Hero uniforms usually fall into two extremes: ones that show a lot of skin and ones that show almost none. Raven's costume fell into the latter (unless you counted the occasional glimpse of her legs the costume afforded), which he'd always figured was neither a good nor bad thing. But as the Titans stood awkwardly in their civilian formal wear, posing for photos and making small talk at Jump City's annual Gala event, Garfield's eyes kept zooming back to the pale shoulders of the girl in his peripheral vision. Raven was had always been petite, but she'd never seemed delicate; perhaps it was the cloak and hood she favored that gave her a more stalwart appearance on a day to day basis. But now, in her strapless, navy blue gown, she looked so tiny, so feminine. Her neck was slim, elegant and her collarbone branched out smoothly, sloping down in a distinctly un-masculine way.

She caught him staring and blushed, feigning indifference he knew she didn't feel.


The idea that she could corrupt people had long since been banished from Raven's conscious mind. She was not her father; powers or not she had determined that she herself was a far cry from evil and could have no negative influence on a person without effort on her part.

Still, when she felt the angry pulse around him when she was confronted by another male; when his pangs of remorse shot through her mind at her dismissial of his good intentions; and when his dark longings interrupted her dreams, Raven wondered if she had, in fact, corrupted Garfield Logan.


Like the stereotypical vegan he was, Beast Boy was thin. Over the years he'd gained a few inches on herself, but the awkward, gawky appearance of his body was only exacerbated. Slim hips, wiry chest, large, disproportionate hands and feet. A wishbone-shaped back that started small and branched out as it reached his neck. A beautiful back. And a beautiful backside to match, one that looked even better as he climbed the flight of stares ahead of her, arms full of grocery bags. Yes, he'd be so awkward looking, Raven thought, if he wasn't so godamn beautiful.