Alright, Merry Christmas and had little free time today. I really had a great time and didn't really expected much. I got a lollipop, a sweater - lovely style by the way -, an angel bracelet, a brita pitcher, s'mores single package with two snowmen coffee cups, and a blanket with my uncle and me when I was a baby. I cried when I found out about the blanket and it means so much to me for my uncle and how much I missed him. I only asked for a lollipop and to visit my uncle's grave. Everything else was unexpected it, but I loved what I got. I appreciated it the most.

So, since I am in a happy mood and decided to write for you all as my gift to you~


Warning: Surprise, mpreg

Times can be a long time to describe for one person who tries to keep moving on. My family stayed behind for the Thanksgiving holiday after we buried Vlad a week ago. Dad ran through every little thing about food and made sure I knew what I can eat and what I couldn't eat. Mom explained to me that in his side of the family, he was the oldest out of everyone. He knew how to help his own mother through her six pregnancies. It was his specialty to help others and mom did not mind it at all when she was pregnant with his children.

We had a large dinner for Thanksgiving that day and Raven was happy to help. She did learn to fly better now since she was free to roam, but I told her to strictly away from the ghost lab. She understood, but she was too curious for her own good. Angelo helped me make sure she doesn't break that rules.

Yet, I refused to let anyone have Vlad's seat. His favorite seat and everyone knew very well to stay away from there. No one was allowed to be there. Vlad had actually cooked and baked dinner that day for me. He teased me with no kissing during meal times and fed me himself. It was the sweetest thing for him to do for me.

Christmas came and I made the entire mansion very holiday like. Of course, for me, it was the most peaceful day ever. Raven was in loved with the holiday and eager for the holiday. I saw that expression that made me wanted to know what Vlad's face would have been during Christmas. I wasn't too sure what he used to do until Angelo told me. He told me that Vlad would come over to stay for a couple of nights and kept it minimal for Christmas, even the prices for his little girl. Raven wasn't entirely spoiled from the way I saw it. Vlad didn't have very much when he was younger, so he must have made sure there was plenty of love and care. Vlad always gave her that from what I picked up.

Raven and I danced while Angelo had to make cookies. It was his new roles now since he is a mother to Raven's eyes. He baked so much cookies, I knew my dad was going to have a fit when he comes for Christmas. Which, had happened. Angelo ended up sending half of those cookies over to the orphans to make their day. The children were extremely happy about it and enjoyed it the most.

On Christmas day, Angelo and I gave Raven little of presents, so she knows we do not want her to have everything she wants. She made us gift and apparently, I found out she was able to make earth due to her core. That's why she doesn't feel anyone's temperature. She's too immune to any temperature. Even mine, yet, it doesn't bother her as much. She created a little statue of her and me hugging together, but for Angelo, him and her. It was so sweet of her, she even painted it so well and nicely. It was always the thoughts that count.

My family came and celebrated with us during dinner. Yet, no one dared to touch Vlad's seat. It was too valuable to me. We exchanged gifts, some light laughter, and Raven had to show her new powers. She has been serious in duplication power and only managed to make one extra of herself. Although, Michelangelo wasn't comfortable with the idea of another daughter that is exactly the same. I explained that she would use it to be able to help herself in some situation like one duplication in class while she takes care of ghosts. It'd be more helpful for her and not having to worry about her grades. For now, it was a start.

Dani pointed out she's now attending to school because of my parents…well, our parents. People believed mom and dad to see she is our second cousin twice removed by her parents and they felt she needed to learn reality. Of course, these people in Amity Park could not expect less from Fenton family. Jazz stated how well she is doing in the top college and the courses she's handling. I was proud of her, but I knew it was all too easy. She's already graduating by next semester. I was eager to see her graduate and thought of a perfect present for her.

Time went on and Angelo told me about Raven's birth. The reason he told me is that he wanted to give her a birthday party. So, we arranged it at a small place and managed to send invitation without letting Raven know. She has been quite excellence in preschool more than I know it and already entering into kindergarten classes by fall. She would be turning four years old. Of course, she noticed her mommy is growing bigger than usual, but not big as I am. He's five months long and I am only eight and a half months long.

We had her birthday party at a skating rink and she did not see it coming. She was so happy to see her friends and all the fun she had. She enjoyed it every second of her birthday. She was so happy to be four years old today, but I saw in her eyes on how hurt she is when she doesn't have her dad. She knew she has me close enough to be her stepdad and calls me out as her uncle. I actually didn't mind it as much. She's my little girl.

