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Chapter 26


I looked around me and saw my friends and family fight with everything that was in them. My newly found sisters, Didyme and Dora, were holding their own against two female newborns. I smirked as I watched Didyme swiftly remove one of the newborns' heads with a beautifully placed kick to the neck. Dora quickly followed her by tearing the arms off of the one she was two had certainly come a long way in a short time.

I returned my attention to my own little battle as I ducked from a punch that was thrown toward my mid section. Easily sidestepping the untrained fool, I grabbed a hold of his outstretched arm, and with a quick twist, I snapped it off at the elbow. As the male howled in pain and dropped on the ground at my feet, I finished the job by promptly relieving him of his head. I didn't waste time though, because I was immediately assaulted by a volley of punches coming at me from all angles. I blocked one particular punch with my forearm, pivoted to my right, and swiftly grabbed a hold of one of my attackers. Using their own body as a shield, I allowed them to sustain the attacks, buying myself a bit of time to take in my surroundings.

The battle was going full force, and it was too difficult to see at this point who was winning. Victoria and Jane had attempted to ambush us, but Peter's gift had proven to be quite useful in circumventing their plans. We had been prepared and were waiting in the clearing in the Italian countryside when the newborn army appeared. Our appearance had startled them, to say the least. Of course, they never saw us coming or even picked up on our scents. I had used my shield to mask the scents of our entire force. So they were, quite literally, taken by surprise.

I remembered how the day began. Everything seemed so relaxed, except for Emmett's noisy mating practices. Other than that, things were going quite normal or around here.


Aro had just rushed us out of the throne room due to my disgust at hearing Emmett and his new mate going at it at such a loud decibel. Aro had ended up taking me to his study which, thankfully, was soundproof. He lovingly set me down while keeping me in his arms. We gazed deeply into each other's eyes for a few moments, just enjoying being alone together and the peace it brought us.

Aro then leaned forward and slowly kissed me, allowing me to feel all the love he felt for me in his kiss. It wasn't a hard, demanding kiss but one full of tenderness and passion. He made me feel cherished and loved, like I was the center of his universe in the same way that he was the center of mine.

After a few moments, he slowly pulled away. "Isabella," he crooned. "You are my life now. I will love you now and until forever. I know we will face difficulties, but I believe that together, you and I can overcome anything. You are my most beloved mate, but now I want something more. I want you as my wife," he declared while getting down on one knee and presenting to me the most stunningly gorgeous ring I have ever laid eyes on. It was a large Masterwork Cushion Halo cut diamond ring in a platinum band. There were sapphires running down both sides of the band. It was simply breathtaking! "Isabella, would you please do me the most incredible honor of becoming my wife?" he asked quietly.

I didn't waste any time thinking about my answer. I just threw my arms around Aro's neck, chanting, "Yes, yes, yes!" while sobbing tearlessly. I loved him more than I thought I could ever love another.

He held me as we kissed and spoke lovingly to one another. He then removed the ring from its box and lovingly placed it on my finger where he kissed it when it was in place. "I chose this ring for two reasons," he said quietly while lacing our fingers together. "The first reason is for the diamond. Diamonds are known to symbolize both love and fidelity. I will love you for eternity and beyond, and there will only ever be you. The second reason is for the sapphires. Blue sapphires are also known as the stone of love, but they are known for being the stones of wisdom as well. I have noticed that you are wise beyond your years. The other reason I chose the sapphires was for the fact that they resemble your amazing eyes which I can't seem to stop gazing into," he said while doing just that.

We held onto each other, kissing and caressing one another, not wanting to go back into the real world for a while. However, our time of togetherness was short lived when a frantic Peter barged into the room.

"The newborn army will be here by midnight," he said gravely.

Aro gently brushed my cheek with the back of his hand while placing a loving kiss on my forehead. "Grab the Major. We will go and meet them. I cannot have them here in the city. Tonight, we will fight," Aro said sternly.

Peter nodded his head and sped out the door. Aro grabbed a hold of my face with his two hands and forced me to look at him. "Remember, as long as we're together, we can overcome anything," he reminded me gently.

Nodding my head, I reached my arm around his neck, pulling his lips closer to my own. "I love you," I replied. "Now let's go kick some ass!"

End Flashback

I quickly pushed my knee into the back of the newborn I was holding onto, and while I pulled his arms back, I pushed at the same time, removing his arms. The force behind my push had shoved the newborn into the two that were in front of me, simultaneously knocking them all down.

Using one of the appendages that I had just torn off of the vampire, I bashed another newborn across the face with it, leaving a crack from her jaw to her hairline. However, that did not slow her momentum. This newborn looked to be more rabid than anything. She had venom pouring from her mouth, and her hair and clothing were filthy. She lunged at me again, and I jumped out of reach.

Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate the newborn that possessed a cloaking gift. I literally never saw him as he tackled me to the grown from out of no where. Being unable to see my assailant made it extremely difficult to fend off the assault. I felt a hand clenching tightly around my throat as they began to squeeze tighter. My skin around my neck began to fracture, leaving fissures trailing up my cheekbones. Needing to put a stop to it, I did the only thing I could think of. I grabbed a hold of the invisible hands, and while using my shield, I ramped up the electric charge, shocking my attacker with several thousand volts. I immediately felt relief, and when I looked up, I saw the vampire several feet away, clearly visible and slightly smoking. He sneared at me, charging toward me again. Having had enough, I threw out my shield, encasing him and several others nearby inside. Without much effort, I fully charged my shield, blowing the newborns apart and leaving nothing but their dusty remains. That gave me an idea.


The battle raged on for an indeterminate amount of time. My brothers and I fought side by side, easily eliminating many newborns. The Romanian scum had proven to be the easiest to trounce. They had been so blinded by the lust for power that they never saw themselves being betrayed by Jane and Victoria. The petty fools set up their own demise.

Many of the newborn were blood thirsty, not having any formal training in combat. They were fighting on instinct, making them easy targets. As long as you know how to handle them and get around their strength, you wouldn't have any problems. I watched as my guard disposed of one newborn after another, plowing their way through.

I had lost sight of my precious mate a while ago, but I know she is holding her own. I can still feel her through our mate bond and the joint sharing of our respective gifts. She has trained long and hard for this moment, and I have every faith in her abilities to come out on top.

I looked over to see Demetri fighting a rather large male, almost as big a Felix. This newborn was fast which seemed abnormal, considering his size. He rammed into my upper guardsman, throwing him a dozen or so yards away. Demetri landed with a loud thud. Suddenly, Emmett was there, taking on the hulking newborn. Where the newborn had speed, Emmett had strength. Before Jane's minion had a chance to get his hands on Emmett, Emmett grabbed a hold of his neck in his one hand. The newborn attempted to dislodge his hand by using both of his to pry Emmett's hand off of his neck. The hand on his neck only tightened further as Emmett began lifting the struggling vampire off of the ground. With a final squeeze, the head popped off and landed a few feet away. It was unlike any beheading I have ever seen before.

My thoughts were interrupted when Edward of all vampires attempted to tackle me. I hastily maneuvered out of his way, leaving him stunned. Drawing on my connection to my mate's shield, I blocked his ability to read my mind.

"Why can't I read your thoughts?" he asked me angrily.

"My mind is private, and therefore, none of your business," I replied sharply.

He looked around, darting his eyes back and forth as if trying to come up with an answer. "This is not your gift. Someone is blocking your mind from me." Not liking to be kept in the dark, he lunged at me again. This time, while I waited for the last minute. I stepped to the side, grabbing his arm, and while using his own momentum, I tore his arm off. This only served to anger him further. He turned and attempted to plow into me once more. However, since he was unable to read my mind, his attacks were clumsy and not well thought out. I grabbed a hold of his other arm and tore that off of him. Not wishing to hear him whine anymore, I grabbed a hold of his head, and with a sharp turn, I yanked it off.

I stood taller and looked around. Felix was gathering newborn body parts and throwing them into a fire. Charlie was grappling with two newborns, and Jasper and Peter were surrounded by a dozen more. No matter how many newborn we destroy, more seems to take their place.

"Do you give up yet, Aro?" Janes screeching voice called out to me from a nearby hilltop. I looked over to see her and Victoria standing there and laughing.

"We aren't cowards like the two of you are, bitch?" my beloved mate replied snidely from the opposite side of the clearing.

"Did you just call me a coward, cagna?" Jane retorted with a sneer.

Isabella looked around. "That would be a yes. I don't see anyone else standing on a hill while everyone else is fighting. Clearly, the two of you know damn well you'll get your asses handed to you," she said insultingly.

Jane's eyes blackened, and she darted forward, heading toward my mate. Isabella stood there with a slight grin on her face. I knew she wanted to take Jane out herself, so I was not about to interfere.


I have waited for this moment for what seems like forever. From the first time I met the mentally deficient elf, she has been a thorn in my side. Now is my chance to teach her a lesson in respect and vampire mating. Aro is mine, and by the time she is nothing more than smoldering ashes, she will have learned that lesson.

The annoying imp came flying at me, snarling like a deranged dog. She made a swipe at me which I deftly avoided. She attempted another go at attacking me, and I dodged that as well. Then she tried to use her gift one me, and I stood there laughing at her.

"Why isn't it working?" she furiously growled out.

"If you had been paying attention at any time when we first met, you would have noticed that your gift never worked on my," I reminded her. "And now that you know what it's like for everyone else, I think it's time to end this."

Gnashing her teeth at me, she made a move to tackle me. Expecting such an amateur move, I let loose my shield, encasing her within it. Upon realizing that there was no way for her to escape, she resorted to name calling.

