In a huge city filled with people whose use to living here. Everything always stands out well in each city or town and this place was something else. This city was known for its ghosts and people know it by heart for four years now.

That's Amity Park for everyone and everyone loved it here. Danny Phantom, or I, would save the day or protect them. In a way, I won't change a thing in this city because I love it how people are here.

"Danny! How was your birthday yesterday?" Sam hugged onto me with a gothic smile on her.

I chuckled, "It was good." I hugged her back, "It feels weird to be an adult now."

"Pff, you'll get used to it like any other age." Sam fanned her hand off.

It was just the time I turned eighteen years old on June seventeen and it's unbelievable. Somehow, Sam convinced my parents to close the ghost portal for the entire day and they really wanted to get Phantom for my birthday. Jazz pitched in and literally saved the day for me to say that it was very unnecessary since I'm only turning into an adult once. Our parents decided to let it slide and focused on my birthday. Being a Fenton felt special to me and I wouldn't want to change it other ways.

Sam was checking on her phone and groaned loudly enough to know that she was upset.

"Great, just great!" She shook her head, "I'm sorry, Sam. I have to go and deal with some crappy business dinner with my parents." She muttered.

I patted her back, "It's alright, you did avoid them for an entire week and I'm sure they're going to want you by now."

"…I was hoping for a ghost attack."

"I'll call you out if a ghost does show up, okay?"

She nodded, "Okay, Danny. But, please try to save me out of it in about an hour or two. I would hate to see what mom plans on making me wear this time."

I chuckled and waved at Sam. She raced off to her house and gets herself ready. I remembered her parents made a huge deal for Sam and it was something that she probably won't get out for years. Her promises was that if she let them bring her to places and dress her up, she can be out late or out for a day or two. It really helped, but in a way. Sam balanced it between coming home on time or sacrifices herself to survive with her parents. Sometimes, I end up saving the day for her.

I headed on the way home, checking up on my phone for the time, and seeing that it was only six in the afternoon. I figured getting home for dinner would be nice for a change and have one more piece of cake.

"…he's perfect." A deep whisper announced.

I blinked. Who's there? I looked around and didn't see any ghosts nearby. I felt being grabbed from behind and some sort of strong smell on my mouth and nose. I tried to scream, but they blocked my hand. I cried, tried to resist it, and they held me down.

"Go to sleep, kid. Go to sleep." The voice told me to do.

No matter how hard I tried to fight, finding a way to breathe, and felt heavier on my sleeping needs.

"…damn, he took forever to sleep." I last heard.

What's happening? What's going on here? Everything went out, the lights; unaware what was happening, and why those people wanted me to sleep. They weren't ghosts that were for sure, but damn, why was this happening. Their voices were impossible to make it out clear enough, but something was up. Who was kidnapping me? What did they want?

Deep inside of me, I felt scared. They were humans. I knew the world wasn't filled with just ghosts, but if it were humans. They could be so cruel, dangerous, and violent. I had no defense and some reasons, I could resist a little of their strange and strong smell they planted on my breathing face. Why were they upset I took long to sleep? It's not like they had superpowers like me.

Someone save me! My body screamed for help, begging to be saved, and I didn't know how else to do it. If I went ghost or invisible, they could get suspicious and hand me over to the Guys in White. It's too risky, but I must find a way. They can't hold me down forever or keep me. I wasn't in a mood for their so called plans.

Scared and out of my mind, what could they be doing to me? What could they do this time? I had no way of escaping, but it was so unrealistic kidnap. Why was I used to this? It's been like this so many times with ghosts, I guess humans scared me more than I could count. With Dash, he beats me up so much. I could say that it could be natural to be a victim feeling.

It felt cold minutes later. Pains were rising up in my arms and couldn't really move much. My body was able to adapt to the cold because of my Phantom Freeze core. Why was I so cold here? My awakening started to be aware of everything I felt. My body's numbness felt something else, I was tied up, and unaware what was happening. I tried to open my eyes, but something was blocking my views.

