Summary: After being immersed in his cousin's latest obsession, Harry starts to change the way he reacts to being the Wizarding World's hero.

Challenge: Musie's twisted imagination popped up again to ask about this scenario.

Timeline: starting (off-screen) the summer after book 2 but actual events of book 4.

Warning: I don't think there's any bashing of likeable characters, but if there is, I'm sorry.

A/N: the BtVs/AtS'verse will be fictional to Harry and will go through the first episode of season 6 BtVS. It's a quick little story; the chapters will be short, but I thought they should be separate anyway.

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Chapter 1: WW-Cordy-D?

Great Hall

Just after the announcement…

Harry listened in horror as the Headmaster announced that he was the unprecedented fourth champion in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Okay, so that was pretty much a given, with the Tri and all. But how to get out of this?

His life was dangerous enough without entering a contest for adult students where past contestants had died. How many times was he almost seriously injured or killed in the past three years? Yeah, he really wanted to spit in Murphy's face by putting his name in the goblet.

As he reluctantly walked to the room with the other champions, Harry had a flash of insight.

The past couple summers he was immersed in Dudley's latest craze: an American show about a girl who fought vampires with her friends. He admired the teenagers who seemed to defy all the odds. Maybe he could take a page out of their book and get out of this tournament. But which one?

After considering all the characters, he finally decided that this felt most like a Cordelia situation.

Harry listened as the adults decided that he was bound to this magical contract and had to compete. Finally, he took advantage of a lull in their conversation and announced loudly, "No!"

Dumbledore blinked slowly and asked, "What's that, dear boy?"

Despite the urge to squirm at the attention he now had, Harry kept going, "No, I'm not obligated to compete in this tournament! This contract cannot be valid since I am underage, and there was a line surrounding the cup to ensure that anyone under 17 could not put their name in. That means that somebody else put it in. The only people that can force a minor to do something are that child's guardians. I highly doubt that the Dursleys snuck into the castle during the night and dropped my name in the goblet."

From where he was listening in, Barty Crouch Jr. – posing as Moody – was hoping the boy wouldn't talk his way out of this. If Harry Potter didn't compete, it would be harder to kidnap him for the Dark Lord's return.

Harry paused to take a breath, then continued, "If they knew it might cost me my life, they might have tried, but the fact remains that somebody else entered me in the competition, so I can't be held liable for their actions. I'll even swear under Veritaserum that I didn't enter my name. If you force me to compete, I will find the meanest solicitor in the Wizarding World to sue every adult associated with the event, with as many charges as we can think of, starting with endangering a minor!"

There, that sounded like something Cordelia would say to get out of this mess. Hopefully, it would work.

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