Chapter One

Welcome, readers, to Traitor, a story of a Hero's betrayal of the Shadow who loved him, and the Shadow's revenge. Also posted on AFF, but I figured I might as well put it here too. More likely to get reviews, and I'm a review-whore, what can I say?

Warning:This story contains gratuitous rape and torture at Vio's expense, so if you don't like it, don't read it. This gets written primarily by bribe. A certain unnamed friend on deviantart draws scenes and. . . well, they happen. This whole thing started with "Shadow pins Vio in an alley." Seriously.

I'm always open to suggestions, however. While major events are already set, most of the specific tortures aren't, so if you want something specific, I'll find a way to add it if I can.

This is primarily Shadow x Vio, but will also contain Red x Blue and Sheik x Green, because I hit a point in the plot where nothing short of deus ex machina or a Sheikah was going to fix it...

Disclaimer: I do not own the Legend of Zelda.

"Good evening, Vio." Shad, the Castle Town Head Librarian, smiled at Vio over the pile of books on the counter between them. "You're here late tonight."

"I lost track of time, that's all." Vio said as he adjusted the strap of the Four Sword on his back. Attempting to replace the blade had failed to join the four into one, and so they had decided that, for now at least, they would remain as four. Red and Blue couldn't be happier with the arrangement (despite Blue's frequent denials), Green had his Sheikah (though that was another story altogether), and he. . .

Shad's fingers brushed Vio's as he reached for the books, and a blush spread over his cheeks. "Ah, V-Vio," he began, visibly squirming and keeping his eyes locked on the books he was checking out. "I was wondering, I, well, I found some interesting texts today I thought you might enjoy. If you would. . .I mean, would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow? T-To discuss the texts." His face flamed red, and he remained quite unable to look Vio in the eye.

Vio considered this for a moment. It would get the others off his case about needing to get out more, and who knew, maybe he would find the texts interesting. "I'd like that." He answered with a small smile.

Shad flushed brighter, if that were even possible, and handed off Vio's books. "Then I'll see you tomorrow, Vio? We can meet here."

"I'll be here." Vio nodded, gathering his books before heading out the door.

Neither noticed the shadows swirling in agitation.

The sky outside was starless and black, the street lamps casting only pale, pitiful light to illuminate Vio's chosen shortcut back to the house. Vio shivered when a chilly wind blew, wrapping his arms more tightly around himself and hurrying his pace. The others had to be wondering where he was. It wasn't like him at all, really, to stay out so late. Red might have already convinced Blue to go looking, worry-wort that he was. . .


The quiet, venom-laced growl was the only warning Vio had before ice-cold hands grabbed him from behind and threw him down. He landed with a splash in a dirty puddle, and his head collided with filthy stone of the alley, dislodging his purple hat and disorienting him as his attacker leapt upon his back. His Four Sword was torn from him and tossed away, his bag, shield and bow following quickly. The books he'd checked out tumbled from his bag and landed in the puddle, their parchment pages soaking up the water and blurring the ink. Vio tried to throw his attacker off, but one hand grabbed his flailing wrists and pinned them against his back, the other clamping firmly over his mouth when he tried to scream. The body above straddled his hips, keeping him pressed against the dirty cobbles of the darkened alleyway.

The hand on his mouth pulled his head back painfully, and his arms were wrenched higher, drawing a pained, muffled gasp as the attacker leaned in close, hot breath ghosting over his sensitive ears. Vio shuddered, with cold, disgust, or pleasure, he wasn't sure. "Did you honestly think I would let you get away with that? Did you think you wouldn't pay for betraying me?" The furious voice hissed.

Shadow Link. Vio's eyes widened in shock, shaking off his hand long enough to speak. "N-No, you're dead. I saw you die, we all saw you die!"

Shadow grinned down at him. "Oh really?" He asked. "That's the problem with you Hylians. You can hear the voices of the gods, but you can't even see through a simple illusion." He leaned in close, his long tongue snaking out to lick at a smear of blood on Vio's cheek, where he'd cut it on a sharp rock when Shadow threw him.

