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Morning was short for me since Vlad woke up at seven to help me with getting the kids ready for school. Celestine and Vlad had their talk and apparently, I'm the bad guy now. As a mother, I knew being a parent would suffer for the lack of bond and Angelo agrees since his daughter would make him feel bad. I decided to work at home for a change in my personalized study office.

There's so much paperwork to hand and managed to the point where I need to write down a few proposal. Vladco. Is currently developing an emotional stable stock and trying to find some sort of balance. It's been five years so far and my employers were very loyal to keep the company running to keep me as their boss. The problem is…Angelo's sexual urges were a huge distraction. I can sense him trying to feel himself and feel good, but it wasn't enough. I rarely had time to give him that and I have to get these proposals done by tomorrow before noon.

It is strange…normally, it last an hour and this has went on for three hours since everyone else is gone. I kept trying to write the acceptable idea and try to improve this.

Knock! Knock!

I groaned at the fact I wasn't going to have an easier time if I keep getting unfocused, the letters won't be done on time. I glanced up and saw Angelo who tried to stay behind the door for his defense. My pen was set aside and gestured him in the room. He walked in slowly and I was too aware of why. He stood in front of my desk, struggling for eye contact, and made sure the door was closed.

"Angelo, there's no need to be embarrassed." I told him.

He bitten his lip, "Well, that and…" He was trying to find the right word, "…my body is craving for something else."

I blinked, "Like what specifically?" I kept myself relaxed.

"…a-a baby." He pouted.

Angelo has desired this frequently, but I was surprised he was doing something he isn't comfortable with. I breathed and thought this out before anything else.

"Last time, you don't like being pregnant, are you sure enough to listen to your body?" I needed to think first.

He sighed, "After a few months of ignoring this, I don't think I have a choice." He pouted, "Please, end it. I need to focus on cooking dinner."

I pinched my nose bridge and seeing this won't be easy. It's my job to fill his needs and oddly, no one was against this. He's a Famulus for a reason.

"Let's go to your room and do this, before kids are home. You do realize I will be talking to the baby once you're pregnant with this future child, right?" I decided to allow it.

He breathed at peace, "Yes, I am aware of that."

He and I went to his bedroom and began to perform. This time, I went gentle on him and he came a lot more than I expected. There were no feelings between us, but it was his body calling my core.

We got dressed and I clung onto him in the living room. He was about to start cooking dinner, but I declined his responsibility.

"I need to make dinner, Danny." He reminded me.

I huffed, "No. You are relaxing and I'll cook."

Angelo couldn't stand up for more than two seconds and he hasn't had sex in a long time. We spent good two hours to be sure of it until his body announced his chances of being conceived.

"I doubt you'd know how to make beef wellington." He frowned, "I promised Raven to make those today."

I patted his back, "I'll tell her I wanted to cook today and you can make it tomorrow. Now, what was your other idea to make?"

Angelo hummed, "I did plan on making Chicken Risotto for tomorrow, but I think you can cook that one."

My head shook. Ever since Raven demanded that he cooks more often in the kitchen as a mother, he has been learning and experimented variety of food to make. He's quick to learn and loved to shop each week or other week. Most of the times, he enjoys cooking and Vlad didn't…want…to…hire anyone.

Great. I missed my man and depressed on the fact he's having an affair on me. I know it and I wished to end this for once so I wouldn't have to suffer any longer.

"What's wrong, Danny?" Angelo bored at him.

My head shook, "Nothing."

"You miss Vlad?"

I chuckled, "Well, yeah, I miss him, but I always miss him when we're apart."

"Is it during the death?"

Those days pained me the most and I rubbed his stomach.

"I'll go make dinner for everyone, including a new member." I faked my smile.

Angelo stammered and I went into the kitchen to make this chicken risotto. I knew how to cook that one and spent time alone. It was starting out to take care of the chicken and then, make the flavor I needed to make while the chicken is getting cooked. I hadn't thought about doing this in such a long time and felt better off distracted. Speaking of that, I hadn't come up with anything to write and might have to write after dinner. Then again, Angelo can't watch the kids if he isn't able to stand up on his own strength yet.

This meant…staying up late until it's complete and it won't be easy. For now, dinner came first-

My ears picked up on a ringing sound and pulled out my phone. It was Dani, who's calling me. I hadn't been talking to her since three months ago. I answered.

"Hello Dani-"

"-can I stay for the night?" She quickly said it before I could finish my greeting.