Now, we are in April and waiting for the longest time. Raven is so eager to be a big sister now, she didn't care for full related blood sister. She wanted a sister to look after and play with. Angelo and I explained to her that she wouldn't be able to play until she is able to move on her own. Raven grasped little of the expectation of the baby and understands very little of. Angelo and Raven went out to gather some grocery food on their own. We had to cut off the workers living in this mansion and I dealt most of the responsibility if needed. Raven didn't want me to cook as too much…I think dad rubbed it off her too much.

I had the opportunity to grieve in the bedroom alone, playing the music that suits my mood, and couldn't but cry.

Day after day
Time passed away
And I just can't get you off my mind
Nobody knows, I hide it inside
I keep on searching but I can't find

Vlad is always on my mind every second of the day. Everyone thinks I am doing fine and practically happy during my pregnancy. Yet, I haven't felt happy since I found out about being pregnant to his baby.

The courage to show to letting you know
I've never felt so much love before

And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

I could have saved him…one way or another. Maybe, if Clockwork allows it. I can travel back in time and save him for good.

But if I let you go I will never know
What my life would be holding you close to me
Will I ever see you smiling back at me? ( oh yeah)
How will I know
if I let you go?

I don't want to ever let him go. He's my whole world and his smile seems so good right now. I wanted him so badly. Did he really love me this much to die?

Night after night I hear myself say
Why can't this feeling just fade away
There's no one like you (no one like you)
You speak to my heart (speak to my heart)
It's such a shame we're worlds apart

He's gone and I'm stuck here living forever. It's not fair at all.

I'm too shy to ask, I'm too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose
And once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

Should I travel back in time and save him? Save myself from misery?

But if I let you go I will never know
What my life would be, holding you close to me
Will I ever see you smiling back at me? (oh yeah)
How will I know

if I let you go ?

If I let you go ooooh baby

Once again I'm thinking about
Taking the easy way out

But if I let you go I will never know
What my life would be, holding you close to me
(close to me)
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
( oh yeah)
How will I know
( if I let you go?)
But if I let you go I will never know
( oh baby)
Will I ever see you smiling back at me?
( oh yeah)
How will I know
if I let you go ?

My eyes closed and let the song replayed a hundred times. It allows me to sleep in easier, even if it pains me the most.

Everything seems so…different. Yet, Vlad standing in front of me and I raced up to him. I couldn't reach out to him and scared for his name. Begging him to come to me again. I asked why he left me. Nothing had made sense to me at all. Suddenly, he stood in front of me in this very dark place with faded lights between us.

"Daniel." He spoke, "Daniel."

He kept saying my name repeatedly and I didn't get it. He knows I can hear him, but what could I say? Yet, this voice…it wasn't the dream's voice. It was coming from the waking side. I refused to wake up. Oddly, something was too familiar. Everything around me has a temperature. Since when can I feel that? It was too warm and my body was giving in to wake up. NO! I couldn't wake up yet! I want to see my Vlad!

My body betrayed me and forced me to wake up. My eyes fluttered opened and saw the familiar black suit. I recognized that suit anywhere and my head lifted up slowly to see this face in front of me. I felt completely numbed. Was this Vlad's spirit? No, his spirit is too solid for me to see.

The temperature continues to grow warmer and I instantly knew that core. Every core has their personality and type. There is no similarity, especially this one. I gulped slowly and sat up very carefully. How could he be here? How can he be in this very room right now with me?

Vlad was giving me the same look. Why was he confused? I have grieved for him for five months. I tried to find the right words, but it didn't pick up. Vlad sat down on the bed with me and touched my hands. He has realized something on his own. What could it be about?

"Y-you're…I…thought you're dead?" I stammered.

Vlad sighed, "…I wasn't entirely dead. You see…my body shuts down and it froze alive. This way, the healing process has increased its speed and healed me within such amount of months. Once the healing finally clicked onto its full power, I was no longer dying with cancer and my body returned to breathing and functioning. Although, I was confused why I was buried and I realized you did not know until then. The video was supposed to explain this for you. So, I had come home to see how you were doing and I see…that your love never stops for me." He smiled.

I gasped and couldn't believe it. I…DID SAVE HIM! Before I could hug him, he pulled out the necklace and I nearly forgotten about that. His gentle smile at the necklace's message and he chuckled for the first time I haven't heard in my entire life.

