Okay, this is a request by Team04Phantom and it took about...what, three to four weeks at least?

Anyway, it is a Dani's POV and an exclusive. It is 13 pages long and much worth it to write this out.

So, your warning: yuri, cuss, Dash, and pregnancy

~Exclusive Chapter~

-Dani's Point of View-

I get a tug every second of the day and given me a calling name. I don't think it is easier than I can expect. If I ignore it, then I would be caught eventually. It's harder to explain, but it's there. It was so much to take it in within two days, but I learned to process this through well.

Valerie is my master as in dominate and submissive master. I knew it was rare, but it wasn't unheard of. I was afraid she'd have me wrapped around her finger and I dislike it when people use me for their own gain. Valerie had come along the long way for my daughter and me. She was willing to work hard rather forced me to accept my place.

Danny trusted me with her and I knew he wasn't a fond of Dash much. Dash did bully him back then, but I learned the truth why he did. Dash was jealous of Danny, having such loyal friends, and everyone likes him the most. Dash saw it as a popularity threat around my cousin. Now, Dash feels he rather have Phantom than me. In his eyes, he only saw me as a substitute for Phantom and he knows what we're capable of.

If I dared to think of him, my night is over. He would beaten me up to no end and I would beg him to stop. It hurts so badly to the point I was willing to behave and please him. He would only hurt me when he felt like it.

He kicked me in places where my bones were broken and he keeps going as if I'm hard toy to break. His emotions were filled with hatred, envy, and furious for whatever reason. He would blame everything on me and he gave me no mercy. No matter how good I have been for a famulus, I didn't feel safe at all.

He would cause me to bleed, my lips split open, my nose running down with blood, and my eyes all black from his hits. He threw a vase at me, commanded that I do not go intangible or leave at all, and I was forced to obey him.

I acted a good little girl to him and tried to please him. Once he calmed down, he forced me to kiss him and pin me down. He molested me to no end and I had to follow along to whatever he wanted. If it pleased him, then I wouldn't be hurt anymore. Once he's done with me, he tells me to not leave the room until he or Joey say so. I would lie in bed, healing all over again, and my mind would wonder if I still be with my little girl.

I have been reliving the nightmares countless of times and could not escaped. There were moments when I almost left Valerie, to almost seek out forgiveness, and ask him to be my master again. Valerie held onto me and told me that I deserved better than him. That I deserves the best of life, even if she is my new master rolled in one.

Valerie has always been through the worse scenario situation. She put up with my screaming at night and helped me get through. She learned that I could not wake up from such horrendous experiences. Once I wake up, Valerie listened to me and touched me gently and slowly. I was too swoon by her touch and craved more. I felt safe with her.

My body curled up to her, begging her to not leave me or take my daughter away, and clung onto her for dear life. She had told me straight to the point that she will never leave me and that my daughter is really mine alone. Eventually, she added on that my daughter will do anything to keep me happy as well. I believed her, as long Danny trusts her with me, and I did not see anything wrong with that.

Valerie saved me from Dash and Joey, especially with Dash. Joey did not have much of an impact on me and he just set the rules for me. I accepted it anyway, but Dash was a whole other story.

Speaking of him…I got a letter from my former master. At first, I was going to ignore it and then, I got confused. Why would Dash send a letter to me? Why directly towards me alone? He should be so damn lucky he's alive at all, especially he knows our secret of being a halfa! He could release our personal secret and I had to be careful. I opened it up and read it.

Dear Danielle,

I'm sorry. I was out of line and I should have not abused you. I understand of your fear of being separated by our daughter. I want to see our daughter. I still want to be a part of her life forever. She has to know where her father comes from. I want her to have some quality times with me. You know I won't hurt Primavera. She's my girl too.

I got Primavera a bear. I thought it would tell her I still love her no matter what. How's she's doing? Is she doing well in school? I hope she is, after all, she is a Baxter kid too.

Dashiel K. Baxter

I growled at the letter. She's my kid too! She's a Fenton and Phantom kid! I shredded up the letters and couldn't believe his nerves! After all, I still had nightmares of him abusing me endlessly. He thinks he has the nerve to get Primavera? The entire world does not even know I even exist! He wouldn't be able to get a hand on my daughter! As for the bear, it was cute and hated to see it thrown out.

