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Jake dropped Sam off at her house and with a shy smile left Sam at the bridge. Sam watched as Jake rode away on Witch then walked quietly back across the bridge and was silently sneaking into the house when she heard someone moving around.

"Sam, what do you think you are doing?" Gram asked quietly as she turned on the kitchen light. "It is 3 o'clock in the morning what were you doing outside this late at night?"

"I'm sorry Gram, I couldn't sleep and I decided to go down to the river to see if that would help. While I was down there Jake rode up on Witch so we took a short ride out to the lake on War Drum Flatts." Sam rambled on; she finally stopped and sat down at the table

"It's okay Sam, your mom use to take you down to the river when you were a baby and couldn't get to sleep. What I don't like about this is why was Jake out there that late? Were you suppose to meet him?" Gram asked sitting down across from Sam

"No Gram, it's not like that. I didn't even know Jake was there, I went out because I saw Blackie and wanted to talk to him. I only noticed Jake was there when he ended up scaring him away. We talked for a little bit and then Jake asked if I wanted to go for a short ride. I promise you I wasn't out there to meet him." Sam said but she looked down at the end with a slight blush on her face.

"Did anything else happen while you were out with Jake?" Gram asked gently

"Yes, I…uh…told him I liked him and then kissed him." Sam said in a rush

"Oh Honey, that's nothing to be ashamed about. You and Jake are meant for each other. I'm not mad but I am happy you told me. Now all we need to do is tell your dad. I would hate for him to think that something else went on while y'all were out there." Gram said with a smile

"But for right now I think that we both need a nice warm cup of tea and a cookie, then back to bed for the both of us." Gram said starting the tea kettle and getting out the cookies

Sam smiled and sat at the table thinking about what all had happened tonight while Gram got the stuff for their midnight snack together. After they had eaten they both went back up to bed each thinking their own thoughts. Sam was thinking about her kiss with Jake and then she got kind of sad when she thought about having to tell her dad. While Gram with a smile thought about what was happening between Sam and the young next door neighbor.

The Next Day

Sam woke up to the smell of bacon frying and with a smile on her face as she thought about the kiss, again. Little did she know that Jake five miles away was waking up remembering the same thing.

I can't believe that Sam actually kissed me! I have liked her for a very long time but I didn't realize that she felt the same way, could this day get any better? Shoot, what are my brothers going to do when they find out what happened between me and Sam. I can't think like this any more I need to get up and start on my chores.

Back at Sam's house

"Hey Dad!" Sam said as she bounded down the stairs into the kitchen

"Hey sweetie, why are you so cheery this morning?" Wyatt asked as he looked over his newspaper and took a sip of his coffee

"I need to tell you something dad." Sam said seriously as she went to stand over by Gram at the stove. Gram gave her shoulder a reassuring squeezing before sending her to the table with a plate of food.

"Umm, I don't like the sound of this. What's wrong Sam?" Wyatt asked setting the paper down and looking at her fully

"Well…I went down to the river last night because I couldn't sleep. Jake was down there, and no I didn't plan on him being there. Then he asked me to go on a ride with him so we went to the lake on War Drum Flatts and while we were there I told him I liked him and he said he liked me back. Then I kissed him, it was only a little peck and I was the one who did it." Sam said in one big rush, then she looked at her plate and started picking at her food

"Honey, I'm okay with you and Jake being together I just don't want you to be going off with him in the middle of the night. I trust both of you and no that nothing will happen but it's just not good to have y'all out on the playa in the dark you don't know what's out there. Don't worry Honey I'm not mad and I appreciate that you came out and told me, I'll talk to Jake when he comes over to train the new horses." Wyatt said with a slight smile on his face

Sam looked up with shock on her face. I can't believe that my dad just said that! I thought for sure that he would be upset.

"Thanks dad, this really makes me happy!" Sam squealed then went and gave her dad a hug

Later on when Jake showed up for work him and Wyatt had a talk cowboy style about the rules for him and Sam dating. He gave Jake his approval and shook his hand then told him to get back to work. After Jake had given the first horse he was training a lesson on changing leads he saw Sam coming out of the barn with a wheel barrow. He put Delgado back in the pasture and went to see if Sam needed any help with her chores.

"Hey Sam" Jake said as he stepped up to the stall she was cleaning

"Ugh, don't scare me like that Jake! Do you like to give me a heart attack!" Sam said while catching her breath

"Well if you paid more attention to your surroundings then we wouldn't have this problem now would we?" Jake said with a chuckle

"Hey, I was paying attention! Just not to you, I was thinking about other things." Sam said trailing off at the end

"Would you mind sharing what had you so distracted?" Jake said, totally out of character

"Nope, you don't need to know everything! There are some things that are personnel and that you need to keep to yourself at least for awhile." Sam said evasively

"Would you like help with stalls?" Jake said deciding to drop what they were talking about, at least for now

"Sure that would be great!" Sam said with a smile while Jake went off to get a second wheel barrow.

Later after Jake had left and they had eaten supper Sam decided to give Jen a call and tell her what had been happening. Jen was thrilled for Sam but a little upset because she doesn't think that Jake is good enough for her. She doesn't think that anyone could ever be good enough for her best friend. After Sam hung up with Jen she headed upstairs to bed, ready for whatever will happen next.

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