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"Holy shit, this can't be real," Kaito whispered to himself.

Standing in front of them were three women that Shinichi had never seen before. Despite this fact, he knew exactly who they were. After all, who would not recognize a god, or in this case three goddesses, when they saw one?

On the left stood Din, the creator of the earth. She had her arms crossed over her chest and had a look of boredom on her face. Her hair looked like fire as it flowed in the wind around her shoulders. She wore a red bikini top that left her stomach bare and a red skirt that flowed down her long legs until it reached her ankles. Her outline seemed to glow a faint red color. She scowled when she caught Shinichi examining her.

Farore, the creator of all living creatures, stood on the right. She had her hands clasped behind her back and wore a tiny smile on her face, her eyes danced with amusement. Her hair was pale blonde and was cute very short like a boy's, but the style was feminine. She had a pink flower tucked behind one ear and wore a simple green leotard with a pale green wrap tied around her waist like a skirt. She glowed green.

Last he turned his attention to Nayru, the goddess of wisdom. Her face was devoid of expression, she merely looked at Shinichi patiently, as if waiting for something. Her dark blue here flowed all the way to her waist and she wore a pale blue top with a darker blue shorts that came to her knees. She glowed blue.

Shinichi and Kaito, disguised as KID, had both seen many things on their quest to take down Gin, but this topped them all. The two were rendered speechless. When neither Shinichi nor Kaito spoke, Din snapped, "Well, are you going to tell us why you called us down here or not? The three of us don't have all day to waste on a couple of mortals, you know."

Shinichi felt himself break from his trance and bowed low, "Forgive me, goddesses." He straightened and glanced at Kaito from the corner of his eye. The prince seemed just as confused as he was. He felt Shinichi looking at him and turned and gave Shinichi a comforting smile. Shinichi smiled back before turning back to the three goddesses. "I'm sorry, but I do not understand. Neither I nor my companion has summoned you, my goddesses."

Din groaned impatiently, "Nayru, I think when you spread your wisdom to the humans, you missed this one, because he is clearly an idiot."

Nayru put a finger to her chin and cocked her head to the side, "No, no I'm sure I got him too. He may seem dimwitted at the moment, but he has plenty of cleverness. He must be masking it for some unknown reason."

Shinichi felt his blood boil at their comments, but he quickly reminded himself that snapping at the goddesses probably wasn't a good idea. Keep his temper and live, or snap and piss off the three most powerful beings in the entire universe…he chose to keep his mouth shut.

Farore approached Shinichi and circled behind him. He followed her with his eyes until she was out of his line of site, than he felt her put her hands on either of his shoulders. He turned his head and gasped at what he saw, the goddess was huge! Easily being seven, maybe seven and a half feet tall! How did he not notice? She didn't look any taller than the other two, so they had to be just as tall as she was. Somehow, he hadn't noticed until she was standing right next to him.*

"Now, now sisters, Shinichi has had a rough day. He did just defeat Gin, save all of Hyrule and the life of the one he loves, and on top of that Kaito proposed! I think it is understandable that he might be thinking a little slow right now," Farore told the other two.

Din snorted, "You're only sticking up for him because Shinichi is your favorite."

Farore frowned, "That's not true, I don't have a favorite. I love all of the humans I created equally."

Nayru interrupted, "I think we should get back to the subject at hand."

Farore made a noise like she was just remembering something she had forgotten. She kept her hands on Shinichi's shoulders and leaned forward so that the two could look each other in the eye. "Shinichi, dear, whether you remember it or not, you called the three of us down here. Now you must tell us what it is you wish for," Farore told him gently, as if afraid of scaring him.

Shinichi frowned, "But I didn't…"

"Shinichi," the green goddess interrupted, "Why don't you think back to what happened before you fought Gin. The three Triforce pieces were brought back together, so they combined into one. You defeated Gin and Kaito was still unconscious, so that made you the one that possess the Triforce. Then you made your wish and called us down here."

"I don't remember making a wish," Shinichi stubbornly replied.

Rather than answering, Farore turned her attention to the prince. Shinichi followed her gaze until he was also looking at Kaito. Kaito was standing a little off to the side, listening with curiosity. When Shinichi looked at him, he gave the hero a smile that made Shinichi's knees feel weak. Shinichi felt himself smiling back, but then the sadness seeped inside him once again, spreading slowly throughout his body like a poison that was trying to consume him. I wish we could be together.

Kaito's expression changed to one of confusion and he was no longer looking at Shinichi but at the three goddesses. Shinichi turned and saw that all three of the goddesses were glowing a bright golden color.

Din smiled, "So you seem to understand after all, but you cannot just think your wish, you have to verbally ask us. You have to pour your entire heart and soul into it."

Shinichi finally suspected what wish the three goddesses were talking about, but it did nothing to make him feel better. Farore had joined back with her sisters and he turned to face the three of them at once. "I'm sorry, but you came for nothing. I only have one wish and I doubt even the combined powers of the goddesses can help me," Shinichi told them. He tried to sound nonchalant, but the sadness in his eyes gave him away.

Din was furious, "You dare doubt the power of the three of us? After I used my bare hands to craft the earth from the chaos that had previously ruled, after my sister Nayru created the laws of the land, and Farore created every creature living on the land I created that would uphold the laws Nayru set, you think the wish of one puny human is too much for us?"

Shinichi was shocked, "I-I apologize, I didn't think, I didn't realize…"

Din wasn't done, "after all we three have done, you think your one stupid wish has finally stumped us. Behold, Shinichi, Hero of Time, this is the wish that you think my sisters and I cannot grant." She raised her arms above her head and made a motion of throwing something hard on the ground.

At the spot that she indicated with her arms, a swirl of silvery smoke appeared. It rose into the air and circled around itself, forming a ball. Inside the ball, Shinichi thought he could make out shadows of what looked like people.

"Shinichi, I think that's you and me after the battle," Kaito had stepped forward until he was shoulder to shoulder with Shinichi. The hero turned to him in surprise and then looked back at the scene in the silvery smoke. The figures inside the smoke seemed to be becoming clearer until Shinichi could finally see that Kaito was right. Inside the smoke was Shinichi clutching a sleeping Kaito to his chest.

The expression on Shinichi's face was heart breaking. He clutched the prince tightly to his chest and buried his nose into Kaito's shoulder.

The present Kaito took Shinichi's hand and gave it a squeeze. Shinichi turned to Kaito and the prince asked, "I was only sleeping, why do you look so sad?"

Rather than answering, Shinichi just shrugged and turned his attention back to the silvery smoke and the scene playing out inside it. The smoke-Shinichi pulled the unconscious Kaito away from him a little and began speaking to the sleeping prince. "One last kiss, Kaito, and then I have to let you go. I wish it could be another way, I wish we could be together, but without the ability to give you an heir, Hyrule will never accept us. I love you," Shinichi cupped Kaito's face with his hand and lowered his lips to Kaito's until they met. The scene began to fade and the silvery smoke disappeared.

