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It would not be easy to move on from something that a person experienced in traumatic situation, even if the justice is served or the guilty people dead. To them, it does not always change, but they keep moving on. I might have had been kidnapped, but I was saved out of the rest of the innocent victims. This man here has saved my life from something I may not be capable of saving myself and I fell in love with him. If people knew the truth, they would jump conclusion that I was under the Stockholm Syndromes or whatever nonsense they come up with. I have known this man for so long…I know how to deal with him personally. No one else does.

Vlad has changed. I can prove that the most and I understood why. He was desperate to have a lover, a family, and to live forever. I gave him everything he always wanted and that was giving him a chance to live immortality. We're able to give each other a family we dreamed of and most of all, we love each other.

It's funny…I ended up giving birth when I was twenty four years old and I gave birth to a boy. He has Vlad's eyes, my nose, Vlad's mother's hair of brunette, and a personality similar to my sister…which is optimistic. Whenever something goes wrong, he somehow makes the situation turns around much better than I expected. I named him Nathan.

After a week of Nathan's birth, Angelo went into labor and gave birth to a boy. He green eyes and apparently, Angelo's mother's eyes. His baby boy has my hair and my ears. The rest were Angelo. He named him Bryant. His personality was much like Angelo because he's a stubborn baby boy there. Whenever we tried to feed him something new, he refused to eat it, and stick with what he's used to. Thankfully, Angelo managed to trick him thinking it's really the same thing.

I knew pregnancy is different, but I never thought we'd give birth in a different order and I guess having a baby girl is rare. I wanted to give Raven a baby girl, so I was determined somehow. I wasn't too sure how gender works, but I wanted to be sure that we give Raven a sister. Honestly, the rest of the boys are great…but we need more girls! I was hoping I was carrying a baby girl during most of my pregnancy and even with Angelo.

Until Vlad gave birth…no one knew when and it took a week and a half after Bryant's birth. Vlad had no idea what to expect and he tried to hide it. He was lucky I was able to demand him to be explaining why he's in bed all day. He was actually in so much labor pain and ended up giving birth in our bedroom. Angelo rushed over after I called his whole name here. Dani and Valerie watched after our kids while Vlad in the process of giving birth.

The baby came out finally and I gasped. I couldn't believe it to my very own eyes! Vlad gave birth to a baby girl! A girl for once! Vlad wanted to hold her immediately to meet his baby girl and he cradled her happily. He kissed her and she flinched as she cried. She was so scared, but Vlad managed to keep her warm with his core and secure her safety. Eventually, she stopped crying. She has our hair – black – and we couldn't wait to see her eyes.

Vlad didn't rush on a name for her and took a while to decide. He said that he was busy on the company, but some of the names didn't stay too long with him. About two hours later, our baby girl opened her eyes to reveal a pair of soft pink eyes. I questioned mentally if our ghosts' eyes are counted genetically. He knew what to name her and called her Sapphire. She has a neutral personality between Vlad and mine's.

I told Vlad to stay and I rushed to get Raven. She was excited to be a big sister again and she came with me first. I wanted her to meet her little sister for the first time and Vlad smiled down at his daughter when she came into the room. Raven noticed the baby's eyes and she was curiously wondering of the gender.

"It's a girl, Raven. You have a baby sister." Vlad told her, "Come and meet Sapphire."

Raven climbed onto our bed and sat on her legs next to my fiancée. She awed at the sight of a newborn sibling. Her fingers reached out to brush her sister's soft hair and her crystal blue eyes awed at her sister.

Since then, Raven spent most of her free time with Sapphire and turned out well over the years. Celestine and Dominick were happy to be older brothers towards Nathan and Bryant. Primavera was fascinated by with new babies in the house, but Dani made sure she was always loved and Valerie did the same.

By the time Nathan was five months old, Vlad and I got married with our families and friends…then again, not really that big. However, I was happy to cherish this with everyone I know and loved. I wore white suits and Vlad wore black suit, it worked out well for him, and I didn't want to change anything else. My parents and my teammates were happy to babysit our babies and kids, while pushing Vlad, Angelo, and me out the door to our vacation. Angelo had to come since we could not leave him unsupervised…despite of the fact we can't control what may happen.

