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Chapter 23


I stood high on the hill, looking down upon my army. Fierce pride in myself was coursing through me. Look at all I had accomplished. Soon, very soon, I would have my revenge. With this vast number of newborns, I was sure to come out victorious.

I stayed there unnoticed, watching the training going on down below. It was impressive to see so many gifted vampires. There really is no way for that disgusting bitch and those Volturi scum to win. We had the numbers and the gifts on our side, and they would be the instruments that will end the existence of those fools.

Their time is just about up!


As a leader, I often have to push aside my own fears for the sake of those who serve me. This time is no different. I was fearful. I was fearful that I would lose my mate and forever love, Isabella. I was fearful for the lives of those who had come to lend assistance. Regardless of how I strive to be positive and as upbeat as you can be in this situation, the truth is that I'm weary.

We all have trained under Jasper's expert guidance. Often our training would go on for a few days straight without breaks. We all understood the gravity of the situation, and we were all willing to do what must be done.

Currently, we are preparing for a mock battle. Jasper's ideas are quite intriguing to say the least. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have enjoyed watching a simulated battle. However, Jasper has determined that both my mate and I would be going up against everyone else. He strongly believes that my Isabella is the key to our eventual victory. Being her mate has also made me another key factor. Since Isabella and I have the ability to access each other's gifts, it is imperative that we master them.

Of course, my love is eager to get started. From the moment she woke up from her transformation, she has eagerly embraced any and all training. It's almost as if she craves it. Frankly, I find it sexy as hell.

Presently, Isabella and I were in our bedroom, changing our attire. The both of us had been training so hard, we very nearly disintegrated our clothing. Changing was a must at this point.

I watched as my love put on a purple, lace balconette bra. It did marvelous things for her gorgeous breasts. She then pulled on a pair of matching purple lace panties. Her delectable body was driving me mad with desire. The growing problem in my pants made it difficult for me to ignore.

I knew we only had just a few minutes left to return to the training yard, but there was just no way I could hold back any longer from reclaiming my mate again. It has been too long!

I rushed over to her, yanking her up into my arms.

"Aro! We don't have time," she yelped in surprise that was laced with desire.

"I can't hold back. I want you now!," I growled. Fisting her gorgeous hair, I pulled. Isabella complied and tilted her head back, giving me access to her slender neck. Eagerly, I began placing heated kisses on her soft skin, making my way upwards toward her succulent mouth. I then kissed her pouty lips with a great deal of passion. Her responding moans only served to intensify my need for her.

"Oh God, Aro, please," she gasped in wanton need. Hastily, I tore the offending clothing from her body. My hands roamed her sumptuous curves, loving the way they felt.

"We don't have time for slow," I told her in between our kisses. "I'm just going to fuck you hard and fast," I informed her, slamming her up against the wall. Isabella eagerly wrapped her long slender legs around my waist. Quickly, I disposed of my own clothing.

"Please, Aro, hurry. I need to feel you deep inside me," my love begged, gripping onto me tightly.


Aro kissed me deeply, and I relished in the taste of his lips. My head fell back as his lips made their way down to my aching breasts. He licked and sucked on my hard nubs, alternating between the both of them and sending the most delicious sensations to my core. I cried out in pleasure as my mate began to roughly pinch my other nipple while still devouring the one between his lips.

"Aro, please, I need to feel you buried deep inside me," I cried out in desperate need.

Without warning, my mate slammed his swollen rod deep inside my overheated core. I screamed in pleasure, loving the way he filled me.

"Is that what you want, what you were begging me for? You like that, don't you? You like how my big cock feels inside you," he taunted, eliciting even more pleasure. I desperately clung to him, tightening my legs that were wrapped around his waist, while angling my hips in such a way that his cock went even deeper.

"Ooh... yes! Please, harder. Fuck me harder!" I screamed out in wanton need.

Aro's rhythm became even more frenzied as he plunged his shaft even deeper into my dripping heat.

"Christ, yes!" he rasped. "My cock loves being buried inside you." He continued his frantic pace, plunging into me over and over.

All too soon, I began to feel the muscles deep within me tighten. My moans were getting louder with each one of his thrusts.

"Cum for me, baby! Let me feel you milking my cock," he ordered. Unable to hold off any longer, I shattered in his arms. Aro immediately followed, spilling his seed inside me.

He held me there for a moment, gently placing kisses on my eyes and lips. Laying my head on his shoulder, I basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking. It was never just sex with my mate. Regardless of how intense it gets, Aro always makes me feel loved and adored.

"I'm sorry to say this, but we need to get a move on. Jasper will probably hunt us down if we don't make it on over to the training yard in the next few minutes," he smirked.

Lifting my head from his shoulder, I gazed lovingly into his ruby red eyes. "I know. I just hate not being in your arms for any length of time," I responded quietly.

Aro leaned forward and kissed me deeply. Then, he pulled out of my pussy and gently lowered me until my feet touched the floor. "I know, my love. Soon, this will all be passed us, and we can continue in our existence, enjoying each other until our hearts are content."

I sighed, hoping that what he said was true.

Looking around our bedroom, I saw that my bra and panties did not survive Aro's assault. I said, "I'm going to take a quick shower. Did you want to go in there first?" I asked him.

Shaking his head, he replied, "No, I can wait. I would love to take one with you, but I know for a fact that I wouldn't be able to keep from taking you again."

I frowned in disappointment, but I knew he was right. "I guess you can owe me a shower then," I bargained, smiling at the gleam in his eyes.

"It's a deal then. I wouldn't ever pass up on the opportunity," he smirked. I jokingly slapped his arm, while making my way into our opulent bathroom.

"I'm going to take a shower in one of the guest rooms. It will save time," I hear Aro called out to me.

"Okay," I replied. "I will meet you in the training yard." I quickly entered the shower, turning the water all the way up to hot. I raced through it as quickly as possible. I dried myself off and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Hurriedly, I made my way to the training yard, where I found an impatient Jasper waiting for me. Oh, great! I'm going to pay for this.

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