"Has anyone ever told you you've got a nice pair of legs, girly?"

Raven would have promptly hurled one of the steel beams lying around the construction site at Johnny Rancid, except a full grown raptor had already hurled itself, leaving her with nothing to do but fight the rubbery feeling that had suddenly overtaken the aformentioned legs.


They didn't always fight; sometimes they got along. And not just 'when it mattered,' like when Malchior betrayed her or he couldn't control the darkness inside him. Sometimes it was just little times, like when Raven had walked into the kitchen on a lazy afternoon to find him measuring out flour in a mixing bowl. When she went to the cupboard to grab her usual box of tea he politely asked if she could grab him the baking soda. She'd done so and since he didn't seem to be in an overly energetic mood, she asked what he was making. He said vegan brownies. She asked what was the difference between regular and vegan brownies, besides, of course, the lack of animal products. He pointed out a few unusual ingredients and half an hour later they were seated at the kitchen counter licking a bowl of brownie batter.

Or sometimes they would play chess. Even if she was quite good he wasn't terrible and having to concentrate kept him focused. Or she'd ask him to teach her a little bit of Swahili, something she was quite anxious to learn, and he'd explain (in a way that only he could) about the eighteen noun classes and how to use adjectives. And once in a while they would just be in the same room together, not necessarily doing anything with one another but present.

So while they didn't have the most natural friendship, they did have one.