At least, Angelo was happy to go on vacation and he was a surfer apparently. I arranged a surfer board personalized for him and Vlad made sure he ate during the non-surfing time. Vlad and I were acting like kids and built up our own sandcastles and bunch of creation or some sand statue. Vlad chased me and he dragged me into the ocean as we had water splash war going on. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves.

By the time it was getting dark, I had to get Angelo to stop surfing and tell him to dry up since we're going out to eat. Vlad picked out this restaurant and it was definitely rewarding to get into.

Our honeymoon was a real vacation to us…to the, 'what if we have waited' question. We spent here for about a week with loads of fun, shopping, games, out to eat, and we were free to drink without worrying about our kids. Apparently, I had to 'permit' Angelo to drink, but it wasn't so bad. He loves to drink…Mai Tai cocktail. I made sure he wasn't getting himself drunk or I'd be suffering the consequences.

But, he proved me wrong and he drank responsibly by only limiting himself to three cups. Vlad and I had champagne, yet, we weren't affected by it other than uncontrollable gigglers. This was why I don't drink as much often…no one would take me seriously. Even Vlad!

Yet, our honeymoon was spent well and we enjoyed ourselves. We missed our kids, even Vlad missed his baby daughter and has his mother instinct going out immediately. He was about to teleport in a middle of crowd! I was glad to stop him then.

Once he was home to Sapphire, she stopped crying once she was in his arms, and it was restoring back to normal…well, as normal as our lives can be.

Michelangelo hugs his beautiful daughter, who is now 18 years old, long hair, and bright blue eyes. I couldn't believe it has been for almost fourteen years! I just met her back then, a manipulative daughter who is now, a beautiful and bright young lady and heading to college for the first time. So much has gone by so fast…I didn't want her to go to college, even Vlad agrees!

She was accepted to St. Andrews University in another country. She went to ten colleges to tour and she felt the one in Scotland was the one calling for her. Raven always wanted to teach, but the traditional ways. I was proud of her and she couldn't wait to walk out the door without chains to keep her here. Angelo hugged her long enough and Vlad did the same. Somehow, these men forget we can still keep in touch and visit her…even if she's just six to twelve hours flight away.

I was holding Angelo's and my baby we had a couple of years ago. It's a girl named Lizabeth. She has my mom's eyes, Angelo's hair, and my nose. She's beginning to talk a little, but much like a typical toddlers would speak. She's a fast learner from what I have noticed and she would repeat it until she's satisfied.

Raven adores her sisters, she came up to me, and looked into Violent eyes. They grinned at each other happily. Raven glanced up at me and we both exchanged a smile. We did a ten seconds hug and she was relieved that I wasn't like her parents. She turned to her sister, who has bright pink eyes and curly hair – apparently, that came from my mom's side of the family. Raven and Sapphire hugged each other, Raven picked her up and spun around excitedly, and the little sister laughed happily.

"Don't forget to video 'cord everything there, Ravy!"

Raven set her back on the ground and playfully tapped her nose, "You got it, Saph!"

They bonded their time together a lot and Sapphire tends to look up to her biggest sister as a role model and a best friend. When's school is over, they're inseparable almost. Raven ruffled Bryant and Nathan's hair and they giggled off. She winked at them…for some reasons, I felt something was up or a warning. Those boys loved to be each other's twin and act like one of those wizard twins. Thankfully, there's no magic in their blood and they're hybrids.

Raven walked over to Celestine and they shook hands as if they're military men. Raven proved these teenage boys that she was capable of getting messy or fight back. They constantly looks after her since she started dating at the age of fifteen and apparently, they rarely took their guards down around her 'boyfriend' and they were there for her when the breaks up happens. Celestine cares about her a lot for a sister and he saw genders were no needs to worry to follow or any sort of coding…unless he was dating someone.

