, that wasn't enough. Victoria has been trying to kill Isabella Swan for over a year now,but hasn't been able to get close enough. Apparently, there are werewolves protecting her."

"What!" Caius yelled jumping up to his feet. " How the hell are there werewolves involved in this mess? Why would they be protecting this human?"

"Caius, control yourself. These wolves are not like the ones you have had dealings with. They are more like shape shifters. We need to keep to the business at hand. The other thing we need to discuss is that Victoria ,here, has taken it upon herself to create a newborn army. Last count, there were twenty-two. This needs to be dealt with immediately." I shook with anger. There was such a blatant disrespect for our laws by both this Victoria and even my old friend, Carlisle.

" Agreed. The army must be eliminated as soon as possible. That must be taken care of first. The threat of exposure is too great at this point." Marcus spoke sternly.

" I will be taking Jane, Alec, Felix, Demetri, and Santiago with me to Washington. The guard will be going to Seattle where the army is and I will be going to Forks, to find this Miss. Swan." I told them of my plans. I knew they wouldn't like me going on this mission, but I wasn't ready to tell them the real reason why just yet.

" Aro, let the guard handle this Miss. Swan. The situation is too volatile. You shouldn't be that close." Caius said to me with concern in his voice." I'm sure they can get . past the shifters to eliminate her."

" Ah, Caius, Aro needs to be the one to do this." Marcus told him giving me this look. Figures I couldn't get it past him.

" All right. Get the jet fueled and ready. I want to leave by this evening. We also need to feed before we go. Felix, take Victoria down to the dungeon. She remains in one piece for now. "

"What of the Cullens? They need to be dealt with as well." Caius asked annoyed. He never was a huge fan of Carlisle and his choice of diet. This was just another reason for him to dislike him.

"Send a message to the Cullens. I want all of them present. I will return with Miss. Swan. Alive. We will deal with them then. Marcus, I would like to speak with you in my office." I said on my out the side door leading to the east wing where our private residents were

My office was the only room that was sound resistant. I had it built that way for my need for privacy. We entered and I walked over to my desk and sat down. "I take it you know why I need to talk to you."

"If you're referring to the very interesting lines I saw appear while you were reading Victoria's memories, then, yes, I do." he replied grinning at me.

" When I saw Isabella in her memories, I was hit with the most intense feelings. I have seen countless memories from both human and vampires throughout my existence and that has never happened to me before. I, literally, felt like I was hit in the chest. All I wanted to to was take her and make love to her. Please tell me, am I insane?" I finished , feeling desperate for the truth.

" No, Aro, you are not insane. The lines I saw are those of the mating bond. It would appear that Miss. Swan is your mate." He smiled at me.

My mate. I have wanted to find my wait for so long and now she is within my reach." Marcus, she is human. Will it be possible for her to feel the pull as well?"

" Yes, there is no reason why she wouldn't be able to feel it to some degree. It has happened before. You are not the first vampire to be mated to a human. Don't let that hinder you. She is yours. Do what you need to be with her. Bring her back here and then change her. I can't wait to meet my new sister. She must be something special for the fates to choose her for you."

I stood up and began to pace. I reached up and began to rub my chest. I was definitely feeling the pull." Do me a favor, do not tell Caius of this. You know how he feels about humans. I will speak to him on my return."

Marcus came over to me a put his hand on my shoulder. " I am happy for you. You have been alone for so long. You deserve to be happy. Everything will work out. Just be careful and watch your back."

All our preparations were made and we had all fed. We were now on the plane heading to Washington. In a few short hours, I would see my mate. I'm trying to contain my excitement. Easier said than done.

After we landed, I took a rental car and drove to Forks, while my guard stayed in Seattle. I made my way to where the mating pull was originating from. The closer I got, the stronger the feeling was.

When I got into the towns limits, I decided to park the car and make a run for it. It was night time so no one would be able to see anything.

I finally came to a small white house where I heard only two heartbeats. As I got closer, I was hit with the most amazing scent I have ever smelled. It was freesia and strawberries. I walked around to the back . The scent was very strong here. I climbed the tree and looked in through the window. There, asleep on her bed, was my mate.

I climbed in through the window. I couldn't believe what I saw. She was even more beautiful in person than in Victoria's thoughts .Her skin was pale, only a few shades darker than my own. Her hair was long and the color of mahogany. She had a heart shaped face with full pouty lips that longed to be kissed. Her figure was exquisitely soft and feminine with curves in all the right places. Needless to say, I was a happy man. My mate was made for me in every aspect.

Almost as if she knew I was there. Isabella woke up. She sat up and looked right at me. I could hear her heartbeat speed up."Aro", she gasped.

I guess my mate knows a great deal more about my kind than I was even aware of.

