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By day.dream

"How'd I get myself into this mess?"

Sighing, I registered the unruly surroundings and almost moaned in the sudden dreadful feeling I received. I couldn't believe it, of all the damn things...this had to happened...

"Mi-chan, how much farther do we have to go?"

I mentally cringed at the adorable name she bestowed on me, wondering why such a tomboy could think of a name that cute. The first thing I wanted to retort back was, 'monkey, stop calling me that.' Of courses, keeping the icy exterior that now matched the weather perfectly, was something I had grown quit accustomed to.

"I don't know."

There, simple and plain. I didn't want to talk much to the shivering wind master and she had just asked that question two minutes ago. Talk about lack of patience.

The sudden gust of ice cold wind, blew by and ruffled my already half frozen hair. Biting my lip, I kept back the shudder that had built in the back of my throat. God, my head was pounding...

"Mi-chan, do you think the other's are ok?"

Oh, the others. Yanagi, Recca, Domon and the two of us had decided to go on a trip in the mountains. Reluctantly, I had decided I needed a vacation...though, the idea of being by Yanagi made me almost shiver in delight. This was suppose to be a nice holiday off...

The key word in that sentence is 'was'.

First, the whole Yanagi not knowing how to ski became an issue. Recca, proclaiming he would do anything for his hime, was of course the first to volunteer showing her basic ski instructions.

Big mistake...

Recca didn't have the slightest idea of the art of skiing, and ended up smashing into the hulkiest tree I've laid eyes on.
Of course, Yanagi being the healer of the group stayed with our poor leader in the cabin, crying and moaning over her dim witted ninja. I would get Recca back for making Yanagi cry. Soon as he was healed and back on his feet...he'd be back at square one.

Anyway, that left Domon, Fuuko and me. Maybe the last people I wanted to be left with, especially on a ski hill.

Domon, being on the same level of skill with skiing as his best friend Recca, didn't take long until he join the cabin also.

That left Fuuko and I.


She was good at skiing.

Very good.

Not better then me, though and we were going to race to prove it. Finally badgering me to the duel, I decided to show her who she was messing with.

After all, ice was water frozen over? My element, just a bit cooler!

After getting some lucky girl, who squealed when I asked her to start us off (^^;), we were off and running down the hill at top speed.

It's hard to admit, but I enjoyed it until...

God, I couldn't believe what she did! Top speed, straight into the 'no ski' zone! It was like she couldn't read!

"Fuuko! Don't!" I yelled out to her, deciding it would be to inhuman not to follow her and bring her out. There was a high risk of avalanche, and I don't think the rest of hokage would be happy knowing I let the wind wielder get buried by snow. Especially Yanagi, I don't think I could bear her being mad at me.

Stopping, she yelled back, "WHAT!??!!"

Ohhhh, Kirisawa! I can't believe you did that!

The great rumble of incoming snow brought her widened eyes to the top of the hill. Instantly, I quickly slid my feet from its holdings on my ski's and ran to the frozen in fear Fuuko.

"Take off your boots, Kirisawa! Take them off, quickly!"

She suddenly became alive, moving as quickly as the wind and ripping the bindings on her skis. I grabbed her wrist, and scanned the vast area of powder white snow. Concluding the best spot was the big boulder on the side, I ran as fast as I could considering I had a monkey to drag along with me.

"What's...^pant^.... Happening!?" Her breathless plea for an explanation was ignored, as we reached the boulder I had chosen to be our sanctuary. I crouched close to the freezing stone, and hugged the surprisingly frightened Fuuko to my body.

"Hold on tight, we can't let go of each other!" I screamed the command, burying my face in her purple locks (that, by the way...smelt like lilac!) ^^;

"What's happening?" She asked again, regaining a bit of breath and sounding more like herself. This time, I choose to answer her...


And at that moment, the whole world turned white.

Well, being the most intelligent person in school...I had my share of knowledge, including survival skills. Like, what to do in an avalanche (plus, what causes and avalanche, where there have been avalanche get the picture!) ^sigh^

So, scanning my brain when I saw the avalanche coming I remembered that hiding behind an object could block the chance of being buried under all that deadly snow. Deciding that even though I wasn't positive it would work, it seemed to be the only knowledgeable option at the moment.

And guess what, it worked. No surprise there, otherwise I wouldn't be reminiscing on the whole mess that started this dreadful turn of events.

My first vacation in so many years, ruined. Should have been excepting it.

We made it out fine and everything, save for the fact I had to peel off the shocked Fuuko. Guess she wasn't expecting this to happen. Should have figured out, nothing goes to well when I'm around. Jeez.

That brings us back to our current position, we're trying to look for some shelter. Doesn't look like we can walk back, so the only way is forward, right? You guessed right?


"Do you see any...^shudder^...thing?"

A gasp mixed with a shiver escapes the lips of my comrade behind me, and I decide to give her a piece of my mind! After all, she just asked me that two minutes ago and she was the one who got us into this mess!

"Monkey, I to-"

Stopping midway, I can't help but think that someone who was fighting for her life on the sinking titanic replaced Fuuko. Her hair was frozen in purple clusters all around her face, her eyes were moist and were holding back tears she was probably regretting to show anyone. Her skin was so pale, and looked clammy from the gleam it held in the moonlight. Her lips tinged with the same blue as her eyes, held my attention most. She was soaked, her winter coat and snow pants looking like she had perspired through both.

Great. I felt the anger dissolve and the painful fingers of pity grasp my heart instead.

"Mi-chan, I'm sorry...I can't go anymore..."

That made me furious! Absolutely raging with anger and all that pity washed away with the raging lava of my current emotion. It must have been the temperature, the way my toes felt like they would fall off any minute. Maybe it was the stinging sensation I felt in my fingertips, the way my eyes were moisten over and burning from the icy wind? I never was ever furious, so why'd I start to feel this way now?

I bet Fuuko didn't expect this...

"By the love of god, you can't go anymore!? May I remind you,'ve put us in this mess, so you're helping me get us out! Alright?"

"I'm sorr-"

"No, don't say anything! I don't need any apology from you, Monkey. I know you're cold, but so am I! Suck it up and act like the tough tomboy you usually are! You're not made to be girlish."


Fine? That's all she was going to say? Something must be wrong with her, because she usually did retort back. She did have some wit, ya know.

I was about to barade her with more insults, hoping to get some action from the suddenly quite Fuuko, but the blurry image of a cabin caught my sharp eyes. We found shelter, ^sigh^...I meant, I found shelter!

"Look, there's a cabin. We need to get away from the snow and wind. Follow me."

She nodded absently, jogging a bit to catch up with my long strides. Her hands hugged her body, as shivers racked her with great force. I stopped, and she bumped into my back.


I nodded, "Here we are."

We made it to the entrance, and I touched the metal door handle. Was it opened, was there an alarm? I twisted it open, and the heat from inside the secluded and empty cabin hit us with blissful warmth. Both sighing, we made our way into the cozy cabin.

"Take off your clothing."

There, said it. I was dreading this moment, seeing on how I would have to unclothe myself also. I mean, I did have a fit body...but it was private to me and Fuuko would never let it down that I was naked in front of her. She'll tell all the girls, maybe describe to some...that was Fuuko.


Her voice was surprised, and I could see the sudden heat rise in her pale cheeks. Soon her skin began to get a peachy hue, becoming healthier by the minute.

"You need to get those wet clothes off, or else you're going to get hypothermia."

It was so straightforward, I was hoping even this monkey would understand and obliged without me forcing her out of her clothes.

"Ok, turn around."

God, she was hopeless!

^To be continued

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