"You are nothing, you little whore! He will never want you around for eternity. He's just using you until something better comes along," she childishly cried out, thrashing about in her little prison.

"That's where you are wrong, sister," Alec spoke up. "You are so blinded by your own self importance and greed that you cannot see what is directly in front of you. Mistress Sawn is Master Aro's mate. You are not. It is you who are not fit to be with him," he informed her with a harsh but firm tone to his voice. "I am ashamed to call you my twin." And with that, he turned his back on her and walked away.

"You bitch! You have taken everything from me," she screeched.

"No, Jane, you did that yourself. Now I'm just finishing the job," I replied. And with a jolt, Jane was nothing more than a pile of ash.

"You may have finished off Jane, Bella, but I don't think you and your pathetic friends will be able to handle my little surprise," Victoria giggle maniacally. She gestured toward a little newborn. He was roughly my size and must have been in his mid teens when he was changed. "This is Michael. Michael is very special. You see, he has the gift of deprivation," she said. Turning to Michael, she ordered, "Show them how it works!"

I looked around and saw my friends looking confused. Jasper and Peter were huddled together with Marcus. I darted over to them. I had an idea of what was happening but I wasn't too sure.

Out on the field, the newborns began to attack more aggressively, or so it seemed. I dodged several attacks as I made my way over to them.

"What the hell is wrong?" I asked Jasper.

"None of our gifts are working. That boy has the ability to block them," he informed me.

Just then, a large group of newborns came out of nowhere, and we suddenly found ourselves trying to stave them off. Dammit! We need to get a handle on this.

I felt someone slam into me, and I fell down with a thump. Pain shot through my left side, but I brushed it off. Now was not the time to worry about getting hurt. The next thing I know, my arms are being pinned down, and I felt a bite on my left shoulder. Son of a bitch, that stings! Willing myself to get the newborn off me, my shield flared, and they went flying. Yes!

"Aro!" I called out to my mate.

I looked around for him, only to find him struggling with three newborns. I ran over to him, punching my way through as I went. When I reached his side, we both worked together dismembering the three newborns. When we finished eliminating the last one, I grabbed a hold of his hand, allowing him to read my thoughts. He nodded his head in agreement and took off in the opposite side of the clearing. I flashed over to the side directly opposite from him. We both stood slightly above the clearing, me on a small hill and Aro on a large boulder. Nodding to each other, we closed our eyes, connecting ourselves through our gifts. Utilising my shield, we reached out and with Aro's tactile telepathy, we determined who was who and isolated each individual newborn of Victoria's by encompassing them in a shield. When every newborn was confined, we allowed the energy to pulse and surge through us. Creating a voltage much greater than any I had ever managed to forge before, we charged each shield, causing every vampire encased within to explode instantaneously.

Cheers rang throughout the clearing while the lone redhead on the hill screamed in anger. Her fury was evident as she rushed over to me, trying to take me out. I heard a snarl and snapped my eyes over to where it originated from. My father had the bitch by her throat.

"You threatened my daughter and murdered her mother. You are nothing more than a coward." And with those words he tore her to shreds, leaving nothing that was identifiable behind.

I looked around me. My friends and family were safe. There were some injuries, definitely more bite marks, but we didn't lose anyone.

I walked over to my mate, wrapping my arms around his waist and clutching him closer to me. Everyone gathered around us, enjoying a moment of peace for the first time in quite a while.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but Aro and Bella fucking knocked it out of the ballpark," Emmett joked in his usual fashion.

"That was a genius move,"Jasper complimented us while tightly holding on to his own mate.

"That one was all my mate's idea," Aro proudly replied, giving me a squeeze.

"It's not surprising that she was able to thwart the newborn's gift. Her shield is more powerful than even I can tell you," Eleazer explained in awe.

"We are quite proud of you, cara," Caius told me.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the praise, I lifted my hand to waive them off nonchalantly. That was when Didyme screeched.

"You're engaged! When are you getting married? Can Dora and I plan it? What are the colors?" she asked excitedly. Everyone began to congratulate us all at once. Aro raised his hand to get everyone to quiet down.

"I just asked her earlier this morning. We haven't set a date yet. In regards to who will be planning it, I will leave that up to my lovely mate," he said while lovingly gazing at me.

I looked over at my new sisters. They were practically begging me to let them plan the wedding. Well, why not? I'm not really good with all that stuff, and if they want to, then why not let them?

"OK, you two may be my planners. We can get together later and discuss colors and what not," I told them. They jumped up and down eagerly. Their mates pulled them into their arms to get them to calm down.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I would like to take my new fiance and spend some time with her," Aro informed them while picking me up and walking off with me. I heard Emmett laughing as we walked away.

I leaned my head against his shoulder. Finally, it was like we could begin our lives like a mated couple without a shadow hanging over our heads. I lost my mother to a nutjob, and that cut deeply. But I found something infinitely more joyful and more fulfilling than I thought could ever happen to me. I found an unexpected love.

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