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The chance at Love


Leonardo and his brothers lived in the swears of New York City, Leonardo was the leader, brave, strong and always put his family's life before his His brothers Raph, Mikey, and Donny always thought that the reason that Leo trained so much was because he was trying to stay their fathers best student, but what they did not know was that ever since Leo was first picked by their father to be leader their father abused Leo, he would beat Leo and make him train for days if Leo messed up in training or if one of his brothers got hurt, or if Leo failed at doing anything right. Master Splinter would take Leo to a different room and beat Leo, then make him train all night so he was really tired the next day. Of course when Leo did get beaten Splinter never left mark and if he did he would always have an excuse for them. Leo always thought about running away but then he would think about how if he left who would be the next of brothers to be abused and how he would not want what was happing to him happen to his brothers, so he stayed taking all the abuse from Master Splinter and spearing his brothers from his fate. But as the years passed he could not help but wish that one day while Splinter was beating him that one of his brothers would walk in on one of his beating seasons and stop them, then he and his brothers would run away together and live happily ever after, but he knew that would never happen because anytime Splinter would beat him he would do in secret away from his brothers, so he knew that the chances of that happing were slim to none. But one day Leos dream about how his brothers finding out about how their father beats him is about to come true thanks to girl that he and his brothers find and rescue that will change their lives forever.

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