You Gave Shelter To My Homeless Heart

~Chapter 1~

~~The Idea~~

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Elijah asked her. "It's going to be very cold. It might even snow."

Elena took a sip of coffee from her mug and looked at the sky from her office's window. A sigh escaped her lips. She knew it wasn't going to be easy. Especially since she was very sensitive to the cold in the first place, but her decision was already made. She was doing this.

"Yes, I'm sure." She said. "I want my article to be as realistic as possible. I have to do this. I have to know what I'm writing about. I don't want my article to be based on interviews only. I want to live it without peoples knowing it's me. I want their reaction to be real." she explained to her boss.

Elijah shook his head.

"It's very honorable of you to be this dedicated to your job, Elena, but it can also be dangerous for a woman like you. Alone in the streets" Elijah pleaded.

"I promise I'll be careful. I'll keep my phone hidden on me."

"You could go to the refuge center." he proposed.

"I thought about that, but I don't want to take the place of someone who's really in need of it." She took another sip of her coffee. "Besides, I made a lot of interviews there. Someone will probably recognized me."

"So, there's nothing I can say to make you change your mind?"

He already knew the answer. She was so stubborn. Just like her mother. He smiled at the thoughts. Elena and her mother were so much alike and not only physically. They both were sweet, generous, loyal with the people they loved. But they could be so stubborn. When they got in idea in their head, it was almost impossible to make them change their minds.

"I made up my mind, Elijah. I want to do this. I'm doing this." she said, her voice serious.

Elijah sighed and ran his left hand in his hair. Elena was her youngest employee and the fact that he knew her since she was a kid didn't help the situation. He really cared for her and he didn't want her to put herself in any danger for this job.

"Just promise me you'll be extremely careful and not do anything stupid."

Elena rolled her eyes in annoyance and huffed.

"I'm serious, Elena." he almost growled and Elena bit back her smile.

"Fine!" she said shaking her head. " I'll be extra careful and I'll try to pick a safe spot to camp myself. I mean it's not like I'm going to sleep in central park in New York! It's only Mystic Falls after all."

Elijah sighed for the tenth time today.

"You can never know, Elena. Bad things can happen even in small towns."

She knew what her boss was trying to do but there was no way in hell she would change her mind. This was her chance to prove to her colleagues that Elijah didn't hire her only because of his friendship with her mother. She was a good journalist and if she had to fight to prove it to the world, then that's what she'll do.

Elena looked at her reflection in the full lenght mirror in her bedroom. She had put really old clothes. She made sure they were old, dirty and torn. God they were even smelly. Her hair looked like she battled against a tornado. She smeared some dirt on her face. She could really pass for a homeless woman.

She looked by her window. Frost was beginning to cover it. The sky was gray. It was going to be a tough cold night. A very long night. For a second she thought about changing her mind. She took a deep breath, stood straight and stared at herself in the mirror.

"You are strong! You can do this! You'll get through this! Don't let the cold stopping you!" she said aloud to herself.

She took a final look at her reflection and with a sastified grin, she left her bedroom. She didn't eat since lunch because she thought it wouldn't feel the same experiencing the homeless life if she wasn't hungry. She wanted it to be as realistic as possible.

She crouched in front of her cats, Boone and Ian, patted gently their heads and kissed them. She put extra food and water in their bowls.

"I'm going to miss you, guys." she told her cats.

She grabbed her keys, took a last look at her house and turned off the lights. She locked her door and went to her car.

"Okay, it's time." she said out loud.

She parked her car two streets away from where she wanted to spend the night. The freezing wind hit her face right away. The night was going to be like hell. A freaking long night. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! She chanted to herself.

She made sure no one saw her and she walked to a spot between a coffee shop and a library. She was holding a sort of cup that would be used for money. Well, that is if people were as generous as they claimed to be. She promised herself to give back the money she would make to the refuge center.

After half an hour, people started passing by in front of her. Most of them stared at her and for a second she got scared that people recognized her. But she soon realized that what not the case. They were staring because they wondered what she was doing there. After a certain time they were just ignoring her. Only a few people were putting a bit of money in her cup.

Elena was taken aback by the way people treated her. Most of them looked at her with indifference, others with obvious jugment, some with disgust. She heard them whispering insulting things about her and she didn't know what to think. She wasn't use to it. People usualy loved her right away and she felt hurt. And to think that it was the way some people had to live there lives sadden her even more. Were people really that cruel and not care at all?

