Well this idea formed in my head. To be honest it is just a variation on all the other Dramione's but as always I will try and make it a bit different and upredictable. Read and enjoy!

Hermione Granger wasn't stupid. She'd never been stupid or done silly things so why did she find herself standing on the edge of this bridge staring down into the murky waters below? She couldn't even imagine how cold the water must be as it was an icy, cold night with a crisp frost. She shivered and hugged herself with one arm whilst holding tightly to the rail with her other. The muggle cars were whizzing fast behind her, spraying her with water but she ignored them and kept her eyes on the water below.

She knew what this would look like to anyone watching her and after recent events, she wasn't in the best frame of mind but she had no intention of jumping. She wasn't that stupid despite the fact that life had got on top of her. The idea she had formed as she had left Hogwarts had never left her and she'd spent the last four years doing everything possible to raise enough money to make her dream reality. The list of things she had done was long and varied and she was tired of the constant battle to make ends meet whilst saving the majority of her income.

Then, a few months ago an opportunity came her way that could have made her enough money in one go. Ginny had told her about something Ron had heard about at the Ministry. A rich businessman was going to set up a trust fund that enterprising, young wizards could apply for. He would then select just two wizards that he considered worthy of his investment and he would fully fund their enterprise. It was exactly suited to Hermione and her idea and she had spent the past two months producing her application in her usual meticulous manner. She was never overly confident about herself but even she could see that this was a great opportunity for her.

And then it had happened. Her flat was broken into the night before the deadline. She was asleep in her bed and had awoken to find a stranger in her room, leaning over her. He had held her down when she tried to get up and she could hear someone else moving around. They'd hit her with a spell before leaving and when she awoke they had rampaged her flat, leaving it a mess. And they had taken nothing but the application. Hermione had tried to explain what had happened but the trust had insisted that she had missed the deadline and therefore couldn't be considered. They couldn't waiver the rules, not matter what.

Hermione had returned to her flat feeling numb and knowing that she would have to return to her life of constant work for minimal money. She'd shut herself in her flat for days, trying to get her head around everything and facing the reality that she may have to give up her dream and get a proper job.

Eventually she decided to take a walk, trying to clear her mind. She'd purposely chosen to walk in this Muggle city because no-one would know her here and she wanted to just walk without the opportunity to use magic. And then this bridge had drawn her, she liked to openness of it, the way it spanned the river and as soon as she was on the bridge she knew she had to lean over and see the water below. Somehow it made her put things back into perspective when she was leaning over into the abyss. She still had a good life – she had friends, she was healthy and happy. Now she just had to get her head around losing her dream.

One of the cars bibbed its horn and Hermione turned sharply, almost losing her grip. She reluctantly stepped down from the edge and sighed. That was the end of her little break from reality. It was time to head back. As she turned she saw a tall figure just along the bridge. He was in the same position as she had just been, leaning over the edge, hanging onto the rail. She stopped in her tracks, immediately jumping to the same conclusion that anyone seeing her a few minutes ago would have done and it made her heart jump into her mouth. He couldn't be considering jumping could he? She looked around but the bridge was deserted so she started walking towards him, hoping he wouldn't see her. She'd taken a few steps when he seemed to lean further over and wobble slightly. She felt her breath catch and she quickened her pace towards him having no idea what she could do but knowing she had to do something.

She was within arm's reach before he noticed her and as he turned in surprise his grip loosened on the rail and suddenly he was balancing precariously on the very edge, half turned to the river. He waved his arms to either side of him, trying to keep his balance and Hermione cried out, realizing her sudden appearance could actually make him fall over the edge! She jumped forward, grabbing at his arms so she could pull him back but he was tall and her small stature made it difficult for her to put any weight behind it. For a moment she actually thought they would both go over the edge as his weight moved them both backwards and she screamed but then her momentum caught them and they fell away from the edge onto the path.

Hermione landed on the floor with a thud which hurt – not as much as it hurt when the stranger landed on top of her. They both struggled to stand up and then they were standing staring at one another. He had a large hood on, so his face was shielded. She could hardly see his eyes and his face was in shadow. He was tall but slim and his lips were set into a tight line.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry I scared you," Hermione said. He didn't reply and went to turn away but Hermione knew she couldn't just let him go. What if he had been trying to jump? She had to try and stop him in case he tried again. "Wait, I saw you on the edge..."

The shadowed face turned back to her and then he surprised her by replying, his voice rich and smooth. "I was taking in the view."

Hermione blinked rapidly at this response which was nothing like she had expected. "Oh...well...it's dark so I know that's not true." She knew that really this was none of her business but Harry had always told her she was nosey and interfering so perhaps he was right.

"I don't need a lecture from someone who only minutes before was on the edge herself." The deep voice held accusation and Hermione sighed. She didn't know he had seen her and he was right.

"I was clearing my head," she surprised herself with this unnecessary explanation. She should have just told him to mind his own business.

"Yes, well my head clearing was rudely interrupted, wasn't it?"

Hermione stared at the stranger in front of her half annoyed by his attitude and something else. There was something that was triggering in Hermione's memory but she couldn't place it. He went to turn away again and she decided to give it one last go. After all, anyone who was considering throwing themselves from a bridge was bound to have an attitude weren't they? Anything could have happened to him. She grabbed him again and he turned back.

"Leave me alone."

"I want to help," Hermione said and she was surprised again when this was greeted by a booming but shallow laugh.

"Typical. As if you could help me!" The voice was bitter and she stared at him incredulously. What the heck did that mean? She was about to ask exactly that when a large truck drove past on the bridge and covered them both with spray, leaving them dripping wet. Without another word the stranger turned and walked away, leaving Hermione staring after his retreating figure.

Of course we all know who the stranger was don't we? Next Chapter up soon...x