"Uh, yes?"

"Thank you," She huffed, "I'll be there soon."

She hung up and I got confused. That's strange. Lately, she spent so much of her time raising her daughter, Primavera, and hardly had time to do anything outside of that. Maybe she's hurt with her daughter's words for the first time. Vlad and I thought our conversation and warning had set Dani's safety perfectly fine. Apparently, Dash is the submissive master for Dani and they do bond a lot than I expected. Joey constantly wanted to keep Dani in the middle to keep his eyes on her, but they have taken well care of her.

Maybe Dani's a bit stressed out and wanted to get out of the house. I knew where they live and just nearby the school Casper High. Speaking of high school, I don't think I want to put up with putting my kids there. I did put up more protection there, but…the shield would weaken three out of four kids. It wouldn't be wise to do that, but then again, Vlad's shield work rather well. It doesn't suppress our powers, but that would be keep humans blocked out. I'd have to run it by mom and dad on this and see how that works out.

"Danny, thank you so much for letting me stay here for the night." Her voice interrupted my thoughts.

I blinked and glanced up at the kitchen's door, "Anytime, cuz. Is everything alright?" I set down my spoon.

She nodded too slow, "Dash is just…we had an argument and Joey says maybe some space between us would be nice."

Oddly, she hasn't let me come into her mind for the past four years. She hasn't been reading my mind, so pretty much, she wanted to secure privacy from sexual thoughts by her masters. I didn't blame her and it'd probably scar me for life. We wouldn't want that.

"Hm, and who's watching after Primavera?" I washed my hands by the kitchen's sink.

"Joey is. Although, Joey and Dash have been arguing on how many kids they want." She shrugged, "I think Primavera wouldn't mind being an older sister, no matter who is the biological dad is."

I was drying my hands, "How are you feeling about this? Are they involving you or at least ask you how many kids you want?"

Dani hopped onto the chair, "I think having another three more would be fine. Actually, their argument is somewhat silly. Joey wants a big family and Dash wants to keep it to two kids as a limit."

To think about it, those Dash and Joey argued over ridiculous things…I would never forget it when they were trying to decide what coat and hat to put on Primavera. Dani had to intervene their argument and decided to put the warmest coat on. She loves her daughter, but their arguments weren't worth it to fight over.

"Alright. Well, I'm making chicken risotto."

She frowned, "Isn't Angelo usually the ones cooking?"

I choked, "Um, erm, he's pregnant."

She shrugged, "I had a feeling that would happen soon. Everyone in the ghost zone knows every five years their famulus' body would be eager for a new baby."

To think about it, I hadn't been into the ghost zone since Christmas and no one commented about that. It's strange how things are for ghost zone's society.

"Since you're here for the night, would you like to greet the kids at the door? I'm sure they'll be happy to meet their aunt." I smirked.

She smirked back, "Hey, I thought we agreed, cousins?"

My eyes rolled, "Sorry, the kids call you their aunt like Raven calls me her uncle."

She agreed since we know kids have the habit of finding the best way they believe. It's funny how five to six years ago, I met Raven and she was already used to calling me uncle Danny less than a week. Celestine would call Angelo Uncle Michelangelo and Dominick would call Vlad Uncle Vlad. Primavera already called us all uncles, so we accepted that.

Dani hopped off the chair and headed over to the door. The kids would be home any minutes now and had to finish up cooking dinner.

"UNCLE DANNY!" Someone sound awfully perky today.

I glanced up and saw Raven in her ghost form. She held pink glowing eyes, her form was much of an inverse of Vlad's. Her suit was red, hair was white, and the belt, gloves, and boots were black. She doesn't have a cape, instead, she has a lab coat like in black and white as a combat military fashion. At least she doesn't have vampire teeth or blue skin…

"Raven!" I groaned, "You shouldn't have to be in your ghost half to get my attention."

"But, I caught my first ghost!" She pouted.

I blinked, "Y-y-your first ghost? You fought them?" I held my gulp, "Who?"

She nodded, "Youngblood he called himself." She shrugged, "He was scaring my friends and the teachers thought it was a prank to get their attention, but I had a ghost scent and I didn't know what to do."

I wouldn't blame her. I had no idea what to do unless my friends were there to help me out or something I picked up from Vlad. Raven held up a pen like, courtesy of Vlad's handy work, and it seems to come in useful for his daughter.

