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Warning: Cuss, punishment, lemon (not entirely, but somewhat), confusion

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Everyone turned in to bed in their guest rooms they usually use when they stay here during their visit. Vlad had our son put to sleep, but it wasn't easy. It took a while after I fed our son during dinnertime. Everyone helped me out filled Vlad in on what he has missed in the world and mom was already considering on contacting someone personally. When it comes to her, she knew the right people to contact about mysterious fake death. I think she had a normal career before she married dad, but she loved seeing dad happy. She easily helped him out in their current careers.

I cuddled up with Vlad for the first time alone and feeling his hot core. I missed it for five months for too long. I couldn't bear the thought of living my life without him. No one can ever dream their life without someone too important. The strange thing is, it made sense how the alternative Vlad has to live that long or even Dan. They were free from the dying cancer since the healing finally came on naturally.

His arms wrapped around me. We knew we couldn't do much in this room or until Celestine have his own room. At least, Vlad and I do that together by the time come.

"I take you accept having famulus." Vlad commented.

I blinked and moved my head up to see his face, "Famula-what?" I couldn't pronounce whatever he said.

He chuckled, "Famulus is a Latin term for Slave for mating ghosts to have. We have Mr. Foli as our Famulus."

"Oh, very much normal." I snorted, "But he has been very loyal and he knows I have already punished him and he hasn't crossed the line since. I'd advise you not to take his daughter away from him or the newborn. I want Raven and our baby be surrounded by their biological parents." My head shook.

His lips pressed against my messy hair, "Good. He knows to where he stands."

"You let him off to easy, that's why! I had to set his priority straight after we both learned something about this strange feeling we were able to resist after I found out you were dead. He knew he lost everything from work, so he has to obey me now."

He nodded, "I see. There is one more thing you should know for Famulus of ours."

My brow rose, "And that is?"

Vlad pulled the blanket up on us, but I wasn't too sure how to view this as a warning or not to worry too much.

"Since both of us have impregnated him. He is able to live as long as we think best. Of course, we will know when we are dying if that ever happens. We will have to let him go before either of us does." He explained carefully.

I gulped, "Um, we're not going to force him to live for two millions years, are we?"

Vlad chuckled, "No, no, Daniel. Probably in fifty thousand years or less."

"Or when the world ends."

We both laughed quietly, not wanting to wake our son up, and knowing that we are worn out from dealing with the birth through with endless conversation with my family and friends. We sighed to breathe again and relaxed a bit. I hadn't been this much happy in such a long time, I wasn't too sure if I would ever get back to normal routine. My mind has fought to believe he is alive somehow and my core refused to believe it. Even though, I buried him without realizing that he was merely frozen. The thing is…I can't tell if his core chose to shut down, my core won't let me feel any other temperature but the Pyrokinesis core to feel something.

"But do keep in mind, he tends to change gender assumption and I would have to remind him the other gender possibility. Raven, mind you she is too much as you in personality wise, has forced Angelo to do all the mother role. He did it so he could have forgiveness by her and that includes kitchen work. I will take over his kitchen work when he gives birth to our next child. He will go back to cooking once he regained his balance." I explained.

He nodded, "Of course, I worked at his home for two and a half months when he gave birth to Raven. I tried to find a way to be called as a father to our daughter, but he wouldn't give up."

I laughed, "Yeah, you won't beg to him anymore. You will demand him what it is expected of him."

"Of course, but we should come up some basic rules and some proper punishment together since he is our Famulus."

"And he will need to be told about this." I nodded once.

Vlad smirked at me and my eyes rolled. I don't like it, but it was normal in a sense for my ghost to act like this way. We need our "famulus" one way or another.

"Yes, I am thinking that-"

I sat up from his arms and felt something. I couldn't ignore it too much and groaned. Out of all the times I have been through, it had to be now. Vlad stopped talking since I moved and observed my behavior in front of him.

"…is everything alright?"

I huffed, "Someone isn't in bed and he knows better not to leave his bedroom." My head shook.


"Angelo, of course."