"Why don't you justs find a job like a normal person? We don't have to do it for you." a voice hissed passing in front of her.

A group of teenagers threw chips at her and ran away laughing. An old man almost spited on her shoes and another who totally looked like a pervert put a condom in her cup. Elena immediatly threw it away and wipped her finger on her coat.

That answered her question. People were cruel. She had to hold back her tears. It was like she was slapped in the face. And the temperature didn't help. It was getting colder every single minute. She stomped from a foot to the other in a feeble attempt to warm herself up. An old lady walked in front of her and gave her a sympathetic smile before entering the coffee shop. When the old woman exit back outside she walked to her and gave her a big cup of coffee with a warm sandwich.

Elena eyes widened.

"Here you go sweetie. Eat a bit and hang in there,okay?" the old lady said patting Elena's cheek softly.

"Thank you..." she managed to whisper.

A tear rolled on her cheek. The old lady smiled at her and walked away. Elena followed her with her eyes. So... There still was hope for humanity.

A cold breeze blew in the air. Damn it! She hated the cold. Why didn't she thought about this article during summer? Right! Because it was going to be Christmas soon and she wanted to know how it felt to be alone... in the fucking cold, she thought when another blow of the wind hit her harder. It was starting to get late and darker and less and less people were passing in front of her. She took a bite of her sandwich. It felt so good. She decided to eat it right away before it cooled off. She then took a big sip of her coffee. She sighed in satisfaction at the warm filling of the coffee in her mouth.

There was no one in the street. She look to her right and then to her left to make sure she was alone. She picked her phone and took some photo of herself that she could maybe use for her article. She put back her phone in her pocket. The air was more and more cold. Damn it! It could really snow! Maybe if she went in the alleyway between the two buildings she would be protected against the cold wind? She grabbed back her cup with money on the ground, held her coffee and walked in the alleyway. Not to far in it. Just enough to not feel the wind. She was getting tired from being on her feet for five hours. She looked in her cup. There was about five dollars in it. Five dollars for five hours in the cold. She leaned on the wall to rest a little. How in hell would she survive this night.

"Well, what have we got here?" a voice came from the street.

Her head snapped towards the sound. There was four drunken men staring at her. Oh no no no no, she started to panic. One man took a step towards her while the others blocked the alley. Elena was holding her coffee so tight that she could feel the hot coffee burning her fingers. The man lifted a hand and stroked her hair but she yanked it away from her.

"Hey..." he said. "No need to be like that, babe. I'm not going to hurt you." he disgustingly smirked.

She could hear the other men chuckling. There was no way she could escape on this side of the alley. Her only chance was the other side but she didn't know if she would be fast enough. The man gripped her shoulder and pinned her on the brick wall.

"Please don't" she pleaded.

The man roughly grabbed the side of her face and tilted it so he could nuzzle her neck. Elena was trying to escape the man but he was stronger.

"Yeah!" one of the others said. "Show her who's the boss, man" he cheered making all the others laugh.

Elena was disgusted. She was scared to death of what was happening. The fact that she could be rape by bastards in an alley never crossed her mind. Why in hell did she had this brillant idea again? Tears were now falling from her eyes.

"Please don't do this..." she cried.

"But I just want to keep you warm... It's a cold night." he said is voice hoarse.

He was now trying to caress her thigh. Elena wanted to scream but she was petrified. The man was pressing his hand to her mouth.

"Shut up!" he growled.

The other men got closer to her too. Her heartbeat was going so fast she thought she was having a heart attack. She wished it was one. The first man still had his hand on her thigh and one on her mouth. A second one was playing with her hair. She was more and more scared. Warm tears was rolling on her dirty cheeks.

"She's kind of pretty under all that dirt." the third man said.

"Yeah!" the fourth man told. "But I bet it's even better without her clothes on."

The four bastards bursted out of laughter. When Elena felt them all closer to her she wanted to die. She was so scared. She knew her chances of escaping were really thin but she had to try. She couldn't let them win without fighting. With a rush of adrenalin or whatever it was, she splashed her hot coffee in their faces and pushed the first man on the ground. She turned around and ran as fast as she could to the other side of the alley.

