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Warning: Cuss, mpreg...

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Vlad wanted to sleep in and I knew why. I left Angelo in charged to watch the girls bond, including Valerie. Valerie chose to stay with Dani for the next two months and insisted that Dani comes to work with her. Dani wasn't too sure, but she knew I trust my Famulus to babysit, and decided to see how it works out during the week of school. For now, Primavera isn't going to school until Monday. Raven and the boys are at school, so it saved a little trouble for Angelo for the day.

For me on the other hand, I had to visit someone particularly and see where things were going now. My mind was too much on Vlad and his pregnancy. He complained, but I think that once the first baby kick comes, he will appreciate it and be happy about it. Grouchy, but he'll get over it soon enough.

I finally flew into a familiar building and saw an orange hair woman with blue eyes as our dad's. My power triggered to visibility and she noticed instantly. She grinned and greeted by sight.

"Danny, how are you?"

I smiled back, "I'm good. Just thought to visit your psychological mind today."

Her head crocked at me, "I thought everything is fine?"

I sighed and transformed to Fenton, "Unfortunately, so did I. Last night…was a turn of the event."

Her hand gestured towards the available seat, "I take it that there wasn't a fight, judging you from the body language, and words."

I nodded and helped myself on the couch.

"Well, earlier I thought Vlad was cheating on me and we hadn't had time to be together. I thought he was falling in love with our Famulus and I finally told him why I was upset. I thought he was actually going to break up with me, but instead he proved me wrong. We were making love and all of a sudden, I was getting flashback when Vlad was biting me-" I'm surprised she wasn't refraining herself from my sex life, but I think she got used to it after being a genius, "-seeing that time where he raped me. After the flashback was over, Vlad was worried and I didn't know what was going on. Apparently, he told me I was screaming no and begging him to stop and he realized it was the time I was raped. He felt so upset about it and I told him I got over and…" I bit my lips, "…then I got him knocked up." I sheepishly smiled.

Jazz blinked twice at me, not startled by the whole 'my brother had sex with his former enemy' sort of a thing, and kept herself quiet very well. I wanted her insight on why I had the flashback during sex and it didn't make sense at all.

"And your concern is…the recalled memories?" She asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, but it doesn't make sense why it happened. I'm not even afraid of him or having post-traumatic stress disorder or something."

Her head shook, "No, you're not even close to that range. You do not even possess such mental state considering the fact you went through a lot with Dan. You'll need to tell me everything that had gone on from the start assuming his cheating on you to the end with him being pregnant…congratulations, by the way little brother." She smiled.

Before I knew it, she was serious about this. I told her from day one to day three. She was grasping the idea what had gone on with me lately. She questioned me from time to time after I finished my story and let her process her thoughts out thoroughly. My sister knew what she's doing and I trusted her. Plus, she's good at confidentiality now. She wouldn't tell my friends or our parents everything like she used to. She'd know what to say and goes to the sense of the direction without causing drastic issue. The thing was…mom and dad were shocked to see her intelligence level is unlimited and they were somewhat intimidated.

"Run it over the part where Vlad was biting your naval," Jazz insisted.

I sighed for the millionth times, "He was biting softly at first, then bitten harder and harder, and the memories came flowing in where he bitten me harshly, begging to be out of his hands, and being hurt. It felt like I was back to that day and when it ended, Vlad hated it what he has done. He looked like he was about to cry, cuddling me, and make sure I am absolutely happy and secured." I tried to describe what I saw, maybe this might help.

Her head jerked up, "Isn't that the way he treated Angelo?"

I blinked and looked at her. How the hell did Angelo get into this?

"Uh, I'm sorry, what?" I hadn't got a clue what she meant this time.

Jazz tended to lost me in her questions and she would be unaware that she went into her genius mode. At least, she knew me too well and I wouldn't have to explain every little thing of my life. She took a deep breath and kept her focus on me. We have been in here for almost two hours.

"When Angelo is afraid, isn't Vlad sensitive around his emotions and he caters the man's emotions?"