Great, they had me blind up? That wasn't fair, but I could feel a few people in the rooms. They were humans due to their breathing. All of them were breathing at a different direction, but not where I was at. Careful enough, I used my intangible to remove the mask on my face and it slipped down.

Metal bars in front of me, but it was so small, and I noticed something else. I glanced down and realized I was completely stripped off. I gulped down, confused why I was like this. It was so violated, so wrong, and so…humiliated. I didn't have the time to worry about this now, the first thing I needed to do was escape without them watching.

I was quiet enough to search around and saw a few materials that would be great to use. I spotted the humans that kidnapped me, but afraid to even make a single noise. My phasing ability helped me moved out of the cage they entrapped me in and walked over to the materials. I covered my waist and down below. Quickly, I walked out of the place and went intangible to some of the walls here.

"HEY! Where did he go!" One of the voices panicked.

Oh great! Just great! I had to find a way to escape, but I was too worn out to go ghost. Just enough to use phasing ability and I tried to run over to a hiding spot.

"He can't get too far! Someone get him and tie him down!" One of them demanded.

I gulped and finally got myself un-cuff thankful enough to my powers. I held onto the materials to spare my nudity moment and kept running. I had to push harder, alarms were going off like crazy, and I had to hide. Somewhere in the dark and found a huge box. I hid there and blended into the shadow. Before I could sit down, a grabbed on my arm and then a second hand grabbed my other arm.

"Don't be stupid, kid. You are not escaping." The man wasn't pleased.

I gulped and tried to fight my way out. The man slammed me onto the wall and pinned me down. He cuffed me up, the forced something on my neck, and tightens it up.

"However you escape, you won't be able to do it again, kid."

I growled, trying to fight like regular victim, and this was impossible! They were worse than Dash, but I was stupid enough to not go invisible.

"LET ME GO!" I snapped, "I'M NOT A KID!"

The man jerked me, dragged me back to the place, and the materials slipped off. It was so damn awkward to let everyone see me like this. I hated it, every minute of it, and we were back in this room I was held in. The man pinned me down on top of the cage and applied pressure there.

"Well, a kid tried to escape." Another man tsked, "Thankfully he didn't get too far away. He'll be worth a lot of money."

What the hell were they talking about? How can I be worth a lot of money? I was just human to them, but they can't know about my other half, do they?

"Thankfully we checked on him. Should we get him to take something?"

I couldn't see anything, I wanted to move, get away from here, and the panicking urge to get home. I didn't deserve this, no way, and I wanted out of this. I tried to struggle off the cage, but the man hardly moves. Should I use my strength to fight my way out? No…I can't risk my secrets, but there had to be away.

Another set of hands lay on my ass, but I felt like it was worse. They spread my legs, one of their fingers was pushing something inside of me, and I hated it. It felt so…weird, like weirder than finding out about my ability to be half ghost and have those powers.

I whimpered, "Wh-what are you-you doing to-to me?" My body was shaking up.

After their finger was going up in my ass, they patted me and dragged me back into my cage. I had no idea and I held myself together. The second man bent down while the cage was smirking right at me. He was dangerous to trust, but I had a feeling I wasn't going to be escaping any time soon.

"Don't worry kid, you'll be making yourself quite useful." His tongue clicked and he winked at me.

I gulped, but why did they have me naked? What did they put in me? Whatever it was, it felt like something invading my body, and already blending into my body. It was so unusual and confusing.

"Keep an eye on this one. Did you active the collar?" The man stood up.

I watched him have the conversation with the other man who caught me. He nodded and the in charge man was satisfied.

"Yes, he's all set like usual."

"Good. Feed him something. He won't be able to perform if he's passing out."

Perform? Could they know about me? How? I thought I was so damn careful with everything? I coward over to the corner of the cage, keeping my distance from them, but it wasn't much. It's too small to avoid them, but they were so certain about something.

"I doubt he'd let us feed him, not after what's put into him." The captive shook his head.

"Just feed him something!" The leader snapped and walked off.

I could feel so scared and the captive man glanced down at me. He patted the cage's top, a straight face, and couldn't understand.

"Kid, what would you like to at least eat?"