Kaito turned to Shinichi, his eyes glittering with emotion, "Was that real? Is that really how you feel?"

Shinichi felt like he was going to choke with emotion, "it is real, Kaito. I love you. I want to be with you. But I do not see how that would be possible."

"You mean because of that silly heir thing?" Kaito waved his hand like he was physically waving away Shinichi's protest.

"Yes! You are the Prince of Hyrule! Everyone knows that royalty is obsessed with having someone to carry on and run the kingdom once the king is gone. Your father was killed seven years ago making you the new king of Hyrule. Your first matter of importance is finding yourself some beautiful princess, wedding her, and producing a couple of future kings or queens," Shinichi all but yelled.

Kaito took both of Shinichi's hands in his. He held them together like they were precious and made of glass, "I know that it's important. I know that I need to find an heir. But I already found my beautiful princess and I just can't bring myself to care about things like babies and future rulers. I love you, Shinichi. You are the one I want by my side while I rule over Hyrule. I don't know what we will do about an heir, but we'll find a way to make it work. So please, Shinichi. Say yes. Say you will marry me."

Tired of being ignored, one of the goddesses coughed loudly into her fist. Shinichi had a good idea which one it was. He turned and saw Din lowering her fist, obviously being the one to cough. Nayru smiled for the first time and took a couple steps closer to the couple, "Your love for each other is strong and pure. Shinichi, your wish is clear, you wish to be with the prince. It is a good wish, one the three of us will be happy to grant. Your concern is that you will not be able to produce an heir for Kaito. It is a simple matter to fix, one with many solutions. For you two, I think the best solution would be…yes, I think that would be best. What do you think, Farore?"

The green goddess smiled and moved to join her sisters, "Yes, the moonlit child sounds the best to me as well, and so romantic as well." She giggled.

Din walked till she was even with her two sisters, "Are we going to explain the plan to them or not? They look confused."

Nayru nodded, "The solution is simple. The three of us shall bless you with the gift of a child. The child will be yours in every way, but neither of you will be burdened with the task of carrying or birthing the child."

Kaito politely asked, "Than how will we get the child."

Farore answered, "Love is the key. Prove your love to each other under the light of the full moon, and you will discover that we have gifted you with a child of your very own."

Din smirked at them, "The full moon part is important. It doesn't matter how much you 'prove your love' to each other. If it is not directly under the light of the full moon, you will not receive a child."

Shinichi blushed. He squeaked, "You mean we have to have sex outside? Where anyone could see us?" Kaito grinned until it looked like his face would break into two, obviously happy about the idea of having sex with Shinichi.

Nayru smiled, "To prove that you have the goddesses' blessings, we will give the both of you and your child a birthmark that will prove our approval." Farore came forward and took Shinichi's left hand in both of hers while Nayru took Kaito's. Shinichi felt his hand grow warm and when Farore released him, he saw the mark of the Triforce was back on his hand. This time instead of being an unnatural golden color, it was slightly darker than his skin making it look like it was indeed a birthmark. Kaito was inspecting his own hand and Shinichi suspected that his hand looked the same.

The three goddesses spoke as one, "With your wish being granted, our business here is done. Farwell, Shinichi, the Hero of Time and Kaito, the prince of Hyrule." They burst into a jet of light and were gone.


Shinichi and Kaito looked up at the sky and watched the jets of light that were the goddesses get smaller and smaller until they could see them no more. Than Kaito turned to Shinichi with a shy smile on his face, "So Shinichi. I guess that now that we have the goddesses' blessings, you have no problem marrying me?"

Shinichi's cheeks turned pink and he nodded, "yes. I would be happy to marry you Kaito."

Kaito let out a whoop of victory and picked Shinichi up by his thin waist. Shinichi yelped and clutched onto Kaito as the laughing prince began spinning him around in circles.

Ai suddenly joined them, "Shinichi, what is this idiot so happy about?"

Kaito set Shinichi down and answered for the dizzy hero, "Ai, you missed it! The three goddesses were here, and Shinichi agreed to marry me, and Din was cranky, and Shinichi is going to be my blushing bride, and Farore was really nice, and Shinichi loves me!"

"Kaito!" Shinichi yelled to stop the prince. Then he seemed to remember something, "And stop calling me your 'princess' and 'blushing bride'!"

"Aw, but Shinichi, you are as pretty as any princess, prettier actually! And look at those beautiful, red cheeks, you can't tell me you won't be blushing at the wedding," Kaito laughed.

It was Ai's turn to interrupt Kaito, "So he agreed to marry you? That's good, I thought the idiot would find a reason to deny you."

Shinichi blushed again while Kaito laughed, "Oh he tried, my little fairy friend, he tried." He held up his hand and displayed the mark of the goddesses, "With the help of the three goddesses, we convinced him to change his mind."

Ai smiled softly and flew in front of Shinichi till the hero had to go slightly cross-eyed to look at her, "I'm glad. You deserve to be happy, Shinichi."

Shinichi smiled back, "Thank you, Ai."

Not wanting to be ignored for long, Kaito loudly yelled, "We have a wedding to plan!" Shinichi groaned and Ai rolled her eyes.


The next couple of weeks were pure chaos. Gin might have been gone, but things were far from peaceful for Shinichi. Kaito had taken his place as king of Hyrule, but for now the spot of queen was left empty. Since weddings took time, Shinichi was not yet married to Kaito and therefore could not technically join Kaito on the throne. This brought in every suitable maiden from all over the land all trying to win Kaito's heart.

Since they were his subjects, Kaito tried to let them down as gently as he could. After all, it wouldn't be good for him to gain a reputation as some evil overlord he broke the hearts of young maidens. Still, some of the maidens took his rejection easily, while others didn't.

Shinichi entered the castle and could hear the cries of a woman echoing along the walls. He followed the cries to the chambers Kaito chose to meet the maidens in everyday. When he finally entered the room, the sight that greeted him made him unsure if he wanted to double over with laughter, or go into a jealous rage.

Kaito was standing and attempting to walk to the door that Shinichi was now standing in front of while a young woman, the one Shinichi had heard the moment he walked into the castle, has sitting on the floor with a death grip around Kaito's ankles. She was crying words at the young king and ignoring the fact that she was being dragged on the floor while Kaito tried to walk to the door.

Kaito looked up and noticed Shinichi. His expression immediately turned to one of relief, "Shinichi, you are here." He turned his attention to the girl that was sobbing at his feet. She still hadn't released the king's leg. Kaito poked her head with his finger a couple of times to get her attention. The girl sniffled a couple times and looked at Kaito in confusion. "Ms. Yukio was it? I would like you to meet Shinichi, my fiancé."

The girl slowly got to her feet and approached Shinichi. Shinichi stood very still as inspected him. She was speaking, although the hero couldn't tell if she was talking to herself or to him, "So the rumors were true. Our king is engaged already, and to a man to boot. What do you have that I don't? How could he possibly love you when he could have me?"

Shinichi wanted to snort, but managed to hold it in. What made her think anyone would want her after she behaved like that?