She went over to Dominick and he handed her a cupcake container and a cookie container. She lit up and adored his cooking the most. In fact, she's the only one who'd be willing to try to eat his new 'experimented' food and she never shows harsh critiques. Instead, she guided him or advised him less or more of whatever he needed. She picked it up over the years with her mom and Aunt Jazz…and a little with my mom. She knew how to cook, so we weren't worried that she'd change her diet habits when it came to moving out.

She hugged Dominick and thanked him for the goodies. She tells him that she'd look forward to Thanksgiving cooking and Christmas cooking when she returns. The limo driver – who is a ghost – came in and told her it was time to leave. She took a deep breath and carried her goodies out. She stopped at the door and turned her head. Raven smiled, her eyes slightly watery, and she nodded.

"See ya everyone and I'll miss you all!" She nodded once.

She walked out that door, knowing she has us as her family, and we were always there for her. Vlad came up to me and hugged me. Angelo took Lizabeth out of my arms and Vlad swept me into his arms.

"Hey!" I laughed, "What are you doing?"

"I think we should spend some time together, it's been summer long since we haven't."

I looked around and noticed the kids had gone to their rooms or training room, Angelo was taking care of Lizabeth, and it was just Vlad and me.

"You're right," I grinned, "But you know what? It's been seven years since I was pregnant…"

Vlad lit up and got the idea. Somehow, we had huge amount of time set ahead of us and living our lives to the point we can do anything…unless a ghost attack happens, then we're all there to fight. We're a family that sticks together, look out for each other, and help each other in every way we can. We're a family of a team. I was happy to know everything was alright and how things were turning out. I'm married to the man I loved the most, we have a huge family and still growing, and I want to treasure it every time I think of it. No matter how long we live for, I would want to know how we all started to come out to where we are today, and I refused to change it.

Life works with full of surprises, but I realized the biggest point of our lives. All there was to trust Vlad the most to make it come out alright. My trust was the biggest influences and I'd continue to give him that to make our lives easy as possible and let it flow. I'm finally happy to get my life running this way as it should be.

The end~

Author's notes:

Thank you very much for reading this and I am happy to say this is officially completed! I hope I gave this a worthy reading to anyone who took interests and waited patiently with me on this. I never thought to actually complete this without Team04Phantom since she inspired me to write it again!

If you have any questions towards Famulus, feel free to review or PM me to learn more. Famulus are supposed to be carrying babies for every five years until they have a set of five. After that, they get a break for a 100 years and resumed to carrying babies for every 10 years - unless sooner if the masters wants more - until they have five. They get a completion of carrying the babies. However, it is really up the Dominate and Submissive masters to decide how many babies they want. Famulus don't have a choice in the matter and must follow the instinct towards their body, if they try to deny or refuse a baby, more than likely a big fuse bomb (not literally) goes off to arrange the pregnancy. However, if miscarriage or baby is killed, they would be more than likely to have some time within 10 years or less, depending on how much they bonded with the baby during the pregnancy stages. With Michelangelo, he does not bond with the baby at all and he has no feelings for them until they are born. He becomes attach and overly protective of his baby. As for Dani, if she has lost her baby, she would have been in depression state for about a few years and her body will shut down to refuse any new baby. Once her body restores back to normal and her depression ease off, her body would be ready, yet her mind is still not over. So, thankfully that did not happen and she displays overprotective mother and extremely attach to her daughter.

With falling in love with a famulus as a master, it is a rare case like Dani and Valerie's relationship. It isn't easy, especially when a master is both dominate and submissive master since they can control anything over their famulus. However, Valerie is not the type to be having this much power or has any use of powers. She feels more responsible or rather be told what to do. Dani slowly trusts Valerie because she never saw Valerie changes who she is. For a Famulus's child to accept a new parent is when they seek at their mother's approval and will provide their own approval. Primavera took a slow acceptance towards Valerie, but she made sure her mom approved of Valerie. If the Famulus's child rejects the new 'parent', then the mother has to try to find someone else to be the master/s.

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