"Danielle? What's wrong?" My master came into the room with her sad teal eyes of hers.

My head shook, "Idiotic Baxter. He's trying to get our daughter and I won't let him." I frowned.

She nodded, "Of course he can't get her, especially when Prima doesn't remember a thing." She pulled me into her arms for comfort, "Now, don't get upset over what he wrote. I'm surprised he attempt to try again. It's been a year and a half now."

I snorted, "No kidding and I know…I shouldn't be. I don't want anything happening to our baby."

Her dark hands placed on the four months baby bump and we waited out for a while. It wasn't easy to plan on a child, especially when Valerie has no idea how to impregnate me Famulus naturally. She was lucky I knew how and all she had to do is put two fingers into her mouth, lick it well, and thrust it into me like a dick would go in. My body molded into her arms and she tightened her arms around me.

"Prima is planning staying after school for her soccer ball team. Do you want to go walk around in town?" Val offered.

I smiled, "I'd like that. Daddy never seems to like the idea of letting us leave the manor he gave us. Of course, Danny thinks it will keep us safe. But, I don't like being cooped up in a house all day right now."

My master chuckled and I was happy to be hers. In a way, she gained powers she never thought to develop and I was able to build it up for her. Primavera sees Valerie as a daddy, so in a way, she forgot about Dash. I don't think I ever need to worry about him as much.

We both grabbed coats on, considering it is the beginning of fall, and winter is just around the corner. We walked in hands, found ourselves in the Amity Park, and people were minding their own business. It was a bit windy, but the sun made autumn seems so colorful of the year.

We ended up heading into this small store that's filled with lovely treats. Valerie doesn't usually get into them unless I start asking her if she wants something. Let's say daddy gives me his money share and she has her own money from her business company for literature. She's increasing her salary twice because of having children literary. Primavera gets excited for a new book to read and she reads it after dinner.

The store has a varieties of cookies to pick from, a few cheesecake, and a couple of sweet tarts. Their drinks are common like most doughnut shop and gas store would provide, even restaurants would have. I was in the mood for these strawberry milk and requested a large.

"I'll be getting some lunch in the other store. Will you meet me at our usual bench at the park?" Valerie wondered.

I smiled and nodded, "Okay, that sounds good."

Her teal eyes were pleased and she went out the store to get our lunch. She knew I would change my craving so easily and I decided to buy our favorite peanut butter cookies and some with chocolate chuck. Once it's all paid for, I left and walked over to the main center park-

"-Dani! Wait up! I want to talk to you!" His voice called out enough for my attention.

My body wanted to trigger invisibility, but within my views, humans were surrounded, and easily see me. There was no way I wanted to be involved secrecy danger right now, I couldn't afford being stressful during my condition, and it wouldn't be easy. I turned slowly to see my former submissive master.

He hasn't changed. I stepped back once he stopped in front of me and he was smiling away as if the past has never existed. I kept myself within distance and the memories turned too fresh in my mind. My emotions remained frozen, not eager to seek for protection, and my arms wrapped around my bump to secure protection.

"What do you want?" I hissed at him, not in the mood be seen around with him.

He still smiled, "I wanted to see how you are doing."

"Just handy dandy…until you showed up."

"Listen, I'm not going to hurt you or anyone else again. I mean it," He looked directly in eyes of mine, "I took a year of anger management class. I passed it and I did it for both of you girls. I was stupid, I can admit that. I am so sorry for messing up. I…I wish to be friends and that I can still be a part of Primavera's life again. She's my daughter too. I'm not going to take you to court or anything, but can't I see her at least once a week on your term?"

He attempted to get close to me and I backed up a bit. He may have said what he has been doing and thought to do. The chances are, I can easily deny him of everything and he will never control me. I can protect myself now and he can't stop me from that. Right now, I wanted Valerie nearby me and she'd tell him off at least. Right now, I had to do what was best in my own position.

"Don't get it? You put me through hell. You destroyed my innocent and I already had enough on my plate as it is. I don't want you near my daughter." I had to say that, he had to know he does not have the privilege of my daughter just because she's related to him.

His head shook, "I'm sorry! How many times do I have to say it? I'm not asking much! I only ask to be a part of her life! You know very well that Joey can't give birth and neither can I!"

