Here's the continuation~

She was determined to find out and the way she reacted about finding out and how she's putting up with Famulus situation, she should be trusted. She did threaten me if anything happens to Dani. I had no doubt in my mind to make this work out, but somehow, I wanted to see how she would handle my secret first. She doesn't like Vlad, so I'll have to keep his secret out of this…I'll have to work it out around her.

"…the day Phantom exists to where we are standing today," I sheepishly smiled.

Her brows united, "I don't get it, Danny. You already told me you can't feel temperature."

I huffed, "More of why I can't feel temperature and it's not because to keep the portal open or anything. It's…"

I was afraid as I was planning to tell her during our Freshman year, but afraid that she'd kill me. My stomach was knotted from that year, but I was letting it go since it was long time ago.

"It's my secret and…it was my choice." I sighed, "I walked in the ghost portal and tripped. My fall landed me with the ON button and my legs were tangle by the wires. The power surged turned on from the inside and glowed. I swore I thought my heart was beating loud enough for everyone for miles and tried to get out. Before I knew it, that portal blasted me right there-" She was paler than she has ever been in her life, "-and I fought to live. Half of me lived and half of me died." I gulped, "As soon as I came out of that portal, I passed out and woke up to find myself shocked. I hurried to the mirror and saw what has changed me. I thought my face was messed up and lost all of my hair," My head shook, "Instead, I was given a new look and thought I was dead as a ghost."

Valerie frowned at me, not grasping where I was going with this, and how this 'new' look had meant.

"Wha-what are you talking about a new look?" She was worried about me.

I was surprised she didn't ask about the ghost pun, but she was focused on the look part. That's something else for anyone to sink in.

"I did not look like me," I brushed back my hair, "My hair, eyes, and my clothes changed completely." I sighed, "I wasn't kidding about the whole dead as a ghost, but-"

Her eyes widened at me, "…you-wha-Dani? Just like her…?"

I knew she wasn't closed mind about halfa, she just didn't know how rare, and the truth.

I nodded, "Yes…"

Her body turned shaky and slid down, "…I-I should of…known." She couldn't exactly get the whole sentence out right away, it was too much for her.

At least she's not bitter or upset when she found out. She was too much of a shock.

"I…" She tried to speak about it again, but she was too lost.

"I wouldn't worry about my secret about being halfa or half ghost and half human." I gulped, "I had to divide my life to keep myself safe…from my parents and the Guys in White. If any of them knew back then, they would have experiment me for their sick mind." I rubbed the back of my neck, "However, it took a long time to believe that my parents…they would love me for who I am instead of what I am to them." I sighed, "That's why I protected Dani and I trusted her exposing her secret to you. I was hoping you wouldn't make the-"

"-link." She stared right at me with a full shock, in her eyes held so much emotions of anger, confusion, disbelief, and lost, "Of course! I should have known! After all those times," She muttered something about Vlad.

I blinked, "And how is Vlad involved?"

She jumped at my questioned, "Ho-how did you hear that?"

Dammit, I pushed it too far with the listening skill that hybrids have. I had to remind myself she wasn't used to it yet.

"Sorry…you'll have to get used that. I have super hearing," I sighed, "Anyway, what about Vlad?"

Valerie was on full guards now, but I'm surprised she hasn't called in her suit. Normally when it comes to ghosts, she would activate her suit to instigate an attack of an enemy, but I'm not the enemy. She knew me for so long, I doubt she would hurt me…badly.

"Do you remember we both saved Dani when we were fourteen?" She asked.

It was during the time I was saving Dani from Vlad's hands because he was going to destroy her for existing, but it was also the time where Valerie helped me saved her. Some things have changed since that day.

"Yes," I nodded, "I do know you were aware of her ability on halfa."

She shook her head, "I went to check on Vlad that day, seeing if he was okay after you left. I saw Plasmius and I decided not to attack, but…" Her head shook, "…I saw him…morphed to Vlad I knew. He said something what a fool I was and a pawn I am to him. It dawned on me that he was like Dani, so I quit working for him." Her eyes looked at me to read, "I never thought you're like her."

I was startled when she told me. It answered a lot for me and saw her reasons. There's something she doesn't realizes and that's the changes.

My head shook, "Vlad hasn't…manipulated anyone in a long while. There are two things that have changed him, Val."

She frowned, "Don't tell me those years you fought him were pretend?" She was worried to be lied about that.

