AN: Gentle Readers, who have come to know me as one concerned with grammar and spelling and Good Writing, be forewarned if you do journey further in this tale. I have sinned and fallen short of Good Writing, and used objective for subjective, and have written a story in what is vulgarly spoken of as "LOLspeak." For I did research, and study, and write in the ways of Good Writing all the day long, and my mind did grow weary, and sought amusement in the halls of laugh-out-loud felines, and the muse of felines did visit me, and verily, I did fall in with her and write in that low tongue. Thus, Gentle Readers, if you do wish for Good Writing, I fear you must leave me now, and await the day, which in all likelihood shall come after this season of feasting is ended, when I may again turn my pen to worthier pursuits.

AN2: I spent too much time with the LOLcat Bible today, and it combined with story my mom told last night about my grandfather's boyhood cat, Susie Q, who fell down the laundry chute one day, and the mixture attained critical mass and out came LOLCATS. You have been forewarned. Oh, and Calyn, this one's for you, even if you did turn off PMs and made it impossible for me to contact you. *glares at Calyn*
Anyway, here's the beginning of Lolkittehs of Narnya, and let me know if you think I should continue it. Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I can haz Narnya? Kthxbai.


Dis iz stori bout 4 kittehs: 2 boi kittehs n 2 gurl kittehs. N dey r namedz Petr, Susie Q, Ed, and Lucy. Cuz dats wut dey r namd, k? N wun dai Luci wuz playing nd she fellded downz the big hole wer the durty cloz r put, so dey kan b washed, dat iz why. Srsly.

And Luci wuz in teh cloz pyl and cud not see, and wen her gotz out, der wuz lots and lots of sno. And it was like lotz ov trees and wintr, and snoing. And Luci was all like, LIKE. And der was big flashlite on stik, so her cud see, eben tho der wer no othr kittehs. Srsly. And Luci went, "Kewl." And den a black gote-kitteh caim and sed, "O hai. I has cheeseburgerz and toona and cookehs. You can haz too." And Luci sed, "O rly? Kthx!"

So dey had cheeseburgers and toona and cookehs, n wuz gud. But black gote-kitteh wuz all bad in his hart, cuz he wuz going to not let Luci go home gainz. But Ceiling Cat wuz watching and sed, "DO NOT LIKE!" so gote-kitteh sed 2 Luci. "U shud go homez. Cuz ebil witch cat-woman iz here, and her is white but not like Ceiling Cat, n she maded it alwaiz wintr but never eber Christmas, and no Christmas treezes or cookehs or prezens." And Luci sed, "DO NOT LIKE. Kthxbai," and her wented home gainz.

And wen Luci gotz homez, her sed to Petr nd Susie Q. nd Ed, "O hai. Der is a wintr land in hole wer durty cloz go, and ebil cat-woman. And I hadz cheeseburgerz." And dey all went, "No wai. Srsly?" and Luci was laik, "Ya rly." So they wentd and lukd downz teh hole, and der was NO WINTR LAND OR CHEEZBURGERZ. Jus cloz!11one!" And Luci sed, "But it wuz der. Srsly." And Ed said, "FAIL." And Luci cryzed, cuz her wuz an itteh bitteh kitteh.