So this is a fic idea I have toyed with for some time, but I was reluctant to write/post it because Ocarina of Time is just so damn long! And if I was going to do a fic involving Zelda in any way, I would not half-ass it. But this little idea would not leave me alone, so I had to give it a shot. So if you like it, review it for me so that I know people are interested.

It might take awhile, but once I get going, I promise there will be lots of Kaito and Shinichi.


"In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule...Long have I served as the guardian spirit...I am known as the Great Deku Tree...

The children of the forest, the Kokiri, live here with me. Each Kokiri has his or her own guardian fairy.

However, there is one boy who does not have a fairy..."


A small boy lay shivering in his sleep, whether it was because he was cold, or because of something else was not clear. He looked to be no older than ten. Neat black hair could be seen beneath a green, sock like hat, his clothes matched. The color seemed perfect for blending into a forest and looked like a small, shivering leaf on the wooden bed he lay on. The illusion was only intensified by the fact that his house seemed to be a hollowed out tree trunk.

The boy shivered again as his nightmare began. The young boy found himself next to a beautiful castle. The sun seemed to have set long ago in his dream, but he could still make out the beautiful, marble stones that made up the castle's walls and the drawbridge that was currently raised. He noticed curiously that a fairy floated at his side, 'wait, a fairy? But I don't have a fairy…'

Before he could ponder this further, the bridge began to lower at an alarmingly fast rate. The bridge had barely touched ground when suddenly a white horse galloped out. A small boy that looked to be his age was riding the horse. His clothes indicated him to be royalty, and his violet eyes looked so sad. An older man behind him held one hand around the boy protectively while the other hand held the horse's reins, urging the horse to go faster. In the blink of an eye, the boy and his guardian were gone, but the sound of a horse pursuing them caused the dreaming boy to turn around.

Standing before him was a terrible site. A black horse that seemed to have galloped straight from the pits of hell stood just a couple feet from him. But what was worse than the horse was the man riding him. He was dressed in black armor, his long blond hair trailed behind him. His eyes pierced the boy freezing him with fear where he stood. The boy watched in terror as the man smiled evilly and began reaching for him. He watched as the man's hand got closer and closer, unable to move.


"Ai…Ai, where art thou? Come hither...Oh, Ai the fairy...listen to my words, the words of the Deku Tree...

Dost thou sense it? The climate of evil descending upon this realm...Malevolent forces even now are mustering to attack our land of Hyrule...

For so long, Kokiri Forest, the source of life, has stood as a barrier, deterring outsiders and maintaining the order of the world...but... before this tremendous evil power, even my power is as

It seems the time has come for the boy without a fairy to begin
his journey...The youth whose destiny it is to lead Hyrule to a path of justice and truth...

Ai... go now! Find our young friend and guide him to me...I do not have much time left. Fly, Ai, fly! The fate of the forest, nay, the world, depends upon thee!"


Young Shinichi woke from the nightmare slowly. He groaned to himself. He had been having that same nightmare for weeks, and it always filled him with dread. He kept his eyes closed as he thought about it, it seemed so much clearer last night than it did previous nights. It was almost more like a vision than a nightmare.

He was interrupted from his musings by the sound of fluttering wings and a high voice that sounded a bit like the tinkling of a bell. "Shinichi, Shinichi wake up!"

Shinichi frowned, that sounded a bit like a fairy. But that was impossible; his fairy guardian never came to him. He had given up waiting long ago. He hesitantly opened his eyes, then after a moment his eyes widened in surprise. "A fairy? But what do you want with me?"

A small ball of light flew toward him. He instinctively held his hand out and she landed in his palm. Now that she was closer, he could study her a little better. Inside the ball of light was a tiny, glowing girl. She was so small and glowing so brightly, that he couldn't make out much of her features. He could however see the set of pale blue wings attached to her back. She answered in her tinkering voice, "So you are awake, my name is Haibara Ai. The Great Deku Tree has asked me to be your partner from now on. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The small boy smiled in amusement. Who knew a fairy's high voice could sound so dry? "I finally have a fairy of my own?" he asked as he held her higher for closer inspection. He reached out a finger to poke her wings.

