AN: Gentle Readers, we have come to the end of our tale, and I thank you most heartily for your encouragement and approbation, which you did offer me most readily even when I was tardy in my continuation of the account. I must now, in the fashion of all good authors, offer my acknowledgements and thanks to all to whom I am indebted, and I pray you, depart not from my company, for I shall endeavour to redeem the oft-wearying recitation from the bane of tedium, and when it is once passed, then shall you find the tale itself.

Thanks are in order to my friend Calyn, for she did instruct me in the ways of LOLcats and lead me in the paths of felines.

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My thanks go also to Laura Andrews, who is a good beta, a good listener, and a good friend.

Many, many thanks are due to WillowDryad, without whom this tale would not have been told (do not the Laws of Authorship require me to say that somewhere?) or at least, would not have been nearly as funny. Forsooth, 'twas she who did contrive the most amusing words and concepts in this tale, and I do thank her for her friendship, encouragement, and chastisement.

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I'll shut up now, except to say that the last two lines will probably only be funny if you've heard the Charlie Brown song "A Book Report on Peter Rabbit."


O HAI. Dis is last prt of stori, fur evverbuddee hoo reeds and fur evverbuddee hoo gibs me revoos. Fank yoo!

Teh next dai, evverwun wented to big catsl in eest, ware der wuz 4 king-chayrz fur teh 4 kittehz, n Big Cat maked teh boi kittehz kingz and teh gurl kittehz he maked kweenz, n evverbuddeh wuz all liek TEH YAYZ we can haz king n kween kittehz 'gain! And dey all cheered liek "Huzza!" n "Hip hip hoora!" n teh fish-kittehs hoo livez in teh oshun (hoo WANT wetfurz, srsly), dey singed prety moosic cuz dey wuz all liek w00t.

So evverbuddee had happiz, n Petr n Susie Q. n Ed n Luci sitted on teh speshul chayrs and wuz kingz n kweenz n maked gud roolz so evverbuddee wud be nise to eech uvver n itteh bitteh kittehs no wud hafs to go to skool. And dey all had cheezeburgerz, but no gushifuds, cuz Ed sed no can haz, k?

Wuz gud. Narnya had happee tehn. And lots n lots of yeerz der wuz, n teh yiddle kitteh kingz and kweenz growd up and turnd into big kitteh cats, n dey had happiz 2, but sometimez tehy missd tehr mama kitteh, and had sads.

So wun dai, Mr. Gote-kitteh cummd nd sed, "O hai king n kween kittehz!"

Dems sed "O hai! How iz ur bukkit?"

Nd himz sed, "Mah bukkit iz gud, kthx. R ur bukkits gud?" and dey sed yes, kthx. Den he sed, "Teh wite deer-fingy iz in ur Narnya, gibing teh wishez." Dey all wuz liek "O RLY?" and Mr. Gote-kitteh wented "Ya, rly," and Luci wuz liek "W00t! We can haz wishez!"

So dey all gode to find wite deer-fingy, hoo gibz wishez. Wuz antler-bunneh, liek we callz "jakkalope;" n wuz vewy, vewy hards to ketch. Dey runnd nd runnd, but antler-bunneh rund faster n faster n gotted way. So dey no had wishez.

But den dey gotted to teh big flashlite on teh stik in all teh treez, n Luci cat sed "Lo! Let us go to our ancestral home and greet our mother before we return to the castle." And they all were in agreement, so tehy fownded teh cloz pyle, n jumped vewy vewy hi and gotted homez.


And dey wuz all liek O_o.

So dey wented to Vewy Old Teecher Cat and telld him, n himz wuz liek O WAO YOO HAZ HAD ADVENCHOORZ!

And dey wuz vewy vewy vewy vewy happee to be home.

Teh vewy vewy, vewy end. Amen.