A/N: This is an AU fanfic therefore most of the characters did not know each other until now unless otherwise stated. I will try to keep most of the personalities as canon as I can. Also some of the back stories may seem similar when I get to them but overall this is an alternate universe. The M rating is for chapters that are coming up and if I get a lot of reviews than I will be more likely to put the next chapter up sooner!

Chapter 1

Quinn stood in the corner of the room sipping her drink. It was just another frat party she always went to but always complained about being there. Maybe it was because of the obnoxious music or maybe even the obnoxious boys who thought it would be a good idea to flirt with her. Either way she always looked for a way out.

"This party blows," Santana said walking up beside her. Santana and Quinn had been best friends and roommates since they both stepped foot on campus. Now that they were both juniors they lived in their own house nearby along with their other friend Kurt.

Quinn shrugged watching as people stood in their own groups talking or dancing. Her eyes quickly latched onto a tall blonde boy. He looked confused as he walked out of the room. "He's cute," Quinn said gesturing to him as he had left.

Santana looked but he had already left the room, "Whatever, it's not like you'd ever even talk to him anyways Miss Snobby-Pants."

"I'm not a snob. There's just no guys good enough for me," Quinn declared taking another sip from her drink. Taking all of this into account this boy was different. She didn't know what it was about him but she wanted to get to know him or at least talk to him once.

Finn walked into the room looking excited and wrapping his arm around Quinn's shoulder. "So Quinn, I have something important to tell you," he beamed as Quinn tried to shrug his arm off.

"Rachel transferred?" she asked with mock surprise. Talking to her ex-boyfriend about something important shouldn't make anyone excited.

Finn rolled his eyes, "No, she's still…whatever it doesn't matter. Anyways my boy, Sam Evans, back from my high school just transferred here from Tennessee University. And rumor has it he thinks you're cute and wants to talk to you."

"So why isn't he talking to me?" She asked looking confused at him.

"Well the thing is he is extremely shy and practically afraid of girls," Finn said looking around the room.

Santana let out a large laugh, "I need to see this boy."

"I'll go get him. He is blonde and cool and awesome," Finn said in his usual vocabulary as he left the room.

Quinn perked up as Finn mentioned the boy being blonde. "I can't believe Finn wants to introduce you to a guy," Santana started as they made their way over to the nearest vacant couch and sat down, "I mean that's just sad."

"Shut up," Quinn said setting her drink down on the coffee table in front of them, "I think it's nice."

Santana let out a short laugh as Finn came back in the room with one arm draped around Rachel and the other around the blonde boy Quinn had seen earlier. "I present you Sam Evans," Finn practically yelled pushing him towards the couch Quinn and Santana were sitting on, and plopping down in the chair across from them as Rachel sat on top.

Sam awkwardly sat on the couch next to Quinn, "I'm, uh, Sam," he said sticking his hand out for her to shake.

She grabbed onto it, "I'm Quinn, and this is Santana," she smiled pointing over to her.

Santana gave a sarcastic wave. "Sam plays football," Finn said from his chair, "They gave him a scholarship so he could play for us. He is that good."

Sam frowned in Finn's direction, "This is a great school though."

"Did you rush there too?" Quinn asked. This was after all a fraternity and not just anyone got invited to these parties.

"No…" Sam started.

"He doesn't have too! I let him in. He's my boy," Finn yelled again.

Quinn rolled her eyes, already sick of Finn's presence. "You can do that?" she asked questioning Finn. She had been a part of a sorority her freshman year but that had been a different story.

"I can do that because I'm Finn Hudson," he declared throwing his arms up in the air and almost causing Rachel to fall.

"Oh the joys of being Finn Hudson's boy," she laughed looking over at Sam.

He laughed awkwardly, "Yeah. So are you in a sorority?"

Quinn shook her head, "They're too petty for me. We just get invited here because of that loser," she said gesturing over to Finn who had begun to make out with Rachel.

"Hey you all," Kurt said coming up to them and taking a seat on Santana's lap. "I've been looking all over for you," he yelled, "No one, and I repeat no one was there to save me from that boy I met. He was a total drag," Kurt laughed, "And I don't mean in that way. Oh you're new, I'm Kurt," He said reaching over Quinn's lap to shake Sam's hand.

"That's my boy, Sam," Finn yelled again barley coming up for air from Rachel's lips.

"Finn, I think Sam is perfectly fine talking for himself," Quinn said, "Kurt are you hammered or what?"

"Seriously home boy, you need to sober up or something. You're our ride home," Santana said taking another drink from her cup.