"Hands off the wings!" She flew off his hand dive bombed his head. Shinichi raised his hands defensively, "Ah! Ok, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Then let's get going! Move it, the Deku tree wants to see you."

"I'm going, I'm going," he growled. 'Who knew my fairy would be so annoying? I'm sure she won't be so bad later after we get used to each other.'

Shinichi made his way out of his tree house and almost ran into one of the other Kokiri children that lived in the forest with him. "Sorry, didn't see you. Oh, hi Ran," he greeted.

The small girl smiled at him. She was wearing the female version of his forest outfit and had long black hair with bangs going up in a high point to the side of her head. "Hi Shinichi, I was just coming to visit you. Oh, is that a fairy? You finally got a fairy companion, I'm so happy for you," she smiled at him.

"Thanks Ran," Shinichi answered. Ai dive bombed his head again in impatience, although a little easier this time. "I had better go, my fairy Ai here told me that the Deku tree wants to see me."

"oo, the Deku tree? I won't keep you any longer," she moved aside.

Shinichi headed to the back of the small forest village toward the path he had never before taken, the path to the Deku tree. Before he could move any farther, another Kokiri child blocked his path. This one was male and was a bit heavy, to put it nicely. "Hold it! You have a fairy now? Well don't think you are better than me, Genta, the greatest Kokiri ever!"

Shinichi resisted rolling his eyes, "Don't worry Genta, I do not think I'm better than you. Now will you please move aside? The Deku tree needs to talk to me."

Genta's jaw dropped, "You! But until today, you were just a fairyless nobody. Why would the tree want to talk to you when I'm here?"

"He's jealous," Ai whispered in his ear. Shinichi nodded in agreement.

"Fine, I'll let you pass, but only after you prove yourself to me! To do that, you are going to need a shield and a sword. I won't let you pass until you have both," the fat little forest child growled.

"Fine! Let's go Ai, we have some work to do," the smaller child stalked off.


"So where are you going to get a sword?" Shinichi's fairy asked.

"Well, Kokiri rumor has it that there is a small, Kokiri sized sword somewhere in the village, waiting to be used by those in need. So if I can just find it, then I'm sure I can borrow it."

"And the shield?" she asked.

"The village shop sells one, so I just need to buy one. I don't have any money, so we'll look for the sword first until I can find some Rupees," he answered.

"Right…wait, what do you mean find some Rupees?"

Shinichi chuckled, "People can be so irresponsible with their money. I often find them just lying underneath boulders or in patches of tall grass. And I once defeated a keese with a stick and it dropped some rupees. It's almost easy to make money, you just need the time to find it."

"So if it's so easy to find money, than we are you broke?" he could almost picture Ai cocking one of her tiny eyebrows.

Shinichi looked embarrassed, "That would be because I spend all my money on Lon Lon Milk." Ai just looked at him. "What? It's so good!"


"So you found yourself a sword and shield, did you? Well even with all of that equipment, a wimp is still a wimp. I will never except you as one of us," Genta growled at the smaller child in front of him.

"Genta! That wasn't very nice," a new voice spoke. Shinichi looked behind him to see Ran walking toward them. Genta gulped in fear and ran in the opposite direction.

"Coward," Ai spoke from Shinichi's shoulder. Shinichi tried to ignore the hurt he felt at Genta's words and continued down the path to the Deku Tree. He felt a little better when he heard Ran lecturing Genta. It sounded like she was really letting him have it.

Thoughts of Genta and Ran were pushed to the back of his mind when he came to the base of a huge tree with what sorta looked like a face on its trunk. Shinichi felt the tiny fairy gently push his back in encouragement, or at least she tried to. She ended up running into his back instead, but he got the message. "Great Deku Tree, I came."