I nodded, "Yes, Vlad usually does."

"Did it resemble the way he cater your emotion?"

I blinked and thought about it. I always have seen the way Vlad has treated Angelo very carefully and refrained from causing issues or mess. Vlad does the similar way with me, but he knows how I respond or what to avoid from making me angry. He studied me for a year and he knew me at the back of his hands.

"A bit, but he can't sense my emotion like he does with Angelo. What does this has to do with anything?"

She smirked – which scares me, "Now, I know what the real reason behind this."

Damn. I'm lucky to have her and most patients she has don't usually find out why until the second day or second sessions with her. It takes all the memories for her to process it all down. She can easily convince people to change their emotions without forcing them or asking them.

"Well?" My ears perked up, hoping it was just something that was bothering me.

She looked into my eyes, "Your domineering side is taking over the relationship. Your flashback triggered it all in control for you. The rape scene is where you Vlad controlled you, but you did not approve it. You were fighting the control and hence, your Phantom took over to work it out. Vlad is really the submissive in the relationship." She stated.

My smile formed into a frown. Was she telling me that our roles affect our relationship? But…but Vlad likes being on top, why does it matter? That can't be possible. It can't be!

"I think you have gone mad." I muttered.

She sighed, "Danny, it's the truth. You know how I know these things and you can't be denying me the truth. You felt Phantom inside of you wanted to do this towards Vlad."

I buried my face into my hands, "No, there has to be another reason." No matter how badly she wants to claim it.

"Face it, you're dominate in the relationship and with Angelo for the Famulus."

We practically argued like siblings on and on about yes or no towards my dominate role. How could I ever be one? It did not seem right and she asked so many questions in situation to prove a point. She proved the fact I have set rules with Vlad on almost everything. That everything I do is because of Vlad. She pointed out Vlad's order is connected to Famulus because of my rules. With all the obvious facts on her side, she knew she was win and here I was…losing my own battle with her. I'm officially shocked with her.

My back rested against the couch, practically giving up with her, and it was nearly three hours since I have been here. It was getting too much to handle.

"So, now what? Vlad's pregnant."

She scoffed, "Stubborn…I need to work on communicating with you better."

"Genius sister, I need to be difficult for you a bit more."

It's nice we can still do this, but we all know she can still pull the stubbornness out of me in a matter of two minutes. That's all she could ever get out of me last time, but I proved to be difficult than the typical humans are.

Her arms crossed, "Treat him like Angelo and it will be fine. However, since he is submissive and used to following little of dominating role with you. He will be difficult during his pregnancy. I warn you to not easily upset him or keep him happy. You may think Angelo or you do not have overwhelmed emotions, but his age is more than likely to be sky high to the roof."

I frowned, "But isn't Angelo close to his age, though?"

Her head shook, "I am afraid not. Angelo is ten years much younger than Vlad and plus, Vlad developed his ghost half very slowly and it took a troll of his life in the hospital for ten years." Jazz sighed, "He struggled with his powers for a while, but after the rest of ten years, he's in control."

Somehow, I feel like an idiot…wait a minute! This is so wrong. I'm talking to someone who's several times brighter than I could ever be.

"Fine, but we are all immortal, so I don't see it'd be an issue." I shrugged.

Jazz fixed up her paperwork a bit, "We are in the current period era, Danny. Once we are in the new period era, our body will become flexible to anything. Right now, we are still unstable."

I groaned, "I am not liking the sound of it…by the way, are you aware that Famulus has to have-"

"-a baby to carry every five years up until they have 5 children to carry? Yes, it's common knowledge for ghosts. Once Angelo carries five babies to a complete term, it will slow down for another century and have another child again for every ten years." She put it.

Damn…well, we're going to be having a huge family and we ought to be lucky to be rich. Maybe Vlad's obsession of being rich helped us in our lives. Vlad's going to kill me when he finds out why it happened and I had no choice! Somehow, my afterlife doesn't seem so bad anymore.

