"Thank you and I'm sorry… for everything." Malfoy's voice was soft and frail in the dark corridor. His hands were nervously fidgeting with his Slytherin-green tie.

His head was downcast as if he was staring at his feet or at the floor. His hair was messy and hung loose around his pale face. He looked as tired as Harry felt, but instead of feeling any empathy, or even sympathy for the blonde boy all Harry could feel was anger.

Harry wasn't angry at Malfoy specifically, but after the war it was all that Harry could feel. Anger, pain and sadness.

Before he could stop himself he found his lips moving. "You think that's all it takes?" The rage bubbled within Harry. "Your stupid words won't change anything!"

Malfoy's head rose slowly but the fringe that covered his eyes prevented Harry from seeing his once fiery grey orbs. "I..I.." He stammered, his pale hands gripping the edges of his tie tighter.

Bitterness fueled the fire of Harry's rage. "I hate you." Harry said venomously as he lunged at Malfoy, toppling them over. Harry saw red and began punching Malfoy, punch after savage savage, he could feel the crunch of his bones under his fists.

"HARRY!" Ron's voice rangout in the otherwise empty corridor. Harry stopped but he did not move from where he sat, straddling Malfoy. He heard Ron running up behind him. "What the hell are you doing mate? Are you bloody insane!"

It was only then that the rage cleared and Harry looked down at what he had done. Malfoy was still conscious. His face and clothes were bloodied.

Malfoy's head was turned to the side, his cheek touching the cold stone floor. His hair lay about his face and the fringe fell away. Harry saw Malfoy's eyes. They were blank and dead and the bags under them made his face seem more hallowed.

Harry looked down at his hands, he was shaking. Malfoy did not fight back. He did not even defend himself. Harry would've killed him if Ron hadn't been there.

Shame and guilt filled Harry as he hurriedly got of off Malfoy and did the only thing he could think of doing. He ran.

Harry woke up with a start. It had been a long time since he had had that dream but the guilt never faded. Malfoy had dropped out of Hogwarts shortly thereafter. Harry tried to contact the Malfoys but they were put into protective custody during the trials. Harry made sure to testify in behalf of Narcissa and her son but Malfoy never looked his way. Harry tried to catch up with him after the trial but he walked faster when Harry called out his name and apparated as soon as he felt Harry catching up. It was the last time Harry saw Malfoy.

Harry sat up and reached for his wand and the parchment on his bedside table.

Mr. Potter,

I know it has been a long time but I would like to meet with you whenever your schedule permits. I promise to be brief.


D. Malfoy.