"Thank you, Shinichi, and welcome. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless and, and full of nightmares," the Tree began, "As servants of evil gain strength, a vile climate pervades the land and causes nightmares to those sensitive to it…Verily, thou hast felt it. Shinichi, the time has come to test thy courage. For you see, I have been cursed, I need you to break the curse with your wisdom and courage."

"Me? You need me? But what can I do, I'm just a boy, and until just a couple hours ago, I was fairyless."

The ground began to shake as Shinichi realized the Deku Tree was chuckling, "Believe in thyself, young one. You are more powerful than you know." The tree opened its monster sized mouth and lowered its jaw all the way to the ground. "Enter Shinichi, and you too Ai. You two are now a team. Shinichi, listen carefully to Ai's words of wisdom, and break this curse evil has set upon me."

Shinichi screwed up his courage and walked inside.


Shinichi slashed his sword at another Deku Baba, a plant with a large mouth and an appetite for people, "So Ai, I have been thinking, how did all of these enemies get inside the Great Deku Tree anyway?"

The fairy indicated her head in the direction of Deku Scrub behind him. The bush like enemy was in the process of spitting a nut at Shinichi who quickly bounced it back at it with his shield. "Well I think that its obvious, it has to be the curse on the Tree. But none of these small enemies seem to be the source. There must be something larger, a greater evil behind all of this. If we defeat that, we should break the curse."

Shinichi used a Deku stick to light a torch. The torch unlocked a hidden switch and a door opened to a new area, "Ok, I understand that…but how did the Great Deku Tree continue talking to me while he had his mouth open? Remember, he told me 'Enter Shinichi, break this curse evil has set upon me,'" Shinichi asked with his face screwed up in a way that he thought made him look like the Deku Tree.

Ai sighed in annoyance, "How am I suppose to know? He's the only talking tree in all of Hyrule, maybe he doesn't need to use is mouth to talk?"


Shinichi sheathed his sword and took a moment to catch his breath. The body of the Queen Gohma, the monster that seemed to be the bulk of the curse, lay a before him. "Nice job Shinichi, let's get out of here," Ai flew to the beam of light that had appeared after the Queen's defeat and waited for Shinichi.

The child stepped into the light and felt a strange tingling sensation before he was transported back outside the Tree. "Well done Shinichi, thou have defeated the curse, I knew that thou wouldst be able to carry out wishes. But I am afraid it is too late, the has done its damage and I cannot be saved. Do not despair, thou have done well. And before I die, I have one more thing I must tell you. A wicked man of the desert cast this curse on me." At the mention of the desert man, Shinichi shivered. For some reason, he thought back to his nightmares. "This evil man ceaselessly uses his vile sorcerer powers in his search for the Sacred Realm that is connected to Hyrule...For it is in that Sacred Realm that one will find the divine relic, the Triforce, which contains the essence of the gods...

Before time began, before spirits and life existed...Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule...Din, the goddess of Power...Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom...Farore, the goddess of Courage...Din...With her strong, flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth. Nayru...Poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. Farore...With her rich soul produced all life forms who would uphold the law.

The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens. And the golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world. Since then the sacred triangles
have become the basis of our world's providence. And, the resting place of the triangles has become the
Sacred Realm.

Shinichi nodded his head in amazement while he took in the Deku Tree's words. This was his first time hearing of the three goddesses. Then he remembered the Deku Tree's previous words, "and the desert man is looking for a way to get to the Sacred Realm. That must not happen!"

The tree seemed to smile at him, "you must go to Hyrule Castle, and there thou will meet the Prince of Destiny. Take this stone with you, the stone that man wanted so much." A branch from the tree extended to Shinichi and handed him an emerald green gem that had what looked like a branch or vine of gold creeping around it. His last task complete, the tree died.

"Goodbye Great Deku Tree," Shinichi whispered before leaving.