I scoffed, "Sorry won't change what I have suffered, Baxter! You lost your chance the moment my cousin saved us."

He growled and suddenly, he leaned in as he slapped across my face. Dash could not stand it any longer and I was deny him everything. I gasped and felt somewhat scared. He is doing it again, not caring about the people in public, and here I was…in a risk to lose this special baby.

"DASH!" I heard someone growled loudly against him, "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR DAMN ASS!" Her voice was furious from a distance, but she wasn't that far.

Dash grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him as I yelped, "Lay off, Grey! This is her and my business!"

The blond was being an idiot and he doesn't realizes the risk he's being in. He does not know who Valerie is or even as the huntress.

"Danielle, get over here now." She insisted.

She knew when to demand me and I would do it willingly. My arm went intangible and rushed up over to her. Dash tried to come after me, but he failed to realize I was untouchable. Valerie hugged onto me when I gave her access to me. She glared at her enemy.

"What the hell are you thinking? You lost your chance with her, Dash and she's mine!"

"I-" His hands tried to yank out his hair, "-I just want to see my daughter!"

Valerie snorted, "Oh please, she doesn't even remember a thing about you and she sees me as her daddy now. So, am I going to kick your damn ass or what?"

Dash wasn't threatened by her, yet, the former master was not pleased. He lurched out to her and Valerie set out her roundhouse kick against him. His body was slammed down and his eyes lit up. He was shocked anyone could take him down so easily. Dash quickly stood up and ready to tackle her down. She stood in a horse stance and he failed to move her. She used her elbow to slam into his rib area and he groaned. She stood up straight, grabbed a hold of his shoulders, and kneed him in the stomach.

Dash fell down in so much pain. He doesn't realize those moves are the familiarity of self-defense. I knew she's the ninth degree black belt. She bent down to make eye contact and she glared at him. She pointed at him directly.

"If I see your fucking face around my Danielle, you have another thing coming!" Valerie huffed and stood up.

She came up to me, cuddled her arms around me, and walked me along to our favorite park. My mind struggled to escape from the past, but Dash crossed the line. My hand soothed my cheek. It seems silly for a ghost fighter to worry about a slap on the face, but as a victim, it brings up too many memories. Valerie had us sat down and she pulled out my favorite turkey submarine meal.

"Sweetie, eat up now. You can't starve yourself when you're carrying our baby." She reminded me.

I nodded, "Okay," I nibbled on my sub and tried to chase away those thoughts.

It was so much to sink in with everything. Dash wanted Primavera one way or another and I refused to allow it. Valerie is Primavera's dad and I don't care if they are not related. We're family based on love.

"You don't need to be brave. You can always call my name if you're scared or when he shows up." She kissed my forehead.

I nodded and curled up a bit onto her, "I know…but I have been having nightmares of him again."

She held me tightly, "Daydream this time?"

I nodded and she did not continue to ask. She knew the details and it wasn't easy. I wept without a second thought and buried my face onto her neck. She held me together and let me express myself. It was too much and I left myself unguarded around him. No matter what, I could never feel safe when I am alone with Dash. He changed me without even knowing. No matter how many times he went to the anger management to get help. Dash Baxter will never change.

"Wh-when will he stop?" I shredded my tears and found myself too shaken up.

I nearly thought he gave up, but he never did. For the first seven months, he wrote letters and telling that things will change around for the best. He was still insisting to see Primavera and he was trying so hard. When he stopped writing a letter, he eventually must have thought of his past and his behavior around me. I guessed he took anger management to try and change himself. That's something he cannot help it. The past is the past, but the experiences remained there forever. Dash has changed me.

"I can ask Manson to put a restraining order spell on him. He won't be able to come near you or any of us girls and our baby ever again." Valerie suggested.

I sniffled and looked up at her. She always surprised me the most.

"You don't think she'd mind?"

Valerie chuckled, "She cares about you as much as she cares about Danny. I doubt there would be a problem." Her hand soothed my back, "Come on, let's finish up lunch and we'll hunt her down before we go to your Uncle Jack's house."

Danny's dad wanted to be my father and I could not fit myself see him as my dad. Vlad is always my dad and I belonged to his family. So, Jack chose to be my uncle and I felt better. He found out I was pregnant through my cousin and couldn't avoid it. Maddie tried too, but I couldn't see it either. To me, she's my aunt and she's fun. Jazz went either way with being a cousin, sister, or my personal psychologist. Most of the times, she's there when I needed her the most.