"Pathetic, that you would fall for a trick like that. And now you'll pay for it." He sat back up and Vio heard the sound of a blade being drawn, and felt cold steel, colder than the water soaking his clothes, pressed to his throat. "You're going to die right here in the filth of the street for what you've done. You deserve nothing less!"

Vio's breathing grew harsh as the sword was poised across his throat, drawing a thin line of blood. He braced himself; he thought for sure this was the end of him- until he heard Shadow curse and the blade was abruptly removed, and soft, though cold lips replaced it. Vio couldn't help it. His eyes drifted shut and he let out a soft moan.

Shadow froze and his eyes dilated, his grip tightening impossibly. A smirk spread across his lips."You always were so sensitive. Perhaps I'll play with you for a while, before I execute you." Shadow murmured against his pulse, suckling on the skin there.

Vio's eyes snapped open and he snarled, struggling furiously beneath him, but Shadow only laughed, cold and harsh, tangling his hand in grungy blond hair and slamming Vio's head against the stone once more. Vio's head spun, but through the haze of it he recalled what happened to those Shadow decided to "play" with, and the fear spurred him on.

"Get off me! Don't touch me!" He struck where he knew it would hurt the most, hoping to startle his darkness into releasing him, or at least make him angry. Angry Shadow made mistakes. "Filthy shadow!"

A heartbeat later found Vio flat on his back, forced to stare into the burning red eyes of Shadow Link, chest heaving with rage as he glared down at him. The grip on his wrists, now pinned above his head, tightened, and Vio winced when he felt Shadow's claw-like nails digging into his skin, drawing little red crescents of blood.

"Don't you fucking dare!" Shadow snarled.

It wasn't an entirely logical move, but he was desperate. He was alone and defenseless, pinned to the ground in the dark with a vengeful Shadow. "Useless, worthless, pitiful shadow! You are nothing without us-!"

A sharp slap echoed through the night, followed by a cry of pain. Shadow was shaking with barely suppressed rage. "I was gonna just mess with you for a bit before I slit your throat, but now. . .no. I'll show you. I'll show you who's nothing!" He slammed his lips against Vio's in a painful, bruising kiss. His fangs caught Vio's lips and he bit, drawing blood and a yelp that let him plunder Vio's mouth. "I'll make you beg for me." He sneered against Vio's lips, claiming them again. "I'm going to make you need me, want me, want everything I'm going to do to you. There will be nothing left when I'm through with you!"

He removed his hands from Vio's wrists, calling tendrils of shadow-bonds to hold him instead. One hand held his face still while Shadow ravished his mouth, and the other roamed roughly over his body, leaving bruises and small cuts in its wake. Nails bit into his skin and Vio tried, and failed, to bite back a moan. Shadow pulled back, staring at him half in surprise before grinning devilishly.

"Well, you're going to make this easier than I thought, aren't you? You liked that.' He chuckled, palming Vio's half-hard erection through his tight pants before raking his claws over the sensitive skin of Vio's thigh to make him scream. He lifted the hand to his face, gingerly licking the blood away while he watched Vio's face, clouded with pain. It was. . .exquisite.

"I hate you." Vio bit out, but Shadow only shrugged, planting one hand by Vio's head and using the other to grip his hips, letting out a grunt as he thrust their groins together. Vio groaned.

"I don't really care." Shadow hissed, one hand slipping under the hem of Vio's tights. "You're mine either way."

"Go to hell!" Vio snapped, attempting to jerk his body away. Shadow scowled and lashed out, smacking him hard across the face. Vio tasted blood. His head spun as Shadow stood and lifted him by one arm, his claws piercing the skin and drawing blood. He kneed him in the gut, causing Vio to fall to his knees and bend over double, coughing harshly.

Hurried footsteps in the distance made him pause, scowling down at Vio. As much as he wanted to leave Vio's battered and bloody remains here for the other Heroes to find, he didn't want to kill him so quickly.

No. . .he wanted to keep his toy for a while. Shadow Link called to the Dark Realm to bring him home, pulling Vio into the shadows with him.

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