I hopped out of bed and headed out into the hallway. Once I entered into the hallway and saw him at the staircase with a coat on. My head shook.

"Where do you think you're going, Michelangelo?" I hummed.

He froze his last step on the stairs and didn't move since then. He sighed miserably.

"A-a-a friend called me, Danny."

My arms crossed, "Is it an emergency?"


I pointed at his bedroom's door, "Bedroom. Now."

He gave up and headed back to bed without a fight. He walked into his room and I followed him. Vlad decided to join and watched how things worked here. Vlad closed the door for me. He tried to leave his room and the mansion to go to his friend, yet, not an emergency. He stood in front of his bed, waiting for me to do something, and Vlad kept himself out of this.

"What's the rule here, Michelangelo?" I had to ask him.

His head lowered, "I cannot leave the room without your permission nor during sleep hours. Am…I being punish?"

I sighed, "I'm afraid I have to, Michelangelo. You broke one of them and I am not pleased. You are supposed to stay in your room for the night. You're pregnant! I refused to let anyone see you like this and take advantage of you!"

He hugged himself in greater disappointment. I hated doing this, but it was my ghost side taking the control on my human action. I walked up to him, turned him around, forced him to bend over, and pulled his pants down.

"I'm sorry, but this is for your own good." I told him quietly.

I started spanking him hard. He would try to restrain the screaming, but turned into whimpering. It doesn't hurt the baby, so it was safe for me to do this. He finally cried when I got to tenth time of spanking him. Yet, he wasn't red on his butt cheeks. Angelo wouldn't move from his spot while I do this. Once I got to the thirtieth spanking, he screamed or groaned uncomfortably.

Vlad didn't do a thing to stop me. He trusted me to handle our famulus somehow and it was the reasonable punishment.

As soon as I got to the hundredth spanking on his ass, I stopped and pulled away. I turned him around and looked at him.

"I only do this because I care, Michelangelo and please, don't attempt to break the rules again." I rubbed his arms to calm him down from his crying.

He nodded, "I know…"

Angelo isn't proud to what he tries to do, but he normally tries to walk out of the house for his own reasons. I pulled his pants back up for him to feel covered again and smiled at him to show my care. My hands slipped into both of his pocket and retrieved his phone. I held it in front of him and he knew I bought this phone. I had much as rights to take it back.

"I'm going to see who you have been talking to and reconsider your contacts. You'll have it back when you learn from your mistake." I explained.

He nodded and I headed over to Vlad. We left his room and shut the door. Once we returned to our bedroom and laid back in bed in each other's arms, I had to hear Vlad's point.

"Does spanking him put him in his place?" Vlad hummed curiously.

I sighed, "Not yet, but I warned him for each time he breaks his rules, his spanking doubles and may have other punishment included. It used to start out with twenty five, then fifty, seventy five, and now it's a hundred. So, this is his fourth attempt to leave his room."

"Perhaps, try spanking him four times a day and a little harder. Have you had him on his stomach on your lap?" He suggested.

I hummed, "That would be better. He doesn't like it when I do that."

Vlad sighed, "I think he shouldn't have any outside contact is allowable for him."

I picked up Angelo's phone in front of me, "What if he wants a mate?"

Vlad soothed my arms, "A Famulus cannot have a mate. It's forbidden since their role is to be for us."

I frowned, "He won't like this."

"He'll have to deal with this anyway."

I rubbed my temple, "I've wanted to torture him with some sex toys on him. I can sense his sexual hormone is calling me."

"Then, why aren't you doing it?"

I shrugged, "I don't know what kind of toys to use on him."

He chuckled, "There's a case of it under this bed, Daniel."

My eyes widened, "C-can I?"

He smirked, "If it pleases you to do it towards Michelangelo, I do not see why not. All rooms are soundproof. No one will hear those screaming if you want him to."

I tossed him the phone and hurried off the bed to see the case he was talking about. I opened it up and saw multiple types of them and some would probably scare Michelangelo to death or develop fears.

"I love you too much, Vlad. Do you want to join?"