I refused to think the man has a heart for me, but I doubt it. He only caught me, held me down, and collared me. What the other man did was worse. Should I be careful who to trust? He was looking down at me, waiting for my answer to come by now, and my cheeks felt wet. That's when I realize I was crying.

"…I want to go home." I whispered.

His head shook, "Sorry kid, you're too important to get us money. Come on now, what would you like to eat? You have been asleep for about three days on the entire trip."

It felt colder, hoping I could let my power take over, and freeze everyone. The man was kind, but careful enough to answer. But, when he told me how long I was out for. My stomach had a heavy growling and I wasn't sure what to do. Did they do something when I was asleep?

"I'm not important or valuable to anyone." I whispered, completely disappointed.

I loved my family, but they were so blind to see the real me. Jazz may see it, but our parents were worse. I only had two true best friends and one good friend. The rest of the world doesn't care about Fenton. They only cared about Phantom and nothing more.

"That's what they want you to think. You'll see you'll be useful enough."

Doubted what the man said, but I refused. For now, starving was my only option. They could poison me without even knowing it.

"Kid, what do you want to eat? We have to transport you tonight."

I felt sick, stomach hurling up, and hated to hear that I was like some sort of object to mail out. It was wrong enough to hear that. Was I an animal to them?

"Nothing." I answered.

The man groaned, trying to figure out whether I was being stupid or stubborn about this, and I had no clue what their plans were. I wasn't going to go by their plan.

"Don't make me force you to eat, kid." An empty threat.

I have heard that one before, but he doesn't have much of a threat. Every day, I grew up hearing several kinds of threats and got used to them. Only powerful ghosts could be more serious, but the man was nowhere close. I kept quiet, figuring out a plan, and hoping he would just go away. If I could find a way to get him to disappear for five seconds and that's what all I needed. The man stood there, watching me being miserable at a false moment, and he picked something up on a table without looking away from me. He started to peel a banana, great, he's going to try to feed me a banana? That wasn't food. It's a fruit, but it's not going to keep me full.

The man put it through the cage and offered me them. I looked away, not wanting them, and thought about what Sam would normally suggest me. The banana couldn't be poison, could they be? I hated to be a crime, but the man didn't look like he's interested in killing me to death or knocking me out. He's only doing his part of the job, what kind of job was this?

"Kid, please. I'd hate to shove it into your mouth."

My eyes rolled. Well, of course! I could tell the threats apart from serious to not really caring about the threat parts. I grew up with that.

"No." I mumbled.

He sighed, failed to even convince me, and figuring out what he did wrong. Maybe I wasn't a normal victim and I don't know how to act like one.

"Normally I'd hear all of the constant begging, pleading, offering, and bribing me to get you back home." The man pointed out.

Well, I used to, but this was different. I knew humans were different, I have seen how…insane they want to be, and they don't understand.

"…your threats are pointless." I muttered.

My arms tried to wipe off the tears off my face, but the man held that fruit banana for me to have. My eyes paid attention to the detail of the cage's bars. By my guess, it would be cold to be like this. Why was I naked? To be obvious that I'm the victim here?

Clockwork…save me! Get any ghosts here for me! Why was I being kidnapped here? He'd normally tells me that he cannot interfere nor can I. But, it would be nice to know what to do in some situation.

"Do you eat banana, kid?"

I huffed, "No."

"Why not? They're good for you."

"They give me cramps."

"…you're a male."


"Cramps are for women. You're a male. What makes you have cramps for a banana?"

I shrugged, "My stomach reacts differently."

It was true, but why the hell was I telling this guy?

"Ooh," He finally put the banana away.

I leaned back on the cage. Wondering what was going to happen. If they touched me like this, stripped me naked, and tried to threaten me. There's no doubt they were up to something. Everyone was always up to something and I cannot stop that. The only way was to stall their plans somehow.

My eyes closed up, trying to relax, and figured out a plan. Man, I felt so tired and starving, I'd do anything to get out of here. They won't refuse that, but with the money. It wasn't an option for them. They find me valuable, but why? How can I be useful to them?

"Kid, don't sleep." The captive man insisted.

I ignored him and kept myself to sleep.

