Merlin didn't even glanced after Brochvaelin, but focused to steel himself to open the dungeon's door. Hand on the door handle he hesitated. He realized that he was trembling all over, and he had to restrain himself to burst into hysterical laughter. He would have to be agitated later. First he had to received Arthur from Brochvael's fortress. His mind was still burn the whole place to the ground, but his heart was not allowed to leave the innocent people under the open sky. Having amassed finally himself, he pushed the door open and stepped inside. He stretched out his hand in front of him in the darkness.


Small bluish ball of light illuminated miserable cell and Merlin found bundle lying on the corner of the cell.


He received no reply, and knelt with caution touching the dirty blanket. It was obvious that someone was lying wrapped up in it.

"Arthur, it's me, Merlin. It's time to leave. "

Bundle moved and Merlin helped him turn his back.

They stared at each other in a moment at the pale light.

"Merlin?" Arthur's voice was hoarse when he squinted his friend's worried face. Merlin grinned.

"Indeed. Really, I was two weeks away from Camelot, and when I got back, I hear that you left off on a hunting trip and were captured. Hunting trip! Nobody knew where you were and who was behind it all. I was afraid that Morgana had you at this time for good. Are you okay? Broken bones? Crushed pride? Hopefully you did not get too many hits on your head this time. "

"Merlin, shut up." Arthur snarled but smiled. "No, no, nothing serious. I'm just hungry. "

"In that case, come on. Aithusa is already waiting for us. "Merlin stretched his hand to help the king up. Arthur looked at him in disbelief.

"Aithusa? You brought the oversized lizard in here? "

Merlin crossed his hands with hurt. "You would get to learn how to speak with him respectfully. Aithusa has saved your life more than once. Besides, I wanted to come quickly, and it was the only option. Gwen would skinned me otherwise. "

Arthur trembled realizing his wife was waiting for him at home.

"I skin that damn stupid Brochvael." Arthur grumbled, limping out of the cell. Merlin shrugged his shoulders.

"If you catch him."

"What do you mean?"

"He hardly stops from running a couple of days." Merlin sounded too pleased with himself and Arthur narrowed his eyes holding his friend.

"I could ask Aithusa to help." Arthur thought.

"Do not imagine. You have to go back to Camelot to clear your mess." Merlin growled. Arthur sighed. They got out of the castle courtyard without bumping into anyone. Arthur didn't bother to ask for what the Merlin was made to scare so badly the entire crew of the fortress, but was just happy. He leaned heavily Merlin. Every muscle ached, and he really didn't waited for the journey back to the Camelot on the dragon's back. Looking Merlin, he suddenly realized how tired he seemed. His travel to the north hardly had a picnic, and now this. Arthur felt the guilt injection.

"Thank you Merlin."

Merlin glanced at him and eyebrow raised questioningly, then turned quickly away.

"You are welcome. But next time ... " Merlin sounded aggrieved and Arthur suddenly divined the cause.

"I know, I know. How much Gwaine win this time?"

"Too much." Merlin muttered, and they watched the sky where a white dragon fly slowly towards them.

"You should stop beating your bets with him." Complained Arthur. Merlin's lips went a quick grin.

"What fun this would be otherwise?

Arthur decided to not say anything anymore.