Danny's family is nice and I appreciated to be a part of it. Even Raven considered me as her aunt as she does for Danny as an uncle. I remember how lonely I felt when it came to being family-less almost and Danny was the only one I have. He's practically my cousin.

Sometimes, Danny tends to stand out like a big brother when he goes into a protective mode. It made me feel secured and other times ridiculous when I can protect myself. Then, who am I kidding? We're exactly like only we fell in love with different people without realizing. He changed so much since we first met when I was only two months old. Daddy turned around when I was two years old and did everything the best he could to restore our relationship. At first, it struck out odd and confusing for me, but he meant it everything. He allowed me to monitor him and his powers for long as I wanted and I went four months to test that. Daddy proved himself to me and explained why he did this. Now, I understood. He only wanted love and I told him I wanted to flee for the world.

Daddy respected that and welcomed me home anytime. I was happy to have a daddy then and now. There were no way of turning back and sometimes, he enjoys spoiling me.

"Danielle, I believe that's…Phoenix Sage is Sam, right?" Valerie could not tell from time to time.

My master does not spend time with everyone I know of and she tries her best to sink in all from her perspective.

"Yes, that's Sam. You do realize as a witch, that is her true form from her magic family of generation, right?" I made sure she hasn't forgotten either.

"How about this over with before we get any complications like Dash spying on or something?"

I agreed with my master and someone finally noticed us from her broom flight. It's funny how she loved the whole mystical stuff, especially when it comes to being a witch in her own eyes. Sam is someone we can easily expect, even for her Gothic side. She landed in front of us, her hand twisted to trigger a spell naturally, and a dark purple dome gave us privacy. No one could see or hear anything under this dome of hers.

"How's my couples doing?" Sam smirked, she loves kids…she just hadn't admitted that yet.

Valerie pulled me into her arms to protect me, unfortunately, she doesn't easily trust Sam, "We're alright…but we have an issue."

The witch kept curling into a smirk, which frightens me a bit, "Danny has been bugging me for the first two years. So, are you ready for Dash to be restrained three hundred feet away from Prima and you?" She looked at me.

Somehow, being a clone doesn't always depart from who we truly are. Danny is stronger than me through his experiences. Right now, I couldn't bear the thoughts of being close to Dash at all or towards Primavera. It had to stop before it could get worse. I nodded and Sam smiled caringly. Her eyes formed a darker shade and her hair floated as if she's undersea. Her voice turned into the sound of Salem witch chanting – of course, rarely anyone knew that – and the spell was only a start.

Her magic floated around me like adding jelly coating and it sent shivered down for my body, but I could hardly tell a thing with the temperature. I apparently resemble the same core as the original core is. I watched how the colors of her magic gave many sensations as I was curious why they felt familiar. Suddenly, the jelly whipped away in a speed before I could register in my mind to what happened.

Sam's hair fallen down instantly and her eyes blinked back to normal of her familiar purple lily eyes. It did not really last more than a minute and Valerie hugged onto him happily.

"There. Dash can no longer reach you or Primavera. The only way he can come close to you as if he is a ghost. However, we all know he does not believe in dying to become a ghost." Phoenix Sage pointed out.

Valerie nodded, "Thanks. I'm glad you were already prepared for this, Manson."

Sam and Valerie tend to stay on good term of each other, but it isn't easy to prevent their argument. At least when I am here, they're calm and friendly as they can be. The gothic witch removed her dome and nodded for her welcome in return. She flew off with her broom – which I have to try after this baby is born.

Valerie and I headed over to the Fenton's house for the promise to my Uncle Jack. It was so peaceful now, I could not imagine how wonderful it felt now. At first, I hated to be a famulus and I automatically accepted my role. However, I regretted it confessing it to Danny the truth. Still, he looked after me when no one else could and he did his best.

My master cares, protects, guides, and loves me no matter what. She treated me equally with Primavera as if we're her world. We're looking forward to this new baby in five months.