He chuckled, "How about I stay here for our son?"

I quickly peck a kiss on his lips, "You're the best boyfriend ever."

Vlad blushed purplish on his face, which has always adored me the most. I took the case and headed out to someone's bedroom. Oh, he was so going to be screaming and wishing he didn't want this.

As soon as I entered into the room, he was about to put on his pajamas. He freeze at his sight and not certain what to expect in a brief case in my hands.

"I'd forget those clothes for now. I need you to be naked, Angelo."

He went paler, "N-n-no."

I glared, "You can't say no to me, Angelo. You know better than that. We can do this the easy way or the hard way." I declared.

His sighed gave the sign away to my victory over him. Sometimes, Angelo would fight to avoid certain things and I wouldn't give up. I would have to force him whether he likes it or not. I found myself surprised to be this much controlling over him than Vlad does. It doesn't make sense, but might have to run it by Vlad about that.

I watched him removed his pajamas and joined onto his bed. I made sure the door was closed and locked. Only Vlad may come in, but I doubt Dani would come in anyway. She kept her distance from me and I was glad she was in another room. We never liked sharing awkward minds or thoughts with each other.

For now, my attention was on Angelo and his hormone was hornier than ever. I picked up this toy that seems to have a swirl on the other end and thought that might be fun for a start. I waved it in front of him and he was more than nervous. My finger circled once and he laid onto his stomach on my command. I came onto his bed and my hands on his fine little ass.

"You're going to be a good little piggy, right Angelo?" I decided to tease him.

He nodded, "Y-yes."

Slowly, I pressed the butt plug up into his anal and he struggled to hold his groaning. I twisted it deeper than ever and his body was responding how I wanted him to. He was turning me on and kept going deeper until the pigtail was halfway for him. I slapped his ass to play kinky around him.

"Wiggle my piggy." I smirked.

His butt wiggled and already making me hard from my member. In fact, it was kind of fun to see this. I looked at some of the other toys Vlad left me to play. I spotted one that amused me. It was sort of like a doctor's tool, yet, it's for sex. It would allow me to spread wide in his anal and force him to scream.

"Keep wiggling, my piggy. I will have to inspect you and decide on slaughtering you or not for the meat." I giggled.

He hasn't stopped doing what I told him to do and I slowly removed the pigtail out of his ass. He was red, but nowhere bleeding yet. I slipped in the special doctor's tool into him and his body shivered. My hand bends the handle to force the stretch in his scissor wall and it was stretching out his muscle way. He panted, moaned, and screamed by step to step to what I am putting him through. His fingers curled onto his blanket to handle the pain and I held the handle for a while.

"Just try to relax, Angelo. Muscle needs to relax." I told him.

"I-I-I can't! It hurts so badly!" He whimpered.

My hand rubbed his butt's cheek, "It'll get easier if you try."

Once he breathed calmly again, his muscle ring relaxes, and decided to remove the toy out of him. Once that was set down, my hand slowly caressed his body to turn over to his back. He was shaky, but willingly. When it came to soothing him, he stopped shaking after a few seconds and avoided any eye contact with me for a little while. I saw how big he was getting, five months ago I have raped him against his will and now, he's carrying my baby inside of him.

My lips pressed against his stomach's skin and treasure the feel of the baby's kicking. It was a week and a half ago when he first felt the kick. Somehow, I felt odd and I didn't feel like resisting this time.

"You trust me, right," I asked.

He blinked, "Yes. I trusted you since you trusted me with everything."

I smiled, "Good." My fingers trailed around his stomach for gentleness, "I want you to know and learn how I am able to know things about you from my point of view. When a rule is set and known, it automatically alerts me if it is broken." My hands pulled away and formed with ecto energy into a long robe.

The robe was green, yet, turning into dark brown. He's always a fond of brown like this one and Raven knew his favorite collar by heart. I learned this power over the training by Vlad and hadn't used it in a month. I handed it over to Angelo the energy robe, yet, it's real. Apparently, anything I feel and seen in real life can be formed into my hands of my ecto energy. It took me two weeks to master this type of power and Vlad had me practice it every single day until it came on naturally for me. That took a month to gain full control.

