Notes: The characters aren't mine it's not fair but they aren't. So please don't sue me. Besides I'm a poor student who has no money of my own.

Also this fic will become NC-17 later on because of a happy thing I plan on putting in later.

This story is dedicated to my friend ichi-chan!

Now on to the story

1.1 Pocky and Puddles

Shuichi walked into the large apartment for the last time. The walls were barren, more so then usual. There wasn't anything in the apartment except for boxes sitting against the walls that the movers hadn't yet got. Shuichi went into the bedroom he had been sharing with, no he wasn't even going to think about it. The doctors told him he had to get over his obsession. They said it wouldn't help bring him back so he had to move on.

Shuichi entered the bedroom and saw that he had forgotten to grab something off of the bedside table. He sat down on the bed and looked over at the table. There sat a package of cigarettes and an empty can of beer. Shuichi laughed quietly. "How ironic," he mumbled to himself. After all, he had always thought that those were what would kill him. And in a way they did. At least the alcohol did.

~*~*~*~*~Flash Back~*~*~*~*~

2 Ring, Ring

"Hello?" Shuichi answered the phone, for some odd reason his hands were shaking.

"Hello, Shindou-san this is Touma, I'm afraid that I need to give you some bad news. Could you come down to the studio please? It would probably be better if I gave it to you in person."

"Yeah, I'll be down in an hour." Shuichi hung up the phone; he wondered what kind of bad news Touma needed to tell him. Did his record go under? Well he would find out in an hour.


"Come in." Why did Touma sound so sad?

Shuichi went inside and saw Touma in all black. His first thought was, who died? Little did he know.

"Shindou-san, there was a major accident this morning. A drunk driver decided to go through a red light at the same time another car was going through it's own green light. The accident would not have been so fatal if the cars had not been going at such high speeds, however as it was the accident ended up killing all those who were involved."

Shuichi sat there thinking why Touma-san was telling him this. People died in accidents every day. He also wondered why he was shaking in his seat so much.

"Now, I'm going to tell you the really bad news. Are you ready Shindou- san?" Touma looked at him with pure concern. Shuichi nodded slightly.

Touma continued. "One of the parties in the accident was Yuki Eiri. Shindou-san I'm afraid that Yuki has died." As Touma said this he heard a large thump on the ground. Touma looked down at where Shuichi was sitting and saw that he had passed out.

~*~*~*~*~End Flash Back~*~*~*~*~

That was one of the only things Shuichi remembered about that week. It was a long week followed by an even longer month. There was the press and the police reports. Then there was the funeral. Shuichi had blocked everything out of his mind during those weeks and then Touma sent him to a psychiatrist for help. He hated that but he knew Touma was just trying to help. Now today, after two months he was finally moving on. He had gotten an apartment closer to the studio so he could focus on work. And today was the last day he would ever see this house. He decided to keep Yuki's pack of cigarettes for a small momento.