My daughter is excited to be a big sister and she said she already knows the baby's gender. She hasn't admitted what gender and Valerie and I had wondered how she could have known. We haven't had a sonogram to tell us the result. Aunt Maddie said we can find out, but we wanted to be surprised. The thing is, we noticed Prima has been knowing things like lottery numbers or who's visiting.

Daddy did some research and he said it is common that children have psychic ability, but it is rare when their ability fades away by the time they reach seven. However, some would remained in touch of their ability if they were not discourage. We knew psychic exists, but we weren't too sure how to help her. Prima is very sensitive and does not likes to speak of her ability. So far, she hasn't seen anything ugly and her innocent is still safe.

Although, she adores her uncle Danny and whispers some things that I could not understand. He nodded along and accepted what she had to say. Danny mentally told me there was nothing to worry and that Prima is a bit advance than my kids with her powers. It did relieved me from the idea for her and helped us get used to the idea.

Valerie and I do plan to have a couple more kids in a year after our little bundle of joy is born. We want Prima to have all the family love she can get.

Four months later, time has flown by so quickly and Valerie is at work. Prima is with me as she is drawing. She seems very excited and she was just drawing bunch of flowers. She's eight years old now and very bright as her cousins.

"Does flowers make you happier, Prima?" I leaned in a bit, where I am on the large couch and she's sitting on the floor with the coffee table.

She glanced up at me happily, "These flowers are going to be here very soon. I got you the teal ones."

I calculated in the back of my head to understand why flowers were needed. I still had a month left, the anniversary wasn't for another three months, her birthday had already passed, and Valerie's birthday isn't until November. My birthday is in two months. So, why are the flowers coming here soon? Is Valerie planning something?

"Sweetie, can you tell me what goes on in your vision with the flowers?" I had to show some interests, she knows we all have powers in the family. She just knew how things are in reality.

She set her color pencil down and placed a hand on the baby bump, "The baby is coming, mom." She soothing, "Can I get the bag? Daddy is on the way because of your emotions."

My brows formed and it took me a few minutes realize. I glanced down and saw my water broke. I gasped and realized why she meant the flowers. It couldn't be for another month!

"Yes!" I groaned in pain.

Prima leapt up and skedaddled at the door. I was too afraid of pain and couldn't understand why now? I whimpered in such pain and hated it so much. My hands curled around the bumps and felt too afraid.

"Valerie! My master!" I whispered her name and title in whispers.

I knew she could not exactly leave work during a meeting like today, but I was afraid. This baby couldn't be coming in this early! I still had a month left to go and why is this baby coming out already?

A rush of wind hits my face and glanced up to see where the wind had come from. The worried face of my lover is in her formed suit and commanded her board to fly over to me within distance. She jumped off as the board vanished and met up to my attention. My hand freely clasped around her elbow and groaned painfully at the sharp pain I felt by my back spine. My organs couldn't stand the intensive pain shooting up inside of me.

"What's wrong baby girl?" Valerie tried to hold onto me, but she was way unbalanced because my strength has increased on her elbow and she tried to hold back her pain.

Someone is skipping back into the room with a small bag and swinging it happily. She saw her daddy in the room – somehow expected this.

"Mommy is having a baby today!" She cheerfully squealed, "I already called Great Uncle Jack we are on the way. He doesn't know, though, but he will know as soon as we get there." She finished skipping until she reached up to us, "Can I teleport us there?"

Valerie hasn't been used to her vision ability, but she accepted how far she came with her powers to her advancement. I had to wonder when she developed her visions by and how it played in her life. She seems to control them well.

Right now, I was in too much pain and screamed unbearably where it seems like several of my bones were to be broken, yet, none were. It's how it felt and I clung tightly onto my master to hang on for my life.

"Please, as long it doesn't tire you out, Primavera." Valerie usually calls her by her full name rather than a nickname.

Prima's hand touched my arm and the swirl has caused my stomach turn ill. My head couldn't think straight and almost fell forward to the floor. Luckily, my lover caught me and prevented that.

"Girls! It's great to see you! How's…" Uncle Jack paused and noticed my uncomfortable position, "Mads! We got code red! Get the hospital lab going ASAP!" He shouted out for her to hear throughout the lab she's in.

Everything was too much based on pain and lack of my personal concentration. All I knew was everyone was helping me out, including my daughter. She stayed in the living room, but she contacted others to be aware of what was going on and Valerie…she stood by my side, I think. It was too much, exhausting, and overwhelming for me. I wanted this to fucking end!