"You bitch!" the man growled. "Catch her! This bitch is going to pay for this!"

Elena knew she was running for her life. She looked behind her. They were getting closer. She stumbled on something and fell on her knees. She tried to get up but one of the man pushed her to the cold ground and turned her around on her back.

"Nooooooo! Stop!" she screamed.

The man straddled her waist to stopped her from moving. He slapped her hard on the face.

"Shut up! Bitch!"

Elena was still trying to escaped but the man was stonger than her. The other men were surrounding them.

"Hey... don't forget to share with us." one man chuckled.

Elena was crying and screaming. She tried to scrach the man face but he hit her again.

"Please stop." she begged. "Don't do this, don't hurt me." she begged.

The man didn't listen and leaned on her and kissed her neck.

"Arghhhhh! Help!" she screamed. "Somebody help! Noooooooooo" she cried.

The man was enraged.

"I told you to fucking shut up!" he yelled at her cupping her head and hit it on the ground.

Elena felt the pain first and then everything was spinning around her. She heard an other voice coming from somewhere.

"Leave her alone, you piece of shit!" a voice ordered.

The four man snapped their head to the man's voice. They were staring at him with disgust. He was clearly an homeless man.

"I think you should leave." one of the man said

"I said. Leave. Her. Alone." the dark man growled clenching his fist.

"Get rid of him." the man who was straddling Elena said to the others. "I'm going to keep this little slut warm for you."

Elena was still crying under him. She tried to move again but he was stronger than her.

She saw her good samaritan fighting with the three others men. He was strong enough to fight them for a while but when her savior fell on his back, Elena knew it was the end.

"Who's the piece of shit now? Huh?" one of them told him.

They were kicking into the man body nonstop. Elena even thought she heard the sound of bones cracking. The man was whimpering on the ground and he was spiting blood.

Suddenly, they all heard a police siren coming their way. The face of the man over Elena went pale.

"Shit!" he growled. "Come on guys," he said lifting Elena up and litteraly tossed her in the trash near the container. "Let's go. Leave those piece of trash together. They can die for all I care."

On that the four drunken men ran away leaving a crying and frightned Elena with her savior. Her head was still spinning but she manage to get up and walked to the man on the ground. She kneeled beside him and gently touched his shoulder. He jolted to the touched but when he saw it's was only the woman he wanted to help he relaxed instantly.

"Oh my God..." she cried. "Are you alright? You... You saved me..."

Elena couldn't stop crying.

"You're hu-urt... You ha-ave to g-go to the ho-os-pit-tal."

The man eyes widened in terror.

"No! No hospital." he tried to get up.

His whole body was in pain but he knew he didn't have any broken bones. He lift himself up and she did too. He made a step to leave but he lost his balance and if she didn't catched him he would have collapse. Elena put an arm around his wounded waist and held the hand he put around her shoulder. She could feel a wet mixture on her hand and she knew it was blood.

"Mister, I really think you need to go see a doctor." she said.

"I said no hospital. Just go somewhere safer." he told her between coughs.

Elena wondered why he didn't want to go to the hospital. But she really wanted to help her savior. She knew it could be dangerous, especially after what just happened, but she needed to help him. Before she could stopped herself, she spoked again.

"At least let me help you."

The man gazed at her and Elena was mesmerized by his eyes. Could icy blue eyes be warm?

"I said no doctor..." he almost begged.

"No doctor, I promise."

The man looked at her confused.

"Can you wait here till I come back? It'll take no more then five minutes." she asked.

The man nodded and she walked away. He watched her exit the alley and turning left. He was waiting for her to come back. He surprised himself at counting the time. After ten minutes he lost hope. He thought she changed her mind and just left him. He felt abandoned. A feeling he knew to well.

He suddenly saw a car stopped in front of the alley. He saw a silhouette exiting it and walking towards him. He frowned when he recognized her petite frame. She had a car?

"I'm sorry. It took me longer than I thought it would. Are you ready?" she asked.

"Hum mmm" he mumbled.

She helped him walk slowly and painfuly to her car. She helped him sit in it and buckled his seat belt for him. She closed the passenger door and ran around her car. She sat in her seat and turned her key in the ignition.

"Where are we going?" he asked holding his growls.

He was obviously in pain. She looked at him biting on her lower lip.

"My house." she told him. "I'm bringing you to my house."

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