Title: Up on the Rooftop
Author: Ster Julie
Codes: Sa (Sa/Am implied), S; family; humore; written for the Sa/Am Advent
Calendar 2011
Rating: G
Part 1 of 1

Summary: Christmas can cause such mayhem!

A/N: Thank you, Kaz, for creating such wonderful artwork of Baby Santa Spock,
which inspired this tale. Thank you, Vulcan Language Dictionary, for the Vulcan


Sarek awoke to see two solemn, dark eyes peering at him over the edge of the
sleeping platform.

"Sa-fu?" he said sleepily. "Why are you not in bed?"

"I heard a noise, Sa-mekh," the boy whispered fearfully.

"What kind of noise?"

Little Spock drummed his fingertips quickly on the bedside table, making sure
that his nails clacked irregularly on the hard surface.

"Like that, only louder," he explained.

"And from where did this sound emanate?" Sarek asked.

Spock's eyes opened fully.

"From the roof, Sa-mekh!" he breathed.

Sarek sighed. His wife and his visiting mother-in-law had insisted in reading
that arcane, inane story to one very young and impressionable Spock, and now
Sarek had to deal with what Amanda would refer to as "the fallout."

"Spohk..." he began.

"Ko-mekh-il Grayson said that Santa Claus would be coming tonight," Spock
interrupted, pondering. "Could it be Santa? Ko-mekh-il said that he rides in a
sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer that fly. But how can they fly if they
have no propulsion? And how can Santa fly here from Earth without a warp drive?
Or oxygen? And if they land on our house, will they not fall through the roof?
How much can eight tiny reindeer weigh? `Tiny' is a very imprecise

Sarek considered placing his hand over his small son's mouth to stop the cascade
of questions. e had tried to interrupt Spock's myriad of questions several
times, to no avail.

"Sa-fu, Spohk-am," tried again, "the security system is in place. No one could
be on our roof without setting off the alarm. Santa Claus is merely a figure
based on an Earth legend. Santa is not on our roof, nor are their eight tiny
reindeer pulling him about on a sleigh. The sounds you heard were most likely
plant matter borne by the night winds. All of your hypotheses were based on
very few facts. However, your questions were very insightful, and I commend you
for that. We can further this discussion in the morning. Now, it is very late.
Go back to your own bed."

"Yes, Sa-mekh," Spock replied meekly. "May I take Ee-chaya to my room?"

Sarek nodded sleepily. He heard his son's soft footfalls down the corridor
followed by the lumbering galumphing of the great sehlat.

Just then, as Sarek was falling back to sleep, all hell broke loose.











In the short amount of time it took for Sarek to jump from his bed and run
toward the sounds, it was all over.

Amanda was pinned under Ee-chaya's great forepaws, getting a thorough

Mrs. Grayson was picking up broken pieces of ornaments from the overturned
Christmas tree she had just finished decorating.

And Spock was tearing into a package bearing a tag: TO SPOCK, FROM SANTA.

The boy looked up at his father with a wondering gaze.

"I *did* hear sounds on the roof, Sa-mekh!" he declared. "Santa *did* come!"