"You are dismissed, Ms Yukio. Shinichi and I must plan for the wedding now," Kaito told the young woman. The girl sniffled a couple more times, but seeing that Kaito wasn't about to change his mind, she left.

After she left, Kaito let out a relieved sigh. His shoulders sagged and he held his face in his hands. "I swear, they get crazier and crazier each day," he groaned out. Shinichi immediately went behind the king and began rubbing the young man's shoulders. Kaito moaned in appreciation. "You are amazing, Shinichi. Simply wonderful. And your hands are like magic."

Shinichi felt his cheeks turn pink, "It's nothing."

Since the day Kaito had taken his place on the throne, the maidens had all lined up to meet him. Kaito had tried telling them that he was engaged to be married, but they each refused to leave until he met with each of them in private. Each seemed to believe that if they just had a moment alone with the young king, they could somehow convince him to change his mind and marry one of them instead.

Rather than meet them all in one day, Kaito allowed the girls to meet him for two hours every afternoon. Than Shinichi would come to fetch (save) the young king and the two would be together for the rest of the day. Most of that was sent planning the wedding, but sometimes Kaito's stress levels would get to high and he would take them on a relaxing picnic. Other times, he would attack Shinichi's lips in a furious make out session.

"We don't have to have some big grand wedding, you know. I would be fine with something simple and small," Shinichi had suggested one day.

"So would I, but it's not just about us. A royal wedding is special, they don't happen too often. And considering I'm choosing the person that will rule the land with me, it's a big deal for the people. A royal wedding is open to all that want to come. I expect at least half of Hyrule will be in attendance. The wedding is a chance for us to show off our power, and for us to make our first official public appearance together as a couple. Basically, it's all about politics. Besides, everyone loves a wedding, it will be good for the people, raise their spirits after everything they have been through," he surmised with an apologetic glance at Shinichi.

The hero sighed, "I should have known that it wouldn't just be a simple wedding. I'm sorry Kaito, I didn't even think about the politics behind the wedding, or how the people must be feeling right now. I feel like I have so much to learn. I hope I don't fail you."

Kaito gave Shinichi a chaste kiss, "you'll learn it all eventually. And I will help you as much as I can. You'll make a great queen."

Shinichi elbowed Kaito in the side, "Stop calling me a queen."**

Suddenly they heard a guard shout out, "I'm sorry Miss, but you can't go that way without an appointment with the king!" The guard sounded strained, as if he had been shouting this numerous times now and had been ignored each time.

"And I told you that it's not the king I am interested in! I'm here to see Shinichi," Around the corner came none other than Sonoko, princess of the Zora people.

Kaito looked amused at the site of the girl while Shinichi's jaw dropped as soon as he saw her. "S-Sonoko? What are you doing here?" he finally managed to ask her.

Sonoko turned and smiled wide when she saw Shinichi. The fins on her arms wiggled in excitement. "Shinichi, tell this idiot guard here that I am an honored guest and should be treated as such," she sniffed.

Shinichi groaned and turned to the guard, "She's okay. Don't worry about her."

The guard still looked uncertain. He sent a questioning look to Kaito. The young king narrowed his eyes, "If Shinichi said she is okay, than she is okay. Shinichi's word is my word, do not forget it."

Shinichi lightly touched Kaito's arm, silently telling him it was fine. So the guards didn't listen to him yet, he understood. He wasn't actually married to Kaito yet, and until he was, he was just another person. Once he married Kaito and gained royal status (he refused to call himself queen), he wouldn't be the only one adjusting to changes.

Her turned back to Sonoko and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for the wedding of course," Sonoko cheerfully replied.

"But we have barely started planning the wedding. We don't even have a date picked out yet, the wedding is months away," Shinichi replied.

"That's okay, I don't mind staying as long as you need me," the princess replied. At Shinichi's questioning look, she went on, "I plan on helping with the wedding of course. I mean, I don't know much about your fiancé here," she inclined her head towards Kaito, "but I do know that you could not plan a wedding if your life depended on it, which leaves your poor fiancé to plan the wedding all on his own."

Kaito suddenly looked much happier, "Your help would be much appreciated, your highness. Shinichi here isn't to good with this wedding stuff. The other day I asked him if we should have white table cloths or blue, and he asked me if it mattered!"

Sonoko let out a dramatic gasp, "He didn't!" Both turned as one and shot Shinichi a pitying look.

The young hero groaned loudly. Kaito had just gained a partner in crime. Suddenly a thought occurred to him, "Sonoko, what about the Zora?"

"Oh? Didn't you hear? I met someone, his name is Makoto. He is a very handsome Zora that apparently has liked me for years. Isn't that sweet? So we married and then father retired. Makoto has agreed to watch the kingdom for me while I visit you. He really is much better at these royal duties than I am. They just seem so dull to me," Sonoko proudly told them.

Shinichi stared at the crazy girl. Well that was fast. He had only just defeated Gin. How had she left the Chamber of Sages and met someone that fast? But if the king of the Zora's was willing to retire after Sonoko married, he must trust this Makoto person.

Shinichi noticed that he was being left behind as Sonoko and Kaito walked away, both talking vigorously about hors d'oeuvres and flowers. He ran to catch up. Strange, at one time Kaito, disguised as KID, had been jealous of Sonoko because her claim of her engagement to the hero. Now they were getting along like lifelong friends.


Shinichi had to admit, he had had his doubts, but Sonoko really was good at planning his and Kaito's wedding. She had only been there a week, and already she had helped pick the exact spot where the wedding would take place, found a couple musicians to play during and after the ceremony, decided on a menu for the chef, and had interviewed all the potential entertainers.

At this rate, they would be ready in just a couple weeks.

"Shinichi, we have a problem," Sonoko suddenly appeared before him.

He blinked at her, "What is it?"

"I do not approve of any of the florist available. They are all clearly amateurs that have not yet learned their trade. I refuse to hire any of them," she told him.

Shinichi raised an eyebrow at her. Suddenly Kaito appeared behind him, "She's right. They aren't that bad I suppose, but I wouldn't say they are good enough to do a royal wedding."

"Well that's unfortunate, but we have to pick one, don't we? We don't have any other choice," Shinichi pointed out.

Kaito grinned, "Oh, but we do."

Two days later, Hakuba showed up.

"I don't know what you expect of me, my knowledge of plants and flowers deals more with useful purposes the plants can be used for, not just looking pretty," the botanist told them.

Sonoko gave Hakuba a disbelieving smile, "Oh so I suppose we should go with my original idea then, using yellow carnations and geraniums."

Hakuba's eyes widened, "Yellow carnations mean rejection and disappointment while geraniums mean stupidity! Why don't you give Shinichi a bouquet of dead, black roses while you are at it?"

Kaito feigned ignorance, "What would you recommend then?"

"Just off the top of my head, I would say yellow or red tulips, roses are always a good choice, orchids, and they aren't very popular but orange blossoms would also work," the botanist replied.

