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Chapter 19

Hunter, his family, and Buddy had arrived at Mia's home and all of them were about to try and get Buddy a home here. They all went inside through the doggy door to talk to the people inside. They saw the man, wife, and children all sitting in the family room watching some TV show together. Mia barked to get their attention and once they had it the husband turned off the TV. "Hey girl. We haven't seen you in awhile. How have ya been Mia?" The man asked Mia as he got up off the couch and bent down to pet his dog. Then he noticed the other dogs, recognizing Hunter, Mia's mate and their two pups Knox and Mira but the last dog a golden retriever, the man had never seen before. Since the unknown dog was with the other dogs the man assumed that he must be nice.

The man offered his hand to the unknown dog and the dog walked up to the hand and put his head under it. The man pet the top of the dog's head for a minute before looking for the dog tags that should be around the dog's neck. "A nice dog like you should have a home and a name. So where's your collar?" The man asked mostly to himself since he didn't know Buddy could understand him. When he could find no tags on the dog, only the leather collar he wore with the name Buddy stitched into it, the man assumed that must have been his name. "What's wrong dear?" The wife asked her husband. "This dog is obviously well trained and he has a collar but it doesn't have any tags, only his name stitched into it." The husband answered. "So what's the dog's name dear?" The wife asked. "Buddy." The husband answered.

"Can we keep him daddy?" One of the children asked. "They seem to be taking a liking to me." Buddy said. "Yes it seems you'll soon be adopted by my owners and can start living here." Mia said. "I'm not sure. He appears to be a great dog but a dog this good couldn't be without a home. Especially when he has a hand stitched collar on him." The man said unsure. "I think you'll have to give them a reason to take you in Buddy." Hunter said. Buddy knew just what to do. "Mia do they have any sports gear, types of balls, or something like that here?" Buddy asked. "Well I know the boy's room upstairs has some sports stuff in there but why do you need that?" Mia asked. "Because I will need them to show your owners why they should take me in." Buddy answered before heading out of the room and up the steps to the second floor.

Everyone followed after Buddy and when they heard that he was in the boy's bedroom the man opened the door to see Buddy with a basketball in his mouth looking at the hoop across the room. The family wondered what he was going to do and their thoughts were put to rest when Buddy spit the ball out of his mouth, into the air, hit it with his snout, and watched as it sailed across the room and into the net with a swish. As the ball bounced a few more times before stopping completely and sitting still on the ground, the family all looked at Buddy in awe and bewilderment. Everyone was shocked to see a dog shoot a basketball and make the shot. They all congratulated Buddy and welcomed him into the family.

With a happy ending on that note let me tell all of you how things turned out: Buddy quickly fell into sync Mia's and now his owners. Knox and Mira regularly visit Buddy at his home and play with him. Buddy does the same when he comes to their house. Buddy had found a home again in a place where he was needed. He couldn't be happier. When Knox and Mira had both grown into fine dogs they founds homes nearby of their own. Knox, Mira, and Buddy still have regular visits to see one another along with Knox and Mira's parents.

Copper and Danielle return to their home together and talked about them together as a couple. Copper was already begun staying with Danielle and they shared the same bed since up until yesterday Danielle's owners only needed one dog bed. And at the party last night they had pretty much got it on after being drunk but even drunk they wouldn't have kept doing it unless it felt good. They already were a couple now all they had to do was admit it to each other. Fed up with the silence Danielle decided to take the initiative and tell Copper how she truly felt. "Copper theirs something I need to tell you." Danielle said. "Theirs something I need to tell you too but you go first." Copper said. "Ok. Copper you've come to mean so much to me and I wanted to tell you that I think I, no that I know I'm in love with you." Danielle confessed.

Copper was taken aback for a moment before he got a hold of himself and smiled. "I'm so glad you feel that way about me because I wanted to tell you that I'm in love with you too." Copper admitted. "Then we can be together as one?" Danielle asked. Copper closed the distance between them and rubbed the side of his face on the side of Danielle's face, to show affection. "I wouldn't want it any other way. I love you Danielle." Copper said. "I love you too Copper." Danielle said back. Both were so very happy right then. They had both found that special someone and now could spend the rest of their lives in happiness with one another. Later on they cemented their love for one another through mating. Danielle gave birth to three healthy pups. Two boys and a girl.

The Bolt family was seen again still watching television. All happy to have one another and to not having to worry about any problems that may lie ahead. As long as they had one another for support then they could overcome anything. Later on after Lightning, Cloud, and Katie had all grown and had found homes of their own nearby Sadie asked Bolt if they could have more pups. Bolt agreed to her request and together they had another three pups. This time they had two girls and a boy. All said Bolt and Sadie lived their lives to the fullest and cherished the time they had with each other and their pups.

Later on that night Penny and I went to the Hollywood movie premier and had a blast. We got to meet many big shots in the Hollywood business and talked to some of them. When the main event of the night, the movie started we all shushed and watched. It was a very good movie and afterward we were both invited to come with the others to an after party on someone's private yacht. On the yacht Penny and I danced on the dance floor to some slow music that was playing. I held Penny close to me and when the song was over we kissed. A short time after that it was time for us to head home. Once home Penny and I would headed up to her room and got changed into more comfy attire before getting into her bed and falling asleep in each other's arms.

Mine and Penny's relationship would continue to grow and in the years that followed we both finished high school together then we both went on to college together and once we both had our degrees we started a business together. Penny and I were both vets while I also was a degree in business. We successfully started our office and quickly became the most popular vet shop in town. Up until now me and Penny had decided that it was not the right time to have children of our own and when we had had sex we used protection but now with a successful business up and running with other staff members helping out me and Penny decided that now was the perfect time. We made love and nine months later Penny gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I had always hoped for a girl first and had already thought of the perfect name. Katie. My little Katie.

Two years later Penny gave birth to a boy this time and we named him after me. Now our lives were perfect. With a job that we love, two children that we love, and a house of our own to raise both of them in. My life couldn't be better. With my wife Penny, my daughter Katie, and my son Michael nothing could get any better.

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