Castiel smiled as he watched Sam sleep in his bed. It was a little strange, sharing his space after so long alone, but having Sam close more than made up for it. He still had questions that Sam was hesitant to answer, questions about his previous master, but Castiel was content to let them rest for now.

It was now nearly six months since Sam had entered his life, five months since entering Castiel's bed. To all outsiders, they presented the perfect image of a master and slave, Sam completely subservient to Castiel. The human was loyal, obedient and discreet, perfectly mannered whatever the company. As soon as they were alone though, or with Gabriel and Dean, the masks dropped and Sam allowed his true personality to come forward.

Castiel had spent some time considering trying to claim Sam as his mate, but upon discussion they had decided to wait a while – the demon blood was currently keeping Sam's mind clear, and with the amount of backlash Gabriel had withstood for mating with Dean, it was better to just lay low for a while.

"You're watching me sleep again," Sam spoke, and Castiel blinked as he turned his attention back to the present.

"I can't help it," he murmured, one wing reaching out to trail along Sam's bare back. "You look so peaceful."

"Hmm. If Dean were here, he'd be giving us so much shit for having a chick flick moment."

"No, if Dean were here he'd be clawing his eyes out at seeing his little brother naked," Castiel contradicted him. "Or trying to kill me for molesting said little brother."

"True," Sam opened his eyes, smiling fondly at his angel. "Speaking of which… how do you feel about hand-cuffs?"

Castiel laughed, then glanced at the clock. He still had a few hours before his meeting with Michael, so he rolled Sam onto his back and started nipping at the human's chest.

Plenty of time to get in some good molesting.