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Bolt and Sadie's Pups: Lightning- A tiny version of Bolt with black lightning bolts on either of his flanks. This is my creation.

Cloud- a light gray dog. This goes to cloudsword.

Katie- looks like her mother. So all black. The name is krp101's idea.

All three of them have blue eyes. The eyes are mine

Hunter and Mia's Pups: Knox- made by Mojotheamoroq. He is a tiny version of Hunter but has golden brown hair on top of his head. Has brown eyes.

Mira- also made by Mojotheamoroq. She is a replica of her mother. Has brown eyes.

Chapter 1

A couple months later. Both dogs are ready to give birth at any time. Their owners figured out who the couples were and accepted it. Penny was ecstatic just thinking about new puppies being born soon and even more so because her own Bolt was going to be a daddy. After they found out about the couples the owners of Mia agreed with Hunter's owners to let Mia stay at their place for the pregnancy and afterwards if Mia chose so. The same went for Sadie's owners, as they let Sadie stay with Bolt and his owners while she was pregnant and afterward if she chose so. (Good thing that I have control because I doubt this fully working in real life.)

During these couple months all the families have made all the necessary arrangements for the puppies like: buying toys, food and water bowls with the pup's names on them, the pups each own little beds, and so on. Needless to say both the families, Bolt, and Hunter were exhausted. More so Bolt and Hunter because after some time into the pregnancy the girls demands became more frequent and stranger. Asking for the oddest combinations of food at all hours of day and night, different impulsive needs, mood swings, and rearranging items that would never get in the right spot were asked of them. The two guys were glad that it was almost over though they never shared these thoughts with their wives in fear of another mood swing.

Penny and Michael have also developed their relationship. Penny now thirteen and Michael fourteen still love each other as only teen love can. (FYI I'm making Michael younger then I am. I couldn't put my real age because then it would be a little to long from Penny's. One year is no big deal but add on a couple more and then it becomes a mess.) Tonight Michael was over again at Penny's house and they were currently inside her room listening to music through a set of headphones for her iPod. A new song started playing and it was one of their all time favorites: Nickelback's If Everyone Cared. (Play it if you like of my YouTube page.) As they listened to it they both began to sing with the song and by the middle they were looking into each other's eyes. When the song finished Penny and Michael took out their headphone piece and turned off the iPod. They continued to stare deeply into each others eyes, they leaned in and they shared their first kiss. Greater feeling then anything they had felt so far surged through them with that kiss and they wondered why they hadn't done this sooner. Soon they had to break it for air and Michael regained his composure first and said.

"Penny. I'm not sure if this is too soon to say this but I know you're the girl for me and I love you Penny. Do you love back?" Michael asked and his face showed slight worry.

"Oh Michael. Yes! Yes, I love you too. I wasn't sure if I should have said it first or not so I'm glad that you did. So you want to celebrate some more?" Penny asked with a mischievous look upon her face.

"What did you have in mind?" Michael asked his lover and thought her face was so adorable.

"Come here." Was all Penny said in return and laid down on her bed and hooked a finger in Michael shirt bringing him down with her and on top of her no less. They continued to kiss and got more and more into it. They both tried new things and they stayed like that for a while. After more time passed they became tired after the long day and the make-out session. Penny thought it would be okay for Michael to stay over for the night and they went to sleep in her bed.

Bolt had finished doing his latest errand for Sadie and was completely exhausted. He practically plopped into his bed and was about to go to sleep for the night when.

"Bolt." Sadie said. He lazily opened one eye up to look at his mate Sadie. "Yes my darling. Do you need something?" He asked her. "No. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I know I've not made the last few weeks easy for you." She said. "Well I'll admit it hasn't been the easiest three weeks that I can remember having but I wouldn't want to ever take them back because they were shared with you and our future children. They will be so beautiful. I know it. Goodnight Sadie." Bolt said. "Goodnight Bolt and I'm glad you feel that way." Bolt closed his eyes and imagined what his kids would look like. He knew he was going to be an awesome dad. The best. He just needed them to come out already so he could start being one.

Hunter had finished his latest chore to do for Mia and was really getting sick of it. He wished she would have his frickin kids already. Any time now and then he would become a father. He loves telling himself that. It gets him through the long days, being a servant. He's made a good mate and he knows he'll make a great father. Everyone else had already gone to sleep. Hunter had said goodnight to Mia before he left by saying "I'm going to stay up for a little bit longer and just think. I'll be back soon but you should go to sleep. Goodnight Mia." "Goodnight Hunter." Mia said seeing him leaving the room before closing her eyes.

(Hunter's thoughts)

With as busy as I've been, I haven't been able to see Bolt lately or my sister. I wonder how she's doing and if Bolt has gone as nuts as I have yet? Mia can't travel in her condition but maybe I should see if I can't take an hour to go see my sister and new brother-in-law tomorrow. I'll ask her in the morning if it would be okay but for now I think I'm about ready for bed.

Hunter walked back into the room where Mia was now fast asleep and he curled up in his bed and went to sleep.

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