"Oh, Vlad! You're alive!" I cried, for once, I was happy enough to cry for his return!

I hugged him and couldn't wait to go back to normal once again. Well, somewhat normal of my life. We kissed and the surged burst into the brightest lightning we have ever created. We were too much into the love we have longed for months-

"Ugh," I groaned and felt something was wrong, "Uh, oh, V-vlad…" I gasped for air.

He glanced down to feel the baby's kicking, "Your water broke, Daniel." He smiled, "I am glad I came home on time. I would have been disappointed to miss this."

I screamed slightly, "Wh-what?" I gulped, "Ugh!" It was definitely painful as tenfold of electrocution.

Vlad picked me up and carried me to somewhere I had no idea what he could be possibly be up to now! Of course, he didn't have the time to notice much of the decorations for Easter. It didn't matter right now because this baby is coming!

Vlad entered into the room with me in his arms and I noticed it was a medical room. All this time, I had nearly forgotten about it ten months ago. He wanted to make sure I have all the care I needed and gasped to realize something. I pulled out the cell phone and began to call Angelo instantly.

"Angelo! I want you two to get to the mansion! I'm expecting today! Yes! And no, I'm not alone! Ugh," I tried to hold off the pain, but I couldn't, "Find me…in the second floor on the left side of the mansion. The door is open and you might be surprised about our visitor. No! Just let her bring you here. I'm confident she can handle it now. YES!" I huffed, "Just get here before it happens!" My head shook and hung up.

Vlad looked at me, surprised to see I wasn't living alone, and I knew he'd be betting on Jazz's boyfriend hopefully. I don't think he realizes what Michelangelo let everyone call him. Angelo wanted to run back to the mansion quickly, but I feared for his driving. He knew I still own him no matter what. He had to trust me with his daughter soon enough. I think she will be happy now.

It seems like there is actually some hope in our life now. It's ashamed he missed out so much like the holidays and her birthday. At least, this makes it all up for everything.

"We're coming, Danny!"

"I'm coming, Uncle Danny!"

I heard their voices, thankfully, Vlad had me covered, and it was safe for the two to come into the room. I was trying to be comfortable and found myself unbearable pain. Vlad froze at the sound of their voices and he looked at me. Once the two entered into the room, they stopped hurrying into the room.

"V-vl-vlad?!" Angelo was shocked.

Vlad blinked, "Michelangelo? Why…right. I forgot that you are carrying his baby, but why is Raven here?" He gulped.

I tried to sit up and failed, "Vlad, I wanted her to be a part of this. I know she's your daughter and-" I groaned as I clenched onto my stomach to restrain the pain a bit.

Raven stood by her mother's side, uncertain how to explain or react anything, and I didn't blame her. Vlad had to be prepared for me to give birth and he told the two to leave the room. They did without needed to be told twice and Vlad used his intangibility.

"I will be getting the baby. You may feel slight heat in you. Breathe, Daniel." He told me.

I nodded and gripped tightly onto the bed's bars. Vlad hands slipped into me, feeling the lava like sensation, and retrieving our child. I was happy it was him instead of my dad having to rush over here for two hours. It was better than doing this alone. Vlad didn't rush anything and he knew what he was doing. I tried to push the pain aside, yet, the sweating didn't help me out very much! I screamed to no less and finally, the weight was lifted.

I gasped and finally felt pain free. My body was automatically healing on its own before the second breathe of air came into me. There's a soft screaming in our ears and Vlad's eyes lit up. I knew which gender.

"It's a boy?" I smiled.

He nodded, "It is. A boy, a son!" He made the blood and wetness phased through the baby.

Vlad wrapped the baby in the blanket. He came over and let me hold our son for me to meet for the first time.

"He's beautiful," My fingers brushed his cheeks.

The baby calmed down, knowing he is with his mother, and I cuddled him.

"Have you thought of a name for him, Daniel?" He smiled.

I blinked, "Only Vlad, after you and my name."

He chuckled, "I think this special boy deserves his own name. Since I am alive in your eyes and ears now, perhaps…" He hummed.

I missed his humming. Angelo and Raven came in slowly, smiling happily for the baby's birth, and it felt so what? I couldn't describe the feeling and then I recognized it. Loved. I felt so loved around here.

"Is it a baby brother or a baby sister?" Raven came in to see.