"No! It's not my turn. That boy was killing me talking about some environmental science crap. I needed this!" He hollered.

Quinn's eyes were pulled over to Finn while Kurt and Santana continued to bicker. She watched as he mouthed to Sam to put his arm around Quinn's shoulder. He must have been nervous since he had barely said two words while they were sitting here. She felt his arm move some and hover over her shoulder and then was pulled away really quickly.

"I'll drive us home, whatever," Quinn added to the conversation.

"You can stay here! We have plenty of beds," Finn said still gesturing at Sam.

Santana smirked, "I'd rather not."

"It's fine. I've only had a half of a drink anyways," Quinn said as she finally felt Sam's arm resting on her shoulder. She immediately leaned into him and pulled his arm down and around her waist. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Finn did an excited hand gesture.

"You're a life saver Quinn, the red flavor!" Kurt laughed at himself, as he looked over at Quinn and Sam. "Oh, um I want something else to drink! Santana doll, will you escort me?"

Quinn leaned into him enjoying the way his finger causally moved along her thigh. She looked back over at Finn as her friends got up to leave. He kept pulling at Rachel's chin and kissing her then looking back at Sam. Was he really giving him tips on how to kiss her?

"I'm really sick of your drunken ways," she heard Santana yell at Kurt.

Quinn felt Sam's thumb brush against her chin as his lips connected with hers. For being afraid of girls he wasn't that bad of a kisser. She felt his mouth open slightly, but they instead both pulled away when they heard a loud cheer from Finn.

Rachel slapped him as Finn stood up. "Alright I need more to drink. Sam you're the man and my boy. Peace," Finn hooted as he grabbed Rachel and dragged her with him. Quinn was surprised she hadn't even heard a word come out of that girl's mouth.

"I think we were set up," Quinn said with a smile looking up at Sam.

He nodded, "Yeah, and if he comes back he's going to make me kiss you again."

"Oh, so this has happened before?" She asked with an eyebrow raise.

"Well in high school, but it's never been with a girl I actually liked," Sam looked down the words obviously just fell out of his mouth. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay. I liked it and wouldn't mind doing it again," she said biting her lip.

"Really?" Sam started, but was interrupted by her entire group of friends coming back.

"Kurt says he's going to puke because he can't hold his alcohol so we have to go," Santana declared holding both of their purses.

"Hey you don't have to be so mean about it!" Kurt grumbled holding his stomach.

"Exchange numbers!" Rachel said quickly probably before Finn could.

Sam pulled out his phone, "Yeah if you want too?" he asked.

"Of course," she waited for Sam to pull up the contact screen and look at her, "888-539-2139," she said.

He stopped and hovered over the name button. If he forgot her name everything was off. "How do you spell your name again?"

She smiled a little bit either he wasn't that bright or that was a nice save, "Q-u-i-n-n."

"It's pretty," he said looking down at her as she pulled out her phone.

"Quinn, I'm going to die," Kurt said pleading with her.

"Just text me," she said starting to stand up.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Finn yelled, "Kiss her goodbye!"

Quinn rolled her eyes as she turned around and kissed Sam. It was quick but it left her wanting more. "Text me," she whispered into his ear before turning around and running off with Kurt and Santana.

"I can't believe you made out with that Seth kid," Santana said once they were all in Santana's car and started driving away.

Quinn's hands tightened around the steering wheel as she came to a stop at the red light on the end of the street. "His name was Sam and I would hardly call it making out."

"They only kissed once," Kurt groaned from lying in the back seat.

She bit her lip, "It was twice and it was nice," she said shrugging her shoulders as the light turned green and she pushed down on the gas.

Kurt let out a loud moan, "Slow down or I'm going to puke!"

"I will beat your ass if you puke in my car, homeboy," Santana said bringing her legs up and looking over at Quinn. "Oh my God, you totally like this kid."

"What? No, we just kissed," Quinn said defensively.

"I can tell from that look in your eyes," Santana shook her head.

Quinn sighed, "Okay, maybe a little."

"You do realize Finn is the one who basically set you up with him. Finn is the one who made him kiss you. Finn is your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you." Santana said staring wide eyed at her.

"Yeah, yeah but I saw him first. Remember? I showed him to you," She protested pulling the car into their driveway.

Santana pulled at the door, "He is still 'Finn's boy'," she said using air quotes.

Quinn bit her lip sliding out of the car and helping Kurt out. It wasn't her fault who Sam was already friends with. It's not like she wasn't around Finn most of the time anyways. And she couldn't help that she might actually like Sam.