"You need to eat." He bugged me.

Somehow, I pretended he was a teacher who was so boring and was out of the light. He did try to poke me, but failed a few times. Maybe if I kept sleeping, they will end up sleeping too. No one could stay up for so long, I know that myself because of being a hero to Amity Park. Why should they make it any different?

His poking didn't quit, but what's more annoying was my stomach's starvation. I groaned in pain, wanting it to disappear, and hoping that Jazz was trying to wake me up from a long sleep in. Everything felt cold, but I was so used to it.

New footsteps came through and I kept myself asleep.

"Has he eaten yet?" The leader asked.

"No, he refused to tell me what he wants to eat."

"That kid better not mess up. Just shove it down his mouth and he'll learn he's not being killed. Honestly, I thought he'd be smart enough to want food by now."

"He's not like the others."

"Well, just get him to eat. We need to transport him in ten minutes."

Where were they taking me? If I avoided eating food longer than ten minutes, maybe my friends or my sister can find me. I know they can! They can use the Fenton boooomerang to find me and it would probably take a while. If it might stall the "transportation" moment, then it will be useful. Somehow, I was grateful to be half ghost.

"I'll try, but it seems like he doesn't eat normal food."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Banana must be rejecting to his stomach."

"Then find junk food or something, anything! Cook in front of him if you must! He needs to be ready by tomorrow for the sales."

Sales? Why was I needed to be ready? The leader ended up walking out of the room before the captive man could say anything and he sighed.

"Kid, is there anything you want to eat?" He begged.

My stomach was a betrayal because the man said its magic word. Hell, I hated it and wanted to be right back in my bed, all under my clothes, and feeling secure right at home. Then, I could hear the cage being opened and my eyes snapped open to see what was happening. The man grabbed me and forced me on my feet. I tried to stay in my spot, but he refused to allow me. He lifted me up and set me on my stomach to his shoulder.

"We're going to the kitchen and you're going to tell me what food you want to eat, kid." He insisted.

I held my breath, figuring out a way to work this all out, and trying to see if I could escape. My eyes looked around, but it's hard to see everything around me. People were walking by, acting like this was all normal, and sometimes, I rather be flying away.

We entered into a warm room, but he took us into a kitchen. I gulped, unsure how to react about all of this and he set me down on the counter since I was tied up at the moment. I could easily get rid of them again, and hoped he wouldn't noticed.

"There's something you must want to eat, kid."

My head shook, refusing that kind of offer, and he leaned back against the refrigerator's door.

"You're never going back home, kid. So, give up."

"…home. That's where I belong. Please…let me go." My shoulders shifted down, "Let me go home, they need me there!" I wept uncontrollably.

He shook his head, "You are not needed there anymore, kid."

Should I tell him? Would it be wise to risk the truth, but I never trusted anyone outside of my team. It felt confusing.

"What makes you say that?" I felt so depressed about it, "Earlier, you said I'm not like the others."

The man jolted his head at me, "…you were listening."

I tried to wipe the tears off with my tied up hands. I nodded to answer back.

"I'm not like the others. I'm definitely needed back at home. I can't leave them without my help needed there."

He huffed, "You act like you're a hero there, kid. Whatever they tell you there, forget it about it."

My eyes snapped wider, "NO! I will not! They need me! Please! If you let me go…I-I…" I didn't know what the man could want, "…show you my secret, my secret of reasoning why I'm not like the others!"

The man stood there, seeing how desperate I was, and nothing more.

"I'd lose my job, kid."

I shuttered, "I-I know someone who can probably pay you better than this!"

He sighed, "I doubt that, kid. That someone might put me in jail."

My eyes snapped shut. Why didn't this man want to be a good guy? He was like Vlad, but lacking of a few things. Where's my hero when I needed one?

"Please, let me go. My home can't survive without me!" I could feel my green eyes appeared behind my eyelids.

"Kid, give it up. You are human, not Danny Phantom, the ghost boy."

"…you have no idea what you just said." I whispered.

I felt the need to reveal it, but I couldn't get the feeling of my shouting instinct of do something! Take action, but another side of me begging me to be wise about this!