I smiled, "A baby brother, Raven."

Angelo picked her up for her to see, "He's beautiful, Danny."

"What's his name?" Raven excitedly ask.

I shrugged and now that Vlad's here, I wanted to know what name he's thinking of for our son.

"I was thinking of naming him Celestine due to translation of heaven in Latin." Vlad pointed out.

I blinked and thought about the names carefully, "Celestine…Celestine Jackson Fenton-Masters."

"Jackson?" Vlad turned his head at me, "Care to explain why?"

I huffed, "Dad has really been making sure I went through pregnancy smoothly as possible and I thought about his full name as his middle name. I want my dad to know I appreciated it for everything. My parents know the truth, Vlad. Although, they know I am upset over your death."

He nodded, "I assume they're coming soon?"

I smiled, "Yeah, in a week for Easter vacation. So, you okay with naming this one Celestine Jackson Fenton-Masters?"

He agreed, "I think it's perfect for our son."

I saw his Neptune eyes I fell in love with. I missed the sight of it and couldn't believe he's alive. Of course, I knew I had to get back to reality and start explaining.

"Vlad, Raven knows you're her father and I have been teaching her at least two times a week on her training. She has managed one duplication." I smiled, hoping he'd be proud.

Raven glanced up at him, "…I-can I call you daddy?" She gulped.

Vlad lit up happily at the sound, "Of course, my little Labrador. Is…um, is Michelangelo okay with this?" He met the man's attention.

Angelo hugged his daughter, "I am. She's been calling me mommy for five months now. I don't know why you never let me know of their hybrid being. The real question is…aren't you supposed to be…um, dead?"

Vlad chuckled, "I see Daniel didn't finish the video I gave him in my wills. Unfortunately, no, I am not dead. My body has shut down and it froze alive for me. The healing ability has increased its speed and healed me within such amount of months. Once the healing finally clicked onto its full power, I was no longer dying with cancer and my body returned to breathing and functioning. I am no longer dying and free to live forever."

Raven gasped, "So that means you get to see me graduation high school!"

Vlad smirked and she laughed happily about it. Angelo set her down and she raced up to her dad. They hugged each other happily. They are definitely father-daughter type for me to see. I couldn't wait to see how our son turns out and the next baby as well. I cooed at my son, he's sleeping, and flinching a bit. I turned to Angelo and he read my mind. He held Celestine and I pulled out my phone to contact my parents.

"I'm surprised you still have my phone. You truly missed me that much?"

I nodded, "Oh, Vlad. I miss you and I wanted to do anything to have you back. I almost went back in time for you. I figured…if I gave birth to this one, I'd go back in time in top shape and save you from your death somehow. I'm sort of glad I didn't."

He kissed my forehead, "That's sweet of you, Daniel, but I wished you had watched those DVDs. You would have found out by the third one about my discovery. But, thank you for taking care of everything. Even my daughter here."

Her hair grew longer and she never wanted a haircut at all! Vlad's fingers trailed down her hair with his fingers to feel the softness in her. It took me half an hour to make it that soft. Now, that will be his job. She was happy enough to be having him back in her life again. I began to call my parents and I smiled right at Vlad.

After the second ring, it was picked up immediately and before I could even answer.

"Son? Are you alright? Are you expecting now?" Dad has been asking me that for a month and a half now.

I chuckled, "Hey dad, yeah, I'm much happy and the baby is born. It's a-"

"-WE'RE COMING! Call Jazz and tell her!"

"-I'll send the Phan-Speed over to Jazz. Could you bring my friends?"

"Of course! I'm not missing out on this grandchild's life! We'll be there ASAP!" He hung up.

I blinked and couldn't believe it, "Well, they're on the way soon." My eyes rolled and started to call Jazz, "Hopefully, I'll have a conversation with her for more than a thirty second ones."

Vlad snickered, "I see your father loves children, doesn't he?"

"More of caution about pregnancy and a healthy baby." I pointed out, "But, yes, he loves kids."

The ringing stopped by the fourth, "Danny? What's up?"

"Get ready in five minutes, Jazz. I'm having the Phan-Speed and I gave birth already to a baby-"

"I better go pack, little brother. I want to see the new family member. I'll see you soon. You are so lucky I already have my assignments and projects done ahead of time and handed in already."