" Have you come to kill me. I know your laws. I'm human and I'm not supposed to know." She asked me looking me directly in the eye. The odd thing was was that I sensed no fear coming from her. She stood up and walked over to my place by the window.

"No, I am not going to kill you now or any time." I told her. I couldn't help myself. I had to touch her. I lifted my hand and gently touched her cheek. Her skin was softer than rose petals and so much warmer. It was then that I realized that my gift didn't seem to work on her. Interesting. I would have to look into that later.

Just then she blushed. It was so stunning! I loved her innocence.

"What are you going to do with me, then?" she asked me rubbing her cheek against my hand. I think it's a safe bet that she feels the mating pull.

"Well, let me ask you, Isabella. What do you know of mating?"

" Please, just call me Bella. I hate my full name. As far as mating I know that mates can't ever leave each other and that the bond is stronger than anything. I also know that it's impossible for mates to cheat on each other." she replied softly.

" Your name means beautiful in Italian and it fits you perfectly. I like Isabella. " I told her firmly. I put my arm around her waist. She snuggled closer to me.

" You are correct about what you said. The mating bond is intense. No mate could ever leave their mate. It is permanent. It's even more intense than love at first sight. The pull itself, can, sometimes, be painful. Especially, if there is distance between them. Most importantly, no mate can ever cause harm to their mates . It is impossible. Our entire existence becomes about them." I watched her closely for her reaction. She appeared to be fine with everything. The fact that she was comfortable in my presence spoke volumes.

Then, her eyes darkened unexpectedly. " That lying, good for nothing, virgin, vegan, vampire . He told me I was his mate. He played me. I swear if I ever see his sorry ass again, I will personally tear him to pieces myself and gladly light the fire."She was irate. The sheer beauty of her anger was a sight to behold!.

When she looked up at me, she quickly covered her mouth, obviously afraid that she had said too much. Her heartbeat began to speed up again. I pulled her back into my arms, trying to calm her down.

"Please don't worry. I know about the Cullens and I know that young Edward claimed that you were his mate. I'm sorry that their actions have hurt you. You have done nothing to deserve being treated so poorly. There is much we need to discuss. " I told her holding her close to me. She fit in my arms perfectly.

" I'm sorry. I know the laws. It's just that I was lied to . On one hand he was always telling me I was his mate, but when I would ask him to change me, there was always an excuse of why he wouldn't. I should have known. " She shook her head, her long hair caressing her back. " I was probably nothing more than a toy for him to play with. He couldn't read my mind. That was probably why he pretended to be mates. He was trying to find out what made me tick."

So, Edward Cullen's gift didn't work on her either. Interesting. Apparently, my mate was very gifted if it was already manifesting itself while she was still human. I would have to look into that later.

" I'm sorry, my dear, but you are correct. You are not mates. He never would have been able to leave you much less not change you if you were. The desire to be with our mates over powers everything. I hope you don't still have feelings for him." I really hoped she didn't. That spineless child was not worth her affections. Besides, this goddess was mine.

"No. Not at all. I realized that I was infatuated with him, that it was never love. It hurt me that his family, who I did love very much, left without ever saying good bye. It's hard finding out that my so-called best friend and my other family never cared about me at all. " She finished with tears in her eyes. The hurt there was almost too much for even me to see. I didn't like the fact that it was my own friend that allowed this to happen.

" Isabella, I wonder. How would you feel if you were to find out that you were the mate to another vampire? "I asked her watching closely for her reaction. Her eyes lit up at this knowledge.

" Really?" she asked me shyly. Cue the blushing.

" Yes, my sweet. I need you to listen to me carefully. Victoria came to Volterra asking me and my brothers to kill you. Her story did not add up. I think she may have thought she might have been able to circumvent my gift. I can see every thought a person has ever had by just one touch. When I touched her hand, I saw you. When I did, I felt this intense pull towards you. I have never had that happen before and I have seen the thoughts of countless individuals. Isabella, I felt the mating pull with you. You are my mate."

I anxiously waited for her reaction to this important piece of information. She just stood there, wide eyed, looking at me. Then, she did what I didn't expect her to do. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her soft lips against my cold, hard ones was enough to make me forget everything but her. I pulled her closer to me. Threading one hand through her hair and the other gripping her perfect ass , I pulled her closely to me.

My God, she tasted incredible. So sweet and delicious. Our tongues met and fought for dominance with hers finally letting me win. I could do this forever, but I needed to stop before we went to far. As much as I wanted to lay her down and make passionate love to her delectable body, now was not the time. We still had many things to discuss ans I wanted to get everything out in the open.

I pulled away slowly, looking deeply into her eyes. I have never been shaken so deeply before. She was exquisite and her passion rivaled that of my own.