Plot: There are different time lines... alternate universes... In this one, Planet Vegeta survives. With Prince Vegeta eager, but not yet ready to take the throne, he stands in training under his Uncle. Is his Uncle's ruling justifiable? Can a slave show him the truth? Find out on the next episode of DRAGON BALL: PV.

Rated T

Language/Violence/Sexual Refrences

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Things you should know (TYSK):

I will be having these before chapters just in case there might be something you wont understand if I do not further explain it. They will be called TYSK! So if you see this at the top of any chapter you might want to read it before.

Planet Vegeta was saved. King Vegeta was killed in the event of defeating Frieza. Bardock was able to gather enough Saiyan's to defend Planet Vegeta and kill Frieza. Kakarrot (aka Goku) is on planet earth at the time of this event. Vegeta was five years of age at the time of these events! Which is actual fact if you look up Vegeta's profile on wiki. King Galan is King Vegeta's younger brother and therefore ruler of Planet Vegeta until Vegeta turns eighteen.

NOTE that Vegeta might seem out of character in some ways or another. This Vegeta is not the same as Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z because those events did not happen. Yes, he's going to be bitter because his father died, but his Planet was not destroyed and he still shall become King.

"Please, King Galan! I beg of you. I will do anything."

The King turned his chin skyward as his onyx stare were trained on the man kneeling before him. He had his arms cradled around a small object that was tucked tight against his chest; as if that were going to keep it protected. Although, the King Galan was known for his appreciation towards groveling and this man was indeed near tears on his knees.

"Rise, Alaf," his voice ordered arrogantly knowing that this man's life was in the palm of his hands. A devious grin twitched at the corner of his mouth as he watched the Saiyan's eyes water pathetically as he clutched his possession even closer to him, if possible. "This is a disgrace to the Saiyan heritage!"

The King turned to the smaller boy that stood beside him, "Prince Vegeta. Watch."

He lifted a stern finger towards the man and a beam started to form. Alaf fell to his knees once more letting himself be consumed by his weakness. He no longer cared if his pride was at stake. If she died he was going with her.

"Alaf, rise!"

"King Galan, I beg of you," cried Alaf. He shook his head sternly and cast his coal eyes up at the smirking man. "I know I have disgraced our Saiyan heritage! I accept any action taken against me, but it is not her fault! It is my own and I wish to be punished for it; not her."

"Hmm..." the King stood from his throne and started walking down the marble steps towards the man. His steps echoed dangerously almost taunting Alaf even more. Stopping in front of the man he ripped the blanket covering the young child's body. It was abnormally small child coming from a Saiyan, but that did not surprise King Alan as much as the object twitching behind it's back. "It has a tail."

"Yes, your majesty," whispered Alaf. He imagined this being it. If the King took his child's life he would end his own, but not before he killed the King himself.

"Alaf, you are quite valuable to the preservation of our Saiyan race," King Galan spoke thoughtfully. He recovered the child's face seeming embarrassed to be looking at it's disfigurement. "Lieutenant general..."

He began his walk back to his throne, "I will allow your pathetic excuse for a child live-"

Alaf suppressed a cry of happiness as he stared down at the figure against his chest snuggly.

"- however, she will live as a slave in the castle," he continued. "She must never show her face. For it is an abomination to our Saiyan heritage! If she is to disobey any of my commands she shall be put in the trash like all the other slaves. This is the only time, Alaf, that I will allow such a disturbing occurrence to slide. Thank your title and your dedication to Planet Vegeta for that."

The King snapped his fingers at a guard, "Take the child to one of the female slaves and have her care for the creature."

Alaf obediently gave up his life as the guard stepped before him. His heart broke as he handed his only child over to the man before him. His pride and heart crushed as he watched the Saiyan soldier slip out one of the doors in the throne room.

"Alaf, return to your post," the King sneered no longer finding amusement in the situation.

Silently, Alaf left the King's chambers somberly. When the doors were closed the King turned to carefully analyze the young child beside him. His nephew.

"Prince Vegeta," his uncle spoke quietly.

"Yes, Uncle," Vegeta made eye contact with the man's stern glare.

"What that Saiyan did was absolutely disgusting."

Vegeta eyed him warily. He was not sure what to make of the entire situation quite yet. He had been under Freiza's command for so long, almost since birth, that he had hardly anytime to compute anything other than violence. He had not understood what was entirely wrong in the situation.

"Mating with any creature besides a Saiyan is disgusting," King Galan roared, spit flying from the corner of his mouth. "The Saiyan blood has been tainted. We cannot have this or there will be no more Saiyans. Do you understand Vegeta? Maintaining our heritage is one of the most important things we could do for Planet Vegeta. For your father."

He placed a gentle had on his shoulder, "Vegeta... when you are old enough to take the throne you shall understand your duty as King. Your duty to maintain what your father built himself."

Vegeta clenched his fists tightly. His father. He would do anything to make his father proud.

This doesn't say much about what's going to happen... but I couldn't find a way to tie the prologue and the next chapter together! Oh well! This is going to be a fun little fiction. Nothing too serious. Mostly a flighty romance. Because I love Vegeta... VEGETA :-)