Nothing had made sense to me and I was deathly afraid for the newborn's life. I knew it was too soon. Five weeks early wasn't right. The truth was scaring me more and I wasn't too sure what to expect.

I cried for my daddy and sensed his core. He joined us and his hands on my head and hand. He allowed me to squeeze his hand while I held Valerie's at the same time. Vlad kissed my forehead and it cooled down my core since it is overworking. I wept in fear.

"Daddy, I don't want to lose this one." I told him.

Those dark blue eyes stared at me, "You aren't. You know Uncle Jack will do everything in his power to save your baby. He hasn't failed any of us and he will not fail you." He brushed back my hair, but he didn't care if I was sweating up from pain.

I nodded slightly, but he stayed here anyway. I wanted him to be a part of this and Valerie gave me a smile. Is she confident everything will be fine? Does she trust Mr. Fenton this much to make it alright? I couldn't imagine losing my baby since they mean a world to me, even Prima!

My uncle came up with a smile – and almost white hair now – and he has his operation gloves. He knew what to do and met my eyes first.

"Danielle, when you feel the urge to push. Do it. The baby's heart beat is fine and seems to be in a good shape from the sonogram. I cannot pinpoint on why this early yet, but I do not see any health harm." Uncle Jack said to me.

I nodded, trying to recall the times I gave birth, and how little energy going into labor has put me through so much massive of energy. I knew what to expect this time, but I knew I had a choice to ask daddy to get my baby. I wanted to save some trouble.

"I-" Grunted in a bit of pain, "-want daddy to get the baby." I felt breathless already.

Uncle Jack looked at his best friend and offered some space to allow intangibility birth. Danny did tell me it was much easier and quicker to go through. It only lasted an hour for him and to me, I did not want to go through more than five hour of labor. This would save the trouble of knowing the baby's health or mine out of risk. Valerie respected my decision, considering she doesn't have to be the one carrying them, and I wanted to carry them all.

Daddy released me and joined Uncle Jack willingly. His hands went intangible and phased through me to join into the baby's womb. He smiled and I felt the kick against my spinal as I screamed my lungs out. He slowly pulled the baby out and the screaming revealed. Uncle Jack immediately took the baby and went into the medical care section of this Fenton Hospital. Aunt Maddie took over to clean my inside, but it was too late now. My body was automatically fixing itself up in a matter of minute.

Valerie cradled me in her arms and the thing is…I was worried. My body jittering uncontrollably and my eyes watched the curtain where my baby is behind. My aunt was checking my vitals, hormones level, and other things. She kept trying to hold up a smile.

My core was stretched out to its limit and it forced me to collapse into my sleep. I wanted to stay up desperately, but my eyes shield everything out into the dark. Everything was too much to handle and I refused to find out something very wrong.

My body was aching, yet, no longer wanted to sleep in more than necessary. I knew that I was healing still, but I can't rush the core's ability. My eyes fluttered opened and saw the dark skin face with dark long hair on my right side. She smiled at me happily.

"How long was I out?" My voice croaked, but I managed to speak.

Her fingers brushed back my hair for me to see her better, "Two hours. You're so beautiful when you're sleeping."

I laughed shortly, "At least you enjoyed it…ho-how-how's the b-b-baby?" Too afraid to learn the horrible news.

A premature baby is rare, but it would take a miracle to ensure that. Valerie kept smiling when I asked that and for some reason, her face shows she doesn't know a thing. My master really knew how to be loyal for me and never once treated me like her slave like most ghost masters would. I was one of the lucky ones for a famulus to fall in love with their master.

"I don't know. I told Uncle Jack to wait until you're awake. I do not know a thing and I want to go through this with you no matter what." She kissed my temple.

I took a deep breathe and nodded slowly. My body was able to sit up now and found that I was completely healed now. I wasn't aching or worn out anymore. Sleep helps to process it quickly and now, I began to understand why Vlad needed those months to heal those cancer away.

"Ah, good to see you're awake, kiddo." Uncle Jack said.

I turned to see tired man, "Yeah…I want…to see my baby. No, our baby."