Sonoko frowned, "Orange blossoms? That sounds ridicules."

Hakuba turned to her and shook his head, "Oh no, at one time orange blossoms signified never ending love, marriage, and purity. They went out of style some time ago, but they are coming back again. And I have been told that the wedding will be outside, the small white flowers beneath a clear blue sky are sure to be breath taking."

Kaito and Sonoko exchanged smug looks. Shinichi just shook his head, "I think you have just been hired."


The castle maids had their hands full between Sonoko and Aoko, who had come with Hakuba of course. Okay, so Aoko wasn't really a problem, it was mostly Sonoko. The Zora princess demanded that her room be "super cute," so the maids decorated her room with lace and fresh flowers to please her.

When Aoko showed up, Sonoko was delighted. Finally, she had some girl company to keep her breathing through all of the testosterone. She of course demanded that Aoko's room be just as pretty as hers, so once again the maids had to decorate another room.

The problem was that Sonoko grew bored very quickly, and when she got bored, she demanded the rooms to be redecorated, Aoko's as well. When the head maid had finally voiced a tiny complaint to the king, Kaito had given her an understanding grin and told her to keep the Zora princess as happy as they possibly could. Once he reminded the poor maid that Sonoko's stay was only temporary, her spirit's raised tremendously. "Besides, the happier she is, the sooner she will finish the wedding planning, and the sooner she will leave," he told her. After that, the maids worked extra hard to please the Zora princess.

One advantage of having Aoko around was that she kept the peace between Hakuba and Kaito. Once Hakuba had settled in and Kaito had gotten to know him, the young king had discovered that the botanist was a fun person to annoy. So Kaito would pick on him, and pick on him, and eventually Hakuba would snap. Aoko always helped calm Hakuba down afterward, and she wasn't afraid to lecture Kaito for his immature behavior. Yet still, Kaito really seemed to enjoy aggravating the botanist.

When Shinichi had questioned him on it one day, the king had replied with, "He has the most amusing reactions when he is angry. His face turns red and he gets this little vein right here that will pop out. He'll grit his teeth and try so hard not to snap at me, but eventually he loses his temper and begins yelling at me. It's totally awesome!"

"But look at it from Hakuba's point of view," Shinichi pleaded, "You are the king of Hyrule. Normal people can't fight with and yell at their king."

"But Hakuba isn't a normal person, he is the friend of my fiancé, and I want him to be my friend too," Kaito answered.

Shinichi paused. Damn, Kaito could be so cute sometimes. He pinched the bridge of his nose, "Have you tried explaining this to Hakuba? I'm sure if he would be more open around you if he knew you weren't going to throw him in the stocks the moment he angers you."

Kaito considered Shinichi's words before a devilish grin took over his expression. Shinichi sent him a questioning look so he answered, "Imagine how pissed Hakuba would be if I did throw him in the stocks, but I dressed him as a lady first."

Shinichi groaned, "Kaito…"

The king laughed, "Don't worry, I understand what you are saying, and I agree with you. I'll talk to Hakuba."

The next time Shinichi saw Kaito and Hakuba together, Kaito had just dyed Hakuba's hair bright pink. It seemed that Kaito had talked to Hakuba like he promised he would, because Hakuba was now chasing the king attempting to strangle him. Kaito had a look of pure joy on his face as he ran and even Aoko, who normally was quick to defend the botanist, was laughing.

Shinichi smiled as he watched, happy that Kaito had made two new friends.


After Sonoko, Hakuba, and Aoko arrived, Shinichi really shouldn't have been surprised that Hattori would follow soon after, and yet he was.

"Brother! How are ya?" The king of the Gorons called out to Shinichi as he entered the castle. Three guards had tackled Hattori in an attempt to keep him from going inside, but their efforts were in vain. The three guards hung from Hattori's shoulders, trying to use their combined body weight to stop him from going any farther. The Goron king didn't seem to notice.

"It's okay, he is with me, I guess," Shinichi told the guards in exasperation.

The guards looked relieved and gave up on their attempts to stop the Goron from moving forward. Before Shinichi could duck, Hattori swept Shinichi into a bone crushing hug. "I missed you, brother," Hattori told Shinichi while the hero fought to breath.

Kaito appeared from nowhere, "King Hattori, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you! Would you mind releasing my fiancé? He's turning blue." He said all of this with a smile.

Hattori blinked at the man and looked down at Shinichi. The young hero was indeed blue and Hattori quickly dropped him. Kaito easily caught his fiancé and was rubbing soothing circles on his back while the hero focused on breathing. "Sorry about that, Shinichi," he sheepishly replied.

Once he had regained his breath, the hero answered, "It's alright. I assume you are here for the wedding as well?"

Hattori grinned broadly, "Of course. I thought I would come a little early so I could visit my favorite brother, and so I could get to know your future husband here." He turned his attention to Kaito. He gave the king of Hyrule a hard look. "I don know much about you ta be honest, but I am told that you disguised yourself as a Sheikah and helped Shinichi on his quest."

Kaito nodded, being serious for once, "It's true. I did all that I could to help. I'm only sorry that I couldn't do more."

The corners of Hattori's lips twitched, as if he was trying not to smile, "Ya seem like an okay guy. But I warn you, I fully expect you ta take care of Shinichi. He has been through a lot and he deserves ta be taken care of."

Shinichi was touched by Hattori's words. He hadn't realized how much the Goron cared till now. Kaito answered, "Don't worry, I plan to make Shinichi as happy as humanly possible for the rest of our lives. He is lucky to have you for a brother, Hattori King of the Gorons."

Their conversation was interrupted by shriek of anger, "Hattori!"

The Goron cringed. He threw on a smile and turned around, "Kazuha, sweetie! You finally made it here."

A female Goron stomped into the palace. Like male Gorons, her skin was also tanned and seemed to be harder than normal humans. Unlike male Gorons, she lacked the hard, rock-like skin on her knuckles and back. Her body was fit, but not as muscular as the male Goron he remembered seeing on the mountain.

"Don't you sweetie me, you idiot!*** You left without me! We were suppose ta come visit Shinichi together and you left without me," the female Goron, he Shinichi assumed was Kazuha, yelled at Hattori.

"Well you were takin to long, so I thought I would go ahead!" Hattori tried to defend himself.

"Ya asshole, I was tryin ta make sure our son would be ok while we were gone. Don forget the last time he was alone was when Gin trapped as in the Fire Temple and planned on feeding us to that dragon," she roared back.

Hattori winced. How could he forget? Shinichi, his son, was still only a child. Still, he hated to admit she was right, and she was taking a long time. How long did it take to make sure their son would be okay? Their son was a Goron, they were made out of tough stuff. Kazuha was blowing everything out of proportion and over reacting. This decided, the Goron king yelled back at Kazuha and the argument continued.

Finally Kaito interrupted, "I'm so glad you could make it to the wedding, Hattori. And he is this beautiful lady with you?"

Kazuha blushed, "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself to you. My name is Kazuha. I am Hattori's wife and the Queen of the Gorons."