Shinichi entered the main part of the small village but was immediately stopped by Genta, "The Deku Tree, is he dead? What did you do! It's all your fault!" Genta lowered his head as tears streaked down his cheeks and he ran before Shinichi could stop him.

Ai spoke for the first time since they defeated the Gohma Queen, "Come on Shinichi, we should go. The Deku Tree gave us a task, we must get to Hyrule Castle." Shinichi nodded. He stuck to the shadows and avoided the rest of the children until he made it to the hollowed out tree trunk that acted as a tunnel and exited out of the forest. As he neared the end of the trunk, he stopped. "What is it, Shinichi?"

"This is the farthest I have ever been from my home. The Deku Tree always told us Kokiri children to never leave the village. He told us Kokiri cannot survive for long outside of his forest," he answered.

The fairy nodded in understanding, "I'm sure the Great Deku Tree knew what he was doing when he told you to go to Hyrule Castle. You must believe in him, and believe in yourself."

Shinichi nodded, "I do. Let's go, Ai."

"Shinichi," he heard from behind him. He turned and saw Ran watching him with sadness in her eyes, "You're leaving, aren't you? I always knew you would leave the forest…someday, because you are different from me and my friends. But that's ok because we will be friends forever, won't we?"

"Ran…" Shinichi began but stopped as he felt is voice choke.

"I want you to have this, my Ocarina. When you play it, I hope-I hope you think of me," she smiled with tears in her eyes.


Shinichi could do nothing but stare as he looked upon Hyrule field for the first time. His entire life, all he could remember was the forest he lived in. He had never seen so much empty space before. The lack of trees caused him to feel a little exposed and vulnerable. "Well, I guess if I don't have anywhere to hide, neither do the enemies. So no sneak attacks," he reasoned.

Ai let out a couple bell-like tingles in agreement, "I can see the castle in the distance. If we hurry, I think we can reach it before nightfall. I think it would be unwise to be in the field after the sun has set." Shinichi nodded at set off at a brisk pace. Lucky kids have such endless energy!

With little time to spare, he made it to the drawbridge that allowed him to cross the moat. The small town surrounding the castle made him pause, but what really startled him was the people. Their clothes were every color under the rainbow rather than the same green. But then, it probably wasn't necessary to look like a part of the forest when there were so few trees, "Ai look, some of these people are so tall. And that one has wrinkles all over her face."

The fairy nodded, "the tall people are called adults. The Kokiri race stay children their entire life, but other races age. As they age, they will grow some and as they grow even older, their skin wrinkles."

Shinichi blinked at her, "strange. After I talk to the prince, I think I want to see the rest of this strange world."


"What do you mean you want to see the prince? Go home, not just anybody can see the prince you know," a grumpy looking guard told him.

"But I must speak to him! The Great Deku Tree sent me!" Shinichi told the guard.

"Deku, wha? I don't know what you are talking about, but get lost."

Shinichi huffed and began walking away, "now what, Ai?"

"It's obvious, isn't it? We sneak in," she flew to some nearby vines that were creeping up the wall surrounding the castle. The green clad boy began to climb. "And don't be seen by anymore guards," Ai warned.

Shinichi spent some time after that dodging the guards as he made his way to the castle. It was rather tedious, but he was rewarded he made it to the courtyard of the castle. He could see a boy around his age hiding behind a bush. He seemed to be peeking into a window….and he looked very familiar.

Shinichi stared, "It's the boy from my dreams."

Important note

So when I started writing this, all I knew was that Shinichi would be Link, Kaito would be Zelda, KID would be Sheik. I'm not sure where to fit everyone else. So you tell me, who do you want to see as who? Some characters may have to be left out, unfortunately.

Here are the roles that still need to be filled: Ruto, Nabooru, Malon, and maybe Rauru although if I remember correctly, he isn't seen much in the games.

I figured Hattori could be a Goron (it seemed fitting?) and Jii is of course Impa if you didn't catch that.