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Previous: "Are you ok Lucy?" I asked concerned.

"Yeah…" She replied quietly.

"Ermm, let's go." I said.

As we walked she said "It was Evergreen this time.

Erza stayed silent and thought *"It was Mira, Lisanna, Levy, Juvia, Cana, Bisca, now."*

[Erza's POV]

We were both walking back to Fairy Tail after a week from the mission, she acted to happy as if nothing was wrong with here but her eyes looked blank. Like their really was any emotion.

"Lucy, do you want me to grab another mission?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure." She forced a smile.

"Lucy, are you really sure?" I wondered.

"Yeah it's not like I need to sleep or something." She said.

"Ok…" I said.

[Lucy's POV]

*"Ugh, I've been feeling awful. I hope I could last the next mission."*

I walk with Erza nervously.

"We should reach there in about a couple of minutes." Erza said.

After we reached our destination we got in and…


"N-N-No…" They both said nervously with arms on each other shoulders and held hands.

"Good, you guys are better as friends." Erza said.

"Welcome back Lucy-chan!" Levy-chan said.

"Th-thanks…" I said.

But to think that one word, I had already fainted.

"Lucy,Lucy,Lucy,LUCY!" shouted a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes, I saw Loki there shouting for me. Hmm maybe I should trick that I'm dead, ah I need my heart to stop.

"Guys, she's dead." Wendy said sadly.

"How, WHY?" Yelled Erza.

"Calm down Erza." Juvia said sadly.

"But…" Erza said with her head down.

[Loki's POV]

*I can't believe she's dead but, she's not. I can sense she's still alive."*

[Lucy's POV]

"SURPRISE!" I yelled laughing.

"Lucy?" Erza asked surprise with spots of tears on her.

"I thought it was a nice trick, too bad Loki knew I was alive." I smirked on my words.

"YOU KNEW LOKI!" Shouting Erza who was taking her sword out.

"Erm, I'm going back to the spirit world. Bye" Loki said nervously.

"Well let's go on a mission Erza." I said smiling.

"No. Your to tired to continue, rest up and we'll go another time." Erza said.

"Aw." I whined.

*"Aw, I'm so bored…"* I thought.

*"Hmmm." I wondered.

"Aries, Spirit of the Ram. Hear my call and come." I said.

"E-Eh L-Lucy-san, I-Is t-there anything you want?" Aries asked.

"No I just have to rest but I can't sleep, Aries I wanted to talk to you about…Loki." I said emotionless.

"D-Did h-he c-cheat o-on y-you again?" Aries said nervously.

"Sure, say that." I said plainly.

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