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It was a calm peaceful day in a rural part of Italy until a loud deep roar (accompanied by a large stream of bright orange flames) tore through the air that was quickly followed by a rush of voices.

"Hurry up Raivis! That spot's dangerous! There's another one headed your way!"

"I-I'm trying! W-Where's the spell? I thought you had it!"

"I-I have it right here!" Then there was another different roar followed by a bright flash of white light that covered the entire area for a few seconds.

"A-are you both alright..?" The brunette man asked his two companions, a blond man with glasses, and a shaking teenage boy.

"W-We're fine Toris…w-what should we do now?" Raivis asked as he looked between the two of them and over to the two unconscious men on the ground. Both looked very similar with hair curls but one had a curl that was on the left side of his head and the other man had darker hair with his curl on the right side. "B-But I guess it's a good thing that Arthur's spell created clothes for them right?" Raivis asked with a shaky smile.

"I-I guess so." Toris answered with a smile of his own. "But think that Mr. Ivan wants us to take them back right away." Then he turned to the man with glasses. "You have the pictures to show him right Eduard?"

Eduard nodded then held them up. "Right here. But..I did find one problem…."

Both of the other flinched when he said that. "W-Well..let's just tell Mr. Ivan the good news first…" Toris said as he started moving one of the unconscious men onto a cart. "M-Maybe it'll put him in a good enough mood…"


When they had went back and reached the large sets of tents they set the unconscious bodies down in one before slowly walking towards a mediums size tent that served as an office.

"M-Mr. Ivan…are you in…?" Toris tentatively asked while Eduard and Raivis hid behind him.

The large Russian man looked up at them and smiled brightly. "ah, da! Come in! did it go? Did you get what I wanted?"

"Y-Yes sir..A-Arthur's magic worked perfectly! H-Here's the pictures that Eduard drew of them…" Toris stuttered as he handed the papers over. "A-As you can see they both look very different from each other.."

"Hm…da..they both look very good." Ivan muttered to himself as he looked at both drawings. But then he looked up and looked Toris in the eye. "But there is something you're not telling me. I suggest that you tell me soon before I'm forced to do something~." He said with a dark smile and muttering a small 'kolkolkol' under his breath.

Toris immediately broke down and cried, "I-I'm sorry sir! But we don't have the means to keep both! We have to sell one! I'm really really very sorry Mr. Ivan!"

"Oh…" Ivan said with a very disappointed expression. "Just after doing all this work we have to get rid of one of our new friends…well…The white one does look like he has very pretty coloring~. But..I guess I'll keep the black one. He looks like the bigger one and is more imposing. That would make him look a lot better in my zoo. All three of you agree da?"

"Y-Yes Mr. Ivan!" All three of them cried/stuttered.

Ivan smiled brightly at them, "Very well then. Now we can start setting up for the day." He said as he waved them all off with his hand. "Now things will be even more fun now~."


Blinking a little at the bright light in his face, Lovino slowly started to rub his face with his hand…HAND? Why would he have hands? What happened to his claws and scales? And where the hell was his brother Feliciano? But a loud cheerful voice interrupted his thought, "Ahahaha~ looks like you're finally awake!"

"AGH!" Lovino cried out and jumped back falling onto the floor. "What the hell?" Then he glared up at the Spanish man smiling down at him while rubbing a collar that had somehow showed up around his neck.

"Ahahaha~ are you okay? I guess I should have warned you huh? My name's Antonio! Here! Let me help you up." Antonio said as he held out his hand only to have it be slapped away by Lovino. "Don't fucking touch me bastard. There's no way in hell I want something to do with a human." Lovino spat out and his glare deepened.

But Antonio only laughed and said, "But I'm not human! None of us in this tent are!" Taking advantage of Lovino's shock Antonio reached out and helped pull him to his feet. "So what's your name?"

"L-Lovino.." Lovino said as he started to look around the large tent and noticing that everyone one else in the tent had on a collar too. "But what the hell do you mean by no one here is human? And what the fuck happened to me? Why the hell am I human dammit?"

"Ah…" Antonio said with a thoughtful look. "Well…this place is a zoo for all sorts of magical animals and creatures. But because this is a traveling zoo they created human forms so everyone is easier to move around in between showings. So that's why you look human. I'm actually a sand fairy." He chirped.

"…a sand fairy?"