Mr. Fenton nodded and waited for me to come off my bed. Valerie held onto me and we walked slowly over to the curtain. My uncle opened the curtain and revealed a sleeping baby in the modified crib. There were only vital wires as it is monitoring the heartbeats, ectoplasm level, and core healing. The machine stated all normal level and processes. My head picked up at the man who helped.

"It's a boy. He is quite the easy survivor. Once he was taken here, all of his organs were able to heal immediately and still remained to look like a premature baby. Well, he looks like a newborn right now." Uncle Jack explained, "Apparently, your body thought no needs to carry a nine month term and felt it was time for him to be born. Maddie did some ghost biology research through the ghost zone and she found out that most female ghosts don't carry for more than eight months. It is the male that carries between nine to eleven months, depending on circumstances." He was proud to admit.

I blinked and a smile curled up on my face. I walked up to my baby boy and my fingers danced on his small cheeks. Valerie joined me. We were seeing half dark skin, dark little hair like slight buzz cut hair almost, and he has her nose. The baby boy did not flinched at my touch and I adored him with all my love.

"Valerie, it's our baby! A son! We have a son," The tears were trickling down my cheeks happily and she hugged me to celebrate.

"Our baby boy."

I nodded hurriedly and Uncle Jack set off the machine. He removed the wires and wrapped him in a blue blanket. He handed my son to me and we held him together. It was the happiest day of my life and knowing this baby is more of a newborn than a premature. I was so worried, but it was worth having him in my life.

"What do you want to name him, Val?" I asked her, knowing that she deserved to name him this time.

Her teal eyes widened, "Y-yo-are you sure? You carried him for eight months and gave birth to him, don't you want to name him?"

My head shook, "No, I already named our daughter. Now, it is your turn, daddy." I grinned.

Her eyes drifted over to our son, "I've always wanted to name a boy Lorant."

The name echoed in my mind and how fitting it sounded to me. I played a few names for a middle name and hummed a bit. She watched me lost in my thoughts a bit and figured out a good one.

"Lorant Flynn Masters-Grey, what do you think?" I looked at her finally.

"I think," She looked at our son, "It fits him perfectly." She leaned in to kiss Lorant's forehead, "Welcome home, Lorant Flynn Masters-Grey."

Lorant wiggled a bit and fighting with his own eyes to open up. We were excited with our baited breathe and leaned in to see what may be for his own eyes.

His eyes finally opened and showed beautiful light brown eyes. We awed to see how light they were and he saw us. I can tell he can recognize I am his mother and this other woman is his father. He saw nothing of our gender issue and accepted us to raise him well. We were happy to meet the little guys.

Primavera joined us as she cheered, knowing her sibling's gender already before, and she knew his name as well. Valerie was shocked because we just decided the name already. Yet, I grew used to it because powers are special and it's something to trust with. Primavera nodded and I did not understand why. She turned to me with a smile and told me that Lorant thought out to her that he is hungry and wishes to eat now.

Valerie and I had no idea what to expect, but we were prepared to see what our son might give us from now to the end of our lives. Everyone was happy to meet him, even daddy and he was willing to hold Lorant for a little while. Danny was joined in with bunch of flowers and I saw the teal ones. Now, I understood the meaning of teals and she picked it because she adores her baby brother. Danny claimed he knew the gender, but he didn't take in too much of what he knew. He went along with it and let Prima be.

His kids were fascinated with another baby in sight and seeing how different they were. Of course, they were used to seeing different newborns and not realizing parents are the genetic factors. However, I doubt Daddy and Danny wants to make a concern for that until they are old enough to understand.

Valerie and I took turns holding our baby. We awed in what he did and made sure he received what he needed. I supposed Prima is close with her brother, but we figured it was because of her vision. Right now, we're trying our best and deal things when it comes. Lorant is now part of our lives. I was happy enough to trust Valerie to never take my kids away – even if they are hers as well, but she knew enough to not cross the line. Being a famulus isn't an easy task, but I follow through to the best I can.

Lorant is sleeping in my arms in the living room of Fenton's home and I was sleeping on Valerie. My body turned out to be exhausted when I barely had much of sleep and energy in me, but I was holding him. The worries and panic faded away and felt secured by everyone. We were happy even more.

Before ending this, yes, Lorant can send mind messages mainly. And yes, Primavera is a psychic halfa.

Other than that, thank you~

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