Before all the Christmas Day craziness begins here's a special treat. It's a sort of 'mash up' mix up of The Night Before Christmas and The 12 Days of Christmas.

'Twas the night before the Christmas party and the building was almost deserted
Not a creature was stirring but a jolly old gent
No, not Santa he has more of a medical bent
Down in Autopsy the bodies were tucked up tight
To each Ducky had whispered a gentle "good night"
And from his desk he took his pda
(A pad and a pen. He prefers the old fashioned way)
And reading over what he has wrote
Taking of each word careful note
Checking to see he is quite alone
He begins to sing in a Scots tinged baritone

On the first day of Christmas Ziva brought to me
A cartridge from a crime scene
(She'd misheard the carol)
On the second day of Christmas Tony gave to me
Two timeless dvds
On the third day of Christmas
Tony gave to Ziva
Three fat history books
On the fourth day of Christmas Ziva gave McGee
Lessons in karate
On the fifth day of Christmas McGee gave Abby
Something to make her very happy
On the sixth day of Christmas Tony set McGee
Up on a date with his friend Stacey
On the seventh day of Christmas McGee gave to Palmer
A promise he'd rewrite the character of Jalmer
On the eighth day of Christmas Gibbs brought to me
Another body plus three
On the ninth day of Christmas Vance gave us all
Quite an unpleasant wake up call
(Criminals just don't respect holidays.
This reminds me of the time...Now where was I?)
On the tenth day of Christmas Ziva gave to me
A nice gift pack of assorted tea
On the eleventh day of Christmas NCIS gave to us
Another interesting case to discuss
On the twelfth day of Christmas Abby gave McGee
Twelve kisses under the tree

He smiles and puts down his pen
It wasn't the traditional version
But it would do in the end
And picking up his hat and his coat
He leaves chuckling to himself at what he'd wrote