Angelo wrapped himself around his new robe as his gift acceptance. He was afraid to move at all and my head shook.

"Angelo, last time I checked. I never command you any position to be in. Sit up an-"

A soft knocking, "-and talk about something he needs to know?" Vlad's voice joined in.

I turned my head over and saw Vlad. I thought he was watching after our son? He walked up to use and sat from behind me as he rubbed my back.

"Your father came in while I was watching our son and he wanted to spend time with Celestine. I told him I should check on you two." He answered for my unasked questions.

I nodded, "Of course. Typical dad." I sighed, "I guess now is a better time better than nothing."

Vlad pulled me onto his lap, "Yes, and since I haven't finished on explaining. We will need to explain this more." He looked over to Angelo, "I am sure you have noticed the connection you have towards us as we do to you, Michelangelo."

He nodded, "Yes, I believed Danny is going to explain what he picked up on like he knows when I break his rules…well, actually, wouldn't it be both of your rules?"

Vlad chuckled, "There's a reason why Daniel has rules for you. He is your dominate master and I am your submissive master. In the ghost zone, each pair of couple have Famulus ghost to balance each other. You are our Famulus in our world, whether you are a ghost or not. Daniel, as a dominator, will put you in your place and punishes as he thinks best. As for me, I am willing to do everything to keep you happy, yet, follow on dominator's order for you and your safety. Famulus must also help us to fill our powers' necessary needs. We have the ability to click to you in natural ability. Daniel can tell when you break the rules or your hormonal level in sexual desire. I, on the other hand, can feel your emotions, security, and protection." Vlad pointed out clearly enough.

At first, Angelo understood until it disturb him more overall deal on our parts. There was nothing to be done, but it does make sense why, though.

"So, it's a threesome thing?"

Vlad shook his head, "Heavens no. We do not have feelings for you, Michelangelo. Famulus is a Latin term for Slave. You're our slave that balances our relationship." He grinned slightly, "We are taking care of you."

He seems hurt, "Isn't this illegal?"

I frowned, "Oh, and sex slave isn't?"

Angelo stammered and saw my point. Sure, having a slave in our country is illegal, but it's not too uncommon in our world. Actually, either of our worlds. Vlad extended out his hand rested on Angelo's hand with ensuring smile on his face.

"Michelangelo, consider yourself lucky. Out of all the people in the world to be a halfa by a mere portal, they could have locked you up or kill you. Daniel and I have our humanity and we will not abuse you. If we are able to allow you freedom to walk, be with your child, trusted with our secret, and live here at comfort." Vlad spoke comforting.

Angelo sighed to the fact it was knowing it was the truth from Vlad…I think. I grinned to show him some light of things.

"I'm willing to fill your sexual desire for years."

He blinked at my words, "For…years?"

Vlad nodded, "Yes, but do not panic. As being a famulus, you are immortal with us."

Before he added another sentence, "But we won't force you to live forever."

Angelo shook his head shockingly, "I get to live as long as my daughter and this baby boy?"

"Or a girl." I pointed, "But yes."

He smiled, "I guess it's not so bad as it seems…you're not going to take her away from me are you?" He gulped.

Vlad shook his head, "No, we agreed not to do that and make sure you are aware you cannot apart from us or disobey us."

He smiled anyway and yawned away into tiredness. I leaned in to open his robe a little and soothed his baby bump.

"Mommy here is sleepy and daddy here is making sure he does that." I pointed out and kissed his belly, "Right, Angelo?"

Angelo sighed, "Of course."

Since we both cleared the air of our expectation. All we needed is trust to work things out for us. I wasn't too sure how it helps, but this might take a long time to get there. I doubted that I wanted him to carry another child from us, but that's something I'd have to talk to Vlad on. If Vlad couldn't resist impregnating him and I couldn't even stop myself. Angelo saved me from severe depression or stuck in my bedroom all day.

