Special great thanks to HotelKatz for beta-reading this chapter.

"I hate myself, I hate my life, and I hate everything!" Keitaro blamed for everything in his miserable life.

Naru said that he is a loser, pervert, and idiot can't get into Toudai or a girlfriend, she also may not love him. Motoko use him as a practice dummy and also said that he is an evil, worthless, and lust monster. Kitsune use him as a bank account and comedian toy. Su use him a guinea pig for her experiments and a toy. Sara always hit him. Shinobu feel sorry but can't do anything, instead make it worse by her tragedy acting. Mutsumi always faint with she is next to him which make the others think he did something to her

Seta always happy and positive, which make him anger more and more, even the life is good, that doesn't mean he can show his cheerful.

His aunt always hit him when he calls her aunt, she becomes more than a forty years and she doesn't even want to think that she is old.

His parents kick him out because he always obsessed with Todai even he failed twice, and don't want to enter their business.

His friends always make fun of him, even his loyally two friends Shirai and Hitani enjoyed seeing him get humiliated.

"Why God, why?"

In the Friday evening, he finished his studies and work duties, walked to the kitchen and meeting a smiled Shinobu asking him "Senpai, will you go to the market exhibition tomorrow with us?" The girls were all preparing to go for the big sale exhibition.

"Huh? Oh, no Shinobu, I don't want to go" Keitaro replied with a smile.

"But why Senpai?" sad Shinobu begin to tear eyes, he was going to say he's busy tomorrow but interrupted by Kitsune "Oh, are you sure? The way you're acting looks like you're planning something perverted again. Probably with naughty materials you have in your room," she added fuel to the fire.

"Auuuh, it's not true, is it Sempai?" Shinobu asked in more tears.

"Ara, Keitaro, are you really being perverted?" Mutsumi asked looking disappointed.

"NO!" Keitaro said loudly. He couldn't believe it, "I'm not doing anything like that!"

"What naughty materials Keitaro has?" Su asked bluntly.

Naru was seething in anger, "Keitaro, how dare you?"

"That does it" Motoko declared as she drew her sword, "Prepare yourself, you vile disgusting male!"

"NO, STOP!" Keitaro cried.

The young Urashima blasted through the wall and landed outside on his back, falling in somewhere in town, too much from home, "that's new record", standing up and start to clean his clothes until he felt a sharp in his back.

"Don't make a move" the voice was of a guy in his middle age.

"OK, but please don't..."

"Shut up, give me your money and I'll let you go"

He moved his hands to his pocket but suddenly snapped in his soul telling to stop this weakness and fear of everything, so when he move his hands, he make a quick move and grabbed the thief hand then kick him to his knife.

Keitaro and thief start fighting, even the stranger was older but it look like Keitaro is going to win, every punch and kick made by Keitaro, making him feel joy more than anything in his life. For the first time he feel happiness more than have a high mark on school tests, or going out with friends, or meet a smiled girl, or meet a smiled lovely Naru, or...

The guy feel pain so he do whatever could to fight against back but he was no match to Keitaro, so he do the last thing that people do.

"Stop, I give up."

Keitaro didn't stop, he was enjoying it. 'Now I understand why Naru and Motoko always hit me, it's fun.'

"Stop, please be merciful!"

But Keitaro didn't stop, he still has his fun

"Stop I'll do anything!"

No answer

"I'll give you the money!"

"How much?"

"500,000 Yen!"

But Keitaro didn't believe, after all thieves always lie, so he fixed on the land, he start to search the thief pocket clothes, he discovered 2,000,000 Yen "Well, Well, what we have here?" he remove the man's mask and it show him a man in his 30s, he looked tired ""please, give me some money!"

"How much do you earn?"

"Approximately 1,000,000 Yen monthly but sometimes more, it may become 4,000,000 Yen in Holidays."

He gives him half "take this and don't ever show me your face."