"Youngblood can only be seen by ghosts and kids. Adults wouldn't see them," I mentally laughing awkwardly to the fact Jazz tried to be an adult at the time, "So, it's understandable."

She floated down and handed me the ghost trapper, "Assuming from his name, I can get why. I think dad will be proud of me." He smiled, "I can't wait to tell him when he gets back home."

I chuckled and accepted the ghost trapper, although, Vlad calls this Plasmius Ink. I think that man is losing it with names.

"He definitely will be and so am I!" I pulled her into a hug, "You didn't get hurt or anyone else, right?"

She nodded, "I used the ghost shield and did it in the school hallway. I'm just glad the teacher isn't giving me any trouble."

I sighed, "You have to be careful. Teachers will start seeing you as a troublemaker unless you somehow have an alibi."

She crossed her arms as she landed onto the floor, "That'll ruin my reputation at school." She frowned.

I nodded, "I know, but if you can. Call me and I'll take care of it. Your education is too important."

"And my reputation."

Honestly, this is Vlad's fault. She's too much of Vlad and couldn't believe it how manipulating she is. She does mean well, but it goes overboard sometimes.

"Anyway, go spend time with your mom and Aunt Dani." I told her, "I'm making dinner."

She frowned, "Why isn't mom making dinner?"

"Your mom isn't in any condition to stand up." I just put it that way.

Her eyes rolled, "And you're not telling me why because…" She asked.

"Why don't you ask your mom that?"

She shook her head as she transformed back, "Honestly, I can tell there's more going on. I will learn everything soon enough."

Raven turns out to be a growing girl, long black hair the past down her back, and styled herself mostly like fashionable. She wore black long sleeves shirt with dark purple flocked skirt with black style shoes. Despite of the fact she is the only girl in this family, she found her fashion very well…or did Vlad push it onto her?

Raven walked out of the room to deal with what she needs to do. For me, dinner needed to be finished less than an hour.

"Mom!" "Daddy!" I heard both of my kids.

Sometimes, it's complicated to get used to this. How anyone puts up with being a mom and a dad would be beyond me. At least I love them all my heart.

"Yes, Celestine, Dominick?" I checked over at the two.

"My class has a field trip on a science day." Celestine told me.

"I got a hundred on my math test, daddy!"

I chuckled and picked up Dominick to praise him for his hard work. Celestine handed me a sheet and I read it.

"The DALV company?" I frowned, "Why is your school having a field trip there? It shouldn't be allowed until you're high school-"

Celestine scoffed, "That's because we attend to private school. We are not like those under developed kids."

Somehow, I wanted to see it the other way. Unfortunately, Vlad somehow convinced me to send them to private school and agreed that they will go to public school for high school year.

"They are not under developed. You were basically educated early, Celestine," I reminded him, "I'll sign it in the morning and give you some money for lunch when the day comes."

Celestine smiled and accepted it. He walked out of the kitchen, not caring much to say, and figured I approved the field trip. Maybe I should come by tomorrow and see more into this field trip for his class. For now, Dominick held my attention for his score on a test.

"Now, aren't you glad I help you study for math?" I smiled at him.

He nodded, "Yes! Thank you! I can subtract in my head without my fingers! You're the best dad in the whole world!"

I set him down on the counter, "I knew you could do it," Sometimes, he makes me feel great at being a parent, "Does mom know?"

He nodded, "Yes, he says he is proud of me. He gave me a big hug and a kiss." His legs swung, "Daddy?"

I hummed as I started to put the chicken with the rice, "Yes, Dominick?"

"How come Celestine, Raven, and I have to call you differently?"

I stopped mixing and looked up at him. It was funny how Raven wanted to learn, but I couldn't tell the whole story.

"Well, I gave birth to Celestine. I'm his mother. Angelo gave birth to Raven and you."

"But, why does Raven and I have different daddies?"

I ruffled his hair, "Everyone comes from a different family or two."

"But why can't I call my mommy?"

I sighed, "It's because the world doesn't know we're hybrid, Dominick. If they find out, we wouldn't be living our life the way it is right now." I kissed his temple, "That's why we can't let anyone see us transform to our ghost half."

Dominick nodded and accepted that. For me, I had to give him to what I can answer him. That, dinner can't get cold if I keep stalling. Yet, I needed to talk to Angelo about this, but the kids are still too young to understand. The kids will have to understand our reason to keep them out of this. There's no way I want to cause emotional issues between any of us.

To answer a particular question: Yes, Angelo is pregnant currently.

Any other questions?