Angelo was worn out and I let him fall asleep as we left his bedroom. Of course…someone was leaving our bedroom. The picture was bright and clear in my head. I jerked my head at her and felt confused.

"Dani, do you want some hot chocolate?" My thumb directed towards the stairs for obvious kitchen.

She met my eyes, "Please?"

Vlad rested his hand, "I think your father wants to spend time with Celestine."

I chuckled, "You have no idea what you're in for." I stated.

"Might not be any weirder than our situation." He commented.

I patted his hand, "You might have jinxed it."

Dani waved her hands to back out of this, "Never mind, I-"

I glared, "-and make it worse? Forget it! We're getting hot chocolate and talk about this before it gets worse." I stated.

Her shoulders dropped and we headed over to the kitchen downstairs. Yet, I doubted anyone was getting any sleep tonight besides Jazz, Tucker, Sam, and mom. Okay, Angelo is now sleeping for once. I never said what he could do in his bedroom, but as long he stays where he is supposed to be. I won't be having a problem.

I made us hot chocolate while the two sat down at the counter's chair. While I was pouring and peeking up at Dani. It didn't make sense, but she would have to explain it more…verbally than mentally. She chuckled out of insult like, but I knew why. Vlad didn't get it, but he hasn't realized we're connected this easily.

"So, what's going on from your mind, Dani? The pictures in your head aren't making much of a logical sense for me." I handed her mug of steaming hot chocolate.

She accepted it and caressed the cup in her hands, "Well, remember when we argued about Dash and all?"

I nodded, "Yes?"

She sighed, "He has a new boyfriend and…" She stammered, "…when he came up to me to talk me with his boyfriend. They took me over to his house and I had to go because of a ghost sense. Dash refused to let me out of his sight and demanded I stay. I couldn't go anywhere…there was this urge to not to break his say. He started to tell me he couldn't get this weird feeling out of this. I got scared and his boyfriend has actually calmed me down and Dash got me…pregnant." She gulped quickly.

I blinked and exchanged glances with Vlad. He knew how I felt about this, but neither of us was expecting…this.

"And what happened after that?" My brow went up.

She took her sip before rushing anything, "Then he told me I can go now. I left…" She sipped again, "I'm a month pregnant and I haven't told him." Her eyes moved away, picturing about Angelo and his situation.

Vlad nodded as he sipped and looked at her, "So, you're their Famulus. Yet, this is strange…who is Dashiell dating?"

It seems so unexpected. Dash has been so exposed to ghosts in our hometown and she's his slave. Thought of allowing him to know has rather scared me, yet, he loved Dani Phantom the most. He has seen little of her Fenton and I wasn't too sure how he viewed her as. The thing was…she's only sixteen years old, but next month is her birthday. She would be seventeen soon and I don't see any issue after that.

"His boyfriend is Joey Drog." She answered, "He's very loyal and supporting of Dash."

My eyes widened, "He's Dash's first best friend…I'm surprised he's back in Dash's life." I couldn't even sip after that.

Vlad understood something, "Now I see the connection. Drog is the meaning of ghost for a spirit name."

My eyes rolled, "I think it's because I overshadowed Dash too many times and he has been exposed to ghosts too much…more than regular citizens."

Dani huffed, "So I'm their…famulus?"

Vlad nodded, "Yes…I'd like to talk to him before your pregnancy gets further and he is taking advantage of you too much."

I frowned, "I don't trust too much with Dash and with Joey, he is the sweetest guy you'd ever meet. They're so opposite from each other. It's not like Dash and Joey needs her…you, right?" I gulped.

I decided to drink my hot chocolate and couldn't even imagine. Okay, I can imagine to what they'll do and Dani did not like the way I was thinking of.

"You know Joey wouldn't do that." She defended him, "He made me feel safe."

Vlad shrugged, "I cannot depart with Michelangelo once I found out each time he was pregnant. I doubt Dashiell and Joseph would be away from Danielle."

To think about it, ever since I met Angelo, it was hard to be away from him for more than three hours. Dani sent me the view on her pain being away from him and willingness to be around him for a minute of the day.