I chuckled, "Okay, but don't you want-"

She hung up on me. I frowned and shocked to find myself doubting to tell what the baby's gender is. I might as well wait until they get here. First, I made sure the Phan-Speed number one was heading to Jazz in two minutes. I shrugged and put my phone away for now. Angelo handed my son back and I cradled him. Angelo flinched and I figured he's dealing with a strong baby.

"Raven, you were never this hard on me. This ought to be a boy for sure."

I chuckled, "Or a girl." My finger wagged at him.

His eyes glared at me, "I haven't been wronged yet. I know this one is a boy. I knew I was having a girl with Raven and so on."

Sometimes, Angelo and I would be fighting on genders and I thought I was carrying a girl of my own. Yet, I was wrong. I have son. Of course, he keeps changing it for every kick he felt. Vlad hasn't realized what he has to put up with and let him catch on sooner or later.

"I take it Daniel has been doing something every day, correct?" Vlad looked over to Angelo.

He nodded, "Of course. Usually with Raven while I cooked."

My boyfriend's brow shifted up, "Why isn't the chef cooking for everyone?"

I laughed nervously, "Um, yeah, about that? I had to fire all the employees for secrets to be safe. I even sent the slaves home and they're happy about it."

Vlad's jaw dropped, "You removed everyone!? I don't mind the ones that deserve to go home, but my personal workers?" He groaned, "I should have stated to not fire them or release them."

My eyes rolled, "I couldn't stand it having to be secretive. Raven is only four years old-"

His eyes widened, "I missed your birthday," He pouted at his daughter, "I'm so sorry, Raven. I-I couldn't control it with my healing."

She giggled and hugged his neck, "It's okay, Mommy and Uncle Danny gave me a fun birthday! Uncle Danny did all the camera work with his duplicate! My friends and I got to roller skate, played games, and big princess cake!"

He looked over at me, "Thank you, Daniel. I assume Christmas has passed, have you-"

I nodded, "Yes, I did videoed everything that's important. I didn't think it would more than look back in the past."

Honestly, I didn't think my doing would save Vlad the trouble on what he missed. He hugged me with Raven, Celestine, and me together. Angelo pulled his phone out and took a picture of the four of us.

"DANNY!" I recognized her shouting voice anytime.


"-I know!" Her voice sounded much closer.

She must have been using her telekinesis to fly herself over here. I never understood how exactly, but it works out for her well. She doesn't like it when she goes higher than twelve feet from the ground or floor unless she feels it is necessary for herself. She was already in the room and I knew I had the Phan-speed in auto-setting and she wouldn't have been here for another five minutes.

"You increased the velocities, didn't you?"

She smirked, "Nice to see you're using your-" She jerked her head at my boyfriend, "-Vlad?" She was in her quick thinking, "…are you a clone?" She assumed.

Vlad disagreed, "No, but I think I will answer everything will everyone is here. I do not want to repeat for the fourth times or sixth times. However, I am very much alive. Nice to see you're doing well, Jasmine."

Jazz nodded, "O-oh, thank you and hopefully it will make sense soon enough. Welcome back Vlad…" Her head shook and focused onto me, "So, who is this new member we have today?" She smiled happily.

I chuckled, "Aunt Jazz meet your nephew, Celestine Jackson Fenton-Masters. Our son." I slowly moved one of my arms up for her to see his face and head.

Celestine has a very light auburn hair, but we haven't seen his eyes yet. As mom and dad have told me, the baby's eyes will change constantly until they are around six months to nine months through three years old. Yet, I had a feeling that being a ghost won't change the color so easily. Angelo already proved it for me when he would look in her eyes and she hasn't changed since she first opened her eyes around him.

"Awe, beautiful name and it fits him perfectly, Danny. This year is certainly looking up more than ever." She pointed out.

Jazz knew I have been trying to make the best of everything since Vlad "passed away" and it wasn't easy. To think about it, everything is a start. It was returning out to be the best moment since I went into labor and Vlad came to help me give birth to our son. Perhaps, this was something I never thought to think possible. I couldn't wait to see my parents', cousin's, and friends' reaction to Vlad's alive being when they come here in about fifteen minutes. For now, everyone decided to take pictures of Celestine and me. Then, with Vlad. Next with Vlad, Raven, and Angelo. Lastly, with Jazz. It was so much fun and the baby wasn't bothered by the pictures taken with flashes.

This day couldn't get any better than this. I didn't want to expect any more or less for myself when I have my boyfriend back.

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