Shinichi smiled at her, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Hattori smiled, "Well now tha we all know each other, how about you show us to our rooms, Shinichi? I hope they are comfortable, I have a feeling Kazuha and I are goin to be here awhile."

Shinichi mentally groaned.


Lucky for Shinichi's sanity, Hattori was wrong and they were not there long. Sonoko pulled in everyone to help on the wedding, and slowly everything came together.

But something nagged at Shinichi.

"Shinichi, we need you to try on your wedding dress," Kaito came up behind his fiancé.

"Kaito, I think I would like to visit the Kokiri. The children of the forest can't leave the forest, so Ran won't be able to attend the ceremony. Besides, I was thinking the children could make the banners that will go around town," Shinichi told Kaito.

The king of Hyrule smiled, "I think they would enjoy that. That's very thoughtful of you. And I think Ran would like seeing you. I just have one condition…"

"What is it," the hero asked cautiously."

"I get to come with you of course," he answered brightly.

Shinichi laughed, "That's fine by me, but will you be able to enter the forest? I have heard that humans that enter become monsters."

Kaito hummed in thought, "I think that's a rumor the Deku Tree spread to protect the Kokiri. Besides, if you remember, I had to cross through the forest to get to the Forest Temple and teach you the Minuet of Forest."

"You're right. It makes sense I suppose, the Deku Tree was very protective of all the Kokiri. I can imagine him doing everything possible to keep them safe. But even if that part isn't true, I bet the Kokiri really can't leave the forest," he replied.

"So you don't mind if I come?"

"Of course not. I bet Ran would love to meet you," he blushed before continuing, "And I, uh, would like you to come." Kaito just laughed and hugged the blushing hero. Suddenly Shinichi remembered something, "Kaito, did you say something early about a wedding dress for me? You know I'm not wearing a dress."

The king of Hyrule whined, "Aw, no fun!"

Shinichi chuckled, "Come on, we better go tell Sonoko our plans. She isn't going to be happy about the loss of two helpers."


Kaito and Shinichi both entered the forest and immediately, they were surrounded by the Kokiri. Each one babbled excitedly fighting to be heard. One figure however was missing.

"Excuse me, would you guys be willing to lead my companion and myself to Ran?" Shinichi called out to the forest children. The Kokiri each turned and looked at each other, than they grabbed Kaito and Shinichi's hands, their shirts, whatever the Kokiri could get their tiny hands on and led the two adults through the village.

The children brought them to what Shinichi recognized to be Ran's house. A Kokiri pointed to the door and spoke up, "Ran is inside."

Shinichi gave the forest child a smile, "Thank you for your help."

The Kokiri left leaving Kaito and Shinichi alone outside Ran's door. Shinichi knocked and waited politely for an answer. A moment later, Ran answered. She gasped, "Shinichi? Is that you?"

The hero gave her a half smile, "Hey Ran, sorry for taking so long to visit."

The small girl threw herself at Shinichi, who barely caught her in time. It was strange, seven years ago, he was a child like her and she had actually been taller than him. Now he was an adult that towered over her and she looked exactly the same as she did seven years ago.

Ran ushered them inside where Shinichi introduced her to Kaito. He immediately won her over and the three spent hours talking and catching up.

Finally Shinichi brought up the subject of his wedding. He told Ran his idea to have the Kokiri make the banners that would hang around Castle Town and announce the wedding.

"The Kokiri would love that," Ran assured him.

Finally it was time to leave. It was getting late and Kaito wanted to be back home before sunset. Just because Gin was gone didn't mean that there weren't still monsters out there. Not that Shinichi couldn't handle them, but with Gin gone, Kaito wanted to keep Shinichi as safe as possible. No reason to make the retired hero fight if he could avoid it.

"We'll come back in a couple days to pick up the banners," Shinichi promised before leaving.


The Kokiri out did themselves on the banners. Sure, they looked like children made them (for obvious reasons), but it added a certain charm to them. Kaito's favorite was a poster with stick figure drawings of both he and Shinichi sitting in a tree with a bunch of hearts above them. Across the top of the poster, it read, "Kaito and Shinichi sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." And of course certain letters were backwards or upside down.

The posters and banners were hung all over the town and with that done, Shinichi realized they were ready for the wedding. They waited a couple more days to allow any guests that planned on attending time to arrive, and before Shinichi knew it, the day was upon them.

"Stop acting so nervous, you're making me nervous and I'm not the one getting married," Ai commanded.

"I'm not nervous," Shinichi replied as he paced his room. Ai shot him a look and he sighed, "Fine, I'm nervous, but I think I have a good reason to be."

Shinichi checked his reflection for the nth time. He felt silly in his formal wedding clothes. He wore a long-sleeved tunic colored a deep blue with the Hylian bird in silver on the front. Silver designs also decorated the shoulders and he wore a silver belt around his thin waist. Underneath the tunic he wore regular pants colored the same as his tunic and a pair of boots that went over his knees. The pants and boots were so tight they almost looked painted on his skin. His boots also had tall heels, giving him height he wasn't use too. The boots were made to please the eye rather than for practical use. The worst part about the costume, as he had come to view the outfit, was the cape. Yes, he wore a cape. The inner lining was silver and made from a very soft material. The outside part was deep blue, nearly black, and had the Triforce and some designs surrounding it all in silver.

Ai sighed when she saw him looking at himself again. "Shinichi, I have already told you. You look amazing. Stop looking at yourself like that," she told him.

He didn't feel like arguing, so he turned away from his reflection. His eyes found instead the blue, Hylian rose sitting on the dresser. He smiled when he remembered the first time he had received a rose. He carefully picked up the delicate flower and sniffed it. He felt himself calming down. That's right, he was marrying Kaito, the love of his life. He felt his nervous feelings slipping away. He carefully pinned the rose to his tunic, right over his heart.

He turned to his fairy with a smile, "I guess I better tell Sonoko I'm ready to begin."


Sonoko had outdone herself. The wedding was outside, like Hakuba said. They needed all the room for all the people that showed up. Also, it was a beautiful day outside, so why waste the day by being stuck indoors? There were many rows of white chairs for guests, but most had to stand simply because there were so many people and not enough seats. Flowers were everywhere. It was truly spectacular…but Shinichi didn't notice any of this.

Once the wedding began, Shinichi's eyes found Kaito's and they stayed there for the rest of the ceremony. Everything else fell away and seemed unimportant. Later, Shinichi would hear that Kaito was breath taking in his wedding attire, but Shinichi wouldn't know. His eyes never left Kaito's face, which in his opinion was the real breath taking site.

He vaguely remembered him telling someone "I do," and Kaito was lucky that he didn't notice the priestess telling the king "You may kiss your bride." All Shinichi was aware of was Kaito taking him into his arms and locking their lips together. The kiss ended far sooner than he would have liked, some tiny voice whispered in the back of his head that half of Hyrule was watching, so they should keep the kiss on the short side. The voice was right, but he didn't have to be happy about it.