"We might as well deal with this in the morning." I finally gave in.

Vlad set his cup down, "Why not move out there?"

My head shook, "No, Raven wouldn't like that right now. She has friends in preschool-"

"-she will have to learn moving out is a part of life." He pointed out.

"I don't want her too exposed to ghosts."

"I will threaten them if they dare to touch our daughter." He growled.

I blinked. Our daughter? Raven isn't even mine, even Dani felt confused.

"Raven isn't my daughter, Vlad."

"She's your daughter, Daniel, whether she is related to you or not." Vlad's stubbornness came in.

"…I'm going to lose my baby to Dash, aren't I?" She whined.

Her mind was sharing the idea where Dash was holding the baby she'd give birth to and that Joey takes over. She would watch how her baby is taken away. My head shook and hugged her after I set my cup down.

"No, you aren't going to lose-" A cell phone ringing interrupted what I was going to say.

Dani hurried to answer her phone, "Hello?"

Vlad and I kept quiet. Who would be calling around at midnight? We were able to hear their conversation.

"Hey Dani, you alright?" The voice asked.

She whimpered, "N-no." The show replayed in her head.

"What's wrong?"

"I-I-I am afraid you and Dash will take it away from me. Not after how much it means to me." She wanted to cry.

"No, we won't take whatever it is away from you. Dani, you can tell us we can't take that from you."

She nodded, "Thank you," She whispered, "I needed that."

"Where are you?"

"I'm at my cousin's mansion…the one in Wisconsin."

"I'm coming."

"Okay. But don't take it away from me." Her hand clenched onto her phone, "Please?"

"I won't. We won't. I'll be there soon, I promise."

She nodded, "See you soon."

"You too."

They both hung up and she breathed. I tried to blink, but how? Did…did Joey talk to her? He called her?

Yes. But I think he got my number through Dash. They're constantly sleeping with each other since last month when Joey kissed him. Dani thought towards me.

I glared at her, "Too much information, Dani…too much information."

Vlad shifted his head at me, "She hasn't said anything, Daniel."

Dani fanned her hand at me, "Oh, he heard my thoughts for him."

"He heard your thoughts?" He tilted his head at her.

"We can read each other's mind, Vlad. We're so much the same, we know exactly on each other's mind." I explained, "She was answering my question about how he could have had her numbers…which I didn't need to know." I glared at her again.

Her eyes rolled, "You were asking mentally!"

Vlad looked away and sipped. He knew I wasn't into the other's relationship and Dani agreed with me on that part on how she had to put up with my relationship with him. I groaned miserably about it.

"Anyway, perhaps we should get to sleep and be ready for them coming here in by the afternoon or evening." Vlad pointed out, "Both of them needs to know responsibility of dealing with this famulus situation."

We both agreed since it has been quite a long day. Dani and I yawned at the same time as we stretched our arms tiredly. Dani went upstairs to her bedroom and we retired to our bedroom. Dad frowned when we came back and he let Celestine back into his bed. Once dad left us alone, I came over to Celestine and kissed his temple to show my love to him. Vlad came over to my side and soothed my neck.

"Come to bed, my little badger. You need some sleep and it is late." He kissed my cheek, yet, I missed the numbing sensation he sends through my body.

My hand stopped his hand motioning on my neck, "Vlad, today is a perfect day. You came home alive, he's born, and finding out you're cured from dying. You set me free, Vlad from depression and grieving."

Vlad kissed my neck, "And I am sure you miss sleeping with me in bed."

I smirked and joined him over to bed with him in it for once. It was nice to know everything is going back to normal again, just dealing with so much on our hands and for once, I want that to be dealt with in the morning with Dani and figure out overall moving out to Amity Park without upsetting Raven. Not only that, we'd have to put up with the paparazzi attack for 'VLAD MASTERS ALIVE, GHOST FAKE DEATH'! Yeah, nothing like a public uproar and having to figure out with the fake body is now disappeared.

Other than that, I think it'll be fine…I hope.

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