Author's Notes: This started off life as a request from Sera-kun the mystery detective. It didn't quite end up being what Sera-kun was looking for... Sorry!

So you know this is just a drabble. If you'd like to pick up the idea and run with it just send me a pm.


How To Hunt Crows

Kudo Yusaku is a man of many talents.

A novelist and a detective by hobby he is keenly intelligent – almost uncomfortably so for those around him. He is an observer of people and a repository of knowledge. More than that, he posses the unusual ability to put seemingly incidental facts together to recreate the bigger picture.

He is, to put it simply, a person who sees straight through the muck of the world and into the great truth behind it.

I tell you this because it is the only way for you to understand what it means when I tell you that Kudo believes – full and whole heartedly – that his son will be greater than he ever could be.

Understand me. This is a self contained man. He is not given to grand gestures or showy displays of emotion. He loves fiercely and deeply, but above all quietly. So when he bothers to make something known, explicitly known, you had best pay attention.

Kudo Yusaku loves his wife. Loves her more than any sane man ought to love a woman.

But he loves his son even more.

And one of our operatives has killed the boy.

Which means that Kudo will be coming for us. Soon. With every bit of that sharp intelligence focused on his goal.

He will want justice. Justice, I say, and not revenge, because Kudo is a man strong enough to push back that desire.

And that makes him stronger than someone like you could possibly understand.

Which brings us to why you are here.

We cannot, will not, have a man like Kudo Yusaku gunning for us. He is as deadly and as dangerous as any of our operatives. And we have killed his boy.

You will bring him down.

These are your orders.

Kill him. Kill him before he even sees your shadow.

Because this is a man who knows how to hunt crows.