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Chapter 15: Dominance

Volterra was her home. That much was certain now. She had lived there for over a decade before finding Jasper and she was relieved to be back within its safe comforting walls. She wandered through the cool halls basking in the silence that echoed off the stone. She felt more at peace in this place than she had back in Washington, even though she'd had Jasper there, it still wasn't the same. It had been a few days since her departure and the longing she felt for her mate was still strong.

Jasper. That man was going to be the death of her. Isabella frowned to herself, the pain she felt upon leaving him was still there, she could feel it beneath her shield, scratching and tearing at her walls. But as long as she was away from him, the pain would remain sealed off. No matter how much she wanted to run back to him, to tell him she loved him, she could not allow herself to do so. Self-preservation was instinctual now, if she had stayed with him, bottling up her pain, she would have destroyed herself.

Tears dripped down her marble cheeks. She did not sob, not a sound escaped her closed lips. If only Jasper had understood… it hurt how her own mate couldn't understand her. She thought the bond would make everything alright. He'd wanted her to take on too much. But if she had, it would have broken her even more. These wounds she carried would never have healed.

She stopped her wandering at the end of the hall and entered the balcony, gazing mournfully across the serene gardens below. Such beauty… such peace.

The air stirred behind her as Felix stepped out of the shadows.

She did not turn. She didn't want him seeing her tears though she knew he would smell the venom.

He came to her without hesitation. He stood a head and half taller than her and wrapped his strong arms gently around her lithe waist. He buried his face in her dark curls, "Isabella…" his voice whispered her name, like a sweet caress, there were no other words needed for she knew all he felt just by the tone of his voice.

Isabella leaned back into his chest and he stroked her arm comfortingly. His other hand rested on her stomach and she did not flinch away. Felix was the most physically intimate member of the Volturi, he loved being close to people, he always greeted friends or family with an embrace and she had come to accept and even enjoy his innocent affection.

"What is it that brings you out here, Felix?" she inquired softly.

"Do I need a reason to enjoy the beauty of the gardens and its visitors?" he replied with a smirk.

She sighed in his arms, "I suppose not, but I believe you have one anyways since you have been following me for some time now."

Isabella had noticed his presence in the shadows shortly after her wanderings began, she had waited for him to make his presence known rather than confront him.

He laughed, "Little gets past you now, does it?"

Felix kissed her temple before removing his arms from around her and stepping up to her side and clasping one of her hands in his.

"You are right though," he continued, "I am here to offer you whatever comfort I can for I can see how you suffer and it pains me to se you so."

His deep red eyes penetrated her with concern and love.

She shook her head sadly, "There is none that could offer me comfort now, Felix, save one… and he is not here."

Jasper was who she wanted, who she needed, but she would not return to him and beg him to take her back like a lost puppy. If he wanted her, he would come find her. She had found much peace since returning to Volterra and though her heart ached for her mate, she had gotten time to sort out the conflicting emotions she'd felt when living with the Cullens.

Forgiveness was not so easy to give. She felt she better understood Alice now and she was nearly ready to reach out to her again but there were still small traces of betrayal and fury that she felt towards the little pixie that prevented her from doing so just yet. Isabella had forgiven Emmett and Rose though, there was nothing more they could do to show their repentance and she felt almost comfortable in their company. Esme and Carlisle had also redeemed themselves in her eyes though she still hurt when she thought of them. She was close to forgiveness.

So close, but so far. She wanted time… alone with Jasper. It was a good thing vampires had eternity.

"I think I can help you with that Isabella…" Felix said, drawing her out of her thoughts.

Her eyes flicked towards him in surprise, "What?" she asked absently.

And then someone entered out from the room across the hall from the balcony and came to stand in the doorway. Someone with blonde hair, golden eyes… someone with a possessive love shining out of his eyes and a triumphant smirk on his face.

The utter elation she felt upon looking on her mate's face dimmed at the sight of the smirk and she bristled a bit, recalling that he had been the one to run away from her. And there he was… smirking. She wanted to rail at him, to make him regret ever running from her. Her eyes blazed with alighting fury.

Felix disappeared immediately though neither took note of his absence, too entranced were they with each other.

She felt the fury rise and as he came near her she lifted her hand to strike him. He caught it in a vice-like grip and pulled her close with a harsh tug. She frowned in indignation and struggled to break free from his hold, "Don't think you can get off so easy," she hissed, wanting nothing more than to wipe the smirk off his handsome face.

