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Prologue - The Beginning

"Okay guys! Check it out yo! We got some super freakin' hot new female nations!" America screamed as he entered the World Meeting Room. Numerous heads turned at America's announcement, the rest, who were use to his stupidity, simply ignored him. Trailing behind him were, in fact, two young female nations, both beautiful in their own right. "Sweden! Since you found them, dude, how about you introduce these two hotties?" America suggested as he approached Sweden.

". . ." Sweden gave him a simple, level look before turning to the girls. "My apologies for his stupidity." He said, his eyes softening. "Attention please. I have an announcement to make." The room fell silent, all eyes looking toward Sweden, America, and the currently unknown girls. "This is Nonak, the Nation of Pure Passion." He motioned to the first girl. She had blonde hair and a beautiful bust. "and this is Twilight, the Silent Nation." He motioned to the other girl, who had long, dark brown hair and pale skin. "These two are like family to me. Treat them well, for though they are young I know for a fact they are quite strong as do you others who have also had the luck of meeting with them in past history." A certain and strange look was shot at a handful of nations.

The room was silent for a few moments before France made his typical breaking of the awkward ice that seemed to freeze the people in the room.

"Ohonhon.. Zo you ladiez are zingle, non?"

"Oh you wanker! Keep it in your bloody pants!" an enraged Englishman yelled. Thus the silence was broken, and the next several minutes were filled with the bickering of numerous nations.

"Are they.. Always like this..?" Nonak asked Sweden.

"Sadly, yes. This is why we only meet once a year." He replied calmly. Sighing, she turned to her sister.

"So this is why she never wanted to get involved with the other nations." Twilight nodded in understanding.

"Bloody git, foul-mouthed hole, you! Have you no manners, or has your brain turned to complete mush?" Britain shouted, his face red in fury. "This is no way to treat a lady!"

"Ohonhon.. And how would you know how to treat a lady?"

"Y-You dare?"

"Ohon.. Takez a fairy to zee one."

"Calm down!" Germany's voice echoed above all the others. "I've had enough of this, and I'm sure I am not the only one! You act like a bunch of children vho have never been taught proper education!" Many of the older nations made noises of agreement or nodded.

"Dude! Dude! How about we enroll in a school at my place?" America jumped up happily, acting as though it was the best idea in the world, which, in his opinion, it sure as hell was. "Dude, it'd be awesome! We could like, live together, and learn together and we'd, like, bond!" At this point, he was starting to sound eerily like Poland, who by the way was nodding in agreement, looking as if he too thought this was the best plan like, ever.

"Who the hell would agree to that, you git?" Britain snapped, but it was too late. Many of the older nations were looking thoughtful, as though they were considering it.

"I have no problem with it." Austria admitted. "However, someone mature would be needed to look after the brats." He pointed out.

"What brats?" Britain snapped again.

"You, America, France, Italy, Poland, and Prussia are the ones who need education the most." He said, counting them off on his fingers. "With Sweden's consent, if they even need it, the girls can go as well." Sweden made a small noise of agreement.

"They may go if they wish. I would prefer if there was a legit adult with them, though." Nonak and Twilight looked uneasy. "It'll be good for you to make friends and get to know the others." Sweden stated simply.

"Well.. I guess.." Nonak said.

And that's how we ended up on this airplane to America.


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