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by addictive
~* Chapter 3: Overcome. *Revised*


Her brow was covered with moist sweat, her eyes puckered shut as she withered in pain, her lips trembling and crying out for things he could not understand. Her breath came out in small gasps, and her hands clutched at his arms as if she would die when she let go.

I closed my eyes, wishing to the gods that this were all just a bad dream, that her moaning was only a figment of my imagination. That when I open my eyes again, they would be greeted with the sweet scenery of a warm paradise...

Not this, not some dump where I had to watch her slip away.

I gently brushed a stray silken strand of hair from her brow, watching the small drops of excretion begin their decent down her beautiful face.

Yes, I admit...she is rather attractive.

...not that most beautiful woman I've laid eyes on, but she had this wholesome look. She was real, not fake and covered with cosmetics. She didn't hide behind a mask, and I admired that greatly...even if it seemed the opposite.

Now, as I held her shaking form in my arms I couldn't help but wish my hands were free, and I was able to punch myself. Flashes of the way I acted towards her, the words I called her...the harsh way I had ordered her around. I wonder if she wanted to die, simply to be free of me.

I wouldn't let her die because I was stupid enough to blame the act of Mother Nature on her. She was probably ridden with guilt, and all due to my big mouth. The last thing she needed was to worry about what the avalanche had left in its path.

"...ouch, my head..."

I almost gasped, but before it slipped I swallowed it back to the pit of my stomach. Her beautiful eyes open, the ocean of dark blue looked at mine with pleasure. She smiled; snuggling closer, still delirious...she probably believed it was just some dream.

She closed her eyes again; relishing whatever relief she had in her mind. She sighed, content to be in my arms.

Something in me began to glow, to also savor holding the wind goddess. At least she was safe, still with me. Closure then anyone's ever been in their entire life...

Oh, if you could only understand how strongly I regret acting so crudely towards you. Looking at you now, in all this pain...yet this small sigh of joy escapes your lips, I wonder what you really feel.

Do you enjoy being in my arms, as much as I enjoy having you in them? Do you feel this fire burning in you heart, threatening to consume your mind and soul? Do you want me to kiss...


I barely notice my head has bent down to yours, and all I really feel is your small frail breaths touching my face, washing over my skin. I just want to melt, and then kick myself for even coming close to thinking such a thing.

You, Fuuko...a tomboy, a monkey...and angel. I don't know what I fell for you anymore, this night...just this one night; I begin to feel these butterflies in my stomach, see this side of her I never knew existed.

Corny, I know...but I cant just come right out and say it was love at first sight, because this isn't the first time I've seen her and-...

*sweat drop*

Lets just say I've always felt something akin to attraction towards her, and it never hit me with this force before.

But I doubt there's anything like that mingling in her heart, maybe something more towards the line of hate for me. It's not like I don't deserve anything less, so many times she has tried to be my friend and every time I pushed her away. I hope she would try again; she'd have a pleasant surprise!

I run my finger across her open lips, my eyes slowly closing as I begin to feel a lust crawl into my mind. She just looks so damn fragile, so alone...

So sexy...

I hope she doesn't feel something poking at her thigh, because it's feeling her thigh pretty damn good. Every inch of her body is pressed so tantalizingly against my own, every curve fitting into me like a missing piece.

It's so agonizing, so delicious. Her every movement was magnified, oxygen to the burning fire. I groaned a she pressed against my groin, unaware at the ideas flying through my brain. Oh gods, I don't know how long I can stand this...


Her lips lightly touched my chest, as she held onto me with all her capacity. I let out a groan, as thigh pressed against my little guy, and her eyes perked open with such speed. Oh no, time for the thunder and lightning to crash down..

On me...

I cringed slightly, awaiting her turmoil to wash over me. Maybe a punch or two would accompany her screaming, but just one punch from this feisty lady can really send you over to the world of unconsciousness...

"Are you in pain, why are you shaking like that?"

I almost sighed in relief, but I judge it would give away my current dilemma. Instead I willed myself to look in her eyes, and almost grabbed her right there. She was so stunning...

She noticed my sweat beaded face, my hoarse breathing. Her eyes filled with compassion and I gulped at the urge growing in my hands.

Not now, damnit!!!

Her hands slowly and nervously touched my face, and I felt her begin to tremble. My gaze fell on hers, and I swear the world stopped spinning.

Everyone was gone; it was just me and her. Her and me...

She closed her eyes once again, slowly inching her face toward mine. I almost chocked on the air, but I broke the urge to cough. It would interrupt this precious moment.
Her lips, so beautiful...

We touched slightly, her gasp making me deliver the passion I had been concealing for the past few hours. It was magnificent, the most breathtaking feeling I had ever felt in my whole life. Her hands wrapped around my neck, mine slowly rubbing down the side of her body. It was heaven...

We broke away, both breathing raggedly from the lack of air. She smiled, leisurely touching my chest.

"Thank you for my first kiss, Mi-chan..."

Oh, If it was up to me...that's not the only thing you'll be experiencing for the first time tonight.


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