The first time she had heard it was when she had completed the steering wheel puzzle. As a girl who was capable of accessing the morphogenetic field, she was more skilled at transmitting across the field. However, that did not mean that she could not receive from it.

All she had heard was a name. Her name.

The second time she had heard it was in the communications room, and this time it was louder and stronger. When she had realized the identity of the transmitter, the first thing she wanted to do was be alone. And she had come to Door 1 to find something, something she hadn't been able to find in any of the previous three rooms. So then, it must have been...

"You can leave this room to me."

Not waiting for a response, Clover had slipped into the captain's room, closing the door behind her. There was a...

There was an empty chair in the middle of the room, and an axe lying next to it. Across the room was the exit door, a door with a video camera's focus trained onto it. And on the floor...was a dead body. Clover shrank back, and almost ran back to the communications room. The body on the floor was that of a man, whose arms were peacefully crossed over his chest. There was a tiny stream of bubbles running out of the corner of his mouth, above which was a humongous white mustache. Clover slowly lowered her hands from her face, and knelt down next to the body. No, it wasn't a body - maybe he was still alive.

But if she looked at his eyes, and how they were rolled so far back in his skull, no, there was no way he was still alive. But...the body was still warm. Maybe there was a -


Clover blinked, and suddenly realized that the bracelet which had decorated the man's wrist had fallen off. That settled it.

This man was dead. The bracelet would only remove itself when the wearer's heartbeat...reached zero. Clover stretched out one pale hand, and picked up the bracelet.


- if we have the zero bracelet, we can leave - you and I can go through door 9 with just the two of us -

Clover blinked, her eyes trailing towards the axe lying on the floor. She definitely wasn't nearly as skilled as a certain brunette girl, but Clover could also access the field. What she had just heard in her head -

Clover closed her eyes, trying to remember what had happened nine years ago. Try to remember that feeling, what it felt like to access the field. Try to do it again.

Was she not thinking straight? Clover wobbled slightly, losing her balance and falling over.

"O-ow!" While her one hand was rubbing her butt, bruised from the sudden fall, the other had somehow found itself attached to the axe once more.

- hey, clover, what's that? -

Her hand tightened around the axe, and she stood up slowly, quickly adjusting to the feel for it in her hands, almost as if the axe had been made for a girl of her size and stature.

No, that was crazy. Everything about this was crazy. Maybe she was still feeling off from being stuck in that room full of fire, thanks to that idiot Junpei. Maybe the smoke was doing crazy things to her brain.

Maybe she could take this axe, and do something horrible with it. Maybe she could take this axe, and carry out her brother's revenge. Clover slowly turned back towards the door through which she had entered. Beyond it was Seven, and Lotus. If she did it quickly, maybe she could overpower the huge man. Lotus didn't seem to be very fond of him, anyways.

The axe was raised into the air. But when it swung down, it was swung gently, and instead of smashing open Seven's head like a watermelon, the axe wedged its way into the doorjam.

Leave this room to her.

Clover had seen it. There was still something she needed out of this room. Sliding the 0 bracelet into her pocket, the pink-haired girl began to scurry around the room, opening drawers and flipping through books.

There was a soft thump as something hit the ground. Clover, startled by the sudden noise, whirled around on one heel, and then spotted the source of the disturbance. The dead man's hand had slipped off of his chest, and now lay on the ground, fist slightly uncurled. In it, was a small slip of paper.

Clover slowly pried the man's fingers apart, and retrieved the note.

To the Experiment Subjects.

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