The burglar ran away and didn't show up ever again. For the first Keitaro felt happy and proud, this increase his excitement, why he always runway from fights. He was always been bullied in the school, even the school girls bullied him; one of girls always hit him because he is friend to his sister's friend. Like Naru and Motoko she thought that he do something perverted to her, but when she discovered that little girl is actually a boy, the girl disappear from the school because she was androphobic who feared from men and just because Keitaro was nice and not evil she always hit him.

1,000,000 Yen, so much money after 1 fights only, and with fight enjoyment he think, why not more?

So he went to go home but stopped to eat at Ramen shack, after all there is nothing delicious more than victory. With big smile and big meal nothing can interrupt his happiness. Also he went to the Doko store to buy building materials. An orange short hair girl, Sakomi Doko were surprised to see Keitaro finally closed his debt account, since he buy a lot and can only pay less, after that Also he went to his ATM to pay the Hinata Inn's bills, and finally went home with some money.

He enters the house to meet his nightmares, but they aren't angered because they finally understand that it was Kitsune's joke.

"So you finally came," serious Naru "Sorry about what happened, but you always do something perverted, so be a good manager" /seriously/

"My apologies for you ,Urashima, but most of your actions are bad, so behave yourself." /as I expected/

Kitsune "sorry Keitaro, but it was funny to tease you." /you go to prison for your jokes/

Su "that was fun, do it again, do it again." /is she high/

Sara "you deserve it, dork." /who care about you brat/

Mutsumi "Sorry Kei-kun, I know you are a good man." /it is a joke, right?/

Shinobu "Sempai, I'm happy you are back, hey let's have dinner." /aren't you the best lovely angel with a THE WORST DEVIL HEART? /

"Sorry Maehara-san, but I ate outside and I feel tired so good night."

He went to his room with no more words, then the lightning shocked their heads a lot and a lot questions:

/Did he call me by family name? /

/Keitaro no fun/

/Did he get angered because I call him dork? /

/Kei-kun, that not yours./

/What happened her? /

/Did he have contact by a devil? /

/Did I break the stake? /

They didn't find the answers, so they moved to the kitchen and ate dinner in silent voice. Naru didn't accept it; how dare he avoid them or her, how dare he say no.

/but he may really tired/her mind spoke, and she answered /that's not excuse to don't eat the dinner/

/eating dinner or being next to him? /

/what am I thinking, shut up/

/I'm your brain, dummy, and if you don't stop this violence, and confess to him he may leave you to other girl/

/he will not do it/

/says who? /


/and what happened now? /

/like he said, he is tired and wanna some rest, but he shouldn't avoid us/

/Yeah, right, he should come angrily, take you to his room, make love to you ONLY until your both faint/

/I'll kill that pervert if he do it to me, or anyone/

/Correction, you are the pervert, not him, and he is not allow to love any girl except you, because he is yours/

She was going to answer but couldn't because her mind was right, she like Keitaro but she wish to him to act like a man.

/you are right, we must be nice before we lost him/

/Correct, you must be nice before you lost him/

/Can you please stop now? /


She went to her room to prepare herself for Keitaro, but the winds will be not what ships want.

Nock, Nock, Nock

"Who is it?"

"It's me Narusegawa, can I come in"


He entered her with a wood tablet, building materials and new electronic tools. He removed the cover between their rooms, fix the whole, and clean everything.

"That's for it, like I promised that I'll fix your floor, now I'm done" he stopped for a moments "Good night"

Naru stopped for a moment then shocked /what the hell happened? Why he fix the? why he call me Narusegawa? Why.../ more and more questions appeared in her head. She lost her father when she was a kid, her crush, Seta sensei, didn't accept her love and now it appeared that Keitaro is going to be away from her.

Keitaro wasn't like anyone to her, unlike who wanna her body, he wanted her heart, but unfortunately she doesn't understand him and thought he is going to do something pervert.

So right now, she will change, so Keitaro will not avoid her and leave away from her.

/Thank God, they didn't chase me like usually/ Keitaro thought /maybe I should act differently/, shocked by lighten lamp in his mind /or maybe become different, not for the girls but for everyone/, a different plans appeared for head /I should sleep right now, for tomorrow/.

He slept quickly like a baby.