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Warning: Cuss, slight violence

At least…I got the entire proposal done and sent it in to the Vladco. office. I had to head over to the DALV Company for a couple of meetings and find out about the field trip going on. It shouldn't be good idea, if the kids are going to be here. I ought to know what they're going to see and what they're going to be exposed to.

"Mr. Fenton, someone is here to see you now." My secretary informed me through the phone.

I pressed the button, "Who?"

"Your lawyer."

Oh, the same lawyer I have known since Vlad drunken day. There was no need to respond since the lawyer knew he doesn't need my permission to come in unless I'm stressed out. He came into the room and helped himself with the chair.

"Ms. Manson's lawyer contacted me to help out on the case while he deals with the others." He told me.

I nodded, "That's fine. Do you think you may have an idea to stop the slave traders?"

He sighed and opened his brief case, "Unfortunately, there is no way to prove their business scam and we would need some sort of witnesses besides yours. Unless you or the others were forced to take something or ended up with something, that might help. Are you sure there were drugs?"

I huffed, "There were! It's one of those drugs that keep you calm and it can work at the opposite end." However, I couldn't help it that I had to keep Celestine and Dominick out of this, "What do you mean end up with something?"

The lawyer shook his head, "Like, a child or something. I am familiar you have adopted children, but I doubt that."

I wanted to clench my core when he said that. If I don't stop those guys, I won't be able to live in peacefully until there's a way. None of Vlad's associating friends wasn't helpful either and their slaves were too loyal. Jazz did analyzed them and found that they were under Stockholm syndrome, which wasn't good.

"Actually…they aren't adopted." I admitted.

He blinked, "Were they kidnapped as well? Illegally adopted? Prostitution's child? Were you forced to rape? Are they your former or currently girlfriend's child?"

My eyes twitched when he assumed and I had to remind myself that it was the last resort to stop those guys. I needed my peace to move on, but this lawyer wasn't helping.

"Er, I should say…I'm their mother." I gulped.

He jerked his head up at me with full of questions on his face, "Did you hire a surrogate?"

I frowned, "No. Listen, it's weird as it is. I did give birth and it can be possible for male pregnancy. Celestine is my first child."

"Were you forced to change gender?"

I groaned, "Look, I'm still a man and ended up pregnant without needing to change it. According to the slave traders, they would accidentally pick up people with powers. I'm one of them, but I have the ability to get pregnant." And I'm half ghost, so that's why. Which he would never know.

The lawyer slowly nodded, "That can work. We will not have to mention their names, however, you can testify. If you're one of these…carrier," I noticed it was disturbing for him, "More than likely, we can win the case. These slaves traders can be arrested and their business shut down for good."

I lit up, "Without involving my sons, I'm good. I'll do anything to stop those guys."

He nodded, "I'll contact Ms. Manson's lawyer and arrange the next court hearing. I shall contact you soon as possible."

I agreed with him and he closed his case. He left and I knew I would be happy to be free from this. I had to sign a few worksheet and then, consult with my secretary on this field trip coming up next week. I can't be behind this or I'd look like an idiot to bunch of spoil brats and their spoiled brats' parents. Even though I hold high standard, I don't like putting up like being a fool.

The papers were neatly finished and I headed out the office to greet my secretary. She's a red head with bonnet hair style and fashionable thick silver glasses. I handed the sheets to her and she gratefully accepted it.

"Having a good day, Mr. Fenton?" She asked.

I winced a bit at the fact I wasn't comfortable being called Fenton like this. It sort of remind me of my dad. Weird, isn't it?

"Yes, it's been quite a good day. Now, I have a question about the school field of students coming here?" I tilted my head.

She smiled, "Ah, you signed it around two months ago to approve. You do not have to be around since it's a basic tour."

My eyebrow went up, "Last time I checked, I am responsible to be a part of the tour. What part are they touring in for?"

"Behind the glass invention, let the children see how devices build up. After that, we would take them to the cafeteria for lunch and show them where meetings and inventions begin."

I sighed, "Oh, I was worried that they'd be seeing the chemical area and high level process. Is lunch being provided?"

She shook her head, "No, sir."

I frowned, "That isn't good. Could you arrange a simple buffet, sandwiches, pizza, fruits, milk, chocolate milk, juices, and milk? I'll cover it and tell the school that lunch is arranged." I smiled.

My secretary didn't mind and decided to arrange it on my request. Sometimes, Celestine can manage to save money and I swear, he saved two thousands dollar for the past two years. He's smart ever since he began to talk very well.

I was about to head into the office and my ghost scent appeared for the first time of the day. I mentally groaned and decided to tell my secretary I was heading onto my break and pick up something. At least there's one good new and that's being a boss here. I don't have to worry about it as much and more than likely, not to worry about the hours I'd need to make up on. It's not high school anymore and I don't need to make up such a big deal of excuses.

