One day invader zim woke up it was time to go to skool "I don't want to go to skool" zim said he got up and called them he said he was sick "cough cough I am sick I cannot go to skool" the nurse old him "okay zim yo ustay home and get rest" but there was a problem zim wasn't sick. he lied

Zim was playing a video game but then he started to feel bad "I am zim" he said and then he said "gir come over here I have a confession to make" gir came over he was in his dog suit even though they were inside and no one could see them. "what's wrong master" gir asked and zim started to cry "gir I wanted to stay home instead of going to skool but I told a lie now I am going to hell" zim cried on gir's shoulders. gir said "tacos"

Zim started to feel a little better "thank you for understanding me gir you are my best friend but what do I do? I wish I knew someone who could help me" then zim had a planned he knew exactly who would help him. he went to his lab and turned his tv remote into a special tv remote that can make things in the tv real. Zim went back upstaris and switched channels to the Hub

Zim waited through an episode of batman forever, it was the one where terry stops a bunch of people who were turning gothamites into furries and also turned into a real bat and bruce wayne stopped him and then terry got better, and after that my little pony: friendship is magic came on and when it did zim zapped Apple jack into his house

At first apple jack was confused she had never been inside a real house before but zim explained everything "apple jack this is my house and I am ZIM and I have a problem!" "what's wrong sugar cubic" apple jack said "I didn't go to skool and I told a lie to avoid going there but that's wrong! I need your help since you are the element of honesty which sounds stronger than any other element in pokemon so you gotta help me!"

Applejack thought for a moment and then answered the green midget's problem-question-statement. "Well I ain't never been to any educational facility my whole life and I turned out right purt good, why I have a whole farm a apples that I can buck anytime I want and let me tell you what if you think the gov ment can just come on in and take all ma apples and tell me who gets them well that just aint right, that aint what equestria was found on and I aint livin in no commupony dictatorship"

Zim smiled, and breathed a sigh of relief. "thank you orange horse! I know now that what I did was wrong and I will never do it again. By the way you were always my favorite one, even though, even though rainbow dash is actually the best one in fact I take it back you're the second best next to rainbow dash, and you're a lot better than fluttershy who is the worst one, all she does is complain and only does thigns because the plot demands it. Thank you!" Apple jakc kissed zim and zimmed blushed and then apple jack went back into the tv

Gir made zim some waffles and zim enrolled into an online college course, where he got a degree in Computer Science and now works at micosoft. He got married to Tak but still has a place in his heart for a certain pony... rainbow dash but he'd still be friends with apple jack too

the end