But he just smiled and his mouth descended upon hers, his hands slid up her back dragging her closer to him and soon she was pressed tightly against his lean body. His kiss was fiery, possessive even. It was one of dominance and she let him take over though she still felt the fury burning inside her.

He pulled back for a moment and she looked into his eyes and then knew that this was not her sweet Jasper. She'd seen glimpses of this before but not such a complete switch as had happened now.

"Jasper?" she whispered experimentally.

His golden eyes flashed and his lips curved into a smile as his hands drew her closer and he looked down on her.

"I think you know very well who this is, sweetheart," he drawled, his accent pronounced and unmistakable.

She tried to pull back a little only to find herself encased in an iron grip.

"Major…" she breathed, her voice hitching in the back of her throat.

He grinned and then his lips were on hers again, he lifted her onto the side of the balcony and stood in between her legs grinding his body into hers, sending shocks of lust through them both. Everything was forgotten, all her worries and troubles, she couldn't concentrate when he was kissing her like he was. His grip was firm, strong, and his kisses were dominant, enthralling. He was telling her to submit, her body was telling her to submit. With the Major in charge there was no gentility, no soft kisses, just passion and fire and the urge to dominate her.

His lips were on her chest now, kissing her collarbone, sucking on her neck, trailing up her jawbone, and then capturing her lips in another searing kiss, leaving her frazzled and yearning for more.

"Mate," he growled, "you are never getting away from us again," he promised, his voice deep and husky, sending shivers down her spine.

All she felt was a rush and then the next moment they were in her chambers and he was pressing her down into the bed, sliding off her dress. His hand cupped her center and he began moving his fingers expertly, causing her to gasp and moan in surprise and pleasure. His other hand snaked up and brought her head up to his in his tongue slipped into her mouth, teasing and exploring. It was a fiery bliss.

The Major grinned into her mouth as he felt her responding, sliding her hands up his chest and around his neck. He pumped his fingers in and out of her before pulling out and tugging his clothes off. He pushed her down into the soft duvet covers and growled as he sheathed himself inside her, completely filling her. She cried out and he wound his fingers in her soft brown curls as he ravished her mouth. Her fingers clawed at his back, seeking a hold on him. He kissed her desperately as he moved in and out, quickening his pace until he was pounding into her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, drawing him closer and he slipped an arm around her waist lifting her up closer to him so their bodies were touching completely.

The Major was not rough with her, just… dominant. He wanted her to know that she was his and he was hers and nothing was going to separate them again. He would give her back Jasper after this but he had needed this time with her. And he did not regret it. Not at all. His little angel was like a piece of heaven, so sweet, so utterly delicious. If he could he would spend all day ravishing her.

He moved inside her quickly, feeling his release coming and hers. He bent his head and buried his fangs in her shoulder as the pleasure overtook them. They came together in an explosion of ecstasy, so sweet and powerful, they both cried out, feeling nothing but love for one another.

They collapsed, gasping in pleasure and he pulled her into his arms, "You are mine," he growled softly.

She smirked into his chest, "As are you my Major."

A sense of satisfaction and pleasure overcame him upon hearing that and he knew he had never been happier. He was going to be sad to have to let Jasper have his little mate again.

They lay there in complete contentment before the Major decided it was time and sat up and straddled his mate, pinning her to the bed.

"Lover, I will be giving you your Jasper now," he paused and she just stared at him, "he has wronged you but know that we love you, little mate, and I will not allow you to be leaving us again, no matter what lover-boy does," he finished firmly.

"And so we part for now…" the Major smirked and gave her a heated kiss before flipping the switch.

Jasper came back, looking horrified and pained.

"Isabella," he gasped, "I- "

She cut him off with a tender kiss and climbed up on his lap. Her temper had cooled and she knew that was why the Major had been the one to confront her first, instead of Jasper.

"Jasper, I know… it's alright, all I want is you right now… I don't want your apologies, I just want you to love me."

He stared at her incredulously, then pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly.

Isabella had missed his tenderness, gods how she loved him. Her body arched beneath his caresses and she had never loved him more. The Major had been a wonderful lover, that was certain, but she also loved Jasper's gentle treatment, and right now that was all she wanted. She was curious about the situation between Jasper and the Major, they both seemed to be the opposite extremes of one another… but her questions would wait until later.