Luckily, I can transform in the elevator and absolutely no security in that one. I assumed Vlad enjoys practicing his powers in the elevator and it only records voices instead of video. That's one of the good benefits here. I flew out of the building and searched for the ghost around.

"Phantom! This is my ghost! Get out of here!" Her voice…great.

I turned around and saw the red huntress, "I was in the area, okay?" I tried not to snap back at her.

She shook her head, "I don't give a damn!"

I hushed at her, "Shut it! I don't want the kids to pick that up!"

"They're in school." She obviously pointed out.

"Why can't I help fight this ghost?"

She was about to aim at me, "Get out." She insisted.

She forced her weapon anti-etco energy and quickly, I slipped out of the way unharmed. A screaming sound filled our ears and Valerie nodded.

"Thanks…Phantom. I didn't expect you'd help." She told me.

I shrugged, "I have to help, thanks for the code warning."

She nodded, "As long you don't…get in my way or that stupid sidekick girl of yours, I won't go after you."

"You mean Phoenix Sage?" As in Sam, she goes by the name for her identity and I had no idea why she chose that.

Valerie didn't remove her eyes off from me, "Yeah, but have you seen Dani?"

"I saw her this morning, do you want me to pass down a message for her?" My hand gestured her to me.

"If I were you, I'd watch closely. Somethin' going on and I don't like what I'm feeling. If anything happens to her, you're going to be gone for good, Phantom." She spat, especially with my name.

I nodded, not wanting to cross the bad side of her, and it took about a year and a half to work with her. She cares mostly with Dani because she sees her as part of a human being. Since then, she would often check on her by trying to visit her somehow or ask me if the opportunity rises. The red huntress flew off and I trapped the powerless ghost into the Fenton Thermos. I decided to hide in the dark ally and walked to the store since I told my worker an excuse, but I needed to be realistic about it.

My mind went back and thought how things have changed over nine years. I was struggling on my own, fought to keep myself alive through school and parents and secrets, and thought I was some freak of nature. A year after being Phantom, I had Vlad as an archenemy, Sam and Tucker developed their own power as they joined me to fight ghosts as a team, and Jazz was our sidekick. Half a year later, Jazz became a part of our team due to her genius' ability. By that time, Valerie had to adjust our situation without knowing our secret. She thinks they're ghosts, but she wasn't too sure what type. She was off in the wrong direction, but I wasn't too sure where she'd end up as.

I kept walking and found a reasonable store. At least, no one knows I own Vlad's companies and it's amazed that that the paparazzi never met me before. Maybe it was because I knew how around them due to my half ghost. I might as well enjoy it while I can.

"-what were you thinking you were doing?" Someone spoke upsettingly.

That voice…I recognized it. I heard a soft whimpered after that. I triggered invisibility, knowing that no one saw me, and searched for the voices.

"I-I am sorry!" The sensitive person spoke up, "N-no one knows about anything, I-I promise!"

"You better damn well they don't know!" A slapped sound occurred.

I found them-

What? It was them. Dash, Joey, and Dani. It seems she left the mansion recently and she was crying.

"It'll be alright, Dani. Do not repeat this again." Joey comforted her.

Dash slapped Dani when he was disappointed, Joey was…enforcing her that it was actually alright, and Dani tried to calm down. There weren't anyone else around and it was just me. Well, the cashiers were on the other side of the store.

I couldn't believe it myself. It took me two seconds to realize what the hell was going on. First, my body restored to visibility and I grabbed Dani out of Joey's arms.

"We warned you!" I hissed quietly, "Are you frigging insane?" I glared at both of me, "Abusing my cousin, and getting away with this!" I scoffed.

Dani gasped, her knees shaken, and barely moving at all. Joey and Dash jumped back at a sudden surprise that I was actually here.

"Fenton!" Dash was surely confused, "Wh-what are you doing here?"

Joey nodded, "Why were you spying on us?"

Normally, those accusations would be innocent people, but they're not. If it one thing they used to be best friend for the first time, I knew what caused Dash to bully people. I should have known that someone wouldn't change a damn thing and that's Joey. He influenced his boyfriend into action or what he'd called is 'self-esteem'. I call that bull craps.

"Don't bother manipulating me!" I scoffed, "You just lost your chance as it is! Vlad and I trusted you both and you've been manipulating us? I should have known!" I held onto Dani, "We're leaving and you won't be seeing your daughter anymore again!"

Dash growled, upset at my decision for them, and Dani clung onto me. We walked out of the store and there was no way I could put up with it! I immediately took us over to DALV, this way, they wouldn't be able to get in unless I gave permission to allow it. Sometimes, I ought to appreciate the job I have.

Right now, her and her daughter needs safety and a home. There was no way I would allow them to be put in an abuse environment. I doubt Primavera was treated because Dash adores his baby. There was no way he'd let anything happen to her, but now, this complicates everything else as it is!

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