Kaito seemed to read his thoughts. He leaned forward and whispered, "Patience, my love. We have the rest of our lives to make out. We just have to get through this last night, and then you are mine."

Shinichi blushed and before he had time to reply, the priestess addressed the crowd, "My I introduce to you Kaito and Shinichi Kuroba, the king and queen of Hyrule!" Everyone cheered and Kaito took Shinichi's hand in his and led him down the aisle.

Shinichi thought Kaito was going to lead him into the castle, but just when they reached the outside gates, Kaito turned and led him into the woods nearby. The young king kept close to the castle, always keeping the walls to his right side, as he led Shinichi through the trees.

"Kaito? Where are we going?" Shinichi asked.

Kaito stopped walking. He turned around and answered, "I guess here is far enough. They would find us in the castle, but they won't look for us out here."

"What are you talking about? Kaito, we have the after party to go to."

Shinichi blushed when Kaito drew closer, pressing their bodies together, "I don't think anyone will hold it against us if we are a little late. Sonoko will be there, I know she will figure out our plans and move everyone along through the party. We can sneak in later when we are ready."

"And why aren't we ready now? Did you have something planned?" Shinichi asked.

Kaito gently but firmly gripped Shinichi's arms and pressed the hero against the wall of the castle. He leaned in until their lips were nearly touching, "I'm going to ravish you, my mate."

Shinichi's only smiled, "I guess you get points for calling me 'mate' instead of 'wife.' And I suppose you can be a little late."

Kaito smiled in delight. Before he closed the distance between them with a kiss, he whispered, "I'm going to have to give the tailor a raise, because you look stunning in those clothes. I can't wait to get you out of them tonight."

Shinichi blushed, but he no longer felt silly in his clothes. He felt stunning.


Shinichi and Kaito were very late, but nobody seemed to hold it against them. In fact, most gave them knowing looks and some even gave Kaito a high five. Shinichi turned tomato red every time Kaito received one.

The funny thing was, they hadn't actually done it. They had fun, lots and lots of fun, but they hadn't actually gone all the way.

'I want to do it properly. I want you to be as comfortable as possible which means a bed, not lying in the dirt and grass. And I want to take our time to enjoy it. So please, just be patient for a little longer, love,' Kaito had said back in the forest.

So instead of fucking like bunnies, they were at their wedding party, celebrating with half the kingdom. The food was delicious and Kaito somehow talked Shinichi into dancing with him. (Damn those irresistible eyes.) The party was beautiful. Paper lanterns had been hung in the trees, each one holding a lit candle inside bathing everything in gold. Ai had talked a group of wild fairies into hanging around, and once it grew dark, it looked like silver balls of light were flying around. The tables had white cloths over them with matching white chairs, and each table had a one of three different kinds of center pieces. One was a very tall, tree-like plant with candles surrounding the base, one was a simple bouquet of flowers, and one was a glass vase with pink flowers and candles floating in the water.

Everyone wanted to say hi to the young prince and his mate, but Shinichi's friends weren't ignored either. King Hattori had no problems speaking to the two whenever he wanted, after all who was going to stop a huge Goron king? Sonoko wasn't a giant rock-person, but she was the Queen of the Zora people and she was also very loud. Hakuba was too polite to fight for a chance to talk to Shinichi, but Aoko wasn't, and she was a Gerudo. So as long as he stuck with her, Hakuba did just fine.

It was very late when the royal couple finally left the party. They said their goodbyes and left. Kaito took Shinichi to his room, but Shinichi knew it would be some time before they actually went to sleep.

xXx Warning, poor attempt at a lemon.

Kaito had just opened the door to his room and Shinichi was about to enter, but Kaito stopped him. "Wait, I want to do this properly," he told his partner.

Shinichi gave him a confused look, and then squeaked when the young king picked him up bridal style, "Kaito, what are you doing?"

Kaito smirked when Shinichi's arms tightened around his neck in surprise, "I told you, I want to do this properly. So I am carrying my bride over the threshold."

Shinichi's cheeks flushed in anger, "Kaito, if you call me your bride or queen one more time, I will…" whatever Shinichi's threat was, they would never know for Kaito chose that moment to interrupt him with a kiss.

The kiss started off chaste, but Kaito didn't let it stay that way long. He gently bit down on Shinichi's lower lip causing the hero to open his mouth in surprise. Kaito licked around the slight opening, asking for entrance. Shinichi opened his mouth wider, allowing the young king to explore with his tongue.

Suddenly, Shinichi felt a falling sensation. He opened his eyes wide, and plopped down onto Kaito's large, soft bed. He glared at Kaito accusingly, and the young king chuckled guiltily, "I couldn't help myself." When Shinichi continued to glare, Kaito crawled onto the bed after him. He made the motion look smooth and sexy. He gave Shinichi a razor sharp grin.

Shinichi tried to back away, leery of anymore tricks, but Kaito was faster. He was suddenly underneath the devious king, probably the worst position he could be in. He repositioned his hand and unknowingly put it on his cape, causing his hand to slip out from behind him and for him to fall on his back, lying underneath the young king, completely vulnerable. Ok, so apparently, things could be much worse.

Kaito leaned down and Shinichi held his breath in anticipation for whatever the trick he was about to do, only to blow it out again in a happy sigh as the young king started to kiss his neck. He shivered at the pleasant sensations running through his body as his husband kissed his neck. Without warning, Kaito bit down making the hero gasp, which quickly turned to a moan. Kaito undid the clasp of Shinichi cape freeing the hero of the cloth and giving the king better access to Shinichi's neck and shoulders. After a couple moments, Shinichi was making small noises of pleasure as his fingers ran repeatedly through the king's soft hair.

Once he had regained a bit of control over his thoughts, Shinichi moved his hands to Kaito's outfit. Kaito was wearing a cape of his own, although his colors were white and gold. He undid the clasp holding the cape and watched as it fluttered to the floor. Kaito's shirt was a bit different from his. Rather than being a tunic that went over the head, his was a button up shirt, the buttons each being gold. He tried undoing the top button, but after Kaito's administrations to his neck, his hands couldn't manage something as tricky as buttons.

He growled in frustration and was just about to ripe the damn thing off when Kaito chuckled and gently gripped Shinichi's hands in his own. Shinichi immediately stopped and allowed Kaito to remove the shirt himself. His eyes hungrily took in the site as slowly, button by button, Kaito's chest was revealed. Kaito undid the last button, but made no move to remove the shirt from his shoulders. Shinichi raised a hand ran his fingers along the king's soft, firm chest. Kaito shivered, Shinichi's light touches were making his skin tingle. He watched as the hands ran along his chest, his shoulders, his sides, his stomach, exploring every inch they could reach. Shinichi moved his hands up and pulled the shirt off Kaito's arms, allowing the article of clothing to fall to the floor next to the cape.