Now was the time to feel, to love.

And so she did.

Aro could not decide whether he was pleased or irritated with the arrival of his Isabella's mate. He had wanted them to solve their problems but it seemed that they had another problem that he had not been aware of. He did not know how it could have happened. How was Jasper's conscience able to split his personality and develop two different people within the same being? He had been very curious indeed to learn all that Jasper knew of his situation.

However, he was pleased indeed to meet the Major. There was a fine vampiric specimen worthy of his Isabella. A commanding officer in the Southern Vampire Wars years ago, honorable, strong, intelligent; a worthy mate for Isabella to lean on through her troubles.

Aro frowned, but Isabella would need someone like Jasper to help her heal her wounds, she would need his empathic powers and his kindness. So yes, the Jasper and the Major were perfect for Isabella… but only together would they be her true mate.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how to join the personalities back together. They had been so long apart that fusing them together would be difficult if they found a way. He strongly suspected there was nothing the Volturi could do to help their princess and her mate… they would have to solve Jasper's issue by themselves. As often cases were with love.

Aro snarled to himself. He did not appreciate the inability to ease his daughter's pain. Although he maintained the ruthless persona of the Volturi leader, he was loyal to his own and if one had a problem, they all suffered the issue. It was by choice really, but it kept their family strong and he would not let one fall because he could not help her.

With determination on his mind he called for Sulpicia, he hoped she would have some kind words to ease his anxiety as Isabella and her mate reunited.

Jasper stroked Isabella's dark curls, entwining his fingers in her hair, marveling at her beauty. She was on her side, curled into his chest, her eyes closed in contentment. Her lithe fingers rested gently against his chest. They lay nude under the crimson sheets on her bed.

Oh his sweet darlin'…

He didn't know what had gone wrong in Alaska, it was like a gray fog had descended on his memories and reasoning and he found it impossible to understand what he had been thinking. He was afraid of losing her, and he had almost lost her due to his own actions! But now he was here… with her. All would be well.

He thought he would feel more longing to be back with his coven after leaving them but he found he did not miss their company at all. He realized now that he should not have tried to urge the family and Isabella to make amends so soon, it had caused a rift in their own relationship that had caused unnecessary pain.

But he had learned the lesson… and he would gladly live here with the Volturi if it would make his mate happy. Or they could go off and live on their own for a few years while they healed themselves. As long as she was with him.

The Major's visits had been increasing in frequency lately, Jasper had been shoved aside as the Major took over his body, forcing him to watch helplessly as the Major took control. While in this situation, the Major had done some good for Isabella, Jasper worried about the Major's increased aggression. He worried that he might become the dominant personality, that Jasper would have to wait for the Major to allow him time with his mate rather than the other way around.

The Major loved Isabella, that was certain, but he knew nothing of kindness or mercy. He was fierce, unforgiving, possessive, and he would not be able to show Isabella the tenderness she needed. There was only so much Isabella would be able to handle from him, when she needed a kind or gentle word she would need Jasper, not the Major. When she needed someone to fight for her, she would need the Major. When she needed to be shown love, she would need Jasper. It was both of them she needed and he recognized that, but he couldn't say he was happy about it because he knew how ruthless and vicious the Major could be. There was an underlying fear that he would inadvertently hurt Isabella.

He couldn't hurt this little female curled in her arms again. He wouldn't.

"Darlin'," he murmured gently, drawing her attention to him, "I need to apologize… I know I have hurt you and I can't tell you how sorry I am... I will not do so again, I promise you."

He intently stared into her golden eyes, hoping she would see the sincerity in him.

"I love you, with all my soul," he whispered, "you are my eternity, and I would not exist without you."

He knew the Major could never be so honest about his feelings so he told her with grave intensity how much he loved her, needed her. He poured out his heart, desperately hoping she would forgive him.

Looking into her eyes as he spoke, he could see the love and passion blazing out at him and he saw that she forgave him. Though he had hoped for it, he felt did not deserve it.

She brought her hand up to his cheek and stroked his marble skin, her sweet voice spoke to him, "Jasper, you are my mate and though you hurt me, you have made your amends and I'm ready to start our life together."

Isabella smiled up at him, her beautiful face sincere and hopeful, "I forgive you," she whispered.

Then her lips rose to meet his and they knew they would be spending a long while in her chambers, the Volturi could wait.