For once in my life, that man was actually sleeping in bed longer than I have expected. Angelo said that he has not seen him out of bed since I left and here I was…seeing him still sleeping. He seems to be into his needs of sleep and I knew I wasn't that sleepy during my pregnancy. Angelo was from time to time, but not this serious.

Suddenly, I felt a vibrator and realized it was my phone. I had to head into another room, my son's room, and decided to shut it for privacy. Apparently, it was my lawyer contacting me.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Mr. Fenton, I have contacted and met up with Ms. Manson's lawyer. We do feel some of the situation is…rather difficult to prove."

I frowned, "Are you telling me you don't believe the whole…a young man can get pregnant?"

He sighed, "I don't at all. I'm too skeptical about this, sir, but you state the proof you have the ability. What if one person claims you are very much a woman, thinking you are a male?"

"Come on!" I groaned, "I got a dick here and you're telling me they can accuse me that I am a woman?" I couldn't believe my day!

I paced around, trying to figure out a way to shut those damn scums down, and throw them into jail. I pinched my temple, trying to figure out what to do, and where to go.

"Sir, unless you are pregnant now. It would certainly help the case, however, we cannot ask you of that." He obviously gave me an answer.

I grinned, "And Vlad can give me the baby. To think about it, he has wanted to get me knocked up again."

"He does? Has he been okay with the situation?"

I nodded, "Of course! He felt happy when he found out and that we can have a family."

He hummed softly, "And once you are eleven weeks, I can arrange the specialist to prove it and we may win our case until the baby is born. However…"

Aw, crap…I hate bad news. They're just adding on the suffering for me today. It's just not my day, is it?

"They will attempt to keep you both and force you under the government's experimentation." He warned.

I sighed, "I'll take care of that problem," Some humans' blindness don't always know everything as I do or my team does, "They won't get their hands on either of us." I said as a fact.

"Will you be appeared?"

I nodded, "Yes, and trust me, it's real as you think."

"Then, we will appoint a date around your fourth month pregnancy…that is if you are."

I can tell this was too much to handle for him and his situation was more doubtable for anyone.

"It's real as you think and I've got two boys to prove it." I stated.

"I will discuss this more in your office more to how to defend this case. This should demolish their business and enforced authority to innocent victims out of this."

I grinned, "Excellent. I will be in office in on Monday."

"I will see you then. I will reunite with Ms. Manson's lawyer and take it from there."

"I will see you on Monday."

We both hung up and found myself rather satisfied on the outturn of this case. We were going to win and accomplish one of the largest kidnapping problems we have in our country. I figured talking to Vlad might help me out and he shouldn't have to sleep in all day. I headed back to our room and found him still sleeping. He's going to have a rough time during his pregnancy and I knew that much.

I came up to him and my fingers brushed his silver hair back. He stirred a bit in his sleep, but kept sleeping anyway.

"Vlad, you need to wake up now." I kept my voice low.

He moaned, "No…" He whispered.

I chuckled, "Come on now, you know better than that. You slept almost five hours."

His eyes flicked open, "What?" His pupils located me, "I thought I was sleeping for half an hour?"

My head shook, "Nope, you slept while I was gone."

He groaned and sat up to see the reality side once more. He seemed to be having a good dream.

"Well, I honestly have no idea I'd be this sleepy." He muttered.

I climbed onto our bed, "It happens, but normally it last an hour. You're probably more tired than usual."

He blinked, "It's your fault." He huffed.

I patted his legs, "Yeah, unfortunately, it is." I shrugged.

Vlad does not let it go when he knows what I say or my body language revealed. He was interested now more than ever.

"What did she say?" He hummed.

I chuckled…how would I tell him? Maybe I should just explain it as simple as possible and then, somehow tell him to knock me up to make it even. Will that work for him?

"Jazz says that I'm actually domineering in our relationship and it remains that way. Our ghost half enforces us to play the role." I sheepishly smiled.

His face altered to-

I'll leave you all hanging here for now.

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