"You're over dressed," Kaito told him. He sat up so that the king could slip the tunic off of him and watched as Kaito threw it behind him somewhere. Shinichi took off the boots himself while Kaito did the same. Finally the only thing left was their pants. Kaito put his hands on the button, ready to undo it and free Shinichi, but he hesitated. "Are you sure you are ready for this, love? We can wait if you aren't sure," he hesitantly told the hero.

Shinichi smiled at Kaito thoughtfulness. He kissed Kaito and whispered after he broke the kiss, "I'm ready Kaito. Please take me."

Kaito didn't need any more encouragement. He undid the button and slid the tight, practically painted on pants with zero effort. How he did it, Shinichi would never know. Once Shinichi was completely revealed, Kaito paused. "Shinichi, I knew you were beautiful, but I never knew you were beautiful everywhere," he told the hero. He took a moment just to admire his partner causing Shinichi to blush.

"Hey, stop staring and remove those pants," he growled. Kaito chuckled and obeyed. It was Shinichi's turn to stare. He slowly reached out a hand and gripped Kaito's length, causing the king to take a sharp intake of breath. Encouraged by this, Shinichi moved his hand in pumping motions. Kaito moaned in appreciation.

He wanted to take it to the next level, but he wasn't completely sure how. But Kaito did, and he seemed to understand Shinichi's dilemma. He placed his hand over Shinichi's, signaling that he wanted the hero to stop. Once Shinichi did, Kaito put his hand on his chest, gently applying pressure until Shinichi lied back on the bed. Kaito ducked his head and licked Shinichi's slightly hard member, making the hero gasp. Shinichi whimpered when Kaito took just the tip in his mouth, flicking his tongue over the tip.

"Kaito please, don't tease me anymore," Shinichi practically begged.

Kaito obeyed and took all of Shinichi into his mouth. He began to bob his head up and down, slowly bringing Shinichi closer to going over the edge. Once Shinichi was distracted, he poked a finger inside of his mate, trying to prepare him for what was to come. He searched around, until he found a spot that made Shinichi scream in pleasure. He grinned with his mouth still around Shinichi's cock and committed the spot to memory.

He pulled away from his mate, causing Shinichi to whine from the loss. Kaito positioned himself at Shinichi's entrance and pressed himself in. He took it slow, letting Shinichi adjust little by little. Finally he was fully inside, and that's when he began to move.

Shinichi moaned at the feelings going through his body. Kaito pulled back and adjusted his angle. When he went back in, he hit that spot causing Shinichi to scream. Jolts of pleasure shot through his body, causing a pressure to build deep inside of him. Kaito was panting as he moved, forcing himself to move at the same, fast speed despite his own feelings of pleasure that were coursing through his body.

Shinichi couldn't hold out any longer. "Kai, I'm-I…" he tried to speak.

"Go ahead, Shinichi. Cum for me," Kaito told him.

Well damn that was tempting. Shinichi really couldn't last any longer anyway. He came with a scream, his walls tightening around Kaito bringing the young king with him soon after. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through both their bodies. Kaito gently collapsed on top of Shinichi, both of them riding out the orgasm. The pleasure began to fade and Kaito rolled off of his mate, wrapping his arms around the hero and cuddling him close like Shinichi was a teddy bear, a warm teddy bear that could hold him back.

End of sex scene

Kaito smirked and teasingly asked, "How does it feel to have just had sex with the king of Hyrule."

Shinichi rolled his eyes but answered anyways, "It was amazing."

Kaito's eyes softened, "I thought so too. I love you, my mate."

Shinichi yawned sleepily and snuggled closer to his husband, "I love you too, my husband." Then he fell asleep.


Learning to be the co-ruler of Hyrule was easier than Shinichi would have thought, but he still wasn't as good as Kaito. No wonder, he was born into this. Kaito just had a way with the people, they loved him. But not every problem could be solved by giving the people a winning smile and a charming attitude, and that was when Shinichi came in. It shouldn't have been a surprise that Shinichi could think just as well as he could fight, all of the temples had puzzles he had to solve in order to progress proving long ago that he had brains as well as brawn.

After the initial joy the wedding caused wore off, some people began to question the wisdom of Kaito marrying a male. All thoughts were immediately silenced as soon as Kaito and Shinichi made a public speech telling everyone about their deal with the Goddesses, both showing their Triforce birthmarks as proof. After the people's acceptance of Shinichi, the hero felt much more comfortable on the throne at Kaito's side.

Hattori and Kazuha returned to Goron city, but promised to make regular visit as often as possible. Hakuba was offered a job as the castle botanist, but he refused to accept unless Aoko would stay with him. The Gerudo eagerly agreed. Sonoko also returned to her home, but Shinichi knew she would be back soon. And honestly the knowledge didn't upset him in the least. Kaito and Shinichi also visited the Kokiri as often as they could. Ai was of course welcome to stay, even if Shinichi wasn't a true Kokiri she was still his fairy. She was given her own room with fairy sized furniture and a fairy sized door that opened directly to a secret garden just for her. After she was given the special room just for her, she gave the royal couple one of her rare smiles.

For almost seven years, it was just the two of them, until Kaito finally felt ready to approach Shinichi with his request. "Shinichi, love," he began nervously. He took his mate's hand in his, the hand that had the Triforce mark on it. "I think we are ready for a baby. What do you think?" he asked, barely keeping himself from begging.

He need not worry. Shinichi smiled and gave Kaito's hand a squeeze, "I have been thinking about that myself, and I think you are right, I think we're ready."

The next night of the full moon, Kaito gave his guards specific instructions to patrol near the gardens, but not to go into the gardens themselves. The two hadn't actually told anyone else how they would receive a baby, so the guards weren't aware what they were up to. They assumed the royal couple just wanted to take a midnight stroll around the gardens.

Well, the guards were partially correct. Kaito led Shinichi around the gardens giving him a magnificent tour. Of course the two had wondered around the garden many times, but there was something special about this time. Maybe it was the way the light of the full moon bathed everything in silvery light, or maybe it was the knowledge that they were about to bring someone special into their lives and become a family.

Kaito led Shinichi by hand to his favorite section of the gardens, the roses. "I have something I want to show you," he told Shinichi. He stopped in front of a bush Shinichi had never noticed before. The hero inspected the flowers and gaped.

"Kai, they're beautiful. Why have I never noticed them before?" he asked. The roses he was looking at were pure white, but the tips of each petal sparkled in the light, as if each one had been dusted with glitter.

"These are called Lunar Roses. Under the sunlight they are simply white. It is only under the light of the moon that they sparkle. The stronger the moon light, the more they shine. They can't usually be found around these parts, but I had Hakuba send for them," Kaito answered.

Shinichi turned back to Kaito with a smile, "They're beautiful."

Kaito just looked at him for a moment with a strange look on his face. Finally he spoke, "They are okay I guess."

"Just okay? Kaito, they're gorgeous," Shinichi said, clearly confused.

