Title: We're Just Getting Started

By: lizbean

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, but I wish I did.

Chapter 1: Revised

"Will Mama be home soon?" asks three year old Ella.

Santana is lying beside her daughter in the light blue Dora themed toddler bed, her back pressed against the rail, and left arm under Ella's head. She rests the book she was reading aloud on her chest and runs her fingers through the girl's chocolate brown hair. "Yes baby. She's running late, but she'll be home very soon to tuck you in."

Ella's twin brother Tony is behind his sister, curled up with his stuffed dinosaur. He asks, "Me too?"

"Of course you too, silly." Santana tousles his hair and tickles his neck.

He giggles, hugs his dinosaur closer, and yawns. "Read more."

Santana nods and continues the story. "Cat is in the doghouse, sleeping through the storm. Raccoon is looking for a place that's warm. Skit-skat Cat, move over Rover!"

Ella grins and points to the picture. "They are squished like us."

Santana agrees that the three of them are a tight fit for Ella's bed, but she wouldn't say they are uncomfortable. As if reading her mind, Tony perks up and says, "Com-fy and cooo-zy."

Santana laughs at her adorable son and pulls him closer. "Tienes razon - confortable y acogedor." (You are right - comfy and cozy.)

Brittany bursts through the front door in an excited frenzy, her hair and coat whipping about as she spins and shuts the door. Date night! Date night! Date night! She kicks off her shoes, stretches her arms back and hops in place until her coat slides off her and pools to the floor. A soft clanging rings through the house from the pipes in the wall and she looks up at the ceiling with a toothy grin and pictures her wife naked in the shower. Date night! Date night! She grabs the banister and propels herself forward, taking the stairs to the second floor two at a time and stripping off her shirt and dance sweats along the way to save time.

When she enters her bedroom, Santana is coming out of the bathroom with a white cotton towel wrapped around her torso and another holding up her damp hair. "I thought I heard you come in."

Brittany hops toward her on one foot while pulling her sock off the other, her once eager grin now turned down into a disappointed frown. "You're done?" She huffs as she strips out of her bra and underwear, and tosses everything into the hamper.

"Sorry, I couldn't wait for you. I was too excited to get ready."

Brittany squeals and mini claps before running into the bathroom and climbing into the old fashioned claw foot tub. "I'll be quick so we can go on our date!"

Santana follows her, stops in front of the mirror, and plugs in the blowdryer. "How was class?"

Brittany turns on the shower and yelps when she's hit with a freezing torrent from above. "Babe! You booby trapped it again!"

"Sorry! I think I was daydreaming and forgot to switch it back to the lower faucet." Santana shakes her head at herself because all day she was distracted and acting like a nervous teenager before a first date. This morning she burnt her bacon while trying to decide what to wear and later in the day caught herself cleaning with a vacuum that wasn't plugged in because she was running through a mental list of movie trailers. To say she was excited for their date would definitely be an understatement. "By the way, Ella and Tony are bathed, read to, sung to, and waiting in bed for you to rub their backs and say goodnight."

"They're still up?" Brittany leans her head back under the spray to rinse her hair.

"Yeah. They aren't used to you not being home during bedtime."

"Sorry. My new assistant booked a private lesson without checking with me first."

"It's fine. I explained it to them."

"I'll go say goodnight as soon as I get out. Has Quinn called to say she's on her way?"

"Not yet."

A few minutes later, Brittany shuts the water off and climbs out of the tub to find Santana leaning against the door frame lost in thought. "Why aren't you dressed for dinner?"

Santana snaps out of her thoughts and her eyes grow wide as her gaze drifts down the dancer's wet body. "I think I'd rather stay home and eat you."

Brittany laughs at her hungry wife and pushes her backwards out the door. She pecks her lips and spins her by the shoulders, intending to shoo her to get dressed, but when she sees the bed, her mind is flooded with naughty thoughts, and staying home seems like a better idea. She's just about to suggest they change their plans when her phone vibrates. She stops the iPhone from sliding further across the vanity and reads the pop-up message. ***DATE NIGHT!*** Without another thought, she pushes Santana towards the closet and urges her to get ready.

Santana stumbles forward then spins and makes her way back to Brittany. "You sure you don't want to just stay in and -" She waggles her eyebrows to non-verbally make her lewd suggestion.

Brittany shakes her head with a smile, puts on her bathrobe, and heads to the door. "You've got five minutes and then we're going on our date."

Santana walks over to her dresser and once again gets lost in thought. I can't believe we've been married for five years and she still takes my breath away. I can't wait to find out what the next five, ten, FIFTY years bring. Brittany skips back into the room after tucking in the children and Santana smiles proudly. I always knew she would make an incredible mother. She watches as Brittany slips out of the robe, blow dries her hair, and dances to an imaginary beat. I'm so excited for tonight. Dinner and movie may be cliche, but after months of not having time to ourselves, I can't wait to be alone with her. Once again filled with the urge to leave the house for their date, Santana searches her closet for the perfect outfit and spots her favorite fedora hanging in the back. She lifts the hat off its hook and flips it slowly in her hand as a fond memory plays in her mind.


"Hey Britt-Britt, ready to go?" Santana stands before Brittany in a fedora, black fitted v-neck t-shirt, skinny jeans and boots. "Umm B, my eyes are up here," Santana teases.

Brittany slowly brings her gaze up to meet the beautiful brown eyes of her best friend and blushes at being caught. "Sorry, I just...wow. You know I love anything you wear, but this is my favorite - casual but sexy!"


A smile spreads across Santana's face as she remembers the first time she took Brittany on a date. Well, she hadn't actually told Brittany it was a date. They were fifteen and she was nervous and not ready to label her feelings, but somehow she knew that night was going to change their friendship forever.

Brittany towel dries her body as she leaves the bathroom and sees Santana - standing in front of the closet in her bra and underwear, lost in thought, and smiling. She wraps the towel around herself and walks over to Santana, takes the fedora from her and puts it on her head. She bites her bottom lip as she admires the beautiful woman she married. "There are times I still can't believe you're mine."

"I love you, too." Santana reaches up and pulls Brittany's face to hers. She kisses her wife sweetly, but the contact sends Brittany over the edge and as the kisses intensify to both sensual and savage, the message is clear: Dinner can wait. Brittany's hands roam across the strong bare back and slides beneath the black lace underwear to squeeze Santana's firm ass. Santana moans her approval, tears off Brittany's towel and wraps her lips around a plump pink nipple.

"Oh my god," groans Quinn. "Ten years! Ten years and I am still walking in on you two."

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