"What do you mean?"

"I don't think that someone would put you in jail. I'll be sure of it."

"Sorry, it's not going to work."

I gave up, but it was only a stalling moment. I needed more time. My eyes opened up and the man gave me an odd look.

"…what color eyes do you have?" He started to rub his eyes.

I blinked to remove my ghost half and acted so confused.

"What are you talking about? It's always blue." I had to act.

He stopped and looked back at me, "Huh? I swear, I thought I saw a pair of neon green eyes from you."

I chuckled, "Maybe you're losing your mind or your morals are against you now."

He shook his head, "No…they were real. Bright enough to be…" He scratched his head.

I continued to act confused why he was like this, but decided he wasn't worth to expose my secrets to.

"Okay…I'm worried that you're going to do something crazy." I leaned back, pretending like he's going crazier.

He shook his head, "Let's get you to eat something, kid. We're late as it is."

What should I do? This man could hardly pull a killer act or even threaten me. I needed food, maybe that way I can escape on a full stomach.

"Cereal." I let him think I gave in my guard.

He blinked, "That's all?"

I nodded, "Dude, when I wake up, all I want is breakfast."

"…any kind you have in mind?"

I shrugged, "As long it got loads of sugar, I'm in for all."

The man walked passed by me and he checked on me every two seconds. I hated it and wishing he would at least learned to trust me by now. Sure, I escaped once. He finally looked away for more than two seconds and waited for cereal. Food in my stomach and then, an escape. Let the man trust me and feel less worried. If that happens, I'd go invisible and fly off. They shouldn't be able to get me that easily.

He handed me a bowl with a spoon and waited for me to eat.

"You saw everything, nothing with poison, right?"

I nodded and began to eat my breakfast. What time was it to him? I noticed it's a day time, but it can't be morning. Being away from home for this long, it must desperate those more, and can't help but get the feeling they were in danger.

"Full now?" He asked when I took a finishing spoonful of last cereal.

I was slow when eating my breakfast, but I never had this long before. I nodded and slurped down the milk. He took the bowl and spoon as he throws them into the sink. He grabbed me onto his shoulder and felt so…ridiculous! Who does this at all?

I could overshadow the man, but do I know where was I going?

"…where am I?"

The man started to put me into the cage, "Far from home." He started to lock up the cage.

I wasn't worried about the cage locked up, just getting the escape plan, and he wasn't helping.

"Where am I?" I repeated.

"Why are you asking that again?"

"Where am I?"

"Why are you asking me that again?" He couldn't get me to explain.

"Where am I?" I forgot how fun it was to tease people with the same questions.

"Grr, forget it, kid. Forget the life you were in."

"Where am I?"

"Forget about it."

"Where am I?"

"Forget it!"

"Where am I?" Stubborn, wasn't I?


"Where am I?"

"…you aren't going to give up, are you?"

"Where am I?"

"Ugh, can't wait for that stuff to work on you soon." He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Where am I?"

"Shut up, kid."

"Where am I?"

"…shut up."

"Where am I?"

He slammed the cage, "Shut. Up."

I flinched a bit, "Where am I?"

He growled, "When is that stuff going to work? It should be happening by now!"

"Where am I?"

He shook his head. Trying to get me to stop, but something about the stuff to work? What was he talking about? Did they…drug me?

"Where am I?"

"Grr! Shut the hell up, kid! You're never going home, you're never going to escape, and you're better off not knowing!"

"Where am I?"

The captive man stunned to even see I wasn't fazed by his threats, "What the hell is wrong with you kid?"

"Where am I?" I wasn't giving up.

"Seriously, why are you even asking that?"

"Where am I?" Damn, this was fun.

Someone started to march in and it was that leader guy. He wasn't satisfied with the fact I wasn't out on as the plan.

"What's taking so long? We need to transport him!" Leader snapped.

"The kid was taking forever to eat his food."

"Next time feed him something smaller."

"…will do."

"Now, why isn't he chained up?"

The captive man groaned, "Sorry, got sidetracked." I could tell he was avoiding the whole, the kid won't quit asking the same damn question.