"SI~! We're what the sandman legend is based off of!" Antonio said with a bright smile. Then he started pointing at the different people in the room. "The one with the ponytail is Yao, he's a Qilin! I think that's some type of unicorn because that's how he looks when he's in his true form." Then he pointed to a quiet Japanese man who was talking to a loud blond. "The one with black hair is Kiku! He's a kitsune! And the one talking to him is Alfred! He's a merman!"

"Why the hell are all of you here then..?" Lovino asked as he looked back at Antonio.

"Well…we're in the same position as you. We were all taken from our homes and forced to look like this. All so numerous strangers can stare at us…" Antonio said with a sad smile. But then he brightened up and asked, "Oh! I forgot to ask! What are you?"

Lovino rolled his eyes and puffed out his chest slightly, "I'm a fucking drag-!" But he was cut off when he was grabbed from behind and gagged.

After fighting and struggling Lovino was brought to the largest tent along with the others. Then he, Yao, Kiku, and Alfred were forced into various sized cages (with Lovino's being the largest), actually only Lovino, Yao, and Kiku were locked in cages Alfred was put into a large aquarium.

"A-Alright Arthur. We're ready for you to do the release spell." Toris stuttered as he turned to look at a man with very large eyebrows on his face.

Arthur nodded then pulled out a spellbook that he flipped through. When he found the page he wanted he started chanting in a loud clear voice that rang throughout the entire tent.

As the chanted continued Lovino felt his muscles bulging and tightening against his skin, while his teeth grew longer and his nails started turning into claws. Then he felt himself growing larger while his tail and wings grew back. After the transformation was done Lovino looked around to noticed that all of the others had returned to their own true form, except that since Lovino was so large now Antonio only looked like a small ball of light.

"Ooh~! So Lovi's a dragon! Wow! You look so cool Lovi!" Antonio chirped as he flew up to look Lovino in the eye. "Is that what you were going to say? Can you tell me more? Oh…but you probably can't talk right now…"

"I can talk perfectly fine bastard. And don't call me 'Lovi'" Lovino growled. "Huh? I can hear your voice in my head!" Antonio exclaimed while looking shocked.

Lovino only rolled his eyes, "Of course bastard. How else would I be able to fucking talk when I'm like this? All dragons can do this. And before you start rambling no one else can hear me right now because I'm directing it at you."

"OHH! That so cool~!" Antonio chirped. "What else can you do? You're the first dragon I've met!"

"Ugh..what the hell is your damn problem…?" Lovino asked before his ears perked up. "Who the hell is that coming? I don't like the sound of the bastard."

"Huh?" Antonio asked before he heard the cheerful voice of Ivan. "oh.. it's him. He's the one who did this to all of us…" he answered with a glare at Ivan before he flew off.

"Ah~ so here's our newest addition da?" Ivan asked as he walked up to Lovino's cage. "I was right! You'll be perfect for this zoo~." He chirped with a smile. "But it's a shame that I had to sell your brother would be perfect to have you both here~."

W-What? The bastard sold my…? Lovino thought. But shock went away as a deep rage took over with a burning starting up in his throat. Letting out as big of a flame stream as he could Lovino aimed it at the Russian man looking up at him. But the flames disappeared as soon as they hit the cage bars.

"So you're feisty..that's very good da?" Ivan said completely un-intimidated. "But, I'm your master now so you'll have to show me respect." Then he pulled on a blood red glove that he used to touch the cage with. The glove shone for a second until it started to crackle with lightening that hit Lovino square in the chest. While letting out a pained roar Lovino backed away from the front of the cage glaring at the man.

"So this will be a lesson da? Try something like that again and the pain will be worse~" Ivan said, then he turned around and walked out of the tent.

"LOVI!" Antonio cried as he flew back over. "I'm so sorry I couldn't do anything to help! He has a charm that keeps me from getting too close to him!"

"I-It's fine bastard…" Lovino panted. "I can take a hit, that fucking asshole won't get the best of me." But deep down Lovino was feeling extremely conflicted. He was scared of what was going to happen to him now since he was stuck in a place like this, he was confused since he still wasn't sure of what was going one, and lastly he was very worried about Feliciano. This was the very first time the two have ever been separated, they were always together even when they were just hatchlings. What kind of situation was Feliciano in? Lovino could only hope it was a much better one that his..

D-Dammit…now what the hell do I do..? Lovino sadly thought as customers were starting to be let in.

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