Chapter 7 (2nd fandom version): WW-?-D?

Challenge: Musie's twisted imagination popped up again to ask about this scenario.

Warning: Massive off-screen character death/torture.

A/N: This was the original end of the story before I thought of Ethan. Thanks to Vilkath who reminded me of one last BtVS/AtS comparison I wanted to mention in this chapter (well, and Ethan's too, but I forgot until they mentioned it).

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Dursleys house

The summer after Voldemort's resurrection…

Harry fumed when he heard what was being said about him and Dumbledore by the Ministry and the Daily Prophet. His plans hadn't worked in the cemetery, and he barely escaped with his life. Then he made the mistake of trying to warn people that Wormtail resurrected Voldemort. How many people had to die before they believed that Voldemort was really back? Didn't they learn anything from the last time?

What was worse, he couldn't even think of who he could act like in this situation. Well, apart from brooding during the train-ride home. Luna whispered that he was acting like Angel at his broodiest and that quickly snapped him out of it. Then she did a wonderful job of distracting him in other ways which had his friends rolling their eyes and telling them to get a broom closet.

He found his new inspiration when he saw Dudley's new obsession.

Over two years later…

The Vengeance Continues

The Quibbler

Due to the recent attacks, criminals have started turning themselves into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Thursday marks the second anniversary of when the attacks began.

On that day two years ago, Lucius Malfoy started confessing all his crimes when called by his surname. When called by his first name, he would change his robes into what muggleborns call a pink tutu and sang the muggle nursery rhyme 'I'm a little teapot', pretending to be one as he performed for numerous impromptu audiences. There was no evidence of an Imperious curse cast on him to explain the strange behavior. Eventually, he was locked up in the criminal ward of St. Mungos.

Several days later, the shoppers in Diagon Alley were horrified to see Minister Fudge kissing a donkey. A charmed t-shirt he was wearing kept flashing 'Ass-kisser Extraordinaire'.

Rita Skeeter was caught in mid-transformation in an oversized Venus flytrap, proving that she was an illegal animagus, and thereby enlightening us once and for all how she was able to get the information she used to destroy people's reputations. Now the only question remains: if she were able to spy like that, why couldn't she get her facts straight?

Over the months and years since, wizards and witches who could be proved as criminals faced the judgment of 'Vengeance'. Who this person is, nobody knows. Some believe him or her to be the next Dark Lord once You-Know-Who is caught; others insist that he/she is doing what needs to be done until all the Death Eaters are caught and the corruption is burned out of the Ministry. The non-magical aspects to these attacks suggest that Vengeance has either studied or has ties to the muggle world.

Turn to page 5 for more of the interesting criminals – along with the proof provided by Vengeance of their crimes, including a permanently transfigured Delores Umbridge, who was changed into a toad, but still wore her pink suit and had the same hairdo as when she was human. Her front foot was pinned to a piece of wood with a blood quill. Tests proved that it was the same blood quill she used to force students to write lines while she was at Hogwarts, despite the fact that the use of blood quills was declared illegal except in cases of signing contracts – and even then it had to be done in Gringotts.

A/N: Even though I used the name 'Vengeance', this is based on The Punisher.

Additional disclaimer: The Punisher belongs to Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, John Romita, Sr. and Marvel Comics.

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