"They're alright, but they pale in comparison to your beauty," Kaito replied.***

After all of the years they had been together, Shinichi really should have been use to Kaito saying such things, but he wasn't. His face turned scarlet, as if they were still a brand new couple. Kaito chuckled and cupped Shinichi's face in his hand, "I love it that you still blush. I hope you never stop."

Kaito took his hand again and led him right in the middle of the roses. The bushes circled around them, surrounding them and hiding them from view. Kaito pulled a blanket out of nowhere and laid it out on the ground. "Are you ready, love?" he asked one last time.

Shinichi smiled, "I'm ready. Let's make a baby."


Kaito leaned forward and captured Shinichi's lips with his own. Kaito tried to convey all of his love for Shinichi in that kiss, pouring his heart into it. The after math left Shinichi feeling dizzy. He rested a hand on Kaito's shoulder for support and hummed in happiness when Kaito wrapped his arms around him.

Kaito moved lower and began trailing kisses down Shinichi's jaw, while the hero's hands found Kaito's hair and began playing with it. Kaito's fingers found the bottom and Shinichi's shirt and pulled it over his mate's head. Shinichi shivered at the sudden loss of heat and Kaito's arms were around him again, pressing their bodies as close as possible so he could share his body heat. He was at Shinichi's neck now, and he continued kissing until he was at Shinichi's shoulders. He gently bit his mate's collar bone, causing Shinichi to suck in his breath and slowly let it out in a sigh.

Shinichi's hands moved from Kaito's hair to his shirt, and he pulled it over the king's head and began to place his own kisses on his chest. He kisses lower and lower, going down his sternum and his stomach, until he was just above Kaito's pants. Kaito almost forgot to breathe in anticipation. Shinichi slowly undid the button and pulled down Kaito's pants, exposing him completely. He flicked out his tongue and licked the tip of Kaito. The young king hissed and he let his head fall back until he was looking straight up at the stars. Shinichi grabbed the base of Kaito's cock with his hand and put his mouth on the tip, swirling his tongue around. Kaito moaned in pleasure, his left hand finding Shinichi's hair and massaging his scalp. Shinichi went deeper and moved his head around, swirling his entire mouth around Kaito, moving his dick in and out.

After a few moments, Kaito gently pulled at Shinichi's hair, tenderly pulled him away. Once Shinichi was off of him, Kaito felt he could form a proper sentence again. He tried now, "No more, Shinichi. Please, I need to be inside you."

Shinichi smiled and laid back on the blanket. His chest and stomach were bare and the button of his pants was undone, almost revealing himself to Kaito. It was probably the hottest thing he had ever seen. "Then fuck me, Kaito. I'm ready for you," Shinichi told him, causing him to nearly lose his load right then and there. ****

He didn't need to be told twice. Kaito pulled Shinichi's pants the rest of the way down and took Shinichi's dick in his hand. He gave it a squeeze, causing the hero to whimper. He licked and sucked Shinichi for awhile before inserting himself inside of his mate.

Shinichi moaned at the feeling of Kaito inside of him. Kaito began to move, slowly pulling himself in and out of Shinichi. He picked up speed and Shinichi began making little mews of pleasure. "Oh god, you feel incredible," Kaito told his mate.

Shinichi simply nodded, unable to form actual words.

Kaito placed his hand over Shinichi's cock and began pumping in time with his own thrusts. Shinichi was now holding a hand over his mouth, trying not to scream. They might have been alone, but sound carries, and it would be really awkward if a guard heard him scream and thought he was in trouble. With one final thrust, they both came, Kaito emptying himself deep inside of Shinichi while the hero covered their stomachs.

Kaito pulled himself out, panting with little beads of sweat on his forehead. "I love you, Shinichi," he told his mate.

"I love you too, Kai," Shinichi replied.


Suddenly, Shinichi was distracted by a silvery glow out of the corner of his eye. He turned and gasped, "Kaito, look."

Kaito looked where Shinichi was pointing and saw a sprout growing from the ground. The plant was glowing silver and was growing at a rapid pace. As the two watched, it got bigger and leaves began to form. A flower bud formed and the plant was getting larger, far larger than most plants. The flower bud finally opened and inside the flower was a sleeping baby.

Shinichi and Kaito pulled on their pants and went to the flower. Kaito took the baby into his arms and inspected the sleeping child. Shinichi took his shirt and wrapped it around the baby, trying to use it as a blanket to keep it warm. Kaito's eyes widened, "Shinichi, I think this is our child that the goddesses gifted us." For proof, he held up one of the babies tiny hands. On the back of his hand was a birthmark in the shape of the Triforce, just like Kaito's and Shinichi's.

Shinichi smiled, "I bet it was Farore's idea to gift us the baby through a flower."

Kaito smiled back, "Yeah, I think so too. What are we going to name the little…(he pulled back the make shift blanket and took a peak under) guy?"

"You know, I haven't really thought about it. Have you?" he asked his husband.

Kaito rocked the baby in his arms, lost in thought. Finally he answered, "Well he had to be born under the light of the moon, so how about Tsukiya?"

As soon as he said the name, the baby opened its eyes and blinked up at the two curiously. Shinichi smiled down at the baby, "I think he likes it."

"Tsukiya it is then. Welcome to the world, little prince," Kaito told the baby.

The baby giggled and made bubbles with its spit. Both parents laughed and walked back inside to the warmth of the castle.

"So Shinichi, how does it feel to be a mommy?" Kaito asked innocently.

"Kaito, stop calling me a female!" Shinichi yelled in reply.

Tsukiya giggled in delight.


I know the ending seemed abrupt, but I really didn't know where to end it, and it was already getting really long. If the sex scene sucked, I apologize. It was my first, and maybe last one. The honest truth is I'm really not sure how to write a gay, male on male, sex scene. I mean, I am a woman, so I can't really relate. But then again, I can't really relate to fighting monsters with a sword either, lol.

I find it kind of funny that I made Shinichi the badass hero in this, but I also made him the submissive in his relationship with Kaito. I think in a way it makes sense. In a lot of fanfics, Shinichi is the hero that goes rushing off to catch criminals, and then he goes home to Kaito where he is often uke. Plus I love uke!Shinichi.

*If you are wondering about the three goddesses height, it seemed like the right thing to do. If you think about it, gods and goddesses are often depicted as being larger than life. In art, size was at one time used to depict status. The larger characters were of higher status and more important. You can also see examples in movies that I'm sure many of you have seen, such as Disney's Hercules. The statue of Zeus reaches the ceiling that houses it. And did anyone see the cartoon movie Sinbad? The goddess Eris is often shown to be larger than life. Basically, don't argue with my logic :P

** Feel free to laugh as hard as you want at Shinichi's innocent statement. I know I did.

***I have to admit, writing things like that make me blush.

****I tried at first to make the sex scene in the garden as beautiful as possible because of the fact that they were making a baby, so I wanted to leave out the dirty language. I finally gave up. I guess I'm just a vulgar person ^/^

Sorry for the long author notes. It's been a long journey, but I'm finally finished. Please don't forget to read and review. And look forward to another chapter in Side Effects Include, coming soon!