Sorry that this isn't an update but it's VERY important.

Remember last year with S.O.P.A trying to attack the internet? Well guess what, it's happening again. If they have their way you can go to JAIL for just saying a name of a character of ANYTHING on the internet!

America is supposed to a country of freedom of speech. Fanfics, game walkthroughs, fan art aren't hurting anyone in fact, they're probably helping to promote, yet they want to get you in trouble for doing just that.

DON'T let them get away from it. They were stopped last time so let's do it again. If you can then help sign a petition, tell everyone you can, repost anywhere you can, to show them we WON'T stand for it. And we will NEVER stand for it.

Petition: petitions. whitehouse. gov/ petition /stop- sopa- 2013 /LMzMVrQF# thank- you= p (just remove the spaces)