Sam was sitting in her bedroom looking at the few pictures she had of her mother. She looked at one of her third birthday and remembered how her mom made it a extra special day by taking her on a ride to War Drum flats for the first time. Then when they got home they had a birthday party all set up for her, that's when she got her first puppy.

The next picture was her mom and her sitting on Princess Kittys back in the middle of the lake at War Drum flats. She remembered it just like yesterday…


"Hey Sam, you want to go for a ride with me to the lake." Louise asked her energetic five year old.

"Really?" Sam asked in disbelief. She thought she was grounded from riding because of hitting Jake yesterday when he wouldn't stop calling her brat.

"Yes, just this once I will let you off the hook for hitting Jake." Louise said as she smiled down at her. "Just don't do it again!" she said with a chuckle

They then went out and saddled up Princess Kitty, right when they were getting ready to leave Wyatt rode in.

"Just where are you two running off to?" Wyatt said with a chuckle.

"We're going to War Drum Flats!" a happy Sam called from Kittys back

"You want to come?" Louise asked, looking at her husband.

"Sure, just give me a minute." With that Wyatt went inside and came out with a camera. He wasn't big into taking pictures but he thought that they may want to.

When they arrived at the lake, they dismounted, unsaddled the horses while Sam played at the edge. But they could tell she was getting bored of doing that so her mom had a idea.

"Hey Sam, you want to ride with me into the lake?" Louise asked her bored looking daughter.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Wyatt whispered quietly when he saw Sam perk up.

"Don't worry we'll be fine" Louise said with a smile. She then picked Sam up and placed her on Kittys bareback then swung up behind her. She slowly let Kitty walk into the water.

After being in the water for a little bit Louise got an idea and started splashing Sam. Soon they were both soaking wet, but laughing. That's when they looked to the shore and Wyatt snapped a picture of his beautiful wife and daughter laughing together in the middle of a lake.

End Flashback

The last picture was the day before her moms accident. They had been in the kitchen baking a cake. Sam was trying to help but she mostly just made a mess. By the time the cake was in the oven they both had flour all over themselves and the kitchen, but they were smiling. Even Gram had a smile on her face.

" A little mess never hurt anyone." Gram said

And that was the last picture that Sam had of her mom. There were others of course but her dad kept those in his room.

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