I snorted, "No, the first two years weren't fake. But, he has changed. The first time, he found out he has a daughter and-" I thought quickly to watch what I was saying, "-the mother of his daughter refused to let him be the father. I think that Vlad was really upset over that, so he felt the need of having a child on him. One of the many reasons for Dani to exist." I bit my lips, "But, I found out that he was diagnosed with ecto-cancer. You have no idea what he has went through and it took a long time-"

Her head shook, "Wait, what about his disappearance for five months? You can't possibly tell me the newspaper was a set up!"

I have to admit, she's overwhelmed with everything she's picking up, and she wasn't my typical friends. Her mind has picked up cues on the importance factor in everything, it's like reading a book for her and she would assume the outcomes or figure out her own theories, if it was too predictable, she wouldn't be blind by anything. She knows where this was sort of going on here.

"Um," I rubbed my arms, "I will have to explain that a bit." She nodded eagerly to understand all of this mess here, "When I found out he has ecto-cancer, I took him to my specialist and friend in the ghost zone. This ghost helped to…trigger his healing ability, but it was slow. Apparently, the day he supposedly 'died' meant his body to freeze. I didn't even know this until after he came back to my life, his body froze to take care of the cancer, and to give him the access to healing permanently." She nodded, shocked beyond her belief, "He came back to me, waking me up during the middle of my nap, and he figured I did not realize because I wasn't watching the last journal he gave me in his Will."

She frowned, "So, it was a set up?"

I nodded, "Yes," I sighed, "Look, I love Vlad to death and I almost went back in time. I know the things we did in the past wasn't a good start, but all he did was to have a family to love. Do you have any idea what it is like for him?"

Valerie had had been taken back at my question. Commonly, it wasn't something to be joking around for what Vlad has been through in his life. Here I was, defending my boyfriend in his situation and I'm supposed to be dealing with Dani's situation.

"But…what about those hero-villain battles?"

I sighed, "Misunderstanding, I thought he was evil…" My head shook, "I was looking at the direction of black and white, I was blind to the gray area."

Valerie stared at me with a blank expression and I could not interpret her thoughts or body language. She held a posture during her personal moment and whatever conflicts she came across her mind. I waited without daring to move an inch, as if I could be shot and killed for disobeys a movement without a command, and I was only here for Dani's sake. She needed someone to accept her as a Famulus.

"How does Vlad sees Dani now?"

I sighed, "He loves her and protects her, as if she was blood related to him."

"What does he want to do with the abusers?" She was too prepared to ask that and I knew better.

I met eye contact with her, "He wants to kill them for hurting and doing such out control behavior. I want them dead too, but we can't until she's officially under…well, your Famulus."

Valerie stood up and threw her can in the trashcan. She paced back and forth, but I chose to stay put. She was battling something inner personally, but where was she going with this? She should know I could help answer her-

"Does…she knows she's my Famulus I'm trying to claim?" She gulped.

My head shook, "No, but she'd be happy to be yours. Although, I have to admit something."

Her head jerked at me, "What is it, Danny?" She wasted no time on that.

"She has a daughter and she does-"

"-I want to see her daughter too, I don't care as long they're hers." Her eyes filled with hope.

For the longest time, she was the other people Dani trusted and confined in. Valerie was willing to meet her daughter.

"That will be up to Dani, but you have to keep in mind Famulus tend to be protective of their baby and willing to do anything to keep their baby."

She grinned, "Good, I want her to be willing to keep her baby. Despite of the fact I won't be able to offer her that and-"

"To ghosts, genders are not really an issue. I think Dani knows more than I do, but you can be able to knock her up and both of you have a child." I pointed out, "I am curious, are you in any type of a relationship?" My brow rose.

"No, why?"

I blinked, "Just wondering, usually it's two ghosts to claim a famulus, but you'll have to put up being a dominate and a submissive master as one."

"Danny, take me to your cousin already!" She frowned, "I want to see them both!" She insisted.

Valerie marched up closely to me, yet, I knew I shouldn't mess around with her due to her suit ability. In every state of my being, I couldn't push it any further than it was necessary.

"Vlad is so going to kill me for this," I sighed and shook my head, "Fine. Follow me," I sheepishly smiled.

She nodded and we altered to our forms. Since there were no secrets between us, I had to be careful and know where it may go.

"Fair warning, though, Vlad, Angelo, and I are very protective of our kids." I pointed out.

She jerked her head at me, "…is…have either of you been pregnant?"