"Just get him ready and onboard. We're already a day and a half behind!" He muttered, "It's ridiculous to kids think they can have a better life. Nothing is ever fair." He marched away and we were alone again.

The captive man went to gather a few things like chained I heard earlier, but I wasn't worried about that.

"Where are we?" I teased again.

He growled, "Oh, shut up kid!"

"…where are we going?"

"…great, still on the where question." He returned to me.

"Where are we going?"

"…a place where they're going to sell you, kid."

I backed off a bit, but hearing about being sold. Was he for real? His hands were entering through the bars and grabbed the collar on me. He hooked it up from behind me and locked it up tightly. He unlocked the cage's door and grabbed the chain's leash to drag me out. Was I being treated like a dog?

"Where is this place?"

"…you're not going to know."

"Where is this place?"

He yanked me up, "What's with you on the same repeating questions? Do you want to be drugged up again?"

"I'm drugged up? How?"

"…wait, don't you even feel…calmer?"

My head shook, "No. Drugs don't have normal effect on me."

He blinked, "Then, we're going to have to put in more before you get sold."

"Good luck."

"…no wondered you took forever to fall asleep."


The man dragged me along, I saw the places, and it wasn't anything like I was used to. I noticed I wasn't the only ones kidnapped and he led me to a huge truck that was known for pods. Great…there was no way I could escape, but he was watching my every move.

"…come on, kid, we need you to get drug up again." Captive man determined.

My feet dragged him, refusing to be drugged up, and hated to reveal my other side.

"No! I-I'll be good! Please, no drugs!"

He groaned and picked me up, "You don't have a choice, beside, you'll like the mellow feeling."

"Hell, no! I do not!" I tried to put off a fight, but there was no way I'd be completely calm about all of this, "Take me home! Let me go!"

The man's strength was good, but mine was better. I was able to get some part of out of his grip and enjoyed every moment to get out of.

"Why is that kid putting up a chaos, sir?"

Captive groaned and finally held my wrists tightly, "He's just being stubborn and seem to me the first drug input wasn't working. We should put a few more in him."

"Hm, alright, bring him over." The man guided the captive man to another place.

I had no idea what they were up to. I tried to get out of the captive's grip, but it felt like impossible or forever to do it. Damn, where was the boooomerang!

"Spread his legs up and I'll insert them into him." The guider insisted.

"Will do." The captive widen my legs apart and felt so damn hurt.

The guider did the same thing the leader did before; he shoved it down so hard in my ass, added another one, and then felt both of my asses being rubbed together.

"That should do, but I don't see how the first one wasn't working." Guider wondered.

"I know, but he's not like the others as I mentioned to the boss."

"Hm, so you're on a special case with him?"

"Pretty much until the kid's sold."

I hated it when they're talking about me when I was right in front of them.

"He'll be calming down fast enough, take him to the truck, and do what you need to do." Guider advised him.

The captive man nodded and dragged me over to the pod truck. We entered in, but I noticed it was filled with several naked young males like me. They kept themselves together, confused, so out of everything, and unaware of it all. Would they remember anything here? Do they know why they were kidnapped too? None of them strike me as super powered people or anything unique. They were humans enough, so basically…I wasn't kidnapped for my ghost half. This was totally ransom. The man pinned me down and sat next to me.

I whispered, "Where are we going?"

The captive man was furious with my question, but he kept himself quiet. I needed to know, but seriously he wasn't being any easier.

"Shut up and sleep, kid. We in a long ride tonight."

I refused to sleep; I looked around, and saw the pod's door pulled down. At first, I thought it was going to be dark. The lights appeared on and giving most of us knowledge that we're still kept watching on us. I spotted some lights, but I noticed they weren't exactly normal ones. They were cameras to keep us watch. Oh, crap…there's no chance to escape, but what could I do now?

Will Phantom Team find me? Will they save me? Something was happening, but what are they selling me for? No, wait…what are they selling us all for? It didn't look like it's a normal case that I have seen on the news, but my instinct was telling me this was going to be alright. Why does it have to be stripped naked? Could it be to tell us apart from selling us versus other reasons?