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Chapter 7

They landed from the floo with a stumble. Draco reached out to steady the Auror and for the first time that evening saw how tired he looked.

Harry smiled up at him through his thick black lashes as he pulled Draco in for a brief open-mouthed kiss. As their faces inched nearer Draco could see the dark shadows under the other man's eyes and the un-characterstic paleness of the usually golden boy.

When they parted Harry took Draco's hand into his own and the heat of his palm burned through Draco's skin. But it was nothing compared to the fire spreading through Draco's chest. It was not just desire, no. It was a strange warmth that stirred every time Harry looked back at him after every few steps as if to check of Draco was still there despite their interlocked hands.

They reached Harry's bedroom. Harry let go of his hand and stood at the foot of the bed. He made a move to unclasp his Auror robes but Draco reached up to stop him.

"Let me."

Another tender look passed through Harry's incredibly green eyes as he let his arms fall to his side.

Draco unclasped the red robe and let it fall unceremoniously to the floor. Harry wore a simple white V-neck shirt underneath tucked neatly into his blue jeans. Draco placed his hands on Harry's chest and explored Harry's torso over his clothes. His palms dragged downwards over the tiny nubs forming under the thin undershirt causing Harry to gasp quietly.

Draco removed his own robe and toed off his shoes before stepped closer to Harry and pulled him in for a kiss. It was slow and languid their tongues dancing against each other until a low growl sounded from Harry's throat. He pulled Draco closer pressing their bodies together. Draco gasped into Harry's mouth as their erections rubbed against each other even through all the layers of fabric.

Harry proceeded to plunder Draco's mouth as he grabbed Draco's hips and tried to create as much delicious friction as he could. Draco could do nothing else but be devoured by the Gryffindor and grabbed Harry's pert behind for support.

Harry stepped back, the back of his legs hitting the footboard as they toppled unceremoniously onto the bed. Draco landed on top of Harry, breathless from their fall and from the sight of Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived lying beneath pliant him, his pupils blown, his hair in a dark halo around his pale face and his lips swollen.

I caused that. Draco thought as he licked his lips, aware that Harry's eyes tracked the movement of his tongue.

Draco smiled down at the Auror, straddling him. Draco pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Hungry green eyes raked over his torso before settling on the bulge in his trousers.

Harry unbuckled Draco's belt and all but tore at his tailored trousers. Draco laughed huskily at the impatient man. He summoned his wand from his robes and cast a spell to vanish their clothes. "Better?"

"Much." Harry propped himself up on his elbows as if preparing to flip them over, but Draco had other plans for the tired savior tonight. He put a hand on Harry's toned chest and gently made him lay back down.

He positioned himself between Harry's thighs and took a moment to admire his beautiful cock. Draco licked his lips and looked Harry in the eye as he slowly lowered his mouth to touch the velvety head, beaded with pre-cum.

Harry watched avidly as Draco licked and teased only closing his eyes when the warmth of Draco's mouth enveloped his hardness. Draco loved the musky scent of Harry's sex and tried to take him in as deep as he could. Harry groaned and clenched his fists into the sheets as his hips twitched every time his cock touched the back of Draco's throat. He panted and writhed under Draco's touch, incoherent from the pleasure he felt.

"Draco." He gasped breathlessly as his muscles began to tense. It was then that Draco knew that he was close. Draco's right hand snaked beneath Harry's cock and gave the heavy sacks that hung beneath it a gentle tug. This sent Harry tumbling over the edge as he tried to pull away from Draco's ravenous mouth.

Draco held his hips down and took him in as deep as he could. Harry shuddered underneath him, arching his back and calling out Draco's name as he spent himself down the blonde man's throat.

Draco swallowed and released the softening cock with a playful 'pop.' He grinned down at Harry as he sat back on his heels.

Harry smiled up at him lazily, content and sleepy. He reached up to take hold of Draco's cock. "Let me." He said echoing Draco's words from early on in the evening. Draco intercepted his hands and pinned his wrists to the side of the bed. "Maybe next time."

He moved up, straddling Harry's flat stomach. Draco bent down to kiss Harry. Then as he pulled back from the kiss, he took his cock into his own hand and pulled himself off, sending a spray of semen unto Harry's chest. Harry was torn between watching his lover's face or his cock as he climaxed, awed.

Harry cast a wandless cleaning charm on himself as Draco plopped down beside him.

The brunette lay on his side, throwing one possessive leg over Draco's. "Stay?" He mumbled sleepily as he nuzzled Draco's shoulder.

Before Draco could answer green eyes, drooped to a close. Draco smiled as he thought giddily 'good luck getting rid of me now Potter.'