I gulped, "Angelo and I have. Angelo has been pregnant twice, but he's pregnant again. He mothered a daughter, a son, and now, will be mothering a new baby. His daughter is Vlad's daughter, her name is Raven. Angelo's son is my son, Dominick. As for me, Vlad and I have a son named Celestine, mind you, be careful and don't let him manipulate you." My head shook, "I swear, manipulating is genetic."

She snorted, "Somehow, I don't doubt that. What about Dani?"

"Only one daughter, her name is Primavera."

Valerie tensed her shoulders and stared at me as if I was a freakish alien in front of her. Something about my niece's name has startled her.

"She named her daughter after a favorite flower I love?" She gulped very slowly.

Now, that made sense, "Yeah, she adored the names for her daughter."

Valerie smiled, "I'm glad she named her daughter that. Come on, fly the way there!" She insisted.

Somehow, I got the feeling it wouldn't be something to regret. She never hurts Dani or any human being. She knows better and she doesn't seem pleased to own a slave like, but towards Famulus. We flew over to the mansion, not rushing too quickly, and she knows my speed too well. Yet, I'm surprised she didn't test me to pick it up. We weren't that far away and it takes a while at a hundred miles, but I could have gone beyond to three hundred miles or more.

We landed in front of the door and I chose to change back to who I represent. Valerie followed the same and I welcomed her into my home.

"I'm not sure if she's still resting, but please, be quiet." I told her very quietly.

She nodded, "Of course, but how is she? Aside from the abuse?"

I gulped, "Safe and calm now, but it will be a long while. Since you're claiming her, it might take about two or four months to complete. I can offer you a room here until both of you are set for life."

She smiled, "I do care about Danielle, I'll do whatever it takes."

"All you have to do is bond with her and not abuse her. Vlad," I bit my lip quickly, "Will not take kindly to the abuse." I gestured the way.

She accepted the role and we headed the way to the living room. She was glancing from time to time, but kept up the pace. This mansion is huge, I might admit and there's no problem with that.

"Bond as in quality time?"

I nodded, "Yes, but keep in mind, she doesn't know you're the claimer. I'd say take it slow for her."

Valerie agreed and we entered into the living room. Dani was curled up in Vlad's arms and seemed at comfort of her protection here. My boyfriend glanced up and noticed our guest. He was confused and not sure how to redirect this situation. I knew they haven't seen each other personally for almost six to seven years now.

"Ms. Grey, it is a pleasure to see you again. What brings you here?" He softly smiled.

She glared at him, "I'm here for Dani." She stated, not caring about him.

I nodded, "Yeah, Vlad, she's one of the ghosts that claimed our Dani."

He wasn't in exactly fond of this from his Neptune eyes, but he was trying to accept this idea. He noted that I had my reason for her and he should trust me on this.

"I supposed we can trust her. It would better off than those idiotic fools who attempt to get away with this." Vlad cleared, "Shall I wake her up?"

Valerie's teal eyes hadn't removed from Dani, she was worried, and I came up to her by hugging her with a smile.

"We trust you and you know who you are." I had to admit, "Besides, I would choose you over them," I smirked.

Her smile playfully teased me, "Could have fooled me."

"Daniel, why don't you take Dani and I leave you three alone? I need to reschedule that meeting and other things among that." Vlad input his words.

I didn't mind and came over, knowing how to hold the girl into my arms, and how small. Even though she's almost twenty-two, she's young as sixteen years old girl would look. She doesn't wake up easily, but I knew how easily we could be wakening up. Vlad managed to avoid waking her up and headed out the living room once Dani was secured in my arms. Valerie stood in front of me, eyeing a young girl who's a mother to a three years old child.

"Dani," I whispered, "Wake up or I'll tickle you."

Her robin eyes flicked open instantly, "You wouldn't!" She glared at me.

I smirked, "Who knows, but you woke up."

"That isn't funny and you know I hate being tickled."

I chuckled, "Neither do I. But, you have someone here."

She clung onto me, her thoughts were out in the open a bit of her petrified emotion of being separated or hurt, and that'll be a long while to get used to it. She refused to look to see who it could be.

"Danielle, you know I wouldn't risk you in harm's ways. It's Valerie." I told her, not needing to remind her any more than necessary.

She sighed, "Oh," Her head turned and witnessed her guest with a gentle and shy smile.

Valerie exchanged back the same smile and it was quiet. I had no idea what to expect from either of them, but I waited to its outcome.

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