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Chapter 5

Shuichi awoke the next morning in an unfamiliar bed. At first we he was startled to see the change from the barren walls of his apartment to the crayoned drawings on Ryuichi's walls. As the sleep fell from his eyes, however, he relaxed remembering what had happened the night before. Shuichi also realized that he did not have a dream for the first time since Yuki's death. Shuichi got up from the bed and went looking for Ryuichi to thank him for all of his support. As Shuichi went towards the living room he saw the older singer curled up on the couch with Kouma. In that state he really did look like a small child. Shuichi smiled lightly and started towards the door. Before he left, Shuichi left a note so Ryuichi wouldn't worry. Shuichi did not want to wake Ryuichi from his slumber, so he left silently to go to work.


Ryuichi woke up happily. Shuichi's revelations from last night had lifted his spirits. It seemed that Shuichi was starting to truly get over the death of Yuki.

"For being such an emotional boy," Ryuichi said to Kouma, "he could really hide things well."

Ryuichi walked quietly towards the bedroom being careful not to awake the pink haired singer, but as he got closer he heard no sound of inhabitance. He quickly pacened his step to see if everything was alright. However, when he got to the bedroom all he found was a nicely made bed with a small note on the pillow. Ryuichi began to worry hoping that Shuichi wasn't regretting sharing his dream. He quickly picked up the note and began to read it.

Dear Sakuma-san,

thank you for everything last night. It means a lot that you were willing to listen to my dream. I hope that we can discuss it again soon. However, I had to go to the studio early this morning so I could not thank you properly. I am not doing anything tonight and if you might be interested, I wanted to try the new restaraunt downtown but did not want to go by myself. If you want to go, I will be done recording around five this afternoon.


Shindou Shuichi

Ryuichi looked at his watch, it was already three in the afternoon. He had to rush if he was going to make it in time. As Ryuichi was getting ready his mind wandered wondering what Shuichi was thinking about all this. Whatever it was